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Nuclear War is Inevitable, There is No Plan "B" For the Globalists

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Monday, 5-Jun-2023 19:21:57

I’ve noticed that when describing the next possible moves that the globalists will make, that most people have the view that there is a solution to the problem, and that the world will find an answer to avoid major conflicts.

Many of the new-agers believe that when enough people focus on the issues a hand that their collective thoughts will actually change the course of history towards a rational, non-violent solution.

They will use an example given by a new age researcher that involves the concept that when 100 monkeys solved a problem on one continent, that other monkeys around the world also solved the same problem. It is called “the hundredth monkey effect”. However, this is not scientific by any stretch of imagination, and pure speculation.

The new agers will then use that example to present the theory that humans will do the same thing if only enough of them will care enough to solve the problems at hand. Then it will spread magically around the world and allow the earth to enter into a new age of peace.

The problem at hand that we all face, is the distinct possibility of a nuclear war. All the signs are there that the steps towards a nuclear war are higher at this time than any time in modern history. And, that the stage is set for a nuclear war to eventually break out through a set of circumstances that will lead to a full nuclear exchange.

However, no one can predict the future regardless of the signs that have increased that probability. It still remains as an unknown.
But the majority of the people reject even the remote possibility of a nuclear war for a variety of reasons. The new agers have their own thoughts on the matter. There is a theory that advanced aliens will prevent a nuclear war to protect the earth from falling into a nuclear holocaust.

This idea is actually based on some factual events that nuclear missile silos were shut down at the same time that UFOs were sighted in their launch area. There could be even more than one instance of this happening. However, there was no absolute proof this would be used to stop a nuclear war in the future.

It is a wonderful concept that gives people peace of mind perhaps, but it is not something we can count on. I wish it were true, but I feel that we are on our own on earth, being ruled by murderous conspirators of the highest order. They have been killing people by the millions in wars and pandemics, and will continue to do so, knowing we don’t have the power to stop them.
The other group of people that reject the concept of a nuclear war, are the ones that simply believe that there is no benefit in a full nuclear war since it would be self-destructive to all countries involved, so why do it? This is flawed thinking on several levels. First of all, the nukes that are used now are more advanced and the plutonium is purified and has a cleaner burn when they are set off. The amount of radiation is 100s of time less than the bombs dropped on Japan in 1945. This means that the experts have advised the politicians that a nuclear war is “winnable”, and within a few days, 2 weeks at the most, people can come out of their homes and be relatively unaffected by any radiation that would remain. It still may create a nuclear winter if enough bombs are used. But it would not be on the level of what happened in Japan.

This means that the politicians and the military officers discuss the real possibility of using both tactical nukes, which are surgical and smaller, and also strategic nukes to pacify a nation in a war.
In other words, nuclear weapons are no longer considered “a weapon that should never be used”. And, the concept that a nuclear war can’t be won is also inaccurate. But this misconception still persists in the minds of people today around the world. So, they conclude that since nukes can’t be used and won’t result in a win, that they will never be used. This is a dangerous and naïve assumption to make, based on outdated and inaccurate information. I learned this directly from government officials from one of those alphabet agencies.

The other conclusion people make on whether leaders would use nuclear weapons or not is based on who benefits? They conclude that since the wealthy elite globalist have corporations around the world, and benefit from the continued financial prosperity of their businesses, that there is absolutely no benefit in them destroying their own wealth making companies.

Again, this is another ill-advised and dangerous assumption. The average citizen isn’t considering what the globalist’s mind set is today. The globalist conspirators believe that the world is headed towards a critical overpopulation disaster, along with the lack of natural resources. It is their conclusion, which is flawed, that billions of people must die to allow the remainder of the masses to survive for the future.

In addition to that, they also believe that the hope of mankind and their continued wealth and power, resides in the vast areas of Russian territory where there is space, minerals plus oil and gas which is required for their survival as the global leaders.

The majority of the globalists reside in an area in Europe, and the UK, where all the lands are conquered, mined out, and resource poor. Their only solution then, in their mind, is to colonize the Russian territory from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean. This is not Plan B, or one of many options – IT IS THE ONLY OPTION LEFT TO THEM.

The globalists have already made the decision to take down Russia at all costs, even if it leads to a nuclear war, which is a win-win for them with depopulation anyway.

That means at his time, when the idea of nuclear war comes up and people say, “no it will never happen”, they aren’t seeing the big picture. They are not understanding that the decision has already been made. The average person doesn’t understand that the west, and Russia and Putin don’t have a choice in the matter, absolutely none. They are making moves to agitate Putin and cause him to widen the war. The globalists are playing Putin and the Russians like a fiddle, manipulating their every move and reaction.

It doesn’t matter what moves are made by the countries, or what peace talks might happen to stop a war, or what moves Putin makes, the war against Russia will continue to take place.
The Nato nations are after only one outcome, the total and absolute UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF RUSSIA.

Look at the facts, regardless what Russia does, the west has doubled down on the war against Russia. The west lies about Russia and their intentions on a daily basis. This is typical war time propaganda to further the war and vilify the Russians.

The globalists want a nuclear war for a variety of reasons. But if Russia would surrender, and all the Russian leadership give up and allow themselves to be tried in an international court for so-called crimes, then and only then would Russia not be bombed back into the stone age. Ask yourself, what are the chances of that happening?!? Answer: None.

Eventually an event will take place that will take the war to a higher stage. Then larger bombs will be used by both sides, and then nukes will be used in Europe, and then Russia will be bombed with Nato nukes, and then the US and Europe will be bombed with nukes. This is what will happen, it is not a matter of “if”, but only a matter of when.

The globalists don’t have a plan B, there is no off ramp away from this confrontation. The decision has already been made to acquire the Russian territory and natural resources. It is a matter of survival for the wealthy elite - and Americans, Europeans and Russians are all considered expendable to them.

They are shutting down oil wells, shutting down food production. Shutting down gas powered cars, and setting up their militaries for this final confrontation. They intend to take over Russia and replace the Russian government with their own leaders. This is their tried-and-true modus operandi.

They have already bombed Russia’s gas pipeline. This was an act of war. They won’t allow Zelensky to talk about a peace agreement. Why? Because they want the war to accelerate to a nuclear showdown.

People that won’t accept that a nuclear war is inevitable are in total denial. All of the reasons why people conclude that there won’t be a nuclear war are invalid. The globalists want a nuclear war, they need it to take full control over the people.
I finally realized that, as I was seeing the facts laid out in my latest book. It was then that I realized that we were only 2 short steps to the total communist takeover of America.
1. A nuclear war leading to food riots and chaos.
2. Martial law and gun confiscation.

However, it is also possible a major natural disaster like an asteroid impact, a solar EMP or a pole shift could bring about the same outcome. But the chances of that happening at this time, are LESS than a nuclear war breaking out, which is already in the latter stages of taking place.

When I talk to friends and relatives about a nuclear war, they bring up all the reasons why it won’t happen. But they are not aware of the globalist mindset, the plans that have been made, the motivation for their reasoning and conclusions, and they don’t understand the desperation of the globalists at this time.

I have listened to the speeches of the globalists, and they have expressed their fear of losing their chance at a New World Order, if they don’t win the war against Russia. There is no plan B for them, it is all or nothing.

The masses are starting to rebel against them and the people are marching on their capitals. The masses are no longer accepting their foolish, nonsensical rhetoric on why they must shut down farming, raising cattle, sitting in the cold all Winter and going to bicycles.

In the US in 2020 the globalists through a fraudulent election took all three branches of government and also control the military. But if the election is not won by the liberals in 2024, they can lose all of their so-called progress and set back their plans many decades.
A nuclear war solves all their problems.

They also have the ability to use a false flag event, and make it appear that Russia hit first with nukes. The wealthy elite will not leave anything to chance - they'll have plans set up to take the world in the direction they want it to go, and there is nothing we can do to stop them.

Unless of course if benevolent aliens come and stop the war, which I would be eternally grateful. And while they’re at it, cure cancer, and stop women and children from being sex trafficked to the wealthy elite.

Those ‘nice’ aliens have some ‘splaining’ to do on why they have let millions of innocent people suffer and die in a manufactured pandemic and wars for profit in our lifetime. As far as I know, they haven’t lifted one little grey finger to help us. George Eaton

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  • Nuclear War is Inevitable, There is No Plan "B" For the Globalists
    GeorgeEaton -- Monday, 5-Jun-2023 19:21:57

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