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Expect Big $$$? --- LEGAL Nontaxpayer Status Exists. IRS Law Confirms. (Pt.1)

Posted By: mroxygen
Date: Sunday, 19-Jul-2020 05:29:37


Rebuttal of our real seeming duality fraud.
Exposing these details hereby Vitiates the criminal frauds.

All - including title - in my humble opinion By Mr. Oxygen

In law it has firmly been established as a maxim that:



If you discover a fraud, you can just say “NO.” Otherwise it stands as truth till you do.

When WE rebut fraud, the timeline starts erasure, the swamp is drained more, and harmony increases.



Invisible to us criminals here put symbols into our subconscious minds to control us for profit.
They believe they are not enough, and they don’t have enough yet, and need to take what’s ours.
They cannot see Source, like we cannot see TV and radio waves, so they claim God does not exist.
However, the picture always comes out of the tube, and that fact rebuts the “cannot see” based claim.
Their leaders encourage them to claim they created us, but they are lying to each other for profit.
They conveniently ignore WE are all un-own-able Spirit/SOURCE.
They did not create us, SOURCE did. ALL of us.
Without SOURCE, the man creature and the controlling space gods cease to function.
Proving the REAL OWNER the ALL THAT IS in action.

The visible and invisible to us criminals and their energies use un-rebutted lies and symbols to get us to collectively create our reality here for their own profit. We are all so thoroughly conditioned by the system here that these truths may seem fantastical to you when you first hear them. They thoroughly use every available means; sex, cartoons, television, all media, herd gossip, our private dreams, our emotions, and thoughts, and beliefs, etc. are all being criminally hacked into for purposes of control, manipulation and profit. The latest, the scamdemic fear, is included as a case in point. The ultimate scam here is that we have to reincarnate in a body in duality in time and dimension. Until we rebut the fraud and learn how not to.

They keep filling us up by inserting their manipulating commercial symbols into our inner brains.
They manipulate our “95% of the time unconsciousness which determines our own reality” mechanism. Our deepest beliefs and our DNA are always creating our own reality, but they are controller perverted.
The slavers keep their recordings and hidden symbols re-playing and corrupting us from our insides.

The first rule of mind control is to erase any memory of it.
We all insistingly swear “Maybe. But that’s not me!” “I would NEVER let that happen!” Already has.
WE insist as WE stand as immortals, in time, aging, seemingly stuck in the third dimension, with turned off chakras and meridians, without full functioning brains, without full memory of how we got here like this.

Control is hidden inside us constantly creating our limited reality prison and even our believing in time.
Our senses and chakras are genetically altered. I have seen this personally.

We cannot and do not see either our self imprisoning control - or our invisible slavers.
Some people are their hybrids and we cannot see the self appointed shape shifting elite living among us. These elites adjust our DNA 24/7 to automatically create this Earth’s “reality and institutions.”

One example of systemic control. Being an IRS “exempt” charity.
Exempted (having exemption) means that they allow and require your charity to file taxes with their permission, but you are still choosing to operate as one of their created property.

You identify yourself as being a genetic body only. You are allowed to sing and dance and mouth words of praise and feel good, but you are in a contract restricting what that means. You do it assuming there is no other choice. They promote and elevate special ones out of the flock to run their allowed charities.
The special ones are unknowingly creating more like minded profitable property for the system. For the man.

This means as a charity group you are deemed to have different special rules than the other taxpayer properties. You are “tax exempt,” which can disappear. Is it your right if it can be taken?

So, as a law abiding church/charity, you still file, because you believe you are required to. You do not know the proper procedure available. You still have some freedom of choice so you let it slide because… Look at all the good we do! Look how it makes me feel!

Because YOU ARE operating as groups still filing as an IRS limited and “APPROVED church,” you can still choose to be mandated to have to file - and be judged - by them. And be shut down legally.

Example: https://www.toddstarnes.com/faith/nazi-like-measures-kansas-city-orders-churches-to-turn-over-membership-roles/

“MANY states already do that, and 25 years ago, when I was researching which states had the best laws for Corporations Sole, I found that Alaska not only required a membership list, but also the annual income of the member, and an accurate amount of donations by each member. That is one of the reasons why I quit going to church in Alaska.” - Ecclesiastical Judge Bernie. Wyoming is arguably used as the best corporation sole registration state for an association to notice the public of it’s existence through.


Whether or not you know it, you are a Spirit usually born here in one of the original American states held in perpetual union. YOU ARE A NATURAL SPIRIT. YOU HAVE NATURAL UNALIENABLE RIGHTS NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY.

The biggest right is freedom of choice. Using your right, you can also choose to operate as an association of Spirits, and not as property. You may “know” it inside somehow, but somebody has to tell you this, the system sure will not. Acting through your private extended family association getting together, you can also choose to contract as an association in private.

Spirits can create a member associate representing them to act for their association that can legally notice the world of it’s existence through treaty with a state like Wyoming, and thereby publicly declare themselves operating as a Corporation Sole. Under international law, Corporation Soles are equal in ecclesiastical jurisdiction to any municipal maritime jurisdiction entity, like any city or state. As long as each stays in their own sphere of influence or jurisdiction. Two Swords.

Our laws, THE law reflects from the old English law, that Corporation Soles are comprised of living men and women, not as a mere human created corporate collection of dead property things, and therefore are the superior of the two jurisdictions. The living are not dead. Man and woman create things, things do not create men and women. Proper lawful wording and form must always be applied within each sphere for promoting peace between the two swords.

It can be said that corporations and other dead things are a “WHAT,” property which is in the King’s sphere. Living Mankind is a “WHO,” like Nature, which is purely in God/Source’s sphere. Kings and gods argue with God in vain. Being here is like WHO carrying around a backpack full of WHAT. In the backpack are items like our bodies, genetics, DNA, minds, emotions, and beliefs. None can exist absent SOURCE.

Even when and if WE find out the difference no one teaches us, our collective mind control often prevents our really hearing the full truth. We usually assume what words mean. So, WE please the fraud promoting criminal controllers whenever we let ourselves be lured away by their time tested programmed criminal distractions.

In the real practical world, this usually entails getting in trouble by not actually looking each contract word up in a law dictionary. Compounding our own errors then usually occurs by unknowingly or knowingly signing our rights away and letting presentment frauds stand as truth by not rebutting them.

Collectively, mankind has peacefully chosen to go along to get along rather than just saying “No.” Sure its easier to not fight city hall as mom and dad told me, but in truth, our moms and dads - and all authorities - were also usually brought up under the cloud of our environments’ surrounding invisible all pervasive alien mind control in this duality. Most of it starts when our Spirits are suppressed by genetics and from the environment while participating in duality before birth.

At any time each of US can opt out – however we don’t know how. That is why WE have to educate ourselves and act accordingly.

Continued in Part 2...


Happy Oxygen!

You Can Use Active Oxygen

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  • Expect Big $$$? --- LEGAL Nontaxpayer Status Exists. IRS Law Confirms. (Pt.1)
    mroxygen -- Sunday, 19-Jul-2020 05:29:37

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