Dateline: November 18, 1999

EgyptAir Flight 990


The Opposition to the New World Order

By Rayelan Allan

It is obvious to most researchers of government crimes and corruption that EgyptAir 990 was purposely destroyed. The only question is: What method was used and why?

The mass murder of the passengers and crew of EgyptAir 990, occurred on Halloween, October 31st, 1999. For 20 years, this date has been an important one in the war between the two factions of the American Intelligence Agencies.

On October 31, 1979, President Jimmy Carter fired 700 CIA operatives and agents. This is referred to as the Halloween Massacre.

Some of these operatives and agents, such as George Bush, did not take kindly to being fired. They began to conspire to defeat Jimmy Carter in the 1980 election.

There were other covert types who knew that Carter had to be removed, no matter what had to be done. These men were part of a small black operation run by an old OSS man named William Joseph Casey.

During WWII, Casey quickly realized that he did not come from the right side of the tracks, as far as the OSS was concerned. Even though he was a lawyer from a respected New York Law School, he did not have the right pedigree. In other words, he was not from the East Coast Elite who were the children of the families who owned the Federal Reserve Banking System.

Casey saw less capable men given positions and assignments for which they were not qualified. He realized that the OSS was a private club, and no matter how good he was, he could not join it, because he was not born into the right family.

During World War II a conspiracy to murder Adolph Hitler was being planned. The men who were behind the conspiracy were mainly of royal blood. While they supported Hitler in the beginning, they quickly came to believe that he had come under the control of outside forces. Some even suspected that the occult masters who taught him in his early years, had somehow gained control of him, possibly through hypnosis or some form of mind control programming.

The conspirators could see that international corporations, mostly owned by the same families who owned the Federal Reserve banks, were the ones who were gaining the most by the war. The conspirators sought the help of England and the United States. Neither country wanted to help these men kill Hitler and end the war. The conspirators realized that if the war continued, Germany, Austria and all of the countries that made up the Old Austro-Hungarian Empire, would be bombed back into the stone age and destroyed almost beyond repair. Because of this, the conspirators knew they had to act, no matter how slim their chances were, and no matter what cost they would have to pay if they failed.

The attempt to assassinate Hitler did fail, and the conspirators paid a price that most humans can never even imagine. Within a few weeks over 10,000 suspected conspirators had been rounded up and killed. The lucky ones were shot. The unfo rtunate were tortured unspeakably, then hung naked with piano wire.

The families of the men who were part of the conspiracy fared no better than the men. The wives, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sons, fathers and other relatives were gathered up. If it was suspected that they were part of the conspiracy, they too were tortured. If they were found ignorant of the conspiracy, they were not killed, they were sent to concentration camps. At the camps, they were treated much worse than Jews. The German guards hated them more than they hated Jews. Many of these people were used in experiments. All were sent to the work camps. Many died and were burned along with the Jews.

The children of the conspirators were labeled Jews. Many of these children were shipped to Israel after the war. They were raised believing they were the children of Jews who had been killed by the Germans.

Many of the leading conspirators were able to fake their deaths and escape. A number of these men made their way into the United States where they were taken under the wing of Secretary of State Cordell Hull.

At the beginning of World War II, Hull had tried in vain to convince President Roosevelt to place the intelligence unit within the State Department. Instead, Roosevelt decided to create an independent intelligence agency which was called the Office of Strategic Services, the OSS. When Roosevelt created the OSS and put William Donovan in charge of it, Hull was not about to be left out of the intelligence gathering business.

Hull formed a super secret unit within the State Department. It was called Consular Operations. ConsOps exists today, but most people believe it is the CIA operating under the cover of State Department employees. This is not always the case. Consular Operations is still an active intelligence gathering and covert operations arm of the United States State Department.

After the conspirators failed to kill Hitler, they knew they had to flee Europe before Hitler tracked the plot back to them and killed them and put their families in concentration camps. Many of these men were high ranking officers in the Abwehr and Das Reich. Many of them were above and beyond suspicion. Still, many of them fled, mostly before the war ended.

The man who was behind the conspiracy was Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, who was the head of the Abwehr, German military intelligence. According to the book, the Canaris Conspiracy, Admiral Canaris was captured and was held in a jail cell awaiting interrogation. According to the book, someone slipped Canaris cyanide. According to German history, he was tortured and hung with piano wire. According to men who are the children of some of the surviving Canaris conspirators, Canaris did not die. His death was faked, and he was smuggled out of Germany, brought to the United States and resettled in Oklahoma..

Many of the Canaris conspirators were resettled in Oklahoma, near Canaris. After the war, these conspirators were introduced to a young New York lawyer named William Casey. These men began to teach Casey the truth about the men who control led the United States, and what they had planned for the Unites States and the world.

Up until this time, very few men in the United States understood the origins of the Federal Reserve Bank, and they certainly didn’t understand that the owners of the Federal Reserve were slowly stealing ALL the wealth of the citizens of the United States. Once Casey understood what was happening to his country, he joined with other loyal Americans, and many of the sons of the Canaris Conspirators, and set in motion a plan that would bankrupt the Federal Reserve and restore control of the United States and its money to the American People.

One part of this fifty year plan was set in motion by Admiral Canaris during World War II. In 1938 Hitler invaded Austria and stole the Austrian gold from the Austrian National Bank. Hitler personally escorted the gold to Switzerland. Hitler believed that this particular Austrian gold was not just ordinary gold. He believed that it contained magical power and whoever controlled it controlled the world. Adolph Hitler had received early training from some of the most knowledgeable occultists alive. It was probably from one of these occultists that the origins of the Austrian gold was imparted to Hitler.

The gold from the Austrian vaults had once lain far below the ruins of King Solomon’s temple. It was the gold from the fabled gold mines of Solomon. When the temple was destroyed, the location of the underground hermetically sealed chambers was not discovered. Even though the legends of the destruction of the Temple state that the gold was thrown into a well, there was other gold in underground chambers.

During the middle ages, the Knight’s Templars traveled to the Holy Lands. They built their stable over the ruins of Solomon’s Temple. As such, they were able to excavate the temple in secret. The wagons that routinely left the stable with manure, usually carried far more than manure. In addition to the gold, the chambers contained a library which was an equal to the Library at Alexandria, Egypt. Also in the temple were records of all descendants of the House of David.

After the destruction of King Solomon’s Temple, a price was put on the heads of all of King Solomon’s descendants. King Solomon was the son and successor of King David. Most members of the House of David were the many children of King Solomon. All people who were of the bloodline of the House of David had to flee or be killed. Many of these people fled to Europe, as far as the British Isles, Scandinavia, Russia, but the bulk of them settled in France, Switzerland and Austria.

The descendants of the House of David considered themselves to be the true royal family of the planet. Not only were they descended from the great King of the Old Testament, but they believed themselves to be descended from the star Sirius. Jesus was also descended from the House of David and Jesus was referred to as the King of Man. Because the descendants considered themselves to be Holy rulers, they kept to themselves and passed their traditions down through secret societies. One of these secret societies was the Knights Templars. The Order by this name was created for the purpose of going to the ruins of King Solomon’s Temple, and retrieving the gold, the books and the records. Up until this time, i.e. the middle ages the desendents of the House of David had lived in "clans" throughout Europe. None of the "clans" claimed any affiliation with Jews, Hebrews, the House of David or Abraham.

Sources within the United States intelligence community and members of the Hapsburg royal family have all privately stated that Admiral Wilhelm Canaris was the Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Templar’s up until his death in 1973. It is my belief that the position of Grand Master passed to his son, Admiral Wilhelm Johann, United States Navy, also known as William Raborn, William Raeder, Joseph Peden and probably others. This son was illegitimate in the eyes of the church and the world, but in the eyes of the Knights Templars, he was born to be the Grand Master.

Because Admiral Canaris was the Grand Master of the Knight’s Templars, the Templar gold from King Solomon’s Temple was sacred to him. He was the protector of the gold and the power that it carried. During World War II, Admiral Canaris made two trips a month from Berlin to Spain, via Switzerland. In Switzerland he picked up the gold from the Austrian Treasury and carried it to submarine bases in the Catalon region of Spain. From there, his son Wilhelm Johann supervised the transport of the gold to Paraguay where it lay hidden until 1955 when its location was discovered. In 1955, the gold was moved to the Phillippines, where it lay for forty years before it was returned to Europe.

The gold was only one part of the many pieces of the plan that would hopefully destroy the Federal Reserve Bank and prevent its owners from implementing their New World Order.

When William Casey joined with the remnants of the Canaris Conspiracy, a new conspiracy was created. The new conspiracy was designed to destroy the families who make up the New World Order. The way in which the New World Order would be destroyed would not be by war or death, it would be by the destruction of the financial empire upon which the New World Order depended for power.

The part of the plan that William Casey played was set in motion during the Nixon years when Casey was the head of the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) At that time, Casey and others, created billions of dollars in counterfeit bearer bonds. The plan for destroying the Federal Reserve would take at least thirty more years.

The first part of the plan was to create the counterfeit bonds, have them sealed and stamped by the Federal Reserve so that they appear to be genuine, and then have them used as the 10% reserve in thousands of small savings and loans and banks. These S&L’s and banks were started by the CIA during the 70's. Casey new that the second part of his plan had to occur during the 80's, and for it to occur, the banking laws had to be changed.

Because of the importance of his covert operation and the timing involved, Casey knew that he had to have his own president in power. Casey looked around and chose a candidate that he felt could sneak by David Rockefeller, the representative of the NWO who passed the final judgement as to whether a candidate would be allowed to run for president.

In other words, David Rockefeller chose the candidate that would represent the Republican Party as well as the candidate that would represent the Democratic Party. The New World Order picked people they could control and who would run the country in the best interests of the families that make up the New World Order. William Casey and his conspirators vowed to end this perversion of the United States government and Constitution.

Casey saw his chance to recruit outsiders into his plan to remove President Carter from the Oval Office, when Carter fired 700 CIA Operatives and Agents on October 31, 1979. Most of the men who were fired in the infamous Halloween Massacre did not leave government service, they simply left the CIA. They also did not leave the world of espionage, they merely switched aliases and agencies and continued to work on the same projects that they had been working on.

It was during this time that Iran had a revolution. The Shah was deposed and the revolutionaries seized the United States Embassy in Tehran and held 52 of the embassy employees hostage for 444 days. The hostages in Iran made President Carter look ineffective, indecisive and weak. The race between Reagan and Carter was so close in percentage points, that the pollsters predicted that if Carter could free the hostages before the election, he would win the election. If the release of the hostages was delayed, Carter would lose the election.

During the summer months of 1980, William Casey, Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager for his 1980 race for President, spent several weekends in Europe. Supposedly, he set in motion the negotiations with Iran that would eventually lead to the delay in the release of the hostages, and a victory of Ronald Reagan. The final negotiations took place on the weekend of October 19 and 20th of 1980. The Iranians demanded to conclude the final phase of the hostage delay agreement by speaking directly with either Ronald Reagan or George Bush, Reagan’s Vice Presidential Candidate.

Since it was impossible for Reagan to be out of the limelight for any length of time, the job of flying to Europe to conclude the negotiations fell to George Bush. This famous trip has been covered many times by many different reporters. This was the trip in which Navy pilot and CIA operative, Gunther Russbacher, flew Bush to a small airport outside of Paris, and several hours later, flew Bush back to the United States in an SR-71 supersonic spy plane.

Part of the agreement involved a prepayment to the Iranians of 40 million dollars. This money came from Richard Nixon’s CREP fund (Committee to ReElect the President). The money originated from a 60 million dollar “gift” to the fund from the Shah of Iran. The 40 million dollars had to be delivered to the Iranians before the election. If it was not delivered, the Iranians would accept the agreement they made with the Carter administration.

The day William Casey chose for the money to be delivered and the October Surprise hostage delay to be concluded was October 31, 1980... exactly one year after President Carter fired the 700 CIA operatives and agents.

Sources have told me that October 31st has become the day, which the two original factions of the intelligence community, use to settle scores. Usually the scores are settled in ways that never make the newspapers, and only a few people “in the know” ever are aware of what has happened.

EgyptAir 990 was destroyed and many innocent people were murdered, on October 31st 1999, 20 years from the start of the last phase of the war between the opposing factions of the intelligence community.

RMNews Sources have stated that the 767 was depressurized in the same way that golf pro, Payne Stewart’s Learjet was depressurized. The timing of the depressurization was meant to catch both pilots in the cockpit and knock them out. The depressurization of the rest of the airplane was to have followed. Payne Stewart’s Learjet was a test run to see if such a thing could work and if it would be believable.

It appears as if the pilot was out of the cockpit at the moment the depressurization occurred. This caused the plan to go awry. If this is the case, then a back up plan was activated.

In, Operation Open Eyes, the article on mind control that was written by CIA operative, Gunther Russbacher, Russbacher points out that many programmed “sleeper” assassins are returned to their normal lives, just waiting to be activated and carry out their suicide mission.

In Operation Open Eyes, Russbacher makes the uncanny and prescient statement that after the mind control programming, the subject will be returned to live a normal life as a, “a doctor, an airline pilot, a politician....”

Quoting From
Operation Open Eyes:
Five Easy Steps to Create
A Manchurian Candidate

At Level 5,
The “trigger” which activates the program is inserted

At Level 5, very carefully, a code word, sequence of numbers, or a voice imprint is “etched” into the subject’s brain. This is commonly known and referred to as the "trigger" which will activate the subject into action. At this time, the subject will also be implanted with a coded tracking device so that his location will always be known.

Once Level 5 programming is complete, the subject is released to live a very normal and sometimes useful life. The subject will have no memory of being involved with the intelligence community, and will have no memory of the hypnosis sess ions.

The “sleeper” who has been given a complete new identity will have no memory of his “former” life, therefore he will never question who he is. The subject will live a normal life as a doctor, an airline pilot, a politician, an eccentric loner, or a movie star until the subject is required to perform the missions for which he was created.”

End of quote-

One of the most unusual occurrences in the strange tragedy of EgyptAir 990 is the grief counselor, who at the last moment, decided not to fly on Flight 990. Because of this, the counselor was on hand, at the airport, to comfort the grieving friends and family of those who were killed when Flight 990 plunged, headfirst, into the ocean.

The counselor was open and talkative about the fact that he was a grief counselor and was there to comfort the grieving. He was less forthcoming about the fact that he had been a passenger on Flight 990, and at the last minute, decided to deplane. For some reason, a CNN reporter was able to discover this and broadcast it.

Could the so-called grief counselor be the operative who was sent in to trigger the Level 5 program that was installed in an EgyptAir copilot? Did this copilot just happen to be in the right place and the right time, to be triggered to carry out his Manchurian Candidate “sleeper” program for the United States government?

If this is the case, then it is possible that other people in the crew recognized the “grief counselor” and knew that something tragic was about to happen. This may be the source and reason behind the unusual phone calls that were made by one of the crew.

As for which Faction of the intelligence community was behind this, and why it was done, I can only speculate from information that was provided by a Source. Evidently there was a man on the flight who was not listed on the passenger roster. While the existence of this individual has not been made known to the public, it is certain that both factions knew of the man’s presence on the plane.

If this disaster is connected with the NWO’s plan to create Armageddon at the end of December, then the man on board the airplane could have been someone in a position to defuse it.

There is another possibility. What if a low yield nuclear backpack bomb, or biologicals were on the plane. What if some of the passengers on board the plane were programmed to create the terrorist acts that would start Armageddon in Israel? If this is the case, then are 217 innocent people a sacrifice that will save the millions of people who are living in Israel?

Unless people who were involved in this tragedy come forward and tell the truth, we will never know what really happened to this airplane and why the 217 passengers had to die.

As for the demise of the Federal Reserve, my Sources assure me that the plan that was created over 50 years ago which will bankrupt the Federal Reserve and the companies owned by the owners of the Federal Reserve, is right on schedule. My sources tell me that now is a very good time to get liquid. In other words, get out of the stock market!

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