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Anna Von Reitz: "Unity is Hard-Won" / Tim Turner

Posted By: hobie
Date: Wednesday, 30-Sep-2020 20:46:39

Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Unity is Hard-Won

By Anna Von Reitz

James Timothy "Tim" Turner never understood the jurisdictional issues involved in trying to resurrect the Federal Republic, aka, united States of America. He didn't have the benefit of the history that we now have.

For example, he wasn't clear about the structure of the three federal constitutions and which Parties and Principals were attached to which.

He never knew that the States create the American State-of-States needed to reconstruct the Confederation; in other words, he didn't realize that Florida, the actual State, has to create the American business organization known as The State of Florida.

He didn't know that The State of Florida is the intended American member of the Confederation.

He didn't know that the Confederation operates the States of America, which is known as the Federal Republic.

The knowledge that the States had to be repopulated, and then the American States of States restored, in order to restore the Confederation, and then, the Confederation needed to operate the States of America, also known as the Federal Republic --- all that complexity and step-by-step went over Tim Turner's head.

But the part that he got right, that the Federal Republic was Missing-in-Action, was a revelation to most Americans in 2008.

And from that starting point, RuSA was born.

Four years later, like so many other Americans, James Timothy "Tim" Turner, was misidentified as an "enemy combatant" in a long forgotten mercenary war, and railroaded on charges brought by the IRS, "presuming" that he was a Municipal citizen of the United States, and a therefore a Federal citizen and subject to Federal income taxes.

In retrospect we know that these courts had no right or reason to address him at all, except that our American State Assemblies were not in Session and our civilian courts were not in evidence.

But all that is changed. All fifty properly declared Assemblies are in Session, and our civilian courts are beginning operations again as a result. The "presumptions" of the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service, both, are proven to be nothing but self-interested bunk.

Tim Turner should be released, and all the money ever collected from him in his private capacity by the racketeers should be returned, plus interest.

It has been eight (8) years since James Timothy "Tim" Turner entered federal incarceration. His physical condition has deteriorated as a result. He has ten years left of an 18 year sentence. This afternoon I received a plea from his long-time friend and supporter, Jean Hertler, asking us all to help him obtain a home confinement order from the Trump Administration.

I didn't always agree with Tim. He didn't listen to me. He paid a very heavy price, akin to the Colorado Nine. But Tim Turner is a patriot and he did mean well toward America and he did get some crucial things right, so yes, let's put aside the differences and focus on helping someone who was trying his best to help all of us. All it costs is a phone call and a postage stamp to pay our respects and say, "Aye, Tim Turner. You're one of us." -- here's the information for everyone to call and to write, per Jean's letter this afternoon--- beginning with his direct explanation:

"I have a number to the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons,
Office of Public Relations. This is the number to call to request
immediate release of an inmate due to the COVID-19 threat. The number is
202-514-6551. Anyone calling will need the below list of info to tell
them why I should be released to Home confinement. I am applying for
the release to home confinement and am in the administrative process
now. The next step is a BP-10 to Region Office. The reasons that I am
applying for home confinement is due to the risk factors due to my
health issues that include the following:

1. Chronic High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
2. Enlarged Heart
3. Light stroke in 2015
4. Chronic Anemia due to kidney problems
5. Kidney removed December 10, 2019 due to a tumor
6. The remaining kidney is not functioning properly
7. I have a history of lung infections and had double pneumonia in 2017
8. The probability of serious permanent injury or death if I contract
Covid-19 is very high
9. There have been multiple deaths at Oakdale Federal Correction
Institution Due to COVID-19, where I am currently incarcerated.
10. I have no violent offenses
11. I have no criminal history
12. I have no disciplinary actions during my 8 years of incarceration
14. I have a -22 overall score on the Male Pattern Score Sheet
15. I have state retirement and will be eligible for social security and
Medicare in March 2021
16. I have a home, loving wife, family, and church to return to
17. I have never been a threat to anyone
18. I have good relations with and am highly respected in my local
19. I am 64 years old
20. I can be included on my wife's health insurance plan at her
21. I have good job skills and can get work if I need to work
22. I have a commutation of sentence approved by the U.S. Pardon

For the above reasons I should be fully qualified pursuant to the CARES
ACT to be placed at home confinement."

And from Jean:

"He regularly expresses gratitude for all of you and your care for him in
this time of adversity. Please strongly consider taking action on
behalf of this honorable man who laid down his life for America—and the
world. Consider writing to Tim and let him know you cared enough to
honor his request. Email me and let me know your results, if you will.

James Timothy Turner
BOP# 14154-002
FCI Oakdale I
PO Box 5000
Oakdale, LA 71463"

Take a moment to make that call and send that letter. What RuSA could not do is being done and we are all hastening the day when thousands of men and women like Tim Turner are set free by our woefully misdirected employees.


See this article and over 2700 others on Anna's website here:


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