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Rumor Mill News Reading Room Archive


Posted By: R.G. BLAIR
Date: Saturday, 11-Dec-1999 03:53:28

Gunther Russbacher

Political Prisoner of the New World Order

Set up and Repeatedly Incarcerated

He was beaten, tortured, almost murdered,

finally freed... then jailed again...

Why Such Abuse?

Finally the Truth Can Be Told

Russbacher Had Been Given the Mandate

To Bring Home The Nazi Gold!

It Would Be Used To Destroy the Federal Reserve!

In September of 1993, his 21 year Missouri prison sentence was vacated. The judge ordered him released. The prison system refused to release him and instead turned him over to the county that originally prosecuted him. St. Charles County ignored the judge’s order and forced Russbacher to undergo open heart surgery. His serious heart condition had been worsened by the prison system’s purposeful neglect and conscious intent. He had no choice regarding the surgery! It was performed without his consent or desire. The cardiology team, one of whom was an osteopath, butchered him. That was their orders. He was supposed to have died. The lower third of his heart is dead. He lives in constant agony.

In December of 1993, Missouri finally agreed to release him, but on probation. Russbacher was immediately contacted by his ONI superiors and told that he was the one who had been given the mandate to return the Austrian treasury which was stolen by Adolph Hitler in 1939. The gold transfer would be the largest in history. There were many people who did not want it to go through. The New World Order knew that if the gold was brought back to Europe, it could be used to destroy the Federal Reserve Banking systems and their international owners.

Fearing he would be murdered if he stayed in the United States, Russbacher fled to Austria. The moment he set foot in the country, he was arrested and housed in a prison hospital. While in the hospital, Russbacher completed the gold transfer. The gold was moved into Germany in December of 1994. It will be used to back the European currency.

The Austrian doctors were horrified by the butchery that was performed on him in AmeriKa. After two heart surgeries, they told him that the only thing that would help was a heart transplant. They placed him on the transplant list. In January of 1997, he would be at the top of the list.

After eight years as a political prisoner in two countries, Russbacher was finally released from the Austrian prison. It was December 23, 1996. He called his wife, Rayelan, and told her he would pick her up in San Jose on the 26th. After four years as a political prisoner, he was free. Not only was he free from prison, he was free from the CIA and from the CIA programming that had been placed in him years before. The psychiatrists in the Austrian hospital had stubbled onto his programming and had removed it. He was free in all ways.

His wife, Rayelan still loved him and waited for him. He had battled the CIA and the New World Order. The Russbachers had both lost everything they had ever owned, but they still had each other, Gunther would soon have a new heart and his health would be restored. For the first time in eight years, Russbacher had everything going for him. His freedom, an Austrian pension, an apartment, and soon he would have his health back.

With everything in the world going his way... he disappeared!

Gunther Russbacher was once a voice of truth trying to educate America. Today he is broken physically and mentally, not by his long years of incarceration, but by an intelligence community who would not let him be free to continue to tell the truth!

Upon his release from prison in Austria, he disappeared. He reappeared one month later in New Mexico with a young beautiful film producer. After a visit to a hospital because he had suffered a heart attack, Russbacher was arrested.... for not paying his hospital bill.

While Russbacher had been in the emergency room, the beautiful young film producer told the hospital billing department that Russbacher was an Austrian diplomat, and Austria would pay the bill. When the hospital called the Austrian consulate, they discovered that Russbacher was NOT an Austrian diplomat, but was a former prisoner, who had just been released. The hospital also discovered he was wanted in Missouri for jumping his probation. Russbacher ended up in the Los Alamos County Jail.

The telephone calls he made from the jail, to his friend Rodney Stich and to his wife, Rayelan, were incoherent, rambling and crazy. Something had been done to his mind. Russbacher was no longer the same man who had been released from the Austrian prison and who told his wife he was on his way to San Jose to pick her up. He had no memory of what had happened to him.

What happened to him?

Little is known regarding his whereabouts during the month he was missing. He called his wife shortly after he was free. He said he had been met at the prison door by Jane Ryder, a documentary film producer who had worked for the BBC with Allan Francovic, a well known film producer.

Jane had entered the Russbachers lives in August of 1995. She introduced herself as an independent film-maker who specializes in investigations into intelligence covert operations. She said she had recently done a series for the BBC with Allan Francovic. She said that she would like to make a film of their lives. Over the next year and four months, she visited both Russbachers several times. Rayelan was in California, Gunther was in prison in Austria. Gunther told Rayelan he didn’t completely trust her because her father was a former MI6, British Intelligence agent. He also told Rayelan he had known her in Central America during the 80's. He said she was down there making propaganda films.

Who is Jane Ryder? What role did she play in this? How did Gunther Russbacher lose his mind? Why did she bring him back into the United States knowing he would be jailed in Missouri for jumping probation?

* * * * *

George Bush’s Most Famous Political Prisoner After four years as the most famous political prisoner of the Bush Administration, Gunther Russbacher's 21 year sentence was vacated and he was ordered by the Missouri State appeals court to be released. The order was not carried out. He was transferred back to the St. Charles County jail and held illegally while they decided what to do.

Russbacher was a 30 year CIA operative who tried to expose the treason of the CIA and George Bush. For that he was horribly and cruelly punished. Numerous attempts were made to kill him. To save his life, his wife, Rayelan, organized a letter writing campaign that involved all 50 states and many foreign countries. She wrote articles and went on radio and television describing the atrocities that had been selectively dealt to Russbacher by the Missouri prison system. Her letters brought help from all sides, conservative, liberal and middle of the road.

As Russbacher waited to be released from the county jail, his tormentors were planning their final attack. One day, without warning, Gunther was taken from his cell and forced to undergo open heart surgery. His 21 year sentence had been vacated. He should have been released! Instead, he was told to take his chances with the doctors. He had no choice. It was the surgery or a prison knife. His heart condition had been worsened by the many years of incarceration, but he didn't need a quintuple heart bypass. It was done to kill him or disable him.

Rayelan was told nothing. The first she heard about it came in a fax from his attorney. For days she tried to find out what had happened to him. She did not know if he was dead or alive. The jailors would give her no information. Neither would the hospital. For five days she lived a nightmare. Then the phone rang. It was Gunther. His voice was weak. He told her that they had left him for dead after the surgery. He said no doctor checked on him for four days.

On the fifth day he was taken back to the jail and thrown into a cell that was covered with urine and feces. The stench of human excrement and waste caused him to gag. When he gagged, he broke the stitches in his chest. He asked to be moved. It was denied. He asked that the cell be hosed down. It was denied. The jailors brought him a bucket and rags. They stood outside his cell and watched and laughed as he struggled to clean the cell himself. This act of unspeakable human cruelty was what galvanized the informed American public.

Hundreds of thousands of letters began pouring into Missouri and to the White House. Help came from every direction. Amnesty International assigned their London office to investigate the charges. The ACLU sent two attorneys. The conservative CAUSE Foundation stepped forth. Newspapers and magazines and radio talk shows spread the word and Americans came forward with letters, faxes and phone calls. Veterans threatened to march on Missouri and worse!

Seeing that they had a tiger by the tail, the Missouri officials cut a plea bargain with him. They allowed him to plead guilty to the charge of defrauding TWA out of the price of a one way ticket from Pittsburgh to St. Louis. If he didn't, he was told all the charges that had been vacated would be re-filed and he would spend forever in the same jail that had just tried to kill him.

He pled guilty and was released on five years probation. His four year ordeal had been fraught with attempts on his life. He was beaten. He was put on “diesel therapy”. He was given no real medical or dental attention. At one point, he was forced to pull his own tooth. His heart medication was routinely withheld.

He was given work assignments that were torture for him. Russbacher had been a POW in the undeclared Laotian War. His fingernails had been ripped out with plyers so many times that the nail bed was damaged and the nails would not grow back. Where a fingernail should be, was only pulpy pink skin. (This can be seen in photos on the Rumor Mill Web page and on the Russbacher video interview with Alex Horvat.)

With a serious heart condition and hepatitis, he was assigned kitchen cleanup duty. It was summer in Missouri and the temperature in the kitchen was around 105. Russbacher was given a bucket full of lye solution. It ate through the already cracked and bleeding nail beds, causing massive infection. The fingers swelled with pus The constant irritation of the lye caused his finger tips to break open and ooze pus and blood onto the tables he was cleaning.

The serious health hazard posed to the other prisoners because of his hepatitis was denied by the Director of Prisons. Finally color photographs of his bloody, pussy fingers were sent to her. She was also sent copies of his positive hepatitis test. Many tortuous weeks later, she finally ordered him removed from work assignments.

During his years as Bush’s political prisoner, Russbacher was not the only member of his family to suffer. He saw his wife and sons intimidated, threatened, beaten, and arrested. Attempts were made to kidnap and murder them. All of this occurred because Russbacher was brave enough to try to tell the truth and try to wake up the American people. At the time of his incarceration in Missouri, the media portrayed Russbacher as the October Surprise pilot. He was the CIA operative who flew George Bush to Paris to conclude the negotiations to hold the 52 American hostages in the Tehran Embassy until after the November election. This deal helped Ronald Reagan win the 1980 presidential election.

Russbacher was held in prison for more reasons than the October Surprise. The most in depth account of Russbacher's life comes in Rodney Stich's book Defrauding America. Russbacher was a 30 year CIA operative who came from an Austrian family with hundreds of years in the spy game. In the inner circles of the CIA, he was known as "the banker". He ran a stock brokerage which was a CIA proprietary. Out of the many "front" companies, which were funded by his stock brokerage, he funded “off-budget” covert CIA operations.

In a press conference in 1992, Bush rambled about an SR71 that never flew him back from a secret Paris meeting. Gunther Russbacher is the only person who has ever claimed George Bush flew back from Paris in an SR71. Those, in the know, knew that Russbacher, and his charges of treason against George Bush, were bringing Bush to the breaking point. (Verbatim quote taken from the New York Times National edition of June 5, 1992.)

"I wonder whether they're going to use the same prosecutors that are trying out there to see whether I was in Paris in 1980 and flew home in an SR-71 Blackbird. I mean, where are we going with the taxpayers' money in this political year? So, let them look at it. It's no problem to me. But I think at some point somebody ought to say where is all this money going that goes to pay for these special prosecutors, rummaging through files and proving nothing. I was not in Paris, and we did nothing illegal or wrong here. We tried, and it didn't work, and we moved. And that's the answer to it..."

Gunther Russbacher was and is the only person to ever claim that George Bush was flown back from the Paris October Surprise conclusion meeting in an SR71. Russbacher became known in the controlled media as "The October Surprise Pilot". The "October Surprise" scandal was used to bring down George Bush. The October Surprise is the hub of the wheel that connects all the scandals of the Reagan-Bush years. George Bush knew that if it was really investigated in depth, all his illegal deals would be exposed. He had more than a political career at risk, he had his family empire and fortunes at risk. If he had been exposed, not only would he have been indicted, but most of his family and friends would have gone with him.

There were other October Surpise pilots. One was Richard Brenneke, another was Heinrich Rupp. Both were indicted. Rupp spent 4 years in prison on bank fraud before he was released. Brenneke was found innocent. Brenneke had worked with Mrs. Rayelan Russbacher years before she ever married Gunther. Starting in 1986 to 1989, Rayelan was part of a loose knit group of researchers who were investigating the crimes of the CIA, and in particular, the treasonous October Surprise deal. When she married Gunther, she had been helping Richard Brenneke gather information which would help his case.

Rayelan had first met Gunther in 1976, at the Naval Postgraduate School. Rayelan’s first husband was the Dean of Science and Engineering at NPS. She knew Gunther as a Naval officer. When she married Gunther, in 1989, her first husband was dead and Gunther was divorced from his first wife Two days after they married, the FBI arrested him and told her he was a conman on a crime spree marrying and defrauding wealthy widows. She told them she had known him for 13 years. They told her she was mistaken.

Because she knew Brenneke, she turned to him to find out who Gunther was. She found out far more than she had expected. She found out that Richard and Gunther had known each other since they were children. Within days of contacting Richard, Rayelan Russbacher began receiving calls from anonymous men who identified themselves as, "the CIA station chief in Vienna", " St. Louis", " Tel Aviv" and other cities around the world They all told her that Gunther was CIA, and was known in the inner circles as "The Banker."

Richard tried to help them in their fight to prove that Russbacher had been "set- up." During the 1992 election Richard was going forward with the documents to prove that the trip to France had occurred as he and Russbacher said it did. Richard had also been broken financially and physically by the government. Shortly before he released the documents that would have proved Russbacher’s identity, and George Bush’s trip to France, Richard was approached by an attractive woman named, Peggy Robahm.

She offered to help him write and sell a book. He agreed to work with her because a book contract seemed to be the way out of his money problems. During the weeks they worked together in Oregon, Richard fell in love with her and left his wife of 25 years. He and Peggy packed a truck with 40 boxes of documents and drove to Connecticutt. After one month in Connecticutt, she threw him out, but kept all his documents. A short time later, an article, written by her, appeared in The Village Voice in NYC. In it, she totally discredited Richard, using his own documents to do it.

Richard Brenneke had been a hero to many. But after Peggy Robahm finished with him, no one took him seriously again. After Russbacher disappeared with a beautiful young film producer, his friends felt he had fallen for the same discrediting technique that had been used on Brenneke.

* * * * *

Jane Ryder, the young, attractive film producer, who had once told Rayelan that Father Malachi Martin taught her everything she knew, met Gunther at the prison door. They disappeared for one month. When he resurfaced in New Mexico, he did not even know he had a wife named Rayelan. He thought he was married to "Janie", the film producer. Was he set up as Richard Brenneke was set up? Had his mind been altered through CIA mind control techniques? Or did he just go on a month long drunk with a beautiful, young woman?

Only Time Will Tell There is far more to the Russbacher story than has ever been told. After the rest of the pieces are laid out, you decide what has happened.

Upon his incarceration in a Missouri prison, Russbacher was savagely beaten by guards wielding night sticks who were sent in to kill him. They were not successful, due to his skills in martial arts. To keep the truth from leaking out, he was thrown into solitary confinement, where it was hoped he would die. But the truth did leak out. Another prisoner called Russbacher's wife and told her what had happened. She tried desperately to find someone who would help her; but no one would lift a finger to save the life of Gunther Russbacher.

In desperation she called Austria and begged an information operator to connect her to the president. It was 9 P.M. on a Saturday night in Austria when Mrs. Russbacher was connected to President Kurt Waldheim’s personal secretary. She explained what had happened to her husband and why it was happening.

By Sunday evening, Kurt Waldheim, the president of Austria, had succeeded in getting Russbacher released from "the black hole". On the following Tuesday the Governor of Missouri and the warden of the prison were paid a visit by the Austrian Consul General. Why did Kurt Waldheim get involved? The answer to this question will finally explain why George Bush feared Gunther Russbacher.

Russbacher's father, was an officer in Das Reich during WWII. He was attached to the Abwehr, German military intelligence. The Abwehr was headed by Wilhelm Canaris. Canaris is known for his conspiracy to assassinate Adolph Hitler. Canaris and his group wanted to end the war early and save millions of lives. After the attempt to kill Hitler failed, the surviving conspirators had to flee Germany or be killed.

Russbacher, Sr. fled to the United States where he was instrumental in creating the CIG, the forerunner to the CIA. After Russbacher, Sr. fled to the U.S., Waldheim, stepped in to offer his help and guidance in the form of a God Father. Gunther and his mother, Elisabeth Weissel von Esterhaszy, were exiled to the United States in 1955, the year Austrian became one country again. Many members of the German, Austrian, Hungarian, Italian and other royal families were sent into exile after the war. And herein lies the secret that George Bush feared most.

Bush didn't fear being exposed for the October Surprise, because just as many Democrats as Republicans involved in the deal. He made sure he surrounded himself with Democratic and Republican crooks, therefore; he felt confident that his crimes against the American people would never be exposed. Bush feared that Russbacher would use his fame as a "political prisoner" to awaken the American people, in particular the left wing, about the federal reserve banking system and the treason of the international bankers.

Bush knew Russbacher's lineage and early training. He knew that Russbacher not only understood the banking schemes being played around the world, but Bush's biggest fear was that Russbacher had the power to destroy the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund, plus the 26 banking families that make up the United States Federal Reserve.

While Russbacher was in prison he wrote essays on the Federal Reserve Banking system and on the non profit foundations that were created with Fed money. He showed in the essays that the men who own the Federal Reserve use the think tanks to influence every aspect of human life. Russbacher knew that all presidents since Kennedy were owned and controlled by the International bankers who own the Federal Reserve Bank.

The same money and people who were involved in the overthrow of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in the late 1890's, went on to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States of America. This banking cartel grabbed control of the money system of the United States in a midnight session of Congress on December 23, 1913. The Federal Reserve in neither federal, nor does it have a reserve.

Bush's power came directly from this international banking cartel. Bush's family has been deeply implicated in this treasonous takeover of America's banking from the very beginning. Russbacher's essays on the Federal Reserve were the first in recent history to tell the whole truth. The real reason George Bush feared Gunther Russbacher enough to try to kill him, is because Bush knew Russbacher has the power to produce gold! Enough gold to place the world on a gold standard once again!

The War For Control of The Money and the World

Started Hundreds of Years Ago

It is important for Americans to know that the war which is currently taking place in the monetary system of their country started hundreds of years ago. The players that vied for power five hundred years ago, are the same players, i.e. their physical and ideological descendants. These players are divided into two camps. One camp consists of the royal families, which at one time or another, (with the exception of the British monarchy), were all under the banner of Austrian Empire.

The other player in this never ending tragic drama is the powerful banking interests, who were originally based in England, and who placed their hand picked illegitimate royal family on the throne. The powerful bankers destroyed the Austro Hungarian Empire and drove Austria and Germany into the ground. But before the end of WWII, Abwehr officers who were not loyal to Hitler, had smuggled the bulk of Hitler's gold out of the country.

For fifty years the gold lay hidden. If it had been brought back into its rightful country, before the 50 years had transpired, the gold would have been claimed by Israel as war reparations... and it would have gone directly into the banks of the International cartel.

The Royal Families Were Sent Into Exile

After WWII, members of the royal families were ordered to sign contracts stating that they would never try to restore the monarchy. Gunther Russbacher never signed such an agreement. This is the reason he and his mother were sent into exile. Russbacher is one of the last pure blooded royals of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. (He is the last of his line. His children are not recognized as legitimate heirs because they do not have pure blood on both sides of the family, whereas, if he had been allowed to have children with Rayelan, those children would have perpetuated the line because of the royal blood on both sides of her family.)

When Russbacher and his mother were exiled in 1954, it was done to keep any legitimate heir to the Austrian throne from establishing a power base within Austria that could eventually help him or her regain the throne. Because he had not signed the contract with the global slave masters, he became the highest ranking true Hapsburg. Because of this, it was his job to bring home the gold.

George Bush feared Gunther Russbacher because Russbacher was the only person who could bring the hidden Nazi gold back into Europe. Once it is back in Europe, it will be used to create a gold standard, not just for Europe... but for the world. Once that happens, the Federal Reserve Banking cartel is over! When this happens, not only will George Bush be finished, but his entire way of life will be finished.

Russbacher Could Re-establish

A Worldwide Gold Standard

Russbacher became the central figure in the transfer of a huge amount of gold from the Phillippines to Austria. Russbacher and his wife, Rayelan, were told that the gold would be used to create gold backed currencies for all of the world governments. The gold returned to Europe in November of, 94. It went into a refinery in Greece where the bars were melted down and the Swastika was removed. The gold was then distributed to the countries whose treasuries had been looted by Hitler. There is enough gold to put every country in Europe on a gold standard, with some left over for other countries. When the gold based currencies go into effect, this will mean the end Federal Reserve System, the age old enemy of the royal bloodline.

Operation White Robe

The Gold Transfer

From his home in California, Russbacher orchestrated the transfer of the Philippine gold, code named White Robe, to Austria. Once he had secured “the firm offer to sell” from the Philippines, the deal came to the attention of his enemies within the banking world, and two attempts were made to kill him. His health had suffered under the stress of the recent open heart surgery as well as his confinement for the last four years. His liver was swollen, his pancreas was failing, and his kidneys were shutting down.

He was afraid to go into an American hospital. He felt he would be killed. Several men who were involved in the gold transfer, accompanied him to Austria. He was arrested for entering on illegal documents. During the arrest, he suffered a heart attack. He was taken, via helicopter, to a hospital. The charges were eventually dropped and he proceeded in the completion of the gold transfer.

What had appeared to be a done deal while he was in America, soon became a nightmare of tangled threads that stretched from the gold mines of King Solomon, to the gold teeth of Hitler's holocaust victims. Russbacher was impeded at every turn. He was told by representatives of the Austrian government that the Jews felt all of the gold that Russbacher was trying to bring back into the country came from the teeth of their grandfathers. Russbacher had been told that the gold he was bringing back in the first transfer, was Austrian gold that had been stolen by Hitler in 1938. He had been told that the symbol for Austrian gold, a fox, was still stamped on all the bars. But he wasn't told that the bars also had HH and the swastika stamped on them. (The HH stands for Hitler Helvatia. Helvatia is a Latin name for Switzerland. The Swiss were Hitler's bankers.)

To Save the Gold Transfer He Had To Give It Away

After betrayal, intrigue, lies and disinformation, Russbacher found himself growing weaker and sicker. The heart pain was unbearable. To stop the pain, he started drinking. His pancreas had shut down. The alcohol went directly into his blood stream. In that condition he could do nothing to complete the gold transfer.

After weeks of put-offs from the Austrian National Bank, Russbacher finally realized that if he were to ever accomplish what his ancestors have been trying to accomplish for hundreds of years, then he had to let go of everything. The commison on the gold deal would have made him and his wife two of the richest people in the world. Because of the way they had been treated at the hands of an out of control government, they already had plans for publishing and film companies that would begin to educate the world in the conspiracy to enslave it.

It was hard to let go of the dream of awakening the world, but there was no other way. On a train from Salzburg to Vienna, Russbacher finally decided that the only way to save the gold deal, was to give it away... everything, including his commissions on which he had planned to build his new life.

He called the man who had been instrumental in keeping him alive during his years in prison. Kurt Waldheim was the president of Austria while Gunther was incarcerated in the United States. Now he was the head of a non governmental organization called The League of the United Nations. Russbacher and his wife went straight there.

Waldheim was with the King of Denmark as the Russbachers entered the outer office. They were told to wait. The King soon left and they were ushered in. In a few sentences Russbacher explained what was happening. Waldheim gave him the name of a man within the Foreign Ministry and arranged for them to meet. Waldheim then showed them out, introducing them to Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of Germany, as they left.

Russbacher turned the gold deal completely over to Waldheim, including all the commission. When his American partners, who had financed the deal, for a share of the commission, discovered what he had done, they stopped funding him. The Russbachers were broke on the streets of Vienna. Gunther called the American Embassey in Vienna, where he had been CIA station chief in the 70's. He asked for help. They told him due to the Haiti crisis, he had just been reactivated into the Navy. He was told an airplane would come to take him and his wife back to the United States.

Rayelan felt another set-up coming on. She knew her husband had been on probation when he left the United States, and he would be arrested if he returned. She could not make him see what was going to happen. In anger she told him that she was not going to stand by and watch him end up in an American prison again. She caught a midnight train, from Vienna to Frankfurt, and took a plane home to California.

By the time she arrived home, Gunther had been arrested for not paying his hotel bill. Within weeks, Gunther was back in an Austrian prison, serving two years for defrauding a hotel.

The gold deal continues to move forward in transfers from the Phillippines and other countries. It is not known how quickly the world's governments will see their currency replaced with gold- backed currencies. But from the headlines in current newspapers, the whole world is suddenly focusing on Nazi gold.

Russbacher and his wife concluded their part in the gold transfer in 1994. They were to be paid a 1/2 percent commission. To this day, they have received nothing from the transfer. The Swiss, the Swedes and the French surely wish that they had never heard of Nazi Gold. Israel demanded that Austria share the gold. Austria refused and told Israel if they wanted to look for Jewish gold they needed to investigate Switzerland, Sweden, France, and Liechtenstein.... plus all 26 international bankers who make up the Federal Reserve. Major investigations into Jewish banks accounts in all three countries has discredited the once noble reputation of Swiss, French and Liechenstein banks.

A quick reading of any major newspaper archive from December of 1996, will show you that Israel followed the advice it was given by the Austrians, and are forcing Swiss and Swedish banks to finally turn over Jewish gold. Soon, Israel will take on Liechtenstein. But it is doubtful that they will ever ask the Federal Reserve member banks to turn over their Jewish gold.

In a letter that Russbacher wrote to his wife on November 26, 1994 he gave the partial history of the gold transfer which was code named Operation White Robe:

"Let me give you a bit of background for Operation White Robe. (RMNews: this was the code name of the gold transfer. We have the documents which prove to me it took place.) "It begins with the U.S. government imposing an embargo against the Swiss in WWII. They (the Swiss) had been making deals with the Nazis. They allowed them to use their rail systems to bring war materials to the German troops of Italy. In return, the Swiss were the true bankers of the Third Reich.

“To further the true meaning of hypocricy, the Swiss received coal from Germany. (the Swiss have none of their own). The U.S. government went straight for the jugular and imposed an all out food embargo. Almost 60% of Swiss food was imported from other European markets. The Swiss told the U.S., in 1944, to go to hell and they began importing food stuffs from South America. The vessels flew Liberian and Swiss flags. The U.S. put a halt to that in December of 1944.

“The Swiss had almost all of Hitler's gold, which he had seized from Jews, the National Bank of Austria, Belgium, France and numerous other countries. The gold was a real sore point for the U.S. They wanted it in their hands. The Swiss, operating on orders from Hitler's men, began the long and worrisome transport of the metal to Argentina and Paraguay. After March of 1954, the gold bars and chunks of used gold, were shipped to a remote area of the Phillippines.

“There it has remained until we (meaning Gunther, Rayelan and the group they worked with) entered the picture. Only a hundred or so people knew about this horde of precious metals. The White Robes (The Knights Templars) became involved because great gold monstrances (crucifixes) as well as solid gold chalices and coins were robbed from many churches (Catholic of course). It became a brand new quest for about 30 of us. Most of these men were my seniors and have long since died without fulfilling their cause. With the deaths of my two best friends in Laos this February, (1994) I was the only one left who was empowered to move the gold.

“Even though it looked to you that I was a recent player in the gold transfer, the truth is, I have known about it my entire life, and I knew that eventually the gold would return to Austria. It will return to Austrian in 1995, 50 years after the end of the war."

* * * * *

On December 23, 1996 Gunther Russbacher was released from prison in Austria. On the 26th, he would have had access to the money in a small bank account he set up years before. There was enough money in the account to bring his wife Rayelan to Europe, and take care of them until he got his Austrian pension in order. They were joyously planning their reunion and their life together.

On December 23rd, Gunther Russbacher was met outside the prison by a film producer from England, named Jane Ryder. She had earlier made several trips to California to visit Mrs. Russbacher. She told Rayelan that she was doing a film and needed information. Rayelan gave her everything she requested.

After several phone calls to his wife, Gunther and Jane vanished for one month. The CIA rumor mill began to crank up. Rayelan began receiving telephone calls from CIA agents who told her that Gunther had filed for divorce and was going to marry Jane. A psychic called, out of the blue, and gave her a free reading, telling her that her husband had left her for a younger woman with a beautiful body.

Rayelan understood the psychological games played by the CIA. She told herself that she would not believe any of this until Gunther told her himself. Then the number one CIA disinformation agent called her. His name is Oswald LeWinter and it is his job to put out stories that will either discredit someone else's story, or will send reporters off in the wrong direction. Rayelan listened as he told her that Jane and Gunther were getting married.

For LeWinter's benefit, she heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Thank God... I'm finally rid of him!" This seemed to confuse LeWinter, and allowed Rayelan to ask some telling questions about Jane Ryder. After several minutes of conversation, Rayelan said, "She's too well informed to be just an independent film producer, who does she really work for... MI6? The Mossad? She says she learned everything she knows from Father Malachi Martin."

LeWinter appeared to be caught off guard, he answered forcefully, "I taught her everything she knows." After that telling slip, LeWinter hung up, but Rayelan had the information she needed. If LeWinter taught her everything she knew, then it appeared that Jane was either a CIA disinformation agent, or was being used by the CIA to put out disinformation.

Rayelan slowly began to realize that the same discrediting trick that had been used on Richard Brenneke was going to be used on Gunther. But still she hadn't heard from her husband. She had no idea how much of what she had heard from these agents was true. She was hoping it was all a lie, designed to get her out of her husband's life. The CIA had done everything it could to destroy their marriage.

They had fought to stay together because they loved each other. While they had been in Austria, Gunther had remarried her in the church of his birth. It was a sacred Catholic ceremony that he said would bind them together for all eternity... such was the greatness of his love for her.

Finally the phone rang. It was Gunther. He said he was in jail in Los Alamos, New Mexico. He asked her to catch a plane and bring him a change of clothes and his gun. She refused. He hung up on her. He called again. She asked him if it was true what she had been hearing about Jane. He said it was. He said he had stayed drunk and on morphine for a month, and yes they had an affair. The sound of his voice was harsh and cruel. Rayelan said she couldn't believe it was really Gunther. He then asked her to send his stock certificates to Jane. Rayelan refused. He hung up.

It was several more days before he called again. This time he seemed to be the old Gunther. His voice was back to normal. He said he loved Rayelan, but he did not apologize or say it was over with Jane. He told her he just went to Washington DC, Alaska and South America, all within 15 minutes. When he was with the CIA, such trips, in one day, were common. He told Rayelan that his cell rolled on rails and went into a 747. He said it drove like a bus on the ground, and floated like a boat in the water. Rayelan confirmed with Rodney Stich that Gunther had told Rodney similar things.

Rayelan called the Los Alamos jail and found out that Gunther was completely rational at times, and then he would slip into delusions. The jail also told her that Jane Ryder had gone back to England, and then returned to Los Alamos... at least three times in rapid succession.

Whatever the outcome of this tragedy, it is obvious that Gunther Russbacher will never be trusted again. Even if his mental impairment is not permanent, his affair with Jane has discredited him. If his own wife can't trust him, how can the public?

Those people who knew the story of Gunther Russbacher knew it from the numerous radio shows his wife, Rayelan did while trying to save his life. Rayelan became a heroine to many. She stood by her man and fought George Bush, the CIA and the NWO.

No one knows why he ended up in Los Alamos. What could have induced him to return to this country? He knew he would be arrested. If he had stayed in Austria, he would have had a heart transplant. He would be free from the excruciating pain. He would have finally found the happiness Rayelan and he had been seeking for 8 nightmarish years.

Rayelan received this letter from him on December 6, 1996 about three weeks before he disappeared with Jane:

"My dearest and most precious wife, Rayelan. I love you now, and 'til the end of time. You are my reason for loving and for living. You taught me the meaning of the word love, and have stood by me through 7 years of agony and hell. Stand by me now. I need you."

What could have induced a husband who just wrote these loving words to his wife, to have an affair with another woman, mere days before he would reunite with his wife?

In the December issue of RMNews, a CIA mind control operation was exposed. Was this kind of mind control used on Gunther Russbacher?

More than likely we will never know.

Gunther Russbacher wasn't afraid of dying, he was afraid of losing his beloved wife. Now he doesn't even remember he ever loved her.


In December of 1997, Gunther Russbacher and Jane Ryder were married in Bristol, England. Gunther had not bothered divorcing Rayelan. Rayelan filed for divorce in January of 1998. The divorce was final in August of 1998.

Russbacher has kept up contacts with Rodney Stich, the author of Defrauding America, but to this date, has given him no new information.

RMN is an RA production.

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