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Biological Warfare, Transmissible Cancers & AIDS.

Posted By: Rowan37
Date: Friday, 26-Jan-2001 14:14:05

Biological Warfare, Transmissible Cancers and AIDS:

In 1956, Bertrand Russel & Albert Einstein issued this statement:
" There lies before us, if we choose, continual progress in happiness, knowledge and wisdom. Shall we instead, choose death, because we cannot forget our quarrels? We appeal, as human beings, to human beings: remember your humanity and forget the rest. If you can do so, the way lies open to a new paradise; if you cannot, there lies before you the risk of universal death. "

Throughout the 1970's, US "defensive" BW (Biological Warfare), efforts were increasingly aimed at the research and development of viral disease agents.

SV-40 or Simian Virus 40:

Janet Mertz planned to carry out an experiment in 1972 under the supervision of Prof. Paul Berg, of Stanford University. Experiments were already underway in 1970 which involved a virus called SV-40, which was known to cause tumors in animals. Ms. Mertz's project would be to try to integrate the genetic material (DNA) of the virus with -that of Escherichia Coli Bacterium, (E. Coli bacterium). Her hope was that as the bacterium reproduced, the bacterium would continue to express the genetic material of the virus.
Mertz expressed her concerns after discussing the project with several other scientists. She decided not to proceed with the work.

Awakened concerns about genetic engineering and the military.

The Report of the Plasmid Working Group - part of the 1975 conference held at Asilomar, California, on the hazards from Recombinant DNA (r-DNA) Research - in part had this to say:

"We believe that perhaps the greatest potential for bio-hazards involving alteration[s] of micro-organisms relates to possible military applications. We believe strongly that construction of genetically altered micro-organisms for any military purpose should be expressly prohibited by International Treaty, and we urge that such prohibitions be agreed upon as expeditiously as possible. "

(Source: Plasmid Working Group. Pg 121 - 122.)

In 1983 Raymond Zilinskas discussed in Politics and the Life Sciences, Vol. 2, No. 1, Aug 1983, pgs 43-44, several ways that r-DNA, (recombinant DNA), technology might be used in the service of the military.

He mentioned enhancing the resistance of bacteria to anti-biotic activity, and inducing bacteria to produce toxins and other "virulent factors" that they otherwise would not. Another approach would be to alter viruses in such a way, and against which, anti-bodies now naturally present in the population, would be ineffective. Before releasing such viruses, a vaccine could be developed (hopefully), and dispensed to the favoured population.
At the time of Zilinskas article, the incidence of AIDS was rising considerably.

Appended to the article were 8 responses and commentaries that the editor of the Journal had solicited. All endorsed Zilinskas concerns about the use of bio-technology for military purposes.

Shortly after Zilinskas article, (in Aug 1983), an article appeared in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 39, No.9 Nov. 1983 - "Recombinant DNA and BW", the article detailed how much the US was becoming involved with military contracts for genetic engineering research.

Susan Wright - A Science historian at the Univ. of Michigan and Robert Sinsheimer, - a biophysicist and chancellor at the Univ. of Calif., at Santa Cruz, expressed their concerns with far less restraint than did Zilinskas and his commentators.

The lead of the article states the tone:

" A misuse of bio-engineering technology for military purposes seems probable unless a re-examination of, and a stronger commitment to BW disarmament is forthcoming".

Source: Susan Wright & Robert Sinsheimer. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Nov 1983 39 #9.

Bernard Dixon an editor of New Scientist wrote in 1973, "that aside from other possible problems, DNA hybridization must also look an attractive proposition for (BW) researchers, (who are of course, still about their business, despite recent gestures toward biological disarmament). The new technique offers the prospect of fabricating ever nastier BW agents, facilitating the combination of "desirable characteristics" that cannot be brought together by conventional microbial genetics."

In 1980 the U.S. Army advertised in Science magazine for proposals "on the introduction by recombinant DNA methods of the human nervous system gene, acetylcholinesterase, from human neuroblastoma cells into bacterium. The purpose of the research is to obtain a micro-organism which synthesizes the human enzyme so that it can be isolated for biochemical, neurochemical and pharmacological studies." Proposals were to be sent to the U.S. Army Research & Development Command at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

The Army also received permission from the National Institutes of Health, (NIH), Advisory Committee on r-DNA, to engage in other toxin research. It would seek to clone certain toxins by genetic engineering technology, and try to introduce the gene for pneumococcus toxin into E. Coli bacteria.

This was the same kind of insidious experimentation and research that had initiated the r-DNA debate a decade earlier, when Janet Mertz decided not to introduce cancer virus genes into the same bacteria, E. Coli.

The work at Fort Detrick:

In mid 1972, the US and 94 other nations signed the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (which does not include chemical weapons). That same year, Fort Detrick was transferred administratively from the US Army Material Command to the Office of the Surgeon General within the Department of the Army and made part of the National Cancer Institute, while some of the biological research facilities were moved to nearby Edgewood Arsenal; a substantial part of the research at Fort Detrick and Edgewood has remained secret. In 1976, the USAMRIID, (US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases), still located at Fort Detrick, conducted a large range of biological testing according to official government reports. Predictably, the Army defends the research as necessary to prepare for the possible use of such diseases or weapons against US military forces. However, Dr. Jonathan King, a professor of Biology at MIT pointed out at the January 1982

American Assoc., for the Advancement of Science meeting, that "the actual process is the same as developing the strain to consider its possible employment as a weapon."

Using human "volunteers", primarily prisoners, mental patients, and members of the Armed Forces, the following studies were conducted at USAMRIID in 1976:

 Clinical evaluation of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever vaccine (12 "volunteers")
 Acceptability study of Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis vaccine (6).
 Tests with Influenza virus vaccines (174)
 Tests of Western equine encephalomyelitis (6)
 Immunization of Fort Detrick lab workers with monovalent swine influenza (174)

The staff budget at USAMRIID tripled in the five years since its transfer; staff numbered about 460 by 1977 ..... the article continues. Source: Covert Action Information Bulletin Number 17, Summer 1982 pg 15-16.)

Camp Detrick's BW history began with US concern that Germany and Japan might be developing BW capability. In 1942 by Presidential directive, Secretary of War, Harold Stimson, created the War Research Service, (WRS), to oversee the creation of a US BW program. The WRS was created by George W. Merck, president of the Merck Pharmaceutical Company. The function of the WRS was kept secret. The Agency was nominally attached to the civilian federal security agency, whose responsibility was to "promote social and economic security, advance educational opportunities and promote public health."

Richard M. Clendenin - Science & Technology at Fort Detrick, 1943 - 1968, Frederick, Maryland).

The site grew to become the nation's principal research and development centre for BW. In 1946 when the War Dept., informed the public about the BW program, it released a report by George W. Merck about the work done at Camp Detrick. Merck mentioned the programs effort to make certain types of bacterium more virulent and at the same time, try to control their infectivity.

In 1956, Camp Detrick became Fort Detrick, to symbolize the permanence of the facility.
We have the researchers at Ft. Detrick to thank for such modern toxins as 2-4-5-T, the herbicide which contains
Dioxin, that indestructible pollutant, lethal to a variety of plants, animals and marine life.
In 1983, the Army issued a 16 page booklet that described current activities at Ft. Detrick. This booklet claimed that Ft. Detrick is "the free world's leading micro-biological containment campus."

The 1983 booklet devotes 2 pages to discussion of the research conducted at (USAMRIID). It indicates that studies are underway involving "some of the most virulent and pathogenic micro-organisms which are threats to US military forces." The program includes studies of a large array of viruses, bacteria, mycotoxins and marine toxins. A variety of diseases and agents that "possess significant BW potential," are under investigation, including Lassa fever virus, Ebola virus, various Haemorrhagic fever viruses, botulism, and anthrax toxins, T2 and other mycotoxins, (toxins produced from fungi), equine encephalomyelitis, Q fever, Tularemia, Yellow fever and Rift Valley fever.
Readers are assured there is "no risk" (my quotation marks) to the surrounding community.
In 1980, The Army sought and received permission from the NIH to perform r-DNA experiments that involve cloning toxigenic genes into E. Coli bacteria; a bacteria commonly found in the human intestine.
Wright & Sinsheimer also point out that after 1980, the military became increasingly interested in genetic engineering research.
By 1983 at least 14 r-DNA research projects were underway under Department of Defense (DOD) sponsorship. They included the cloning of genes of various disease causing organisms, introducing into bacteria the gene for a neural transmitter, (acetylcholinesterase) that is attacked by nerve gas, and the development of detection and protective devices against biological agents.

By 1984, the Pentagon, (DOD), was engaged in or was sponsoring 43 r-DNA projects, up 29 from the 14 previously cited in 1983.
Fort Detrick continues to sponsor increasing numbers of BW projects that involve the development of vaccines and other defensive work.

(Source: Clouds of Secrecy. Leonard A. Cole. Pg.33,35,124,126,133.)

Nixon ordered the conversion of the US Army BW centre at Fort Detrick to civilian uses in 1971. It had been cooperating closely with University of California Berkeley prior to that time. From 1953 - 1968, the University of California, while managing the NBL, (Naval Bio-Sciences Laboratory), earlier called the Naval Biological Laboratory, now at the Naval Supply Center, also had BW contracts with the US Army. After US treaty obligations would have prevented open research on mass production of dangerous viruses without a medical "cover"; the National Cancer Institute's Viral Cancer Program, (VCP), provided an ideal excuse to study "scale-up" problems. (See Charles Piller's & Keith R. Yamamoto's book, Gene Wars: Military Control over the New Genetic Technologies. New York: Beech Tree Books/Morrow & Co. 1988. Pg. 50.)

This is the same National Cancer Institute that every year seeks to separate you from your hard earned dollars to fund cancer "research". What a joke that is !!!!

The US treaty obligation was under the Geneva Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their destruction, signed at Washington & Moscow on April 10, 1972, and published in the Gene Wars.(op. cit., pp 162-163). This treaty specifically bound its Parties [Article 1] never to "develop, produce or stockpile... microbial or other biological agents, or toxins whatever their origin or method of production, of types and in quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes." Thus, dangerous cancer viruses would be difficult to produce in "quantities that have no justification" unless a medical cover could be found. (Piller & Yamamoto, op. cit.)

"One of the first new priorities of the Fort Detrick facility after the ban, was the large scale production of oncogenic [cancer causing] and suspected oncogenic viruses." Within a year, the NCI began mass production of oncogenic viruses, and within one fifteen month period, ending in June 1977, the VCP produced 60,000 Litres of cancer causing and immunosuppressive viruses.

If you think that an Agency of the US government is going to create 60,000 Litres of cancer causing and immunosuppressive viruses, and just store it on a shelf someplace, you must be more naive than you would care to admit. It would be very comforting to believe that the Fascist scum doctors like Gallo, Gruber and Fauci, have the interests and well being of the population as their primary goal. The reality, I assure you, is entirely different.
You must remember that the US Army sprayed Serratia Marcescens, a bacteria, over the population of the San Francisco Bay area, as early as 1950, without warning. Nuclear radiation experiments were also conducted against humans without their consent or knowledge. Many other experiments were conducted on prisoners and others, in Washington, Oregon and other places, without their informed consent.

You must also remember that these are the same people that were given a mandate to find a cure for cancer and what they did in fact, was to produce, after several years of work and many Billions of dollars, extremely virulent transmissible cancers !!!

We have these same people to thank, with the help of the Red Cross, for giving contaminated blood and blood products to haemophiliacs and others, with the prior knowledge that the blood was indeed contaminated with AIDS virus. There is nothing else that one can call such actions other than murder in the first degree. Do not hold your breath for these people to be prosecuted.

Viruses for Sale - Charles Pfizer & Co., Inc. (after referred to as CPf)

In 1961 - 197 1, as the NCI contractor, CPf. , a major pharmaceutical company, conducted a secret study for the US Army "into the growth and culture media for unspecified... biological agents".
In addition, from 1968 - 1970, CPf had a contract for "large scale production and evaluation of Staphylococcal Enterotoxoid B", milligram for milligram, one of the most deadly agents ever studied; with the US Army BW program. Staphylococcal Enterotoxoid B, is a protective vaccine against a bacterial toxin which was part of the US arsenal. The production of vaccine against a stockpiled BW weapon must be considered an offensive BW project.

Litton - Bionetics.

Nixon's 1971 announcement that Fort Detrick would be converted to a center for cancer research could not be immediately implemented. First, BW agents stored there, such as the anti-crop agent, Rice Blast, had to be destroyed. The buildings were then decontaminated and the facilities were turned over to the NCI, which renamed the facility the Frederick Cancer Research Center; Litton-Bionetics (LB) was named as prime contractor. This company is a major player in the military-industrial complex and has worked extensively on the dispersion of BW agents from planes, and included U.S. Air Force contracts for "the supersonic delivery of dry biological agents." From 1966 to 1968, Bionetics Research Laboratories [BRL] (which became Litton-Bionetics in 1973) held two contracts with the US Army BW program. During the same period it also held major contracts with NCI.

One of BRL's most important NCI contracts was a massive virus inoculation program that began in 1962 and ran until at least 1976, and used more than 2,000 monkeys. Dr. Robert Gallo, [remember this name] the controversial head of the current U.S. AIDS research program at NCI and chief of its tumor cell biology lab, and Dr. Jack Gruber, formerly of the Viral Cancer Program and the then NIH, were project officers for the inoculation program. The monkeys were injected with everything from human cancer tissues to rare viruses and even sheep's blood, in an effort to find a transmissible cancer. (Why would anyone, in good conscience, want to create a cancer that is transmissible ??)

Many of these monkeys succumbed to immunosuppression, after infection with the Mason-Pfizer monkey virus, the first known immunosuppressive retrovirus, a class of viruses that inludes the human
immunodeficiency virus. [A retrovirus is a virus that has genetic material composed of RNA instead of DNA and which must convert to a DNA form before it can reproduce. See below for more extensive explanation]

The Nuremberg trials in 1948 revealed details of the atrocious medical experiments carried out by German doctors, (who obviously had no regard for their Hippocratic oath), on involuntary subjects during the Nazi terror campaign. The Judge's verdict included a list of principles that reflected the fundamental requirement of informed consent on the part of human subjects. Yet in the following year, 1949, the U.S. Army testing program began. None of the reports of the Army tests includes one word about ethics or informed consent.
(Source: Covert Action Information Bulletin # 39, Winter 1991 - 1992. Pg. 14 - 19. Article is titled - Cancer Warfare by Richard Hatch.)

Dr. Robert Strecker in response to a question he asked, during a speech at the Garvin Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA., on May 25, 1990, answered that in reference to AIDS, "Could it have been done intentionally? " "Of course, we think that it probably was done intentionally. That' s what I would favour if you asked my personal opinion. I can't prove that, but my own personal opinion is yeah, I think it was. Because what was going on in '72 was Nixon offended all these guys at the NIH in his great push to displace Ted Kennedy who was pushing for National Health Insurance. Nixon wanted to find a virus that would cause cancer so that they could then fix it. If you look at the history of biology for the last twenty years, there's been a great drive on to connect the history of viruses and cancer production. What we've done in the last ten to fifteen years is to spend $65 Billion in an attempt to cure cancer. But what we've really done is, in effect, make infectious cancer viruses.

This is exactly what AIDS and this other host of so-called human retroviruses is, which have suddenly appeared in the human population at the same time." [A retrovirus is a very small virus, it is a RNA virus, so that its genes are made up of ribonucleic protein, as compared to dioxyribonucleic protein, which we are all made up of. The term retro comes from the fact that contained in the virus is an enzyme system called reverse transcryptase. What does reverse transcryptase do ? When the virus infects your cell(s), the reverse transcryptase changes its RNA material into a DNA form, dioxyribo form. Why is that important ? Well, what happens is that it actually inserts those genes, which are now in the same form as your genetic material - it inserts that genetic material into your genes and it has thus irreversibly changed your genetic state]."

Still quoting Dr. Strecker, "People talk about vaccines and this raises the question of vaccine preparation. We just had debate with the editor for the Biotechnology Journal who is saying that these vaccines we all use are virtually safe -- there are never any problems. But the truth is there's virtually never been a vaccine prepared that was safe and not contaminated with other problems. The reason for this is that viruses grow inside of cells. So if you make a vaccine, particularly the way they've done it in the past, you're going to have problems of contamination by whatever's in the vaccine preparation in those cells, besides whatever you think is growing.

For example, in the early 1960's for all of us who are over 35 when we got our polio vaccines, most of us got injected with a virus named SV-40, Simian Virus 40. Simian Virus 40 is known to be potentially carcinogenic, particularly causing kidney and brain cancer in humans. So, 30 to 40 years later, when we develop our kidney or brain cancer because we got that injection when we were twelve or fifteen, we don't connect it up with the fact that we got it in our polio vaccine. Virtually all the polio vaccines were contaminated with that virus, usually at a contamination level which exceeded the level of the polio. In other words, there was actually more SV-40 in most of the polio vaccine that we got, than there was of polio itself.

That's virtually true of all the vaccines that have been prepared, and for anybody who is familiar with the medical literature, you can go read -- even the Biological Standards Division put out standards as to how much they will allow of contaminating RNA and DNA that comes as a result of having prepared these things from living tissue. When they made the smallpox vaccine which went into Africa -- it was made in 35 different countries around the world.

They make smallpox [vaccine] by putting a cow in a stanchion so that it cannot lick itself, they shave its belly, they slice it open, and let the blood drip on the vaccina.

They come back a few weeks later, scrape off the scabs into a stainless steel container, collect the effluent, dry it out, and that's the next batch of smallpox [vaccine].

Obviously, any virus contaminating that cow, is going to be contaminating that smallpox preparation. So you can see how this process could easily have introduced these viruses -- bovine leukemia virus and bovine visna virus and bovine sinsitial virus -- [into humans through vaccinations], as a problem inherent in*the way that these products were prepared. This is how they contaminated people -- totally, in a sense, accidentally".

International Agency For Research on Cancer: IARC.

At a conference in Lyons, France a group of scientists from the industrialised nations got together and decided to devote one half of one per cent of the gross national product of these respective nations, to development of a cancer cure. In fact, what seems to have occurred, based on the results, is the development of bio-weaponry utilising immunosuppressive microorganisms.

A very interesting 1972 experiment:

In 1972 at NIH, Stuart Aaronson took a mouse retrovirus and grew it in human tissue culture. What he discovered was, that he no longer had a mouse retrovirus. Instead he now had a virus that would only effectively grow in human tissue culture. It would no longer grow in mice. By growing the viruses of one species, in the tissue of another, he created these retroviruses, that are chameleon-like organisms and will adapt to the new species and then grow effectively in them. That's how you make human AIDS from cattle AIDS. It's very simple. You take bovine leukemia, cross it with visna virus, and grow it in human tissue.

In 1978, if you go back to the Medline search, you'll find a paper titled, "Infection of Human cell Cultures with Bovine Visna virus." J. Gen. Virology 38:375-381, 1978. (It demonstrates the growth of Bovine Visna Virus, (BVV), in human malignant tissue, and suggests that BVV may be a cause of either a malignant or slow growth virus disease in man.)

The report concludes with the following remark, "I wonder if this disease could cause [or create] a slow virus disease of man, ... or cancer ?" The answer is of course, Yes!!

The people who control the medical establishment and the Cancer Industry and AIDS research establishment have told you and are going to keep telling you, that they believe it originated from green monkeys, [the virus resembles a cow leukemia virus and a sheep virus hybrid and has never been found in green monkeys], don't know what causes it, we are trying to find a cure and it's going to take alot of time and money, and we are working on finding a vaccine. This is all nonsense. Like Cancer, there will never ever be a cure created by the
medical establishment. Why ? The medical establishment has no intention of foregoing the Billions of dollars they leech and steal from all of us each year, for more cancer research and AIDS research. I say to you in all sincerity, it will never happen.

These people who control the medical establishment, have consistently lied to you through their underlings. Why do I say this ? Simply because there has been an effective cure for cancer since Raymond Royal Rife created his "frequency" instrument in 1935 and used it to cure a huge tumor on the side of the face of a Chicago man, Mr. Thomas Knight. He and other Doctors, also cured many other people of this dreaded disease as well, completely and totally.

In addition to this, there were none of the horrendous side effects such as those experienced by patients who receive traditional cancer treatments meted out in the name of the God of Pharmaceuticals. No hair falling out, no radiation sickness or nausea. No problems were encountered, period. The cancer holocaust could have been stopped in 1935. The American Medical Association allowed it to continue with the backing of Rockefeller money.
[Source: The Cancer Cure that Worked. Barry Lynes. Queensville Ont. Marcus Books]


According to Ed McCabe, an investigative journalist, and author of the book, "Oxygen Therapies", "everyone on this planet needs to be made increasingly aware that for several years now, I have met and keep meeting people who no longer have AIDS, Cancer, and almost any other disease you can think of, due to the continual and correct [usage] application of oxygen therapies".

Yes, that great bastion of morality and mother of our health and welfare, the Food and Drug Administration, (FDA), in 1976 published the following: "Ozone is a toxic gas with no known medical uses". These are the same people who approved such products as Thalidomide, DDT, the Dalkon Shield and Warfarin, which is rat poison, to be used by heart patients.

Well, that blatant lie and disinformation, by the FDA, completely ignores and negates over 50 years of safe and effective Ozone therapy and experience, on hundreds of thousands of people, backed up with hundreds of thousands of clinical studies and medical references in Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, U.S. and Canada.

In 1987, Dr. Hans Nieper, an Ozone therapist Doctor in Hanover Germany, in an interview with NHF videographer, Jeff Harsh, talked about his colon cancer work. "You wouldn't believe how many officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in Hanover. You wouldn't believe this, or directors of the American Medical Association or the American Cancer Association, or the President's of orthodox cancer institutes. That' s the fact."

The holocaust caused by AIDS, Cancer, and many, if not all of the infectious diseases, can be stopped in a very inexpensive and timely manner. Talk to your family and friends about this. Talk to your doctor about this. Do whatever it takes and is necessary to inform yourself about this radical, in the truest sense of the word, form of treatment that can indeed give everyone hope on this planet. Insist that medical Ozone therapy be the standard treatment and cure for AIDS, Cancer and all infectious diseases, everywhere, and implement the immediate destruction of the radiation and chemotherapy machines and shut down the "rat hole" that is the cancer research industry and the AIDS research industry, forever.

[Source: Oxygen Therapies by Ed McCabe.]
Written & Researched By: Rowan-St. Clair: Howell. Axiom Research Services. Copyclaim. 1993.

RMN is an RA production.

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