This Templar Secret of Prosperity
Has NOTHING to do with money or being rich!

Note From Rayelan:

The True Knights Templars (KTs is what they call themselves), have many different secrets of prosperity. This version is the one, that on a soul level, I agreed to re-introduce to the world. This Templar secret has to do with being in a balanced and centered state.

When you are balanced, centered and doing what God sent you to Earth to do, everything you need will be provided TO YOU, at the exact time, and not one second sooner!

This Templar Prosperity symbol is NOT about getting rich. It is about having WHAT you need... to do WHAT you volunteered to do... BEFORE you came to Earth!



But everyone WILL get exactly WHAT they NEED!

Before you ACQUIRE this symbol and begin using it, you should ask yourself if your motives for acquiring wealth are in alignment with YOUR higher will and THE HIGHER WILL!

This symbol WORKS for everyone!

It is first necessary to bring all aspects of yourself into balance on all levels.

If you are out of balance, you cannot hear the small voice of your own higher self.

This symbol and meditation will bring different results in each person. If you are already in balance and walking the path you came to earth to walk, you will experience an almost instant result by using this Templar Secret.

If you are not WAY off your path, you will experience small results... and they will be immediate. The KTs like to give you encourgement so you will keep on the path.

If you are WAY off your path and doing things that harm others and may even harm you at a higher level, this meditation will let you know this very quickly. The way it does this, is to dry up your current money supply. As a result, some people may not like the initial stages because the initial stages take away the money you are acquiring in the wrong way.

Example: If you are currently well off but you are using your money in the WRONG way... i.e. drugs, gambling, paying off blackmailers or worse... this symbol will make sure that your flow of money is interrupted. This way you will have time to think about what you really came to earth to do and how you can best serve yourself, and your higher development, and at the same time, serve your soul family and the planet.

Most people know, from the time they are born, what they came to earth to do. This Templar Secret will help you rediscover what you knew from the moment you entered the body you are wearing.

This is happening to a great number of people right now. The reason this meditation stops the flow of money you are earning or spending in the wrong way, is to prevent you from using your money in the wrong way and causing more damage to yourself OR others!

At the moment, the planet earth is just emerging from a 30 year period of GREED and excess. To understand what this period was about, please read The Importance of Greed. This is one of the Lessons for the Children of Obergon that can be found in The Obergon Chronicles. The lesson is so important that I am giving it away for free because everyone on earth needs to understand it.

If you allow your HIGHER WILL to guide you, this symbol will provide you with the health, wealth and WISDOM to perform the mission on Earth for whic you volunteered.

The research on this symbol started in 1984. The final piece of the puzzle was given to me in 1994, but it took many more years before I figured it out completely, but even now, I know there is still a missing piece. This symbol and meditation puts you "on the Templar Current".

I know that the Templar Cross represents a some kind of "super highway" in the Universe. I think this "super highway" is the "Templar Current". I know that when a person is on the "Templar Current", they sail through life with few, if any problems. I feel there is more information about the "Templar Current" and hopefully, someone will share it with me.

This is the first time the symbol has been put on cups, T-shirts, caps, hats, tote bags, etc.

The orignal webpage that explained the symbol further was deleted by AOL. I have not yet found the time to redo it. This is the SECOND time that the book I was writing on the symbol has been "stolen" from me.

When I married Gunther in 1989, my book on this meditation was almost complete. Within months of my marriage to him, my home was broken into. All of his papers were taken, his Navy diver's watch, and many of my floppy discs. The Templar Meditation was on one of the discs that was stolen.

The journey that finally led to the creation of the symbol you see on this page, took over twenty VERY long and dangerous years.

Many of those years were spent just trying to stay alive. The CIA and the FBI had hit orders out on me. You can read about one of these episodes here: The Amazing Life of Rayelan Allan.

At one point, I left the United States hoping to leave all of the fear and problems behind me. My husband and I traveled to Austria. It was on that trip that I met the men who would complete my search, What I discovered in Austria was that I had discovered ONE of the Knights Templar's Prosperity Secrets.

The men I met gave me permission to call my symbol "A TEMPLAR SYMBOL OF PROSPERITY". I was advised that I should NEVER call it "THE" Templar Symbol of Prosperity, because there are many others.

In Austria I was given the last key I needed for the symbol to work for everyone! I was given the secret of attaching the symbol to the Templar Current!

At the moment, the only thing I have available that explains the symbol further, is the first tape I made. It is a two tape set which was created in 1986. It gives the first few secrets of this process.

This tape set teaches people how to quiet their minds so they can remember what they came to earth to do.

The secret of the symbol is to do what you came to do. But how can you do it, if you don't remember what is was? This tape helps you balance and quiet yourself so that the memory of what you came to earth to do, will rise to the surface.

This tape also teaches you how to use the colors red and green, so that by the time you have remembered what you came to do, your stream of prosperity will have been started.

The tapes are no longer available.

They are being digitized and will be put up on the DOWNLOAD page when they are finished. Check the download page frequently.

You will be able to download them to an ipod. You can put them on a CD. If you want to record them on a cassette tape, please find a teenager and ask them to explain to you how you can get a cord with two males plugs and put one into the earphone jack on your computer, and the other end into the microphone jack of a cassette recorder.

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This Templar Prosperity Symbol is registered!
If you want to use it on something, please call Rayelan and work out an arrangment that benefits both of you AND the rest of your soul family.


This Prosperity Symbol is VERY powerful. You really DON'T want to take a chance on misusing it and acquiring NEW negative karma in these last days of your lessons here on Planet Earth. If you want to use it, your must use it with permission and use it wisely! Otherwise there will be instant karma!

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