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Posted By: hobie
Date: Friday, 3-Jul-2020 18:37:15

Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

The below sent to Trump at the White House via public owned property web portal resulting in proper service, at 12:58 pm, pacific.

Please publish ASAP as time sensitive and a public service.

Thank you for your commitment and assistance.



Dear President Trump, our President,

Provost Jr. and Miller, your bona fide Beneficiaries of the Public Trust you serve Mr. Trump, promised straight speaking.

We have done more than our part to present solutions to our President. Each submission to the White House web portal is a federal public record which is undeniable. Every writing submitted is based on the principles, facts, law and procedure not only creating our country, each is a template exposing the application of the rule of law in its most pure form. Common sense and logic applied to achieve the doing of the right thing for all Americans is the fundamental premise missing in actions on both sides of the ledger.

Given the current circumstance of massive confusion in our Country and the willingness to wait our President to act, is caused by hopium poisoning our culture.
Hopium, sold or bought, exposes the same mind set.

The hopium of division is no different than the hopium of healing. Both are the drug creating a drug stupor.

The mind set capturing the essence of the confusions is simply the lack of personal responsibility to our selves. Matters not which side of the ledger, Citizen or public servant, one is on. The Peopleís hopium is the blind trust in the system. The public servants hopium is the blind trust that the system works.

Our country is at war with itís self across the spectrum of societies making up our culture. This war is the result of negligence taking the forms so prevalent today. My feelings are not more important than my neighbors rights, social media, MSM, GOO-FACED TWIT-A ZONS, throughly corrupted public servant operations are not the arbiter of our human condition, We the People are!

The simple fact is the system is corrupted beyond redemption. If not then the root problems would be in open public discussion with the invitation to join in seeking solutions. Real Americans identify the problem, buckle dawn, get to work and solve problems. Those posing as americans argue among them selves about some one elseís B.S. with no intent to turn the B.S. into the valuable product, fertilizer for our Republics garden.

Two sets of words describe the condition of our Country. DIVIDED LOYALTY and LACK OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Both of these sets of words expose the root of our being at war with our neighbors, other Americans.

When I am not responsible for myself, I affect my neighbor, another American.

Below find links that strip the hopium from the players in the distribution system of the worlds most dangerous drug, HOPIUM.

You President Trump are the consensus leader of our country. If you do not return to the principles, facts, law and procedures that made America great, WHY should any American exercise our personal choice to seek the liberty now being murdered by DIVIDED LOYALTY and LACK OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

When someone hits you in the face there is no way to escape that there is a problem!

We, the American People, have been slammed in the face by our public servants, with a notice of intent to destroy our liberty. Granted these public servants slamming us in the face are of a particular flavor, however, the others not striking us have taken no or very little action to mitigate the blow, which makes them co-conspirators.

The day of celebration recognizing individual liberty for all of mankind, our American Fourth of July holiday, is under attack.

Because the attack takes the form of non-constitutional actions being implemented through the threat of force, we are advised by the acts themselves, that we are now considered subjects, SLAVES. See, US V KOZMINSKI, 487 U.S. 931. The law or legal process applied resulting in SLAVERY!

The attacks take the form of ordered face diapers, and the threats of phony legal process for openly celebrating the birth of our country and the principle of liberty for every individual of mankind.

Only children need to wear diapers anywhere!

Only children need to be supervised and controlled on the play ground!

The experiment identified in our Declaration of Independence is in the exercise of freedom to choose to experience our individual liberty in conjunction with others doing the same. The results of this experiment ended up being the creation of governments.

The governments the People created beginning 1776 were for one simple purpose identified completely in our state constitutions, our confederation of states, and ultimately our federal Constitution as amended by the Bill of Rights.

The purpose of the created, governments, is to serve and protect the People creating them.

When our celebration recognizing the opportunity for each of us to seek our own independence and liberty is attacked, particularly by those public servants we pay to execute our purpose, the very root identity of our country is targeted for destruction.

Those attacking our Fourth of July celebrations, particularly from the office of public servant, are committing sedition, rebellion and subversion which are both high crimes and premium acts of civil rights felonies.

The words sedition, rebellion, and subversion, are well-defined. The elements that lead to the conclusion that our public servants are guilty are available to any American to read, online, by simple review of the standing statutes.

The public records created by these attackers can never be denied, which is the admission and confession of high crimes against the People

The simple fact is when We the People put up with this kind of attack on our liberties, we deserve what we get. This is known as return on investment. The irresponsible behavior of yesterday, the failing to control our public servants, always creates a problem tomorrow.

This Fourth of July 2020 the American people will judge our selves.

We as a People, as a culture, as a social organism, as a country, as the embodiment of the principle of human dignity recognized by individual exercise of the concept of CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, liberty, will decide our future on this day.

For my self, I have no respect for my neighbors who choose to be SLAVES in their own minds by kowtowing to public servants abuse of public trust when ORDERING the People to obey ORDERS clearly at odds with the right to choose my own behaviors.

Those choosing to be SLAVES have my support, the right to choose is available to every American.

How do I claim or exercise my right to choose, the exercise of personal and individual liberty when I do not apply those same standards to all of my neighbors?

We will soon see, 1 more day, what our future holds.

Get ready for the A Ticket ride! Now on sale cheap at the HOPIUM stores.

President Trump, when you figure out how to tax hopium all the alleged national debt will dissolve.

President Trump, each of the links below were duly served via public property web portal to the White House addressed to Donald Trump, our President. Thus, each is certified public record of Beneficiaries presentments to our Trustee.

Provost Jr. and Miller, now present Beneficiaries Advisory to our Trustee that in the next few weeks you will be presented with incredible political, legal and commercial power. The delivery systems are being structured at present. We, Provost Jr. and Miller promised you our President; we wonít quit, to provide tools for MAGA, to be the maximum pain in the A _ _ to the fullest extent we are capable, most important to never loose sight of the fundamentals that created the American Dream and not engage in divide and conquer dialogues intended to confuse.





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