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Posted By: jensingr
Date: Monday, 18-Jul-2022 00:26:48

In Response To: BE AWARE,- BE VERY AWARE. (The_Fox)

Great inspirational creativity!

A nice depiction of everything we are dealing with, wrapped in a breath of fresh air... sprinkled with glimmers of hope!

We will get through this!

Armor of God!


: Outside the packed arenas of baying hyenas and still sleeping
: sheep, there are other pastures to be found, where bird
: song echoes through a vibrant forest, full of all things
: far removed from that created by ourselves.

: When still, there is calm.

: Silence.

: When did you last listen to nothing, when did you last hear
: silence?

: If you really listen close enough, and listen carefully,
: thoughts will focus, and any residual fog will clear, all
: in the vibration of that moment. Time also takes a
: breather, both to rest and enjoy the silence.

: Focus is important as without all becomes blurry, misshapen
: and skewed, No clear picture.

: White noise static.

: Interference.

: There's a lot of it about.

: In today's society many of its trash eaters can be seen
: dancing to the day's latest fashionable rhythm, where life
: is played out as a reality show, and given a thumbs up or
: down on socially engineered networks. Of course this has
: all come about as the result of social engineering (brain
: washing), as well as the continual networking and mapping
: (manipulation) of brain patterns and structure, both to and
: in the minds of those submitting and willing to be just
: another Guinea pig or socially engineered construct.

: Manufactured clones costing little to nothing to maintain, the
: ultimate workforce. Mass produced

: In numbers.

: 'Heaven', for some is fame, or to have a thousand lap dancers
: tripping from wads of cash being stuffed in their loose
: fitting underwear. The only stars are on TV, and Sirius for
: some is defined as one not laughing, or when I
: answer........

: "yes I am."

: These days anything goes, that's the illusion sold over the
: airwaves. When any fictional narrative is repeated long
: enough, it becomes fact in the minds of many, swallowed
: hook line and sinker in heavily baited waters rank with the
: smell of corrupted decay.

: Nothing goes, and that's the real fact.

: Freedom has long become a brand name, with millions killed so
: as bankers can reap a tidy profit and further build upon
: the bodies of its victims. Liberty's some woman holding a
: torch, isn't she? Oh, and what's the name of that city
: she's at? Is it a perfume? I forget.

: As if things couldn't any worse, they do.

: 'Worse' is a word I use loosely, as it has connotations of
: negativity, so I puzzle in amazement at the high definition
: live Satanically warped entertainment around me, trying to
: make sense from it.

: There is none.


: So I must laugh from it, either that or allow anger to further
: fester, invited in by my allowing it to do so.

: Anger kills from the inside out and corrupts both body and
: mind, when not addressed or taken care of.

: Every day I see real walking dead, caught in the mesmerizing
: glow of their iPhone, waiting in anticipation for their
: next Adrenalin rush, while salivating at the thought of any
: new message, or another like for video of twerking to the
: latest gangster rap.

: Zombies are all too real, and all addicted to new information
: that really isn't, while simply too zoned out to notice
: anything other than the glowing screen clenched tightly in
: their malformed hands, as if in a living Rigor Mortis.

: It's all to easy to get swept away in the immoral tide of
: having to conform in order to survive as a human species.
: Identity can be lost with a few strokes on a keyboard.
: Greed, sexual perversion and money's the order of the day,-
: a lot of it, and preferably all at the same time, 24/7.
: Real addiction, and seemingly totally legit, endorsed by
: the Satanically controlled system as being totally normal.

: Conformity.

: There are many things going on, but you'll find none of it
: spoken about on the TV,- which in itself has a totally
: different agenda, serving the few and lying waste to the
: masses, in a junk food culture of celebrity and adulation
: of all things material or otherwise perverted.

: As we slowly drown in the invisible sea of artificially
: constructed waves of Wi-Fi, all is being deformed and
: irradiated at a molecular level.

: DNA is changing, as it aligns and modifies, warped by a stream
: of electromagnetic decay, as if in a microwave on slow
: heat, while struggling to adapt to a myriad of totally
: alien wavelengths, divorcing the body from all that which
: is natural, while it tries to tune in.

: To survive.

: Those jabbed many times over, or once, depending upon how the
: pistol was cocked, and having now laid waste to DNA that
: was once human, are somehow falling victim to a death
: labeled as being otherwise natural.

: There will be many more changes. Adjustment will be and is
: difficult for many,.... as seen by the current loony
: leftists, spilling their mental frustration in search of a
: perfect world fitting only unto themselves, as they self
: destruct en masse by a virus inserted into their
: programming.

: There are many energy platforms now at work as the forces of
: light and darkness do battle. And NO it's not the END of
: ages, BUT MORE THE BEGINNING of a new one.

: A new world order, different to the one planned.

: Stay grounded, and take some time out to go smell the roses.

: Nothing is as was, and never will be.

: Your reality is no more than just a state of mind.

: Be aware, be very aware of everything, BUT NOT beware, they're
: two totally different things.

: Eyes open and wide AWAKE.

: Things are about to get a bit bumpy, (as if not enough so
: already) as another false flag is prepared to be raised
: upon its already tethered and weather worn mast.

: Maybe.

: So hold tight, keep a steady head and enjoy the ride, where
: possible.

: Question all, and go breathe some fresh air, after all,-

: when did you last go smell some roses?


: ----------------------

: Fox.

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