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Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 9-May-2020 20:35:03


Dear Hobie,

Please Publish as a Public Service to common sense, the law and known commercial practice.
Sent via public property, paid for by the People, White House Web portal email invitation, May 4, 2020, 1:25 pm, pacific time. Confirmed received.
Second submission to White House follows giving notice of publish in accord with request for advisory in the China Damages and Collections Monograph.

Thank you.


Dear President Trump, our President,

Damages and Collections.

We, Charles C. Miller and Andre’ Paul Provost Jr.,sent this Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes, to our Trustee for action in service to the People’s office of President.

You Will: Please review the Presidents fundamental powers and authorities in context of the Presidents duties; “he shall take Care of that the Laws be faithfully executed,”.

You Will: Please review the law of commerce among nations for your self with out the experts, so that the fundamentals and common sense is not lost to the special privileged classes of systemite protectors have no opportunity to confuse or exercise Divided Loyalty.

We, your Beneficiaries, accepted your statement, that you were not sure of the mechanisms required to make the People and our country whole, from the damages caused by the INVASION from China and their Wuhan Virus, as an invitation. Thus, this Letter of Wishes. The link below, from 2010, exposes the fundamentals of of what we offer now. Follow the results of events dogging BP to this very day for an explanation and record of what direct dealing without the confusion sellers

interference may accomplish.

We are positive the English Queen, her Privy Counsel, Exchequer, BP management and stockholders could assist in understanding what effects the application of principles, facts, law moved with common sense and logic through time honored procedures cause.

Further, your Beneficiaries are not convinced that our Presidents advisors understand the simple basics of contract or commercial law between nations and the People of nations. Thus we present this direct outline in hopes that our President will consider sticking to the fundamentals rather than play in someone else’s confusing game where the rules change as is convient and the goal post are shrouded in impenetrable mist.


In order for a valid claim to be established three elements are required to be complete.

  1. The claim must be precise, address a single issue, and be stated in writing.

  2. The evidence proving the claim must be present, verified and in the record.

  3. Sum certain must be stated, due date identified and location of payment and consequences for non payment, settlement or denial of the TRUE BILL must be noticed.

At the base of these procedures there must be a contract or other set of known and accepted obligations due and payable. Law of Nations, International Law, agreements, treaties and trade obligations may all fit into these time honored procedures.

The Chinese people have understood these rules for generations. The CCP understands these rules very well. Their deep understanding should be recognized as the basis of their success in circumventing so many nations protective measures across the full spectrum of legal, political, social and commercial transactions.

Every banker that ever lived, that ever foreclosed a loan, attached or took possession of collateral understood these rules perfectly. P.L. 88-243, 77 stat 630, December 30, 1963 is the guide book. This law has never been changed or altered, though amended by additionally titles. The reason this law has never changed is that it is a set of principles based on integrity and honest operations between consenting parties.

Every great trade culture or society operated under these same rules. When the rules are strictly applied that culture thrived. As always happens

when the bureaucrats, experts and advisors gain sufficient sway over the fundamentals the system begins to deteriorate, finally to the point of collapse. This is because issues outside the fundamentals and sound practice of common sense, straight forward business of getting the deal done fairly, closing the transaction that benefits all involved, incrementally take control of the flow of energies in motion. Confusions are only advantageous to those selling the confusion because the sellers have no real value of their own, and feed off others value to survive. Some lead, some follow and others steal citing false premises. MSM, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, ect. Perhaps.


  1. Craft a TRUE BILL for delivery to the CCP.

A. Sum certain of damage, due date, payment location, interest accrual and release of claim upon payment. Fair notice of penalties and consequences for failure to act in good faith. Identification of the contract, agreement, understandings, laws of nations and war.

B. Authority to state the claim, identification of beneficiaries of the damages.

NOTE: the only legitimate beneficiaries are the People. Banks, hedge funds, traders, manufactures ect. ALL supported the CCP while constructing the China commercial engine base at the expense of the People who created the country that franchised their commercial existence. Thus, these operations are co-conspirator beneficiaries of the invasion and forfeited standing and capacity to state a claim for damages. The Equity Creditors, the American People, are in first position and the deciding parties of who could be in lesser positions.

SPECIAL NOTE: the People’s President is only empowered to represent the People, and never to represent the franchised entities licensed by the People’s authorities because; first, there is no authority in the law for our President to represent private entities; second, conflict of interest between the principals, the People, and the agents, government and franchised, licensed, regulated and taxed entities, must be decided in the People’s favor. That’s the Presidents first duty, serve the People.

C. Facts from public record or provable before the world as correct.

D. Identification of the obligations between the claimant and the recipient with reference to events, authorities, contracts or generally known and accepted practices.

E. Time line for response set according to known and accepted standards cob]veering the parties standing in the communities wherein the events took place.

  1. Delivery of TRUE BILL through formal diplomatic channels.

A. Diplomatic relations are essentially the actions in commerce between nations representing their constituents. Exclusive Executive Branch powers.

B. Protocols are standard among nations and must be followed strictly in the open world forum. Secrets kill credibility.

C. Lis Pendens notice to all registries, insurers, sureties and guarantors that the claim is in process and that removal or hiding of liabilities and or recipients assets is conspiracy to support absconding debtor equates to co-conspirator.

30 day response time.


A. The time line not being honored is a breach covering many positions.

B. Dis-honor of presentment in any form whatsoever is a Default on obligations as set up and processed through TRUE BILL.

C. Default is failure to address each issue in the TRUE BILL good faith bonded by full faith and credit of the recipient.

E. Default is the opportunity to correct mistakes to the current moment.

30 day response time.


A. Fault declaration takes into account the records established from the beginning of the process.

B. All issues not addressed and settled by consent of both parties results in fault being established before the world.

C. Judgement issued is based on fault proved by the records known world wide.

D. Judgement requires statement that all having knowledge of the proceedings, particularly judgement debtor, have the opportunity to show cause why judgement should not result forfeiture and sale of assets or properties to cover sum certain to make the claimant whole. The word in this instance is PROTEST.

In order for the protest to be considered valid proof of fact, law, by public record is required.

30 day response time.


A. Judgement goes to the proper diplomatic party for each nation so that all registries in the jurisdiction must choose to protect the judgement debtor, known wrong doer or protect the assets or properties in their jurisdiction for the judgement creditor.

B. Protest of judgement or challenge to judgement by any one must be registered in all jurisdictions in order to protect the law of the process between nations in order to avoid open warfare.


A. Attachment forms are country specific and in some cases local jurisdictions forms are necessary.

B. Judgement forms are also jurisdictional in nature.

General principles, forms and language relatively standard as to flow and essential elements beginning in the 1960s.


When every thing associated to the TRUE BILL in any manner whatsoever is done Before the World, there are no points of contention possible absent extreme bad faith which is apparent to all Nations.

This presentment method is the mechanism to allow the CCP to come into the world of nations in good faith with some level of credibility.


Ratify by the acts of the CCP that China as a whole is dangerous and a risk to all the worlds peoples and governments.

President Trump, the simple fact is all commerce and relations between nations as both political and commercial jurisdictions is based on good faith, transparency of process and world wide notice of public acts.

What this means in simple terms is that the corruptive forces are captured within the law publicly processed. Spin and posturing through misdirection is severely limited by open knowledge of facts and law when the public records are present and available.

Thus process is also a tool that could be taught by our President to the People for application to Deep State Swamp dwellers. This point is particularly relevant in context of the judges appointed by President Trump. The likelihood that the commercial self help federal statute P.L. 88-243, controlling commercial transactions such as public service, will be enforced as written is higher now than at any time in the last 55+ years.


Chapter 97 of Title 28 United States Code, finding aid to the statutes, Jurisdictional Immunities of Foreign States, DOES-NOT APPLY TO THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH WHEN OPERATING IN EXCLUSIVE DIPLOMATIC JURISDICTION.

The international law standards recognizes commercial practices as subject to the law of the countries where foreign governments enter into commercial practices.

Being that the CCP claims and exercises ownership control over all its people and holds an ownership position in every business domiciled in China, or having operations paid by China, operating in the United States, means Presidential powers may attach every Chinese asset in our country.

The attachment of all Chinese assets through LIS PENDENS by our President is a pre-judgement remedy available right now. The Lis Pendens is a world wide recognized mechanism to ensure that judgement when formalized will have enough backing for payment of the sum certain.

This Lis Pendens protects every American from the damages already suffered when it is recognized our President accepted the designated collection agent position when the first damage checks went out from the Treasury with Donald J. Trumps signature.

The checks being designated relief admit the People have been damaged by the Wuhan China Virus and its invasion of our country.

President Trump, you acted as the People’s and our nations Surety when you signed the first relief check.

Every American must be made whole. Every business that did not associate, invest, manufacture of benefit from Chinas CCP ownership operations must be made whole.

The manufactures, banks, hedge funds, retirement systems, public funds retirement and investments funds, and supporting the CCP by doing business and benefiting from the SLAVERY system of total ownership in China have nothing coming. These characters sold out their country, their neighbors, their government for a mess of pottage. Usually done while bragging about how American they and their businesses were. This point applies particularly to the tech giants and their social media, search engine cohorts and minions, MSM serving their China investors and many others feeding from the China magic funded by the currency of reserve allegedly serving the equity creditors the American People.

Mr. President, Miller and Provost Jr. would be very interested if any of your advisor experts are able to show us where we got any of the above wrong! We are always willing to learn in order to be better Citizen servants to our President.

Please advise if you choose to have this Monograph published via the permanent World Wide Web. The published would place the President in control of the tortfeasing, pettifogging, shysters, grubbing for filthy lucre at the expense of the American People by confusing jargon based on the United States being able to waive another nations Sovereign Immunity. The publish would also send the message to China and the world we are one Nation, of one People with one President who takes care to honor his word that We come first.


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