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The Amazing Life of Rayelan Allan

It was 2AM. Rayelan pulled out of the radio station parking lot and eased her car onto Highway 280. Her mind was not on driving. She had just publicly charged the President of the United States with treason. She was scared and nervous and afraid of reprisals. She would never have gone public on her own. She did it to keep her husband from being murdered in prison. He was a Navy SEAL team commander with sensitive knowledge of government crimes. Someone had just tried to kill him. Publicity was the only way to keep him safe.

The radio show was her first. The callers were brutal and their attacks made her forget important details. Her self confidence was in the sewer. She didn’t want to face another audience but tomorrow was already booked solid. She felt her attempt to bring attention to her husband’s story was a fiasco and that she had made them both look like idiots. She hadn’t. Her story had been well received.

Her mind should have been on her driving. But it wasn’t. It was back at the studio, reliving her humiliation. She never saw the car that slammed into her rear bumper. Her car crashed into the guard rail and careened out of control. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a dark van headed straight at her. It was obvious he intended to push her off the overpass. She floored the Cadillac. The van continued to bear down. Suddenly another car clipped her rear bumper as it forced itself between her and the van. What was he going to do? Shoot her? She had survived the overpass. Were they going to stage an accident and say she was dead when they found her?

She accepted her imminent death, but in a split second, reality changed. The small grey car was not ramming her, it was ramming the van. She remembered what her husband said earlier, “Don’t be afraid. My SEALs will be with you.”

A burst of automatic weapons fire interrupted her concentration. In the rearview mirror, she saw the van stopped in the middle of the empty freeway. Before she had time to think, an explosion rocked her car. She looked again. The van was in flames.

In the next two years, six more attempts were made to kill her. On Christmas Eve, 1992, she sat in her darkened room, with a Glock 9 millimeter in her lap. The Director of the CIA had put a contract out on her. If she survived the night, and the flight, she would be under the protection of her husband’s Godfather, the President of Austria...

Up until 1989, Rayelan lived what appeared to be an idyllic life on the Monterey Peninsula. How did this idyllic life turn from a fairytale into a nightmare?

She had been the wife of the Dean of Science and Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School. Her life was filled entertaining visiting dignitaries. Ambassadors, Senators, Congressmen, Admirals, Generals, Cabinet Secretaries and Presidents had dined at her table.

Her private time was spent studying metaphysics, yoga and developing her natural psychic abilities. When she began to hear voices, she believed she was receiving messages from master teachers.she would not learn the whole truth for many years. As the inner masters taught her, they also arranged “accidental” meetings with living masters, such as the Dalai Lama, Krishnamurti, Wayne Dyer, Indian shamans, yoga masters and others. Her love of history gained her a reputation as an esoteric scholar, researcher of ancient mysteries, and an expert on secret societies, in particular the Knights Templars.

A near fatal bout with viral meningitis produced an out of body experience which changed her life forever. In a classroom on another plane, she was taught about the holographic universe, the atomic akashic memory, genetic memory and the settlement of the planet earth. She was taught a method for removing pain and trauma from the physical body and the DNA. The method was called Activated Cellular Memory (ACM), and she was told it would change the world. When she recovered, she began teaching the ACM Method.

After her husband’s death in 1988, Rayelan moved to New York City. She lectured and gave workshops at the United Nations. She saw clients for private ACM sessions. She soon relocated to Washington DC. Within a few short months, she had a large clientele stretching from the United Nations to Capitol Hill.

One of her clients, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, asked her to become his administrative assistant to oversee a psi-warfare program he funded through his Committee. This program is now known as Remote Viewing.

As she was deciding whether to give up her clients and take a government job, she married a Naval officer she had known for years. It turned out that her new husband was more than a Naval officer. He was the number three man in the CIA, a member of the Austrian royal family, the Godson of Kurt Waldheim, and a Knight Templar.

After surviving a four year nightmare as the most famous political prisoner of the Bush Administration, her husband was freed and they fled to Austria. They stayed at a Templar Lodge in Salzburg where she was tutored by members of the Hapsburg royal family who were Templars. She learned the truth about her lineage. She was told why the Knights Templars went to the Holy Lands, what they found, and why they have remained hidden for 800 years.

In the December 1996 edition of RMNews, the magazine she and her husband started, they published “Operation Open Eyes”. It was his explosive account of a secret government mind control project which created Manchurian Candidates. In January 1997, they were scheduled to blow the lid off government mind control cults and new age channels. In late December of 1996, her husband disappeared. Rayelan went forward with the exposé of cults and new age channels. Two months later, her husband surfaced, he had no memory of her or their marriage... AND he had a new wife, an English film producer.

Rayelan continues to publish RMNews. Because she has access to the intelligence community, RMNews is rapidly becoming the leading online Conspiracy magazine.

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