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Reader: "DLenolate. There is a long history behind it."

Posted By: hobie
Date: Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 19:51:22

In Response To: Wishing for a cure for my son! He's suffered with skin sores that won't heal for 9 months now (CrystalRiver)

Thanks, M. :)

Reader MA writes:


Kill the pathogens causing the problem and the....

Re Crystal River thread
Reader MA says

There is a long history behind it.
DOW Chemical worked with this property of the Olive Tree (The tree of life) and could not give it shelf life for mass production.
East Park Research took over and made it possible to have a remedy that kills pathogens ( mold, yeast, fungi, amoeba, protozoan, bacteria, and virus).

People have been lied to that nothing kills a virus. Don't argue with them, let them believe what they were told that they repeat.

I'm telling what I know.
Flu that lasts a day or so before the body immunity steps in to complete the job.
Norwalk virus illness and recovery without hospitalization when the body's immunity is not overloaded with the root cause of the illness.

We don't know what the body has accumulated and the sores is a physical manifestation of an over abundance of something foreign that the body is pushing out through the skin in its efforts to get rid of it.

I would suggest a two prong approach that has to be taken seriously and slowly because this did not accumulate overnight and the symptoms are a sign of a weakened immune system.

Approach 1. Restore the body's immunity by consuming the product to eliminate the pathogens.
Go slow because depending on how much foreign matter is in the body, the die off will produce the herxheimer response and a weakened body needs time to eliminate the dead cell matter in the stool.
Approach 2. Help the body's largest organ heal itself. The skin is the largest organ and a topicql solution will help it heal itself since the body will be eliminating the pathogens in the stool if Approach 1 is used.

You’ll know its working when the stool stinks "to high heaven" as one old gent I referred this to, stated.
Its working and goes to "your sh* don't stink" when its done its job and your body eliminated all the dead cells of the pathogens.

DLenolate is not the cure.
It helps the body eliminate the pathogen because the tree of life is not subject to any pathogen or dis-ease.

When the body is free of what holds it back, then we learn the power of the universe and the Creator.

Everything we need is provided.
The body takes over and fixes itself.
Die off has to be eliminated so don't over do it.

East Park research in Nevada sells it on their website.
Life Extension Foundation is a distributor as well.

In my humble opinion, the only outcome from going to the tree of life for remedy is a healthier life.

Learn about herxheimer response before you take any product that eliminates pathogens.

In my opinion, if you pass on DLenolate, you were seeking, you found, you didn't have eyes to see, you didn't know what was given to you; and as I was going to remain silent I was moved to show you the way and I did.

Sometimes my way of delivering information will turn people off and I believe its because universe wants those that are closed to wait until they are ready to know something before they actually know it.



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Articles In This Thread

Wishing for a cure for my son! He's suffered with skin sores that won't heal for 9 months now
CrystalRiver -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 20:01:07
I also think you need two types of antibiotics, and much depends on what other co infections he has! *NM*
CrystalRiver -- Saturday, 2-Jan-2021 22:37:21
Reader: "Has anyone considered the sores may be caused by a fungus."
hobie -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 19:58:18
Thank You Reader--I'm Absolutely Convinced That an Unknown Fungus is Involved in Some of the Morgies for Sure
CrystalRiver -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 12:35:45
Boric Acid, Iodine (and vitamin C) work pretty well...
Freedom4ever -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 12:35:45
Reader B. offers: "They should try ivermectin." (no msg inside this post) *NM*
hobie -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 19:56:13
Reader: "I've been into herbal/natural medicine for 50 years, and have had persistent sores for months that were quickly cured with ..."
hobie -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 19:58:18
Reader: "It is possible the skin sores are from an autoimmune disorder, producing psoriasis."
hobie -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 02:06:51
Been Said I Have An Auto Immune But Do Know
CrystalRiver -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 00:51:05
Reader: "Please give colostrum a try!"
hobie -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 02:47:34
Dear Reader L, Did Use Colostrum The First Time I Was So Very Ill
CrystalRiver -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 02:47:34
Reader: "If i had skin sores like she described i would start taking ..."
hobie -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 02:05:57
As Long As I Have Soft Water, Softened With Salt Which Kills Bacteria and Fungi
CrystalRiver -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 02:05:57
Reader: "I would recommend MSM [MethylSulfonylMethane] crystals."
hobie -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 03:11:19
Dear Reader K, YOU have to hear this!
CrystalRiver -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 02:19:52
Re: MSM, Reader recommends ...
hobie -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 03:21:34
Thanks Reader C. Have Been in this Struggle for 40 years
CrystalRiver -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 11:43:32
From Reader S, Not My Story or My Son--CR--But Will Post For Them!
CrystalRiver -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 11:43:32
Reader: "For your son's skin condition, try Propolis Ointment (made by bees)."
hobie -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 19:24:30
Reader: "DLenolate. There is a long history behind it."
hobie -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 19:51:22
Reader, link: "What Must I Do To Be Healed?": Wishing for a cure for my son! He's suffered with skin sores that won't heal for 9 months now
hobie -- Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 20:01:33

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