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Reader Linda comments

Posted By: X_Hermes
Date: Saturday, 28-Aug-2021 11:31:25

In Response To: At this very time YOU ARE INCARNATED HERE MORE THAN ONCE = 75% of the population. The rest are NOT HUMAN! (X_Hermes)

Greetings X_Hermes

Thank you!

That was a very interesting, and I think accurate, way of describing the happenings in today's world.

I have felt, for many years that very few people are souls. Additionally, it seems to me that right now, all time lines are in the process of merging to what I refer to as zero point, the "exit". Since third density duality is based on reflected light, the various perspectives of all those who are here becomes quite chaotic as these time lines merge.

So yes, your take on this, from my perspective, makes perfect sense.

Take care,

: This is an article for your 'possibility consciousness'. Since
: the information herein may be shocking for some, may I
: suggest you hold it as a possibility for a while, and let

: it sink in? XH

: ----------------------------------------------------------

: This Bizarre Genocide we see expanding around us: does it have
: a higher purpose? Maybe!

: Frequently, some major (often traumatic) event or situation as
: seen from a 3D perspective, has a completely different
: meaning and purpose seen from, let us say, 5D. I have been
: wondering about this in the case of the current genocidal
: vaccine / lock-down mentality.

: Even the most dedicated of the un-awakened are now starting to
: be aware there is something deeply wrong in our reality.
: But with the genocidal elites pulling every trick in the
: public manipulation book, it has been taking time for the
: real plot to emerge in the minds of those who still
: ‘believe’ – in the media, the government, big pharma, the
: politicians and all the other co-conspirators. Their
: murder-inducing narrative has been taking its time breaking
: down – and breaking through in the minds of the majority.

: I decided to ask my higher self what the higher purpose of all
: this might be. I received or was reminded of a lot of
: relevant information, and this is a summary of what I

: Most of us who understand reincarnation think that our
: incarnations are serial through time – that is, if we died
: in, say, 1900, we would reincarnate in the then future – be
: it a year later (1901), or a hundred years later (2000).
: But that appears to be a mis-assumption.

: Imagine our experience of ‘time’ and ‘the past’ as being like
: looking back over a very, very long playing field. We are
: standing on the finish line, marked 2020’s, looking back
: down the field. A little way down the field we see World
: War 2 playing out. A gap, and then we see World War 1.
: Further back still and the Renaissance in Europe, further
: to the Crusades, even more to the Council of Nicea and the
: birth of Roman Catholicism. Then back to ancient Babylon,
: and the roots to so much of our modern institutions, on
: futher to the destruction of Atlantis, and back, back,
: back. All the event of our history, large or small. Our
: playing field eventually disappears over our horizon.


: Our higher self navigates us through many lives, with the path
: it designs building the experience of our souls, making
: practical the intent that this long process will eventually
: translate into wisdom. Our higher self holds everything we
: have learned in a whole plethora of lives, while we are
: focused almost exclusively on our current life. When we
: eventually die, our higher self determines the next
: soul-level experience we need to have for our soul-wisdom
: project – and if that just happens to be in ancient Egypt,
: then so be it.

: In other words, our incarnations are NOT serial through time.
: We move around the playing field of our Earthly timescape
: as needed. Now, that’s the easy bit. The next is more of a
: brain-bender.


: In our long sequence of lives, we sometimes visit the same
: time more than once. For example, your 2000th life could be
: as a soldier in ancient Rome, while in your 3500th, taking
: place at exactly the same calendar time, you could be a
: priest in South America. You are here twice in exactly the
: same time-period – but at different points in your personal
: incarnation journey and in very different roles. In
: conducting a one-on-one program called ‘Soul Path’ a while
: back, I found people with not just two, but three such
: parallel incarnations, and occasionally even four.

: Now, we come to the present time, let us say the last 20
: years. It is a time of ever faster change, and possibly the
: most exciting and challenging time there has been in our
: whole ‘wheel of incarnation’. This time offers more intense
: experiences and more soul growth than quieter times in the
: past, so it is natural that we might want to visit it more
: than once. Let’s say you are here three times, at different
: points in your personal incarnation history. We are
: approaching the ascension point, where the by now highly
: experienced humans (in their latest incarnations) are ready
: to move up to the next level. But what happens to their
: earlier incarnations, those which are also here, right now?

: It is worth mentioning that many seers and mystics tell us
: that in the 5th dimension – a short hand for the higher
: frequency band we are progressing to – our lives will
: evolve to being very much longer. Our inner blueprint will
: be strengthened by the higher frequencies, and will be
: better able to running repairs to our bodies, keeping them
: much close to pristine for long periods. If a) we all
: ascend and b) we continue to breed as we have in the past,
: things will quickly get a little crowded!

: ‘Earlier’ lives in our incarnational path will be holding
: lower frequencies and less soul-experience than our latest,
: more evolved incarnations. I suggest it is neither
: appropriate nor feasible for them to ascend, since they are
: actually earlier component parts to a soul now completing
: this phase of its human journey. If the earlier
: incarnations that are present now live out their lives
: through the current ascension period, is there a danger
: they hold a mass ascension back in frequency terms,
: lowering the average frequency? I believe this is so. It
: seems that the vast amounts of fear and negativity being
: seen around us is being held, even exacerbated, by those of
: our earlier, less evolved incarnations that are here now.
: That negative energy has the real possibility of slowing or
: even negating the ascension process. Somehow, the fear has
: to go if we are to move up - which is the whole purpose of
: this experiment.

: Remember what Shakespeare said: “All the world’s a stage, and
: all the people merely players. They have their exits, and
: their entrances…”

: He speaks obliquely to the fact that each of us is an immortal
: at the soul level, and we are each here, playing a part in
: a long-running play. Sometimes we take the lead, and
: sometimes we just have bit parts. The play we are acting in
: is the great human experiment.

: I suggest that it makes little sense for a soul that is,
: incarnationally, here more than once to have more than one
: ascension.

: What mechanism might a higher being with responsibility for
: our ascension use to call these less experienced players,
: our less evolved incarnations present now, off the stage?
: Might the dark side’s plans, with their horrible and
: genocidal pandemic, actually provide such a vehicle? Is it
: primarily affecting those earlier incarnations that just
: happen to be here?

: These earlier incarnations may well be very capable and
: accomplished humans, often successful at the 3D level, and
: some in high or very public positions. Being an ‘earlier
: incarnation’ does not mean that an individual is
: necessarily diminished in his or her ability to be an
: effective human. But being less evolved at the soul level
: can show up. Do you see powerful people in high places who
: do not seem to have developed much in the way of wisdom? Or
: genuine service to the population, even though we would
: think that is their primary role? Might these be younger
: souls in a role designed to experience the mis-use of
: power? (Something we all go through, sooner or later, on
: our soul-path)

: My dowsing suggest that 75% of the global population are part
: of this ‘multi-incarnation now’ phenomenon. Since there are
: many extra-terrestrial, elementals, angelics, organic
: portals and other outsiders here occupying human(oid)
: bodies, this 75% appears to be the true human population.
: Which needs defining! This ‘true human’ category includes
: many human-Anunnaki hybrids as a result of the Anunnaki’s
: ancient interbreeding experiments. My understanding is that
: most of us have at least some Anunnaki DNA in us, many have
: 50% and a few have more than this. ‘Pure humans’ are
: predominately from the old tribal cultures.

: This ‘ascension eligibilty clean-up’ information does little
: to relieve the real anguish of ‘not yet awakened’ families
: that are losing loved ones. But those who have grown to
: understand that the core element of our being here, our
: soul, is actually immortal, should find comfort in knowing
: why this process is happening.

: I cannot say for certain, but from the perspective of those
: higher beings responsible for overseeing our transition, a
: mass mechanism for retiring those earlier incarnations so
: that their final incarnations can then ascend seems quite
: likely. And, if we can get our heads around it, not a
: negative in the greater scheme of things.


: 1) There are far fewer human souls incarnated here at this
: time than we generally think.
: 2) The plan for the Human experiment has always been to expand
: our soul experience, and the soul wisdom that this
: generates - until we are ready to go to the next level.
: 3) We generally call this the ascension, though there are
: other names too, mostly embedded in the spiritual
: understandings of different cultures.
: 4) The readiness status of your soul cannot really be judged
: on its current incarnation, only on the sum total of what
: your soul has integrated by way of experience over many,
: many incarnations.
: 5) Most of us do not understand the incarnational history and
: resulting soul-status of those around us – indeed, even of
: ourselves.
: 6) My understanding is that most of the souls that are ready
: have had between 7000 and 9000 lives in which to grow
: through much intense and often challenging experience.
: 7) The sum of these many lives have happened in our journey
: through all versions of the great human experiment, of
: which this current one is either the 7th or 8th, depending
: on how you view Atlantis. All earlier versions of the
: experiment were separated by considerable time, but a few
: survived Atlantic and evolved into the current time.
: Effectively this small group led directly into this
: (final?) re-run.
: 8) It is self-evident that earlier and less evolved versions
: of our soul will not go through this transformational
: experience, since they are ‘components’ of the journey of
: those who have now arrived.

: I trust you find this information adds some new perspective
: for you, and is helpful?

: Xavier Hermes

RMN is an RA production.

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