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Epic Cosmic Eruditions of the Current Era #46 -#50 by Bennett Ross -- (Text)(Links)

Posted By: RobertS
Date: Sunday, 18-Feb-2024 21:04:24

From https://bennettleeross.com/philosophy/epic-cosmic-eruditions-of-the-current-era-46/

Epic Cosmic Eruditions of the Current Era #46

Posted by Bennett Ross | Feb 17, 2024 | Philosophy, physics |

The earth works as a coherent circuit
And is within a bigger circuit

It is a toroidal plane of energy and matter
When energy gets overloaded
Matter gets energized and forms geology

Subsurface currents are the neural pathways of a sentient earth

Volcanoes are magnetic expressions of the earth ley lines

Physical laws cannot be ignored
Existence cannot be without them

Physical reality is consistent with universal laws
Where laws do not operate there is no reality

We judge reality by the response of our senses
Once we are convinced of the reality of a given situation
We abide by its rules

If you know something is unreal
It cannot harm you

Much of what we think is real is illusionary
And does not exist

They are appearances only
And shadows without substance

They are lies falsehoods and mere specters
And are to be ignored

Your reality is an orchestra of frequencies
And you are the conductor

Everything around you has a vibration
Waiting to be interpreted and transformed

You are a vibrational being
With the power to create a harmonious symphony

Your thoughts emotions and actions are the notes
That compose the melody of your destiny

Tune into the vibration
That resonates with your highest desires and intentions!

From https://bennettleeross.com/spirituality/epic-cosmic-eruditions-of-the-current-era-47/

Epic Cosmic Eruditions of the Current Era #47

Posted by Bennett Ross | Feb 17, 2024 | Spirituality |

Embrace the present with all its possibilities
Feel the flow of energy that runs through your being

Align your thoughts and emotions with abundance and prosperity
And vibrate sensations of your deepest aspirations

Create a magnetic resonance that attracts what you value
And you will bring into being an energetic foundation
For the manifestation of your desires

Thoughts have a physical basis
In the form of synoptic connections in the brain
Which manifests as energy and matter

Immerse yourself in the sensory richness of visualization
See yourself overcoming obstacles with grace and ease

Set in motion the forces of creation
Draw your desired outcomes toward you with magnetic force

Believe in the power of manifestation
Cultivate a deep sense of trust in the creative potential of the universe

Align with your higher self
And obtain a profound connection to life

Find meaning in the experiences that make up your existence
And have a more purposeful engagement with the world

Discover your hidden potential and unlock your creativity
Encounter the true essence of who you are

Move beyond the confines of the ego
And embrace the interconnectedness of all beings

Open yourself to the compassionate understanding of others
Foster altruism and a deep sense of responsibility toward the well being of all

We are all integral parts of the Whole
And are bound together in energetic chords of cosmic energy

Elevate your consciousness
Contribute to a world of greater harmony
And connect to the beauty and richness of your experience!

From https://bennettleeross.com/mythreligion/epic-cosmic-eruditions-of-the-current-era-48/

Epic Cosmic Eruditions of the Current Era #48

Posted by Bennett Ross | Feb 17, 2024 | architecture, myth/religion |

In the Forbidden City located in Bejing China
Above the Throne Room
There rises a gold plated 7 story 256 foot tower
That funnels the wisdom of the universe to the emperor

His residence is purple and is considered the center of the world
The tower emulates the golden apple tree of Avalon
And is a representation of the natural sacred axis of our universe

The tree is the rope that joins heaven to earth
And when its charge is amplified
It becomes the pivot in the sky that all celestial objects revolve around

Saturn was the genie of the pivot
And Vishnu was the Lord at the center of the pole
Who lived in a golden city

At Hindu temples devotees recite the 108 names of the Vishnu
As they reverentially circumambulate a Tulsi plant 7 times
Mimicking the former celestial movement of orbs around Saturn and the north pole

Buddhists do ritual circles around Dagoba shrines the same way
The golden temple of Amritsar is circled 7 times
The right shoulder is always toward the center

The polar center was the axle of the wheel that drove Saturns chariot
Saturns rings were the wheel

The Whirling Dervishes is a Sufi Muslim sect of the Mevlevi Order
They wear a conical hat and dance in circles
Causing their robes to flare out
As they incessantly tone the name Allah

It is all a representation of the former harmonious movement of the planetary deities
That in the previous era were magnetically drawn to the pole
And then encircled it!

From https://bennettleeross.com/mythreligion/epic-cosmic-eruditions-of-the-current-era-49/

Epic Cosmic Eruditions of the Current Era #49

Posted by Bennett Ross | Feb 17, 2024 | astronomy, myth/religion |

The Persian god Yima lived in an Edenic abode called Vara
Where the sun only rose and set once a year

In the Avesta which is the sacred writings of Zoroastrianism
Paradise is called Arena Vejo
There the sun only rose once per year

In the Laws of Manu
A human year is a day and a night of the gods

In the Mahabharata
Arjunas visits Mount Meru
Which the gods orbit every day from left to right

In the Rig Veda
It says that Ursa Major was placed high
And turns with the widest expanse in its daily sojourn

In 2 Peter 3:8
It says that 1 day is with the Lord 1000 years

Due to the slow cyclical brightening and dimming of Saturn
A day was of considerable longer length than it is today

Our sun was not a participant in the Assembly of the Gods
It encircled the pole from a far distance
And was the lesser sun compared to Saturn

The archaic day was when Saturn shone at its brightest
Which was at night when the sun was furthest away

By turning the earth into a tilting orbiting sphere
And by making the sun a gigantic monstrosity in the middle of the planetary orbital motions
The north pole has been nullified in the minds of the masses
As the true sacred center

When the axis comes to life again
There will be an awakening of our correct position in the cosmos

Break the bonds of brainwashing
And think for yourself!

From https://bennettleeross.com/spirituality/epic-cosmic-eruditions-of-the-current-era-50/

Epic Cosmic Eruditions of the Current Era #50

Posted by Bennett Ross | Feb 17, 2024 | psychology, Spirituality |

Confront your inner shadows
Face your deepest fears
Examine your worst insecurities
And bring to light your suppressed desires

Change your perspective of them and transform them
Heal yourself and form deeper relationships

By recognizing patterns of projection
We can establish more fulfilling connections

By seeing that we have shared human experiences
We can become more empathetic towards others

Desire fueled by the fire of passion
Becomes a potent force for manifestation
It invites magic to wander into our lives

By aligning desire with highest truth
We harness the creative power of the universe
And we birth our dreams with grace and ease

Belief is the fertile soil from which our desires take root and blossom into reality
Believe that everything you desire is on its way

Visualize you are living the life of your dreams
In doing so you create a vibrational blueprint that attracts desired experiences
The vivid imagery of our imagination breathes life into our dreams

The path that reveals your true essence
Is the one that respects your rhythm and values
And is the path of greatest gratification and abundance

The universe will align your path
With unforeseen opportunities and synchronicities
As it weaves its intricate patterns of existence

Forgiveness is an art that allows us to release our grip on resentments
It is the master key that unlocks the door to emotional freedom

Holding on to bitterness is like carrying around a backpack of heavy rocks
That prevent us from ascending to our higher self

Acknowledge the pain
But refuse to let it define your present and future
Nurture positive thoughts of hope and gratitude

Dreams are a magical bridge
That connects us to our higher self

Recognizing the value of all living beings
And assisting as you can the ones in need
Is an essential pillar of a spiritual filled life!

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