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Reader: "Where to begin..."

Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 27-Jul-2020 05:06:31

In Response To: Time to awake folks, Q Anon is not merely a deception.., It is the ultimate deception, and the implementor of SATAN (Watchman)

(Thanks, N. :)

Reader Nacky writes:


Where to begin...

I will state up front I've been through all the despair of this war,
and I've doubted, I've been in pain. I feel alone and that I'm
fighting alone. But never once have I been blind in any of this
because I'm one of the few who've been awake my entire life. The dark
life I've lived through. So I'm coming from experience and not the
sit-down-and-comfortable-settings of some church or preacher. In

otherwords, I live in the real world.

This guy starts off with his "I've gotten emails of families being
ripped apart" blah blah blah. Well welcome to real life. My tiny
little family got ripped apart too, but certainly not over Q Anon. No.
Real psychopaths who were in my mom's midst and took control over her
entire life ripped us apart. Not by my hand nor my mom's will, and
certainly not by Q. No, it was the same psychos who run with the drug
cartel-corrupt-cop-apparatus that is Fort Smith and all of Arkansas.
Which me and my close friends refer to as Mordor. D.C. is Isengard,
but here is Mordor. (metaphorically and in subtle ways)

So that preacher guy is basing the first part of his "deception" of
QAnon tearing up families on this division anomaly but glosses over
the entire Hillary shitstorm of the 2016 election loss. That of
course, is okay, because families are ripped apart over something
"noble" like "resisting". It boggles the mind. His historical reach
seems rather limited and only goes back a few months. Whatever.

I've resisted all of my life, these entities in power. Now all those
who were deceived by fake polls and a guaranteed Clinton win, resist
with all the hatred they can summon and then take it out on us. But
THAT division seems to be okay in that guy's eyes. But whatever. It's
stupid as it is also his deceiving mind as he tries to hide the fact
he's afraid of Q and the fact every social media giant is actively
silencing Q Anons worldwide. So he buckles and runs away in fear. Some
watchman, huh?

Then he goes into this mantra about dividing Jerusalem. *sigh* SMH.

If he'd bothered to actually read the same bible he basing all this
on, he'd certainly have come across all the little clues, well
outright spelling it out for him, that Jerusalem has been divided so
many times you can set your freaking watch by it!

But of course let's not bring up history that goes back quite a few
decades. God forbid we go back even further than that! And then he can
conveniently overlook the fact that Jerusalem being divided was
allowed to happen by God himself! Let us overlook that too

Moving on.

Next, this country isn't being divided by Q, but by "tptb" that have
already, read PAST TENSE, planned this in case their scams didn't
work. Their attempts on Trump's life didn't work, and everything else
failed. Q did NOT send out people to start rioting. That was (tptb)
sit-down-and-comfortable-settings of the long injection of being
brainwashed by the very same system that wanted Hillary Clinton to win
so the final stroke of darkness could finish off all of us.

And FWIW Jerusalem has already been a divided area of the world for a
long time. His assumptions are wrong and I await his apology. Actually
on second thought, I don't. I have a life, or an existence to get back
to. I've devoted much to Q and my name will probably never be known to
Q. But it doesn't weigh on me. It doesn't matter to me. I have other
issues that are far more distressing than anything to do with Q.

Lots of times I've looked at the screen and wished I could bite Q. Or
told them off with a "Bite me". I'm waiting for the arrests and I get
annoyed. I really would bite Q if I could. So they better watch out.
They seem to piss me off to no end.

But I'm part of the movement. Taken the oath, an oath that everyone
has been taking since forever in alignment with serving in a public
office. Yeah that preacher guy seemed to gloss over that too. *Tsk*.



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