Letter From Rayelan Russbacher
To Father Malachi Martin


Rayelan Russbacher
6016 Soquel Drive
Aptos, CA

October 2, 1997

Father Malachi Martin
Apt -2A
217 East 66th St.
NYC, NY 10021

Subject: Your friend Jane Ryder,
CIA Operative Gunther Russbacher,
And The Death of Princess Diana

Someone is leaking information that
Gunther Russbacher and Jane Ryder
Are part of an intelligence unit in Bristol, England,
Which planned the murder of Princess Diana.

If you are Jane's friend, as she told me, then I am appealing to you to
Wake her up and make her understand that she has been set up!

Dear Father Martin,

I am writing regarding our mutual friend Jane Ryder. Two years ago, when she was a guest in my home, she told me that she trusted you more than anyone. If this is true, and if you are indeed her friend, then you need to ask yourself if it is appropriate for you to intervene in her life and try to help her now.

In December of 1996, after two years in an Austrian prison, my husband, Gunther Russbacher was released. Our love had not been dimmed by his eight years as a political prisoner in two countries. We were joyously looking forward to a future free from the intelligence community and prisons.

Gunther called me the morning he was released. He was ecstatically happy about being free and being reunited with me. He said he was flying into an airport near me the next day, but I did not hear from him again for weeks. The call was brief. He said he and Jane Ryder were traveling together. The call was made from Paris.

The next I heard from him was from a jail in Los Alamos, New Mexico. He said Jane had kept him on drugs and drunk for one month, and his mind had been messed with. I assume he meant mind control. He begged my forgiveness and asked me to begin making arrangements for medical care in California because he was coming home.

Many weeks later, I called the jail to let him know that Jane's former film partner and friend, Allan Frankovic, had died of a sudden heart attack. My husband had changed completely. He was no longer the loving man who wanted to come to California and be reunited with me. He was cold, cruel and distant. The conversation with him regarding Allan was chilling. Shortly after, that last call to him, I heard through friends that he is living in Bristol, England, with Jane.

He is telling Jane that his marriage to me was never valid. He is telling many people this. Not only were we married by a justice of the peace in Reno, Nevada, but on our fifth wedding anniversary, we rededicated ourselves to each other in the church where he was born and baptized... a Catholic church in Sekirchen, Austria. I have a copy of the page from the record book, where it was recorded, right next to his birth and baptism.

That fact that he is openly living with another woman while being married to me is not`my main concern right now. Another, even more sinister aspect has crept into this sordid tale.

Someone is leaking information to an investigator in Chicago stating that an intelligence unit based in Bristol, England was behind the murder of Princess Diana. It is clear to me that someone is trying to set up my husband and his girlfriend as the assassins of Diana.

Gunther made things worse a few days ago, by calling the investigator and threatening him. The investigator recorded the conversation and has already duplicated it and distributed it. Up until the call from Gunther, the names of Russbacher and Ryder had not been mentioned, only the city of Bristol. Now, because of Gunther's call, his name, Jane's name and the name of her film company have been posted on the Interet.

I am enclosing the letter I wrote to Jane in which I tried to wake her up to what she has gotten herself involved in. If she is an innocent victim who is being used by the intelligence world, then someone needs to help her extract herself before she goes down in the history books as a co-conspirator in the murder of Diana and Dodi. Even if she is part of MI-6, as my husband told me, it is still obvious that she is being set up to take the fall, along with my husband.

If Jane is indeed your friend and protege, as she led me to believe, then I feel you have a responsibility to her to try to wake her up. Another thing you need to know is that my husband is a master of neural linguistic programming. He taught government operatives how to use this rapid form of "mind control" to gain immediate acquiescence from innocent victims. If he or others have used this on her, then I don't know what luck anyone will have in waking her up.

Whatever the case, the ball is in your court. You can choose to get involved or not. It is up to you.

Most respectfully,

Rayelan Russbacher

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