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Posted By: Seawitch
Date: Wednesday, 3-Jan-2024 01:36:44


Compiled Wed. 3 Jan. 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities


…the news of which has yet to reach the Mainstream Media

Russian textbooks report that Trump lost a rigged 2020 election, meanwhile American textbooks were telling kids that men can get pregnant and we can change the weather by eating bugs.










It’s only wise to have at least a three week supply of food, water, cash and essential items on hand to help yourself and others.

Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman - Time To Say Goodbye (HD) - YouTube

Sissel Kyrkjebø - You'll Never Walk Alone - YouTube

When you walk through a storm hold your chin up high and don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm is a golden sky and the sweet, silver song of a lark.
Walk on through the wind, Walk on through the rain though your dreams be tossed and blown.
Walk on, Walk on with hope in your heart, and you'll never walk alone. You'll never walk alone.


· On Sun. 31 Dec. 2023 the US House of Representatives voted to impeach Joe Biden with a vote of Republicans 219, Democrats 208 as shown in a video of the House vote on CSpan, but remained unreported in the Mainstream Media. There were 46 of 50 US States which have counted their 2020 vote and confirmed that Biden LOST the vote in their state. The Mainstream Media has failed to report this.

· There soon will be a Military-initiated Emergency Broadcast System Alert. The communication blackout will cut off regular TV broadcasting and Internet browsing for ten days. During that time eight-hour videos of intel and information will be replayed three times a day for those ten days.

· What we are witnessing now is about exposure and elimination of all parts of the Cabal. The Tues. 2 Jan. BOOMS on Roosevelt Island NY (where sits the UN Building) will be happening all over the world for the next 7+ years, starting at the Vatican. …American Patriot on Telegram Tues. 2 Jan. 2024

· Tues. 2 Jan. Power Outages in last 24 hrs: Power outages were apparent in Miami Dade County, Roosevelt Island NYC, Western Alaska, West Bloomfield in Ontario County, Tisbury, City of Aspen, South East Queensland, Village of Walden, Philippines Vasayas Region, Michigan, Fort Wayne Indiana, Northampton County, Panay Islands Hokuriku Japan and the National Grid was planning an power outage on January 6th in the Genesee Region. …Aerial

· Deep State Players were all closely connected, worked hard together to enslave The People and were funded by the US Taxpayer Fiat Dollar – until the Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 beginning of the Global Currency Reset to gold/ asset-backed World currencies: We’re talking about the UN CIA’s Deep State Cabal and the Ukraine War, Palestinian War, War in the Red Sea, Hitler’s Khazarian Mafia Jews, Rothschild Central Bankers, the CIA’s Mind Control Program MK-ULTRA, CIA’s HAARP and the CIA Controlled Mainstream Media Operation Mockingbird.

· Japan which was cleaning their country of the Cabal, had rejected Rothschilds and Davos Group’s placed leaders and recently made a secret deal with Russia over resources and oil. Then suddenly on Mon. 1 Jan. a massive earthquake hit the Central part of Japan measuring at 10km deep that caused a Tsunami Alert and Evacuation. The next day on Tues. 2 Jan. a Passenger Plane Exploded on the Runway in Tokyo, that resulted in closing the Massive Airport. Do you think the Cabal was trying to tell them something?

· The Center for Disease Control has confirmed that the majority of fatal COVID vaccines were sent to Red States, while US Military leaders were facing calls to be Court-Martialed over the Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates that were imposed on thousands of American troops.

IF YOUR WERE READING THIS UPDATE ON, OR FROM OPERATION DISCLOSURE OFFICIAL'S WEBSITE, BE AWARE that the information has been redacted. For a complete UN-REDACTED VERSION, see a PDF copy at the end of the Update on Operation Disclosure Official's Website, you can download it OR you can read an UN-REDACTED VERSION on the Rumor Mill News Website. Go to rumormillnews.com You will be in the Reading Room, then scroll down looking for Agent Seawitch's posting titles, the UN-REDACTED VERSION for "RESTORED REPUBLIC" should be there.


· Mon. 1 Jan. Global Currency Reset occurred; the new in-country Iraqi Dinar rate was being used in Iraq and the fiat US Dollar was banned from the country.

· Tues. 2 Jan. A Doomsday Member: "My best friend’s son is a Green Beret involved in SubT. He called this morning at 3am and said NY will begin the unraveling. His calls are monitored by a staff Sergeant that was all he could say".

· Wed. 3 Jan. or Thurs. 4 Jan. Bond Holders to have liquidity and Tier 4b (Us, the Internet Group) should also get their notifications to set redemption and exchange appointments

· On Fri. 5 Jan. US Restitution Allowances begin to be paid out.

· On Tues. 30 Jan. the whole World will be using the Quantum Financial System.


· Tues. 2 Jan. Bruce: A Bond PM with connections in Miami and Geneva expected the Bond Holders to have access and liquidity Wed. 3 Jan. or Thurs. 4 Jan. The same PM said that Tier 4b (Us, the Internet Group) should also get their notifications to set redemption and exchange appointments in that same time frame – Wed. 3 Jan. or Thurs. 4 Jan. One bank said Wed. 3 Jan. or Thurs. 4 Jan. Formal public announcements of NESARA, GESARA and the new gold/asset-backed US Note were expected on or before Thurs. 11 Jan. 2024. Since Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 Iraq has been doing exchanges inside Iraq at the new Iraqi Dinar in-country rate. In Iraq the US Federal fiat Dollar is dead. They want them to transition to the new lower denoms. It was believed that the ban to exchange the Dinar at the new Dinar international rate would come off on Wed. 3 Jan.

· The Military had to wait on the World Court to go over the paperwork for all legalities of the Global Currency Reset to be properly finalized according to Common Law. Word was that had been completed.

· On Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 the Global Currency Reset was believed to have taken place, the fiat US Petro Dollar went into collapse and was no longer being used for international trade, while the Federal USD became illegal in Iraq and would be illegal everywhere else after Feb. 20 2024.

· Tues. 2 Jan. 2024 Texas Snake: “The WF Banker is back in Texas and does not anticipate on returning to the West Coast until we have concluded our exchange process and his job in these five states has concluded. He seemed very positive it wouldn't be that long a period before he could rejoin his family”.

· On Tues. 26 Dec. 2024 GESARA was softly announced publicly to select media outlets through the Star Link Satellite System, which made it legal. GESARA has started between all governments worldwide. NESARA is now liquid under the USN. The money is flowing.

· Tues. 2 Jan. Goldilocks: Our first round of liquidity for the markets and the banking system under the SOFR lending system pays out early this week. …Japan did an in-country test on the QFS on Christmas Day; India and a handful of other countries are doing an International pilot test on the QFS starting Tues. 2 Jan. Pilot tests usually run at least 30 days that will take us to Tues. 30 Jan. On that 30 Jan. the rest of the world will begin rolling out their connections to the QFS and utilizing the system. Each phase along the way will have a set of countries no longer using the US dollar in trade as the World Reserve Currency. This does not mean that all of them will make that decision, but it will level the playing field for countries around the world that want to start utilizing their own currencies. These new demands will increase the value of all the currencies involved inside this transition creating a Global Currency Reset through new trading volumes making their way into the Global Market. Watch the water. https://wolfstreet.com/2024/01/01/status-of-us-dollar

· Goldilocks: On Mon. 1 Jan. the BRICS memberships of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Iran and Ethiopia officially took effect. The countries were invited to join the group in August 2023 after the 15th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

· Tues. 2 Jan. Salty Mtn: Today I went into Chase Bank, which I only use for my business. I have not been inside for 5 or 6 months, and I do have an assigned banker, since I maintain a certain balance. I normally use the Drive Thru since I always have my dog with me. The whole interior has changed. I had to ask where to go. They put up a wall of glass with a door at each end. Today they were putting up scanners at each entrance. I found a banker and asked why the changes. I was taken into a glass cubicle to get my business taken care of, and I asked if the changes are going to be used for RV. I got a shocked look. She said banking in future won't have a live person across the desk. I told her I had foreign currency. She then said 16 individuals finished training on Saturday in foreign currency and handling of clients. She said they expected only a 8-10 day event at our location.

The Big Call Universe (ibize.com) 667-770-1866,

· Last night Mon. 1 Jan. there was a call which said that the UST was sending out an email to ALL Banks and RC’s at 10 am this morning Tues. 2 Jan.

· Since 11 pm last night Mon. 1 Jan. there has been chatter about the World Court and the Common Law language that needed to be in the GCR. Today Tues. 3 Jan. we found out that had been done.

· Today Tues. 2 Jan. we talked to a Wells Fargo Manager and he said that everything was done.

· A Bond PM with connections in Miami and Geneva expected the Bond Holders to have access and liquidity Wed. 3 Jan. or Thurs. 4 Jan.

· The same PM said that Tier 4b (Us, the Internet Group) should also get their notifications in that same time frame – Wed. 3 Jan. or Thurs. 4 Jan.

· One bank said Wed. 3 Jan. or Thurs. 4 Jan.

· The NESARA, GESARA and the new gold/asset-backed US Note formal announcements were expected on or before Thurs. 11 Jan. 2024.

· Since Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 Iraq has been doing exchanges inside Iraq at the new Iraqi Dinar in-country rate.

· In Iraq the US Federal Fiat Dollar is dead. They want them to transition to the new lower denoms.

· It was believed that the ban to exchange the Dinar at the new Dinar International Rate would come off on Wed. 3 Jan.

· There were nine currencies in the first basket that would go up in value with the Global Currency Rest. Among them were the Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Zimbabwe ZIM, Indonesia Rupiah, Israeli Shackle, Afghani and Venezuela Bolivar. Of the rest, half would stay the same, while the other half would go down in value.


· Tues. 2 Jan. UK: 200 UK Bank Branches were set to close while lenders continued to withdraw: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12917381/Now-

· Five U.S. Sectors To Be Affected If BRICS Ditches the Dollar For Trade:

· Mon. 1 Jan. Vladimir Putin announces that 30 countries are ready to join BRICS:

· Tues. 2 Jan. Goldilocks: The Gold Standard has been part of the global economy for nearly half a century. The United Kingdom introduced it in 1861. Back then, countries used to secure their currency against this precious yellow metal. However, the system couldn’t work for fiat currencies for a long time due to many reasons. But now, the gold standard seems to be coming back with crypto currencies. That’s right, a large number of crypto currencies are now being underpinned by gold. Again, there are many reasons leading to this event. From the investors’ perspective, it’s important to gain a complete understanding of it. So let’s delve deeper and see what’s giving a push to these crypto variants. https://www.thecoinrepublic.com/2023/12/31/understanding


· Tues. 2 Jan. Ariel: Elon Musk Isn't Wrong: The Gold Standard. The BRICS Nations. The Iraqi Dinar Reinstatement. The Jeffrey Epstein Black book. Ukraine & Israel. China annexing Taiwan. The Elections. Iran & Russia trade agreements for the stable coin backed by gold. The Queen of Denmark abdicating the throne. Take a look at all the people who passed away in the last 24 hrs. We are officially in the ring with the Cabal. Sword, helmet, and shield.

· 231 service personnel and veterans have signed to do everything in their lawful power to stop the willful destruction of our Military by it’s own leadership after the lawsuit over COVID Vaccine mandates: https://x.com/leadingreport/status/1741952049720266838?s=46&t=QJ1GCpqQIqEAeBjRO_PB_g


· Epstein Island List set for release on Wed. 3 Jan (meaning they participated in and were blackmailed for pedophilia and child abuse). Some on the list: CIA Director William Burr, Obama, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, WH Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, Noam Chomsky, Reid Hoffman, Larry Summers, Woody Allen, and Bill Gates! https://amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2024/jan/01/jeffrey

· The (Black Hat) Navy says it wants to completely control our weather by 2025.

· The corruption in the FBI is directed by a small band of bad actors. So when President Trump says to leave the FBI building in DC, he’s probably right. The majority of FBI agents are patriots. Listen to what Devin Nunes said a few months ago: “I think there’s two to three dozen rats at the FBI, the DOJ and in the Biden White House that are all working - they control the levers of the national security division, which is how they’ve weaponized our intelligence agencies and our justice department”. TSHA

· Tues. 2 Jan. Military Arrests 2nd Colorado Supreme Court Justice:

· Tues. 2 Jan. Katie Hobbs Military Tribunal: https://realrawnews.com/2023/12/katie-hobbs-military-

· Tues. 2 Jan. A Japan Coast Guard aircraft has collided with Japan Airlines Flight 516 at Tokyo Airport. Haneda Airport was closed, flights diverted to Narita. All of Haneda Airport's runways have been closed as of 6 p.m. local time after the crash of JAL Flight 516. All incoming flights have been diverted to Tokyo's Narita Airport, 60 miles away. Haneda, is considered one of the largest airports in Tokyo, handling an average of 500 flights per day, mostly domestic / shorter flights.

· Dicyanin Goggles were invented by the Military for use in night vision. They were later banned because it was discovered that Dicyanin allowed the wearer to see energy fields and even into the spirit realm (Astral Plane). The glasses in the movie "The Live" were Dicyanin.

· Tues. 2 Jan. Ukraine: The Russian Army reported that it has completed destruction of all of it’s Ukraine targets: https://insiderpaper.com/russian-army-says-destroyed-


· MASSIVE earthquake hits Japan measuring at 10km deep. A passenger plane exploding on the runway in Tokyo, Japan. The cause of the plane accident is unknown.

· Chinese President Xi Jinping said in his televised New Year address that his country's "reunification" with Taiwan is inevitable.

· Houthis attack US warship in the Red Sea. US Navy sinks 3 Houthi boats attacking merchant ship in Red Sea. Iran Sends Warship to Red Sea After US Sinks Houthi Boats. US to bring back aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford from Eastern Mediterranean. UK preparing to launch attacks on Yemen's Houthi group.

· Venezuela says troops will stay deployed until British military vessel leaves waters off Guyana.

· North Korea’s Kim orders military to prepare for possible ‘war.’ Military are now on High Alert. North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un says he will annihilate the United States and South Korea if provoked.

· South Korean opposition leader Lee Jae-myung stabbed at a press conference.

· Car crash in Rochester, New York being investigated as possible terrorism after gasoline canisters were found in the SUV.

· Earthquakes in California and near Washington D.C.

· Multiple reports of multiple explosions and buildings shaking near Roosevelt Island, Manhattan, New York City.

· Las Vegas shooting on Harmon Avenue near the Las Vegas Strip.

· Emergency Broadcast System Goes off in Northern Virginia outside DC Near Highly Classified Buildings.

· Yesterday Putin announces that Russian forces are to escalate assaults on the Ukraine. Today 2/1/23 Capital Kiev & Kharkiv which is the largest city in Ukraine are getting pummelled by Russian missiles & drones. Russia is going in hard and taking out the Ukrainian Military-Industrial complex facilities that were producing missiles, UAVs and weapons in the Capital Kiev. Also storage sites are being destroyed by Russian forces which holds weapons and missiles supplied by the west.

· Queen Margrethe II of Denmark announces surprise abdication.

· Jeffery Epstein’s Brother is to come out and reveal the truth about his brothers death.

· Bill Clinton is unmasked as ‘Doe 36’ and identified more than 50 times in Jeffrey Epstein doc dump.

· Iraq and Iran growing stronger ties for trading.

· Saudi Arabi, UAE, Egypt, Iran and Ethiopia have officially joined BRICS.

· Iran and Russia have officially abandoned the US Dollar and have finalized an agreement to trade in the Ruble and the Rial. De-dollarization happening.

· Gold prices hits new highs.


· Tues. 2 Jan. Dutch Army Chief says Netherlands must prepare for War with Russia.

· Tues. 2 Jan. Ukraine: The Russian Army reported that it has completed destruction of all of it’s Ukraine targets: https://insiderpaper.com/russian-army-says-destroyed-

· Tues. 2 Jan. Maersk pausing Red Sea transits until further notice:

· Tues. 2 Jan. Australia: UK Cyber Attack Targets Australian State Court Database: https://www.verdict.co.uk/cyberattack-targets-australian

· Tues. 2 Jan. Over $80 million in Crypto Stolen in Cyber Attack on Orbit Chain.


· Trump was calling out Jeffrey Epstein, the Clintons, Prince Andrew and Epstein’s “cesspool” island long before he became president. Funny how so many people conveniently ignore this fact!

· Children are being rescued right now from underground tunnels in New York City. This is why there were multiple explosions heard, and now we have blackouts happening in New York City. Everyone must stay calm and let the white hats do their job.

· Actor Kevin Spacey flew with Jeffrey Epstein and was named in his little black book. Multiple men have come forward to accuse Spacey of SexuaI Assault when they were young boys. After Kevin Spacey’s Accusers mysteriously died he made a video before the start of the New Year. This is what happened to the people who came forward against Spacey:

1. Dead, suicide (Ari Behn)

2. Dead, hit by a car (Linda Culkin)

3. Dead, cause unknown (John Doe)

4. Case suddenly dropped (07/2019)


· Why was the CIA at a COVID Pandemic simulation? They have been practicing how to overturn democracy for years.

· The Center for Disease Control has confirmed that the majority of fatal COVID vaccines were sent to Red States. It’s just leaked out from the CDC that they INTENTIONALLY sent MORE DEADLY batches of the COVID jab to RED STATES. That’s right, 100% of ALL reported vax deaths were caused by ONLY 5% of ALL total vax distributed in the US. The vast MAJORITY OF ALL of them were in REPUBLICAN STATES. It’s VERY clear WHO the intended TARGETS ARE.

· Over 200 service members demand Biden's military leadership be court-martialed and fired for forced 'experimentation' on troops with COVID-19 vaccine mandate leaving 'significant' physical and mental scars.

· Dr. Ryan Cole reported that the next pandemic was the spread of Cancers caused by the COVID Vaccine. A family doctor in Ireland that in a six week period he’s seen an explosion of Cancers that he’s never seen in his 40 year career.

· Tues. 2 Jan. "Everybody who has an mRNA injection will die within 3 to 5 years, even if they have had only one injection" -Delores Cahill

· Tues. 2 Jan. The mRNA COVID Vaccine sometimes becomes a part of DNA. A study by Dhuli et al. describes an interesting scientific discovery journey by Italian scientists exploring the so-called “Long COVID”. The authors unexpectedly found genes uniquely specific to the Pfizer COVID vaccine in human blood cells. Some experimental subjects’ DNA was altered and contained genes that could only come from the Pfizer COVID vaccine!

· Dr. Klinghardt explained how corporations are trying to destroy the human ‘soul’ in four different ways: “Dr. Rudolf Steiner predicted that early in this century, big corporations would go after the human soul by trying to destroy the pineal gland, which is the most sensitive part of our central nervous system and is really most affected by four things”

(1) Aluminum = Chemtrails and food products/deodorant

(2) Glyphosate = pesticides and farming (Monsanto)

(3) Fluoride = tap water and dental products

(4) Wifi = created as a military weapon for ‘defense’ purposes = internet and cell phones/military weapons.

K. TUES. 2 JAN. THE CABAL USES THE SYMPTOMS OF ARS TO CREATE COVID AND THE SHOT. People exposed to radiation will get ARS only if:

The radiation dose was high

The radiation was able to reach internal organs (penetrating)

The person’s entire body, or most of it, received the dose

The radiation was received in a short time, usually within minutes

Symptoms of ARS may include nausea, vomiting, headache, and diarrhea.

These symptoms start within minutes to days after the exposure, can last for minutes up to several days, and may come and go.

If you have these symptoms after a radiation emergency, seek medical attention as soon as emergency officials determine it is safe to do so.

After the initial symptoms, a person usually looks and feels healthy for a period of time, after which he or she will become sick again with variable symptoms and severity that vary depending on the radiation dose that he or she received.

These symptoms include loss of appetite, fatigue, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and possibly even seizures and coma.

This seriously ill stage may last from a few hours up to several months.

People who receive a high radiation dose also can have skin damage. This damage can start to show within a few hours after exposure or it may be delayed for several days. It can include swelling, itching, and redness of the skin (like a bad sunburn) or may be more severe and include blisters or ulcers.

The skin may heal for a short time, followed by the return of swelling, itching, and redness days or weeks later.

Complete healing of the skin may take from several weeks up to a few years.

The time for skin to heal depends on the radiation dose the person’s skin received.

People who receive a high radiation dose to all or part of the body also may experience temporary hair loss. It may take several weeks for the hair to grow back.


We should begin to see the below public announcements flowing out in the immediate future. There are other events that are important such as the stock market crash, EBS and the new financial system. I have chosen not to include them in the below list, but those things are coming and we should pay attention to real events that are about to unfold. Hold the line and stay steady. Lock your faith into the Word of God. What is about to happen is Biblical. See you on the other side: the Promised Land. Are you truly ready? Locked and loaded!

As I see it, we are waiting for some public announcements to come forth including the following:

1. Public announcement of the USN on the gold and asset standard

2. Public announcement of the new USN notes money supply

3. Public announcement of USN bills paid

a. Iraq has a trust problem with the US

b. they need to see items 1-2 and three above publicly announced So they can go forward

4. Public announcement of the new Iraq international Dinar rate

5. Public announcement of the new Iraq international data rate published in The Gazette

6. Public announcement of NESARA

7. Public announcement of GESARA

8. Public announcement of Biden gone

9. Public announcement of trump's return

10. Private announcement of RV notifications including 800 numbers and Star Link

a. Private announcement of tier 3 liquidity and spendable

b. Private announcement for liquidity of all tiers

11. Public announcement of the following

a. Social Security increase and change of system

b. Reclamation monies

c. Debt forgiveness jubilee

d. Other funds as applicable


Donations Badly Needed

The Cabal wanted to make Lahaina Maui into a SMART city, so they burned it to the ground. Right now there were 800 displaced homeowner victims of the Lahaina DEW Attack Fires who could use your help. Be careful where you donate. The Cabal likes to use disasters they created to steal your money. The Kingdom of Akua Foundation’s Malama Lahaina Website is the only site dedicated to and run by the Hawaiian Native Peoples:

Malama Lahaina - Pūpūkahi i Holomua Donations (malamalahaina.org)

· See the movie about Child Sex Trafficking “Sound of Freedom”: https://beforeitsnews.com/crime-all-stars/2023/10/sound-of-freedom-and-the-faces-of-evil-2495274.html

· Donate to Operation Underground Railroad – They’re Saving The Children End Child Trafficking | Operation Underground Railroad (ourrescue.org) https://ourrescue.org/give-now

· Send Patriot Ken Cromar of “Barbie & Ken. vs. Goliath IRS” Case a postcard message of encouragement. He has had his home and all his possessions stolen by IRS SWAT Teams and been sitting in jail for 119 days without committing a crime – just because the illegal IRS wants to make an example of him. Send a white, pre-stamped postcard with hand-written complete return address only. Paul Cromar #567164 Davis County Jail P.O. Box 130 Farmington, UT 84025-0130

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OR - Venmo to @Talmage-Cromar

OR mail to:

Talmage Cromar

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N. MON. 25 DEC. 2023 THEY ALL CONNECT: CIA’s Deep State Cabal and the Ukraine War, Hitler’s Khazarian Mafia Jews, Rothschild Central Bankers, the CIA’s Mind Control Program MKULTRA, HAARP and the CIA Controlled Mainstream Media Operation Mockingbird, Real News for Real Patriots from the Judy Byington Report—Part 46 Ellis Washington: Real News for Real Patriots from the Judy Byington Report—Part 46 | Ellis Washington Report

About the Author Professor Ellis Washington, J.D.: I went to Harvard Law School for 1 year (1988-89) with future POTUS Barack Hussein Obama, (b. March 7, 1960 – d. 09/29/2019), but I took the opposite path in Life—New World Order, Communism, Treason, Pedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse vs. Christianity, Conservatism, Protecting the Children & TRUMPism. I repeatedly refused to take the “Satan OATH” which is why I’ve been blacklisted since 1989 – for over 34 years—for my entire legal and academic career, yet I Fight on!

A little-known but stolen History of Humanity has allowed a very small Cabal of super rich, narcissistic, psychopaths belonging to various Satanic cults and secret societies called among other names—Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, the Illuminati, the British Monarchy (and all the Monarchies of Europe), Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Skull and Bones, the Vatican, the Jesuits, and other secret societies along with their allied institutions including—Council of 13, Committee of 300, Octagon Group, Trilateral Commission, World Economic Forum, United Nations, International Monetary Fund, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, DAVOS, and other Globalist, elitist entities connected to the Satanic New World Order aka, to impose a One World Government based not on Freedom but Tyranny.

From the Shadows for 150 years (1871-2021), the Rothschild Central Bankers in particularly have been using their trillions to effectively enslave hundreds of millions of people in America, including billions and billions of people worldwide under the treacherous legislation called the District of Columbia Act of 1871. In England this law was called the 1871 Act of England and a version of this evil, Machiavellian legislation that has enslaved America and the world for 150 years exits in virtually every one of the 209 United Nations member state countries in the world imprisoned inside the perpetual bondage of Chattel Slavery and Debt Slavery TO THIS DAY! *N.B.: For further research and reading, see my comprehensive 5-part essay series on the History of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (aka Federal Reserve Central Bankers).

According to an article in Wikipedia, Operation Mockingbird “is an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early years of the Cold War and attempted to manipulate domestic American news media organizations for propaganda purposes. According to author Deborah Davis, Operation Mockingbird recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network and influenced the operations of front groups. CIA support of front groups was exposed when an April 1967 Ramparts article reported that the National Student Association received funding from the CIA. In 1975, Church Committee Congressional investigations revealed Agency connections with journalists and civic groups.”

*N.B.: It is my contention from 40-years of assiduous research and writing (1983-2023) that Operation Mockingbird not only included media “front groups” but also includes the public and private schools (lower education), the Academy (higher education), Wall Street, Business, Medicine, Politics, Law, the Courts, Sports, Entertainment, and all institutions in American culture and society working in unison in points of intersectionality. The New World Order enslavement of We the People is both systematic, systemic and comprehensive. Thus, We the People no longer live in a Real World but exist in a Construct [Fake] World euphemistically referred to by Hollywood as “The MATRIX”.

World War III is on the horizon as the Ukraine War winds down under a victorious Russian President Vladimir Putin whose army didn’t “invade” Ukraine but retook their territory and cleaned up the thousands of miles underground tunnel networks Biden, Obama, Hillary and the Deep State criminal syndicate have used for years to Trafficking children, drugs, and weapons. Now an even more desperate Deep State will be Hell bent on causing world chaos by relocating its war theatre from Ukraine to Israel/Gaza, and soon to China/Taiwan. Why? War has always been their preferred de facto means for the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, the Illuminati, Catholic Church, Jesuits and Freemasons to wipe the slate clean, to cover up their nefarious and treacherous acts and move closer to reshaping the world into the image if its master—SATAN. For example, Col. Douglas MacGregor remarked in an interview with Tucker Carlson stated: “We are moving towards war with Iran and the chosen destination is Armageddon. The entire region is involved in the war. (15) Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) / X (twitter.com)

This War! War! WAR! Mantra is the expected road to Democide against We the People by the Illuminati, Freemasons and Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, among other secret societies working in the shadows to democide 90% of the world’s population by 2030 (e.g., Agenda 2030). This is in accord with a recent comment by the Air Force secretary says China preparing for war against the U.S. and will likely attack us launching concurrent and targeted EMP attacks in big cities across America as a preemptive strike to thwart America’s retaliation when China will certainly invade neighboring Taiwan. In the meantime, because the Biden administration has sold out to Chinese CCP interests they (through the Democrat Socialist Party) have infiltrated America from within to destroy this country, therefore as we speak New York City is defunding the police to pay for the housing of illegal immigrants. Why won’t Democrats just work with us to secure the border? Because they worship a different “god” called Satan whose tactic is Ordo ab Chao = “Order out of Chaos.”

The U.S. experienced 23 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in the first eight months of 2023 including “EMR (electromagnetic) waves. (H.A.A.R.P.) can penetrate everything on Earth. With EMR – electromagnetic pulses you can start fires and destroy everything on earth, including causing Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Tornadoes!”

Many experts see these record-level increases in natural disasters like the flooding in China and the fires in Maui, Hawaii are related to man-made intervention like High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) which can cause any conceivable weather event, anywhere on the planet with pinpoint accuracy and intensity all controlled by mankind. Let that sink in!

It is axiomatic to understand the Reality of Truth and to purge one’s mind of the propaganda press, incessant CIA-MK Ultra mind control and the Hitlerian Big Lies in Politics and History that as AMG-News.com stated on Mon. 14 Aug. 2023—Exposed: Understanding the Dynamics Between the Corrupt Corporation UNITED STATES INC and Our Strawman – American Media Group Understanding the Dynamics Between the Corrupt Corporation UNITED STATES INC. and Our Strawman (amg-news.com).

In other words, as I wrote many, many times before to understand hidden history, hidden politics behind the Shadows think in terms of Hegelian Dialectic = To establish the Satanic New World Order —1) Create the PROBLEM, 2) Fund the REACTION, 3) Mandate the [Final] SOLUTION.

*N.B.: Below is an excerpt from my 5-part essay exposing the evil Rothschild family titled – A Brief History of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia—Part 1 (100-1200 AD) America’s #1 Ally throughout History = Russia (not England or Israel)

We the People were always taught England was our closest ally followed closely by Israel… Wrong! It was always RUSSIA!—100% THERE WOULD BE NO U.S.A. WITHOUT OUR FAITHFUL ALLY, RUSSIA, WHO FOUGHT WITH US IN MANY WARS FOR U.S. SURVIVAL – FROM THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR, WAR OF 1812, CIVIL WAR, WW I, WW II, COLD WAR, SYRIAN WAR . . . Right up to TODAY.

In fact, Russia’s present leader, Vladimir Putin, is essentially the co-leader with President Trump of the Anti-New World Order called, “The Alliance.” This is why since the Apotheosis of President Donald J. Trump (15 June 2015) Russia and President Vladimir Putin have been Public Enemy #1 and demonized relentlessly by the Khazarian Mafia fake Jewish media. It’s the Rothschild/Illuminati favorite war tactics—Nation Deconstruction through Divide-and-conquer, Infiltration over Invasion, Perversion over Truth. However, their Khazarian Mafia tactics didn’t work and Trump and Putin, America and Russia remain a central part of “The Alliance”—a Globalist network of world leaders like India, China (w/o the CCP), Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Australia, Burma, Vietnam, etc.… allied together to defeat the Illuminati Satanic Secret Society New World Order Networks and the Rothschild Debt-Slavery Central Banking cabals.

“The KM Rothschild private Fiat Counterfeit Banksters plot eternal revenge against the American Colonists and Russia who assisted them for losing the Revolutionary War: When the Rothschilds lost the American Revolution, they blamed the Russian czar and the Russians for assisting the colonists by blockading British Ships”

“They swore eternal revenge on the American colonists, just as they had when the Russians and their allies crushed Khazaria in 1,000 AD. The Rothschilds and their English oligarchy that surrounded them plotted ways to retake America, and this became their main obsession. Their favored plan is to set up an American central bank, featuring Babylonian money magic and secret counterfeiting…”

~ Preston James and Mike Harris – Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia (2015)

The CIA was formed after World War II with help of Mind Control experts brought into the US and Canada from Nazi Germany, Byington

The CIA Mind Control program eventually known as MK-ULTRA consisted of 149 sub-projects, plus another 33 closely related programs. There were 80 participating US and Canadian institutions including 44 colleges and universities – all funded by US taxpayers through a CIA Black Budget not subject to review.

The purpose of CIA Mind Control Programming was to secure life-long power over an individual in order to create Super Spies, Terrorists, Assassins and/or have life-long control over a victim for whatever devious purpose.

Mind Control Programming was based on the Satanic Worship Practices of Rape, Torture and Human Sacrifice. Young victims were sold into the program by their Multi-Generational Satanic families.

The preferred victim was a young child subjected to prolonged trauma. It was found that the developing brain of a child under repeated rape and torture would permanently separate their thinking patterns into Multiple Personalities that could be controlled by their perpetrator throughout the victim’s life. The most effective programming would begin at a very early age and even in the womb through electroshock treatments for the mother.

In 1964 after a successful lawsuit by Mind-Control Survivor Linda McDonald (of the McDonald’s Hamburger Franchise Multi-Generational Satanic Family), Congressional inquiries supposedly ended MK ULTRA – not true. MK-ULTRA RESEARCH continued but was curtailed in 1967 and thought extinct by 1973 after MKULTRA documents were destroyed by CIA Director Richard Helms prior to his resignation and another Congressional inquiry – that went nowhere.

Yet, the 1977 Freedom of Information Act was able to uncover 20,000 MK-ULTRA Financial Documents on the Mind Control Program that were not destroyed and proved the program to be ongoing – even to this day according to Satanic Ritual Abuse Mind Control Survivors.

Zionism: The Ultimate MK Ultra Mind Control Psyop—Judy Byington reports regarding Zionism that during the end of World War II that the Rothschild family paid out the British Government to reform Israel under the Zionist Foundation and the political agreement signed 2 Nov. 1917 titled Balfour Declaration. In other words, the Deep State Cabal (e.g., Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) set up the Zionist Movement not to declare the independent nation of Israel for the Jewish people, but for the Khazarian Mafia (who pretended to be of the Jewish faith) to have a privately owned Headquarters in Israel for their Child Sex Trafficking, Organ, and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring. That contract with the British Government ended on Tues. 31 Oct. Halloween – which instigated the present war in Israel for the purpose of taking control of the land and kick out the Palestinians.”

In a 5-part essay series I wrote back in 2021 titled – A Brief History of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia—Part 1 (100-1200 AD), I stated the following delineation of “Real” Jews vs. Zionists or Khazarian “Jews”), Israeli Prime Minister (and virtually all of the leadership in modern Israel today are Zionists, not real Jews at least in an ancient Hebraic DNA sense of the word)—

Real Jews vs. Babylonian Talmudic “Jews”

Scientific FACT! Historically there were Real Jews [= Jesus and the Bible Prophets] vs. Fake Khazarian Mafia Jews [= Babylonian Money-Magick, Talmudic “Jews” of Slavic, Caucasian ethnicity].

Whose voice is speaking in the above meme? THINK! Eugenics Racism: Prime Minister Begin characterizing his people as “the master race”, as “divine Gods on this planet” and all other races of the world as “inferior races” and “insects” to presumably be eradicated all has an odd ring to it, doesn’t it?

THINK! Adolph Hitler (a Khazarian Jew and a direct descendant (grandson on his mother’s side) of Nathan Rothschild) who was secretly supported by the Rothschilds literally from birth and raised from obscurity as a Manchurian Candidate to wage war against his (allegedly) own Jewish people using his Democidal Eugenics Nazi worldview to murder over 20 million people (including 6 million Jews) during World War II.


Crime, Murder, Money Laundering, Cartels, High Treason – all of which exists right under your nose, Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter https://t.me/Fall_of_the_Cabal

Take a dive into a Rabbit Hole. This is not a conspiracy theory, but merely facts compiled over the course of the last 20 + years condensed into a three hour segment consisting of ten parts. Set your cognitive dissonance aside and open your mind to what has been hidden from you for the last century. If you are new to this type of research, be warned: It’s not for the faint of heart. It deals with corruption, crimes, Satanic activities of the Elite, and people who we elect to run our World. In the end, you will be enlightened!

Part 1 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9298

Part 2 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9299

Part 3 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9300

Part 4 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9301

Part 5 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9302

Part 6 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9303

Part 7 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9304

Part 8 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9305

Part 9 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9306

Part 10 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9307

Part 11 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9308

Part 12 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9309

Part 13 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9310

Part 14 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9311

Part 15 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9312

Part 16 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9313

Part 17 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/9314

Part 18 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/12556

Part 19 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/15234

Part 20 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/17095

Part 21 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/20685

Part 22 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/21868

Part 23 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/22660

Part 24 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/24382

Part 25 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/25478

Part 26 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/26545

Part 27 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/29843

Part 28 https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/29845


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Since 1990 I have been doing investigations on the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children at the request of brave SRA Survivor-victims who were witnesses to and victims of pedophile, torture and murder crimes of Satanic leaders and their covens. During this time I have found Satanists implanted in law offices, local police, county sheriff's offices and all the way up to the Attorney General Offices in my state and others and then the carnage went on to the internationally organized Ninth Circle Satanic Cult that runs out of the Vatican.

There's certainly no help from US or other nation's government agencies, including the FBI or CIA perpetrators. These legal entities successfully negate even the opening of cases of the ritual abuse and murder of children, let alone do valid investigations.

To be honest and to my knowledge there was no safe place on either a local, national or international level that has been set up to report Satanic Crime – likely the main reason why local, national and international Satanic Covens so easily and on a regular basis, get away with the torture and murder of thousands of children – many times bred for the purpose without birth certificates, or identification.

R. “TWENTY TWO FACES": inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities” by Judy Byington, Foreword by Dr. Colin A. Ross, M.D. RAW: Dr. Colin Ross – Robert David Steele


Woman Sees Human Sacrifice - YouTube

WARNING: Jenny gave a graphic description about how she at the tender age of five, was raped, tortured, forced to view a Child Sacrifice and save for Divine intervention, was almost killed herself – not unlike the sordid experiences of thousands of other child victims of Satanic Worshippers. Perpetrators giving homage to Satan were organized from the US Inc's CIA, Queen Elizabeth's, Illuminati Banking families' and Vatican's Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult on down to the Clintons, Hollywood, Pizza-gate and local teenage covens. They were funded by this same Cabal that ran our global monetary system – the very organization that was in the process of being brought down by activation of the Global Currency Reset and Restored Republics of the world. It's no wonder that President Trump has stated, "These people are sick".


It’s not about the money. It’s about the children – the thousands of malnourished and traumatized children who, in honor of Satan, were being raped and murdered so their Elite Perpetrators could supposedly gain power and rule the world.

The first official act President Trump made the morning before he was sworn into office was to pay a visit to CIA Headquarters and declare a war on an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring run by these global elites.

Let us fast and pray for these millions of little ones who right now, were being rescued from Cabal underground tunnels across the globe, and tortured and killed by Satanic Covens right next door. Let us also pray for those Military Troops worldwide who were risking their own lives to save them. The ancient doctrine of Fasting and Prayer was explained here at the 10:30:32 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mb9gU6DmKs

U. JUDY NOTE: I do not now, nor have I ever, received monies for writing my Updates and articles. The compensation has been in having outlets to help Save the Children by exposing truths about the very secretive Satanic Ritual Abuse, Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice that was rampant in our international society.

The above was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid.

I will send the Safe Link Website out when I find out what it is, plus it will be posted on several Dinar Websites and continue the Updates until they are no longer needed. I expect to be working with many of you in the near future. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know you. You will remain in my heart forever.

A huge Thank You to those dedicated and brave Intel providers who wished to remain unknown; to our Angel Martha who worked 24/7 to expose what’s really going on; to humble Wildfire Lady who is adept at exposing the truth; to Brad who does great research; to Bonni B who exposes the underlying causes of what is really happening and to Ken who uncovers almost unlimited Intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be. I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together, we will make life better for all.

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. And, we will!!! . . . Judy


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Disclaimer: All articles, videos, and images posted on Operation Disclosure were submitted by readers and/or handpicked by the site itself for informational and/or entertainment purposes. All statements, claims, views and opinions that appear on this site are always presented as unverified and should be discerned by the reader. We do not endorse any opinions expressed on this website and we do not support, represent or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any content posted on this website.


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