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POOFness for JAN 26: Days Like This

Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:46

Hi, Folks -

Received via e-mail:


Subject: Days Like This
From: "The Office of Poofness" <>
Date: Sun, January 26, 2020 6:55 pm

Days Like This

Van Morrison

When it's not always raining there'll be days like this

When there's no one complaining there'll be days like this
When everything falls into place like the flick of a switch
Well my mama told me there'll be days like this
When you don't need to worry there'll be days like this
When no one's in a hurry there'll be days like this
When you don't get betrayed by that old Judas kiss
Oh my mama told me there'll be days like this
When you don't need an answer there'll be days like this
When you don't meet a chancer there'll be days like this
When all the parts of the puzzle start to look like they fit it
Then I must remember there'll be days like this
There'll be days like this
When everyone is up front and they're not playing tricks
When you don't have no freeloaders out to get their kicks
When it's nobody's business the way that you want to live
I just have to remember there'll be days like this
When no one steps on my dreams there'll be days like this
When people understand what I mean there'll be days like this
When you ring out the changes of how everything is
Well my mama told me there'll be days like this
Oh my mama told me
There'll be days like this
Oh my mama told me
There'll be days like this
Oh my mama told me
There'll be days like this

#VanMorrison #DaysLikeThis #OfficialMusicVideo


Greetings and Salutations,

We are saying that movement is occurring! We are saying that we have seen evidence that much is being done to shift the burden from a few to a larger crew of people who can get this work done. We are saying to make every minute count and do your own homework as always. Feel sure of your self and your intentions.

The shifting of energies that is being felt is no small matter and the efforts of those who have been the loyal stakeholders are to be commended.

We are assuring all that the wheels of this gigantic resistance time machine are coming off and the whole thing is coming to rest in a nice grave- yard type environment.

We are happy to report that we feel confident that more is going to be forthcoming that will be savored and bring peace of mind to the many. There are those who hold out for large funds, but be at peace about that. That was a carrot that got you involved and brought your name into the hoppers for change. If it took that, so be it. ....

Wake up, get up, get out, make the case, find followers and dig into your known historical importance of all that is about occur.. Do not let the power mongers run afoul and gain a foothold in the social government escapades under way. That isn’t serving the people.

It is coming soon, very soon! And it is going to be amazing to the many doubters in your midst.



Dear Community,

The Obstacle in our Path

There once was a very wealthy and curious king. This king had a huge boulder placed in the middle of a road. Then he hid nearby to see if anyone would try to remove the gigantic rock from the road.
The first people to pass by were some of the king’s wealthiest merchants and courtiers. Rather than moving it, they simply walked around it.
A few loudly blamed the King for not maintaining the roads. Not one of them tried to move the boulder.
Finally, a peasant came along. His arms were full of vegetables. When he got near the boulder, rather than simply walking around it as the others had, the peasant put down his load and tried to move the stone to the side of the road. It took a lot of effort but he finally succeeded.
The peasant gathered up his load and was ready to go on his way when he say a purse lying in the road where the boulder had been. The peasant opened the purse.
The purse was stuffed full of gold coins and a note from the king. The king’s note said the purse’s gold was a reward for moving the boulder from the road.
The king showed the peasant what many of us never understand: every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our condition.

Obviously the obstacles we have encountered along the way directing our energies on the financial changes have been personally huge....
As we continue directing our efforts, my understanding is that we are on the home stretch.






As we all wait with baited breath for events that have been billed as “the cure” to our failing global financial systems and to the fraying social fabric that threatens us all, have we also considered who will be the appointed leadership of these new and improved dynamics? We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Nor can we have the same leaders, who led us down the wrong path to begin with, be given any opportunities to mislead us again.
We need great leaders in all facets of our societies, financial, banking, the sciences, manufacturing, human rights and all other venues that required a firm and competent hand at the helm. Personally I think it would be better to have a lion at the head of an army of sheep, than a sheep at the head of an army of lions. We all need to be lions not sheep.
All progress is relative, and the solution of one problem usually brings us face to face with another problem. We cannot rely on our respective governments to carry forth the changes required to enhance and not hinder progress. Governments tend to not solve problems but only rearrange them. New technologies afford us the capacity to maximize our natural resources and limit waste, yet an ongoing problem with translating new tech into society is that legislation is always behind and does not keep pace with new innovations and ultimately shelves or delays integration of tech into action.
A person who sees a problem is a human being, a person who finds a solution is visionary and the person who goes out and does something about it is an entrepreneur. Our new roles as entrepreneurs will play an unmatched role in accelerating the pace of innovation in transforming the face of global challenges.
The changes needed will be, by definition, uncomfortable. A lot of problems stem from a desire to avoid discomfort. Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.
People are remarkably bad at remembering long lists of goals, the longer the lists of to-dos and goals, the more overwhelmed and off-track we can get. The world should deal with attainable immediate goals and objectives and plant the seeds for long-term initiatives. Pick or be leaders who have a simplicity mentality.
Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand. With simplicity comes clarity.
If men can develop weapons that are so terrifying as to make the thought of global war, which includes almost a certain sentence of suicide, you would think that man's intelligence and his comprehension would also include his ability to find a peaceful solution. And if you think when you get yours and you don’t owe any time, money or effort to help those left behind then you are part of the problem rather than the solution.
The solution to adult problems tomorrow depends, in a large part, on how our children grow up today. There are many problems, but there is one solution to all these problems, just one, and it's called education. Educate our children by example. Let them experience the outcome of our decisions and keep that in mind when making your decisions. You must muster the courage, in the face of adversity, to make those uncomfortable decisions.
Vote for a good leader: a lion, not a sheep. Hire a good leader: a lion, not a sheep. Or be a good leader: a lion, not a sheep.


P.S. I encourage and appreciate any and all comments on this post. Or if you have a specific subject matter you would like explored. Send comments or request to


The principals of this newsletter bear the bulk of cost of keeping this forum functional. Your DONATIONS have helped in securing the dedication and time required to deliver these messages. The support from our readers is the only means that have kept this forum alive. We are thankful and blessed by those of you who have shared in your generosity. Your ongoing support is essential to our continuation. Please help with what you can when you can to insure its success. All contributions from this request will be applied strictly to the production of this newsletter. Thank you for your assistance....Your support will be graciously received thru acct.
Love and Kisses,
Team "Poofness"

This post is for information and education purposes only. All representations, presentations, products and opinions are strictly that of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or endorsement of the “Poofness News Letter” and its principals. All readers should perform their own independent due diligence before acting on any information provided.




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POOFness for JAN 26: Days Like This
hobie -- Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:46

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