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Epic Cosmic Eruditions of the Current Era #31 - #35 by Bennett Ross -- (Text)(Links)

Posted By: RobertS
Date: Saturday, 10-Feb-2024 15:38:41

From https://bennettleeross.com/spirituality/epic-cosmic-eruditions-of-the-current-era-31/

Epic Cosmic Eruditions of the Current Era #31

Posted by Bennett Ross | Feb 8, 2024 | Spirituality |

You are an evolved soul
Gracefully traversing your way through the rocky terrain of life

You are shaping yourself to be the most perfect expression
Of the divine being that you are

The art of giving aligns you with the highest frequency of abundance
You adorn your spirit with the luminous garment of gratitude

With each act of giving
You open the floodgates of your heart
And the waters of benevolent emotions come rushing in

With each act of giving
You don the blessings that dress your life
And you paint the world in a richer shade

The giver is the receiver

A kind deed releases endorphins
And you elevate your very essence through the well spring of the heart
Which will never run dry

You nourish your soul with the currency of compassion
Which is the most splendid of all

With abundance that transcends the material
You color the world with hues of radiant light and prosperity

You are the sculptor of yourself
It is an art
Look at it as fun

The universal symphony is played in the keys of generosity
Every note you sound resonates through the expanse of time and space

And returns to you in a harmonious echo of prosperity!

From https://bennettleeross.com/spirituality/epic-cosmic-eruditions-of-the-current-era-32/

Epic Cosmic Eruditions of the Current Era #32

Posted by Bennett Ross | Feb 8, 2024 | Spirituality |

Karma echoes from past lives
And is deeply intertwined with synchronicity

The strands of your existence
Are woven with the golden threads of previous epochs

The tapestry of cosmic karma
Binds you with dimensions and ties you to densities

Ethereal connections are the legacy of ancient allegiances and bonds
That you carry forward

With every deed of generosity
You catalyze the flow of unseen energies that weave through our lives

Each encounter becomes a confluence of karmic debt
Mixed in with divine destiny
And a portion of the present reality

You navigate a maze shimmering with echoes from life times past
That cast long shadows upon the canvas of your soul

The law of karma is every action generates a force that returns to us
And what we send out into the cosmos comes back to us

Life is a gift

As you scroll down the mystical wonders
Be thankful
And let your presence cast a luminescent glow!

From https://bennettleeross.com/history/epic-cosmic-eruditions-of-the-current-era-33/

Epic Cosmic Eruditions of the Current Era #33

Posted by Bennett Ross | Feb 8, 2024 | geography, History |

If we pass through the water canopy above us
Held in place by electrical charge
We will emerge from the depths of an ocean in another realm

If we pass through the waters below us
We will appear from a firmament above a realm that is beneath ours

Hidden wonders exist beneath our feet
And advanced civilizations thrive in the hollows of the earth

In 1864 after hearing about a passageway to the underworld
Jules Verne and a couple of reluctant companions headed to Iceland

At the capital city of Reykjavik
He hired a guide to take them to Snaefellsjokull a dormant volcano

After an arduous descent of 87 miles
And being sucked through a wind tunnel
They came to a huge underground ocean
Called the Lidenbrock Sea

The atmosphere was charged with vapors
And flashes of electrical light were generated by the evaporation of saline waters

The climate was perfect
The appearance of the inner sun had just very slight variations to discern the days
Which were like an eternal noon with glowing green gases

Lush jungles dominated the landscape
And because of the charged atmosphere
Large bird like reptiles such as pterosaurs and pterodactyls soared in the sky

There were other flying reptiles called warbats
That swoop down and ambush their prey

Hellhawks was another flying predator to watch out for
The bigger ones would attain a length of about 20 feet

A marine serpent called the plesiosaurus
Has large paddle like limbs and a long flexible neck

Another sea serpent called ichthyosaurs
Has a long head and a long tail with 4 flippers

There was also a strong parasitic creature
That buried itself in the ground with their mouth open to the surface

A large crab like crustacean
Camouflaged itself in the rock terrains

Swallow fish would suck in water
Which would pull its victim into their mouth

Huge swarm fish swam in schools sharing the same mind
Large herds of mammoth and mastodons roamed the forests

And once in awhile you would come across a highly intelligent and benevolent creature
Called a unicorn!

From https://bennettleeross.com/architecture/epic-cosmic-eruditions-of-the-current-era-34/

Epic Cosmic Eruditions of the Current Era #34

Posted by Bennett Ross | Feb 8, 2024 | architecture, geography |

The crystal cavern of the Naica Mine in Chihuahua Mexico
Was discovered in 1902 in an offshoot tunnel .2 miles from the main one
And named Cueva de las Christales

It matched Jules Vernes fantastic descriptions of enormous underground crystals
The ones in Cueva de las Christales reach over 32 feet long and weigh 40 to 50 ton
They are gypsum or calcium sulfate crystals

In the inner earth on the Lidenbrock Sea are 2 huge expansive islands
Called Plutusia and Atvatabar

There is a book called the Goddess of Atvatabar
That tells of the crystalline settlement called the Rainbow City

A courtyard of rainbow crystals
Reflect an assortment of pastel pinks and shades of greens golds and blues

There are multicolored archways corridors and crystal towers
Large cigar shaped craft hover above
These are the same UFOs that have been repeatedly photographed in our skies

Thriving cities unknown to surface dwellers
Exist within the depths of our earth plane
In the land with no horizon
Harboring secrets beyond our wildest dreams

A race of humans called the Old Ones migrated below
Because on the surface one ages very quickly

Another human lineage is called the Elder Race
They stoically and frequently kidnap children in bad situations on the surface
And raise them as their own

A proto human race called the Deros
Have to stay out of the sunlight
They like to eat humans

There are also 30 foot giants
Cities of reptilians
And large dimetrodons with sail like vertebrae that funnel upwards

There are large versions of the 4 to 5 foot long rare rhinoceros iguana
That inhabits the island of Haiti and the Dominican Republic

There are forests of giant mushrooms
And immense spore bearing plants called lycophytes

Large expansive electrical storms can last up to 4 days

During the end times depressurization cycles
Some of these large megafauna will get pulled up onto the surface

In the realm above us
Some will get funneled downwards
And we will have a new world!

From https://bennettleeross.com/history/epic-cosmic-eruditions-of-the-current-era-35/

Epic Cosmic Eruditions of the Current Era #35

Posted by Bennett Ross | Feb 8, 2024 | geography, History, Prognostication |

In the movie Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth
Indy and the Nazis race to find an underground civilization

In the 1930s and 40s
The 33rd degree freemason Adolph Hitler was obsessed with finding advanced subterranean cities

The Nazis did extensive exploration campaigns in Tibet and Antarctica
Under Antarctica are water filled tunnels that are capable of having submarines pass through them
Which is how they found the underground city of Thule

He named the area New Schwabenland
And he did his best to establish congenial relations with the inhabitants

The Mammoth Caves in Kentucky is the largest cave system in the world
And has connections to the inner earth

The island of Stromboli in the Mediterranean Sea
Was a main portal to the hollow earth
Which is why it was intentionally blasted with high frequency weaponry

Pyramids were built on energy nodes
Under them passageways were tunneled to natural caverns
And used as gateways to the inner worlds

Underwater vortexes will nosedive ships down to the hollows of the earth
The most famous vortex is in the Bermuda Triangle

Other major access points are in the Andes Himalayas the Gobi Desert Turkey and the Sphinx of Giza
Admiral Byrd claims to have entered the inner earth through the opening at the North Pole

The land from whence the north wind blows is Agartha
It is the source of the Aurora Borealis
The gateway to earths interior
And the place with an elusive opening between the surface world and the world within a world

As you near it you hear a continuous roar
There is a great geyser with a furious wind and intermittent heavy explosions

Amid the vertical procession are dense clouds with vivid flashes of lightning
Your bodily hair receives the electrostatic transmissions and stands up becoming bristle like

The Fountains of the Deep will arise at the appointed time
And will be met with an opposing charge coming down from above

The Holy Spirit will descend like a dove
And everything will be renewed!

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