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Reader: "Help potentially save millions from infectious disease with highly advanced ionic silver"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Wednesday, 3-Apr-2024 13:42:34

(Thanks, K. :)

Reader Ken writes and sends us:


Help potentially save millions from infectious disease with highly advanced ionic silver

My name is Ken Elmes. I live in Live Oaks, California. I have the honor and responsibility of asking you to help me and my friend Jay Newman, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, potentially save many millions of people from infectious disease with a highly advanced ionic silver complex for human immune support. The formulation is not like any silver you’re probably familiar with. PhD chemistry professors have called it “light-years ahead” and “hundreds of times more efficient than any other silver.”

Before we proceed, I should share this general disclaimer: No disease claims are made or intended for the ionic silver complex. It’s sold as a dietary supplement, solely for supplementing the silver that’s been depleted from modern diets. It is not intended to prevent or treat any disease. The purpose of sharing health reports received is to explore possible health benefits, like the potential benefits of eating apples.

Thirty-five years ago, Jay had the same attorney and accountant as Steven Jobs of Apple. He was only in the tech field to try to get wealthy so he could use his own money to help educate the public on how very much is known about holistic approaches to health and healing, since most of it is about lifestyle while our socioeconomic culture only provides funding and resources when things can be monopolized and patented to make a few people rich. Twenty years ago he left the tech world to pursue his passion in holistic health. He told Steve he was going to find a way to make a real difference in the world.

After 10 years and a million dollars of research and development, he announced this highly advanced ionic silver complex. Mary Meeker, then the head of technology investing for Morgan Stanley, who is the visionary who funded the explosive growth of Microsoft, AOL, Dell, and Amazon, called him up when she saw the press release. She said she had been researching the medical potential of silver for two years and told him, “With your technology, you have the potential to have a billion-dollar company and make history changing the world of antibiotics both from a financial point of view and humanitarian point of view.” She wanted to fund his company but it was too small to go public. That was almost 25 years ago.

Since then, over half a million bottles have been sold with no marketing and customers have invested in the company that makes it, with many of them investing repeatedly. They've seen it save lives for loved ones and they care very much about helping millions more people. I’m one of those people – customer turned investor turned close friend. I’ve been using the product for 15 years and swear by it. I invested to help open new facilities after a hurricane hit Florida, which they opened right before COVID began.

Venture capitalists and investment bankers have shown up at Jay’s door many times over the years and in their own words said things like, “This company can easily be sold to a pharmaceutical company for a hundred million dollars in two years” and “You’re sitting on a potential goldmine – I can easily see this company sold for half-a-billion-dollars in five years.” A couple even used the B word. They wanted to bring in investors for millions of dollars. Jay has turned down perhaps a dozen of these opportunities. He refused to work with people who were already rich yet worshiped the dollar like it was God and didn't care whether they were helping or hurting people. He believes the socioeconomic culture must evolve.

Jay has insisted he will raise his money from a handful of very wealthy people who care more about the good that can be done than just the money, just like all the customers who have been so supportive to date by investing small sums over and over to help keep the lights on and keep things moving forward.

Jay also formed a nonprofit, Champions for Humanity, which buys the ionic silver from the for-profit and distributes it charitably, currently through medical clinics in Nigeria run by Anselm Adodo. Anselm is a scholar, Benedictine monk, and the founder and Director of Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories, the largest herbal medicine products company in Nigeria, which is one of the largest in Africa. He has been reporting profound results with the ionic silver. He wants 100,000 bottles over the next 12 months. He will continue providing feedback from his clinics on the results, which will dramatically facilitate donations to CFH.

The other remarkable development has been that Jay has been working to raise money from very wealthy people and in the process their advisors have been repeatedly telling him that he should be speaking at conferences of the fund managers for the very rich about using wealth for good. One fund manager for a large group of billionaires told Jay, “I’ve been trying to bring about change for years but I don't know how to get through. You’ve been seasoned your whole life to do this work of advancing the consciousness of using wealth for good and are going to do big things.” More and more of these kinds of conversations have been occurring. They’ve been anxious to work with Jay and see where his work leads.

More than a few have told him that he should also create a support group for next-generation recipients of large wealth. It turns out there’s a tremendous need for this kind of support and guidance, and Jay is remarkably well-suited to do this work.

Jay sent me the following in asking me to help raise a quick boost of capital:


I'm at a remarkable juncture right now.

I'm rapidly becoming a center of gravity in the world of influencing wealth for good. And it just so happens that this is the ideal way to do exactly what I've been saying I’ll do: rapidly spread the silver to the world by building genuine relationships and raising money from rich people who care more about the good we can do than the money. And here we go!

It's been going slower than I'd like, though. Turning down so much money has meant I've been limited in hiring and in focusing my time and energy on the big picture. And yet I have all these fund managers for billionaires waiting to hear from me who want to work with me and work with the Evolved Influence platform I created for forming a coalition of these like-minded people for accelerating the use of wealth for good including the support program of next-gen recipients of wealth.

A fund manager for billionaires offered to send me clients to screen for the next-gen support group, and I had to tell him I’ve got to raise a cushion of cash first before I can focus on it.

It's become quite paradoxical working to hold the fort down, cover the overhead, and run the daily business while at the same time increasingly having fund managers and advisors for the very rich wanting to work with me. I’ve had minimal time to follow through with them.

I've got people coming to me interested in investing or donating millions of dollars who have dedicated their lives to using wealth for good, but I can barely keep up with making time for conducting Zoom meetings with them and editing videos and everything else it takes because of still being overly consumed with running the daily business and holding the fort down.

Things are extremely well poised right now for massive expansion for the for-profit, for the nonprofit, and for the Evolved Influence platform (which, again, will help fund the first two).

One boost right now and man does this kick into high gear fast, both for potentially helping to save millions of people from disease and for being able to make a difference in accelerating the evolution of using wealth and investing in a conscious way to benefit mankind and the planet.

I don't want small money from people who are stretching to pay their bills. I appreciate good-hearted people so much, and yet I would rather see substantial money from people who have plenty of money and won't feel the difference and simply want to do some good in the world.

Here are three videos with potent information; the ppwp 'tails' on the URLs are about passwords, not tracking. If a built-in password expired, contact Jay:

7-minute video of nurse on potentially saving lives with the ionic silver complex (with chart from hospital) CLICK HERE

12-minute video on donating to the nonprofit (chemistry, medical reports, advisory board, and plans) CLICK HERE

8-minute video of Jay making the case for investing in the for-profit (values, background, plans) CLICK HERE

Donations are the easiest way for people to help. Tax-deductible donations to Champions for Humanity can be made with PayPal, Zelle, a card, or a bank wire. CLICK HERE

There's also the opportunity to invest in the for-profit that makes the product, which ad retails it through influencer affiliates and also sells it to the nonprofit, but that's for the right people.

People are invited to talk with me. CLICK HERE

Optionally, here are three more links that are also very informative:

Anselm Adodo, Director of Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories in Nigeria – details CLICK HERE

30-minute highly educational video on the chemistry entitled “Understanding colloidal silver, ionic silver, and Opti-Silver” CLICK HERE

1-hour video of Jay interviewing the CEO of Family Wealth Management about coaching next-gen recipients of wealth CLICK HERE


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