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POOFness for APR 11 '21: Chaos Is All Around Us

Posted By: hobie
Date: Sunday, 11-Apr-2021 20:46:46

In Response To: POOFness for DEC 2 '20: DEEP STATE CRAP (hobie)

Hi, Folks -

Received via e-mail:


Subject: Chaos Is All Around Us
From: "The Office of Poofness" <2goforth@humanus.ca>
Date: Sun, April 11, 2021 8:00 pm



Sittin' in the mornin' sun

I'll be sittin' when the evenin' comes
Watching the ships roll in
Then I watch 'em roll away again, yeah
I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay
Watchin' the tide roll away, ooh
I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay
Wastin' time
I left my home in Georgia
Headed for the Frisco Bay
'Cause I've had nothin' to live for
It look like nothin's gonna come my way
So I'm just gon' sittin' on the dock of the bay
Watchin' the tide roll away, ooh
I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay, wastin' time
Look like nothin's gonna change
Everything, still remains the same
I can't do what ten people tell me to do
So I guess I'll remain the same, yes
Sittin' here restin' my bones
And this loneliness won't leave me alone, listen
Two thousand miles, I roam
Just to make this dock my home
Now I'm just gon' sit, at the dock of the bay
Watchin' the tide roll away, ooh yeah
Sittin' on the dock of the bay
Wastin' time



Greetings and Salutations,

The energies are shifting and the changes long awaited are underway. We ,in fact. know that they are.

You are all paying too much attention to the naysayers more than the people who are keeping their ear to the ground. The folks like Zapster are not gaining much traction because it seems like their promises never work out. That is only natural and just remember that the changes underway can't be telegraphed to the world!!

Pay attention to your own insides and make sure that you follow that guidance. It is yours for that purpose. . Make use of it!!

Do the things that you know to do and make every effort to stay alert. These times are not easy ones and though perilous they have the potential to bring about extra big changes.

There are those working in that arena even now, this very day. The efforts are beginning to pay off. You must just be patient a while longer. The days are numbered as to the abilities of those who intend harm and outright mayhem.

Pay attention to the murmurings and to the undertow. Make an effort to be informed and stay away from national news from major media outlets. It is rigged, not in your favor. Not at all in your favor.!!!!!!!!!!

Find the alternative news sites that are trying diligently to get everyone to sit up, pay attention and do what they can to be informed as to the information war that is going on.

That is the highest piece of advice we can give you right now.. Pay attention and do not buy the party lines on any of this. There are good resources and you will know one when you read it.

Cynical people are none of your business: stay away from them!! They donít even know when it's raining let alone how to ferret out newsworthy items. Get the home base ready for the next couple of months. Spend some time with the plants and outdoors, nature, take in all of the energies of those who are starting to get more self-sufficient. Nothing at all wrong with that, it is to your betterment anyway.

Things wonít be rosy for a few more months yet. Pay attention to things that last and let go of impulse buying, anywhere, on all levels. Just be sensible and with the flow of the energies as those unfold in these times.

More people are awakening and with more people that is for the betterment of all. Get the drift of all of the inputs and then make up your own mind. You do know, everyone does at some level, so pay attention to your insides and listen to the nudges. That has become easier as a matter of fact ó much easier.

Get the goods on all of the vaccination stuff and remind yourself that you have many resources to turn to. Fear is the enemy's hammer; no two ways about that; fear is what is goading many to do the shots; why? ???? Look at what they promise and look at the risks before you indulge in something that you are in charge of anyway.

We are working alongside everyone who are trying to get people to awaken. Stop being gullible. Do due diligence and never mind those who think you are nuts In any crisis there are those who are sheeple going right along and there are those who pay attention, do their own work, find their way and keep their own counsel.

Those who want to tell everyone what to do are rarely on target, just know that isn't the way humanity is geared. Most want someone else to tell them what to do; this is a given. So check out your own resources and your own understanding, your own counsel ó you will know. We can assure you, you will know, if you do the work.

Love and Kisses,


You are the one person you are with for the entirety of your life.

This is why itís so important to practice self love and learn to forgive yourself.

Being grumpy and holding grudges against yourself makes for a cruel, grim life.

Donít do that to yourself, Friend. Be kind to you, and forge a loving relationship with your mind, body, and soul.

PP Update:

One side of the chaos believes the PP's are close at hand...sure hope that side is right.....




Do to Zap having technical difficulties his article will be posted tomorrow. S‌

The government wants to federalize the voting system, guys can be changed into a girl, if youíre not ďwokeĒ you are a racist, the U.S. southern border is out of control, we have a pandemic and a vaccine that are chucked full of conspiracy theories that confuses the hell out everyone, China is making a run at the number one spot in global economy, the global financial system is a total sh..t show, the Media has become a political manipulation tool, we have a government that is bent on tax and spend pretty much robbing our childrenís and their childrenís future paychecks. Truth used to be a pretty basic concept but now you canít trust anything you hear as the ďtruthĒ. To top it off we are teased by the impending lure of a GCR/RV, Bond Redemptions, Prosperity Programs and the construct of non-corrupt financial system in the QFS.
The world appears to be in a constant state of chaos. How, as an individual, are we to navigate through this chaotic environment?
The first thing we have to do is stop blaming outside circumstances for our own internal chaos. It is only the lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Changing our perceptions of this calamity is a good beginning. We all have to keep in mind we cannot shape the world without being reshaped in the process.
In reality there are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns, and patterns within patterns. If you dissect it you will notice history does nothing but repeat itself. What we call chaos is just patterns we havenít recognized yet. What we call random is just patterns we canít decipher. What we canít read we call gibberish and what we canít understand we call nonsense.
At the end of the day the simple truth is not every crisis can be managed. As much as we want to keep ourselves safe, we canít protect ourselves from everything. We plunge ourselves into the chaos and steer away from enjoying life. If we want to embrace life, we also have to embrace the chaos and understand its position in the universe.
Understand that the most dangerous people in the world are not the small minorities instigating evil acts but those who do the acts for them. When we allow ourselves to be drawn into the confusion we unwittingly become complicit to the orchestrated chaos.
Embrace the chaos by acknowledging it is there but be mindful not to be sucked in to someone elseís confusion and become a unwitting participant in their confusion. Deal with what comes to your door, when it comes to your door and do your best to disregard what you have yet to understand. Occupy your thoughts with purpose and you will be so busy pursuing a meaningful future there will be no time for doubt, chaos and disappointment.
Remember one personís data is another personís noise and hope isnít the same as to expect something. To hope is to believe that life is an acceptable chaos.



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The principals of this newsletter bear the bulk of cost of keeping this forum functional. Your DONATIONS have helped in securing the dedication and time required to deliver these messages. The support from our readers is the only means that have kept this forum alive. We are thankful and blessed by those of you who have shared in your generosity. Your ongoing support is essential to our continuation. Please help with what you can when you can to insure its success. All contributions from this request will be applied strictly to the production of this newsletter. Thank you for your assistance....Your support will be graciously received thru Paypal.com: acct. goneforthfornow@gmail.com
Love and Kisses,
Team "Poofness"

This post is for information and education purposes only. All representations, presentations, products and opinions are strictly that of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or endorsement of the ďPoofness News LetterĒ and its principals. All readers should perform their own independent due diligence before acting on any information provided.




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