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Fulford full newsletter 5/8: "Enough is enough, it is time to hunt the bastards down and bring them to justice"

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Thursday, 11-May-2023 12:15:19

The images are thumbnails. If you click on an image, it will expand in a new tab.



Enough is enough, it is time to hunt the bastards down and bring them to justice

And that appears to be what is finally happening. Of course, we have all heard this story before, but there are many signs this time the long-awaited mass arrests really are happening. Various sources say the coronation of King Charles was the trigger event people were waiting for. Regardless of what you think of this unpopular King, he is the head of the Anglo-Saxon armed forces and he has promised to unleash a “vast military-style campaign,” His official inauguration was needed so military action against the cabal could be ordered, MI6 sources confirm.

Needless to say, if Charles turns out to be a Khazarian Mafia stooge, he will be killed by his own bodyguards, according to these sources. In what may have been a warning, the Grim Reaper walked by as Charles was crowned the new King of Great Britain.

By the way, King Charles is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, as well as Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) according to Burke’s Peerage,

No matter what happens vis a vis King Charles though, “We are entering a period where a lot of people at the top of a lot of governments who have been pursuing policies that are antithetical to their people are going to be very worried about surviving in office,” says Colonel Douglas MacGregor

“Here in the United States, I do not expect a lot to change until the financial system implodes and the economy tanks. I think we are getting closer,” he adds.


MacGregor -who is close to US President Donald Trump- only got as far as Colonel because he was too smart and un-corruptible to be promoted to general. In the current decadent Pentagon system, the common saying “it is above your paygrade,” really means “you have not accepted a bribe so we cannot tell you.”

In any case, the imminent financial implosion of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION clearly is forcing change through the system.

The biggest sign something is happening is the traitor Mark Milley resigning as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and being replaced by Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown Jr., the Air Force’s current top officer.


“See Q” Brown was put in his current position by Commander In Chief Trump. At the time Trump said “Charles Q — I like that. Charles Q Brown, Jr. Charles was confirmed 98 to nothing! That makes me a little concerned. I’ve never heard that before.”

Now the Biden avatar has been ordered to put Charles Q in charge of all US armed forces.

All though news reports say this will happen in the summer, something has already started.

A CIA source says “Something happened in Washington DC Wednesday afternoon that I cannot talk about.” That “something” according to a Pentagon General was “numerous stealth Blackhawks have landed at the White House. Think of certain high-level politicians being arrested.”

Other sources, both Russian and US, would only say “they cannot confirm or deny” reports of arrests. In my experience, if nothing was happening these sources would say “nothing was happening” and not “no comment.”

This huge increase in military aircraft flights is another sign some big military activity is underway both in the US and Europe.

There are other signs something may finally break the logjam in Washington DC. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has given the FBI until May 10th to produce documents related to human trafficking and other crimes by the fake President Joe Biden. “You are looking at potential money laundering… He was essentially an unregistered foreign agent for China. Those are serious crimes. You got possible racketeering. The list goes on and on,” Comer says.

Readers of this newsletter are fully aware the original Biden is long gone but going after his avatar will flush out the Rockefellers and other higher-level criminals hiding behind his image.

There is also movement on the pedophile front. FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz have received subpoenas regarding their “failure to seriously investigate” Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and their ring of pedophile VIPs.


Other people being subpoenaed about the pedophile ring are Google co-founder Sergey Brin, former Disney executive Michael Ovitz, Hyatt Hotels executive chairman Thomas Pritzker, Mort Zuckerman, the billionaire real estate investor, and JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon.


The dragnet is also closing in on former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Apollo Global Management co-founder Leon Black, Woody Allen and many others.



While we and many others in the truth media have reported on all the criminals going to Epstein’s pedophile island for years, the difference this time is that corporate media reports are talking about it. This is a sign that actual law enforcement action is imminent.

However, never underestimate the KM. Stephen Deckoff, founder of the private equity firm Black Diamond Capital Management, has just purchased the Epstein Islands for $60 million. “Deckoff is a Zionist and Chabad member,” according to Mossad sources. This means it is a good bet he will be trying to bury evidence of child torture and human sacrifice that many witnesses say regularly took place on the island.

However, the implosion of the financial system makes it likely the KM and their fronts will soon no longer have the money to buy their way out of trouble.

Even corporate news outlets are starting to report most US banks are insolvent. For example, the Telegraph, citing a group of banking experts, says almost half of the 4,800 banks in the US are “nearly insolvent.”

“Let’s not pretend that this is just about Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic,” Professor Amit Seru, a banking expert at Stanford University told the paper “A lot of the US banking system is potentially insolvent.”


What is happening is that banks are pretending to be solvent by using an accounting trick that was common in Japan after their real estate bubble burst. This means keeping things on their books at the purchase price instead of the current price.

For example, if Charles Schwab reported its’ assets at market prices its’ capital would be $23 billion or half the $56 billion it reported in 2021. So in theory it would only be able to lend half of what it did in 2021 to keep it’s capital adequacy ratio.


Multiply that by the entire $23 trillion banking system and you can see a historic implosion is inevitable.

No wonder depositors took out another $360 billion – at an accelerating rate – in the first three weeks of April alone, meaning total withdrawals are closing in on the $2 trillion mark.

Since the banks own the Federal Reserve Board -which owns the US CORPORATION- you can see the real reason Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says federal government could run out of money and default on debts as early as June 1.


This would lead to eight million job losses and a six percent plunge in GDP warns the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.


This collapse is coming because, as Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan mistakenly said in 2011: “The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default.”

This hubris came from thinking the US dollar had value in and of itself, -which it does not- and so now default is imminent.

A default by these criminals would be a good thing for the average American.

“Defaulting on the national debt would pave the way for the reinstitution of sound, redeemable, commodity-based money. People would have to concentrate more on real wealth than phony financial wealth, actual engineering, as opposed to financial and social engineering” says Doug Casey


“The farms, factories, technologies, and the skills of the workers, will still exist. But on a sound foundation. And with some new owners,” he ads.

Texas is leading the way. On May 2, a Texas House committee passed a bill to create 100% reserve gold and silver-backed transactional currencies. Enactment of this legislation would create an option for people to conduct business in sound money, set the stage to undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money, and possibly create a viable alternative to a central bank digital currency (CBDC).


Bankrupting these criminals would also take away power from unelected technocrats like the Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres. Below you can watch him tell the World Economic Forum politicians need to make unpopular decisions in order to shape public opinion. In other words, be a tyrant and work against the people until they fall in line.

Now watch WEF top advisor Yuval Noah Harari, suggest the totalitarian restrictions implemented in response to the scamdemic, including stopping all flights and locking down entire countries, will make people “more open to radical ideas about how to deal with climate change.”

This is exactly what they tried to do with Covid 19 and it is now blowing up in their faces.

For example, take a look at this article about a landmark Covid-19 vaccine injury class action lawsuit has been filed against the Australian government and the medicines regulator.


It prompted us to do a “Covid lawsuit” web search that came back with over 112 million links. A quick scan showed a legal feeding frenzy has just begun. You can be sure that it will lead to the bankruptcy of all the hospitals, pharmacidical companies and others involved in this entire scamdemic.

War crimes tribunals are also a certainty.

The first high-profile arrest has already taken place according to CIA sources. Rochelle Walensky, the head of the CDC has been captured and will be tried at Nuremberg 2 for Crimes against humanity and attempted genocide.

Corporate news reports are trying to pretend her disappearance came because she “resigned.”


In Canada, expert witness Catherine Christensen rhetorically asked a tribunal:

“How was Canada’s Prime Minister capable of mandating the COVID-19 injections when he has no authority or control over the Canadian forces?”

It turns out Castrudeau had to fire four generals on “sexual harassment charges” before he could get his way.

Plus this on Twitter:


Castrudeaus days are numbered for sure.

His demise will be echoed in many other countries controlled by KM puppets. For example, if you thought an end to reports about troubles in France meant Emanuelle Macron had weathered the storm, take a look at the videos below.

With the US corporate government on its last legs, international vultures are circling and not waiting for its death.

In the Middle East for example, the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq joined their Syrian counterparts in demanding the restoration of the Assad government’s sovereignty in all of Syria, strengthening Syrian government institutions, and ending operations by armed groups and militant organizations on Syrian soil….that means U.S.-backed armed Kurdish groups, jihadists, Turkish-backed militants in northern Syria, and Turkish and U.S. forces


This comes as the Arab league mends its ties with Iran and brings Syria back into the fold.


Russia is helping by organizing talks between the Turkish and Syrian Presidents, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Bashar Assad with the Iranian foreign minister.


Any attempts to install a KM puppet in Turkey are doomed to fail, Russian FSB and other sources warn. Israel must now sue for peace if it is to survive.

In Africa, meanwhile, the president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo became the latest leader to say NATO must leave Africa. At the end of his speech, he also noted that he would “entrust only Russia” with the security of his country.

The Russians are also finally figuring out the UN is a Rockefeller-owned private corporation and not an actual world organization. Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said “We are witnessing a certain degradation of trust in the organization, which is called to represent interests of all member states, to be an example of impartiality and integrity, and its employees must act in strict compliance with Article 100 of the United Nations Charter.”

He was referring of course to the widespread use of threats, bribes and other methods to twist UN debate on Ukraine.

Why, for example, does the UN not discuss a mission on April 26 in the Ukraine in which 74 underground tunnels were destroyed, 678 child traffickers were killed, 3,876 human traffickers were arrested and over 10,000 caged children were rescued, according to Polish intelligence sources.

While she doesn’t mention the Biden role in human trafficking, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says “The Kiev regime has confirmed that the administration of US President Joe Biden is a sponsor of terrorism,” https://tass.com/russias-foreign-policy/1614723

Also, why doesn’t the UN talk about reports from Polish farmers who say animals die after eating fodder with Ukrainian grain? That is why some countries prohibit the import of Ukrainian flour while across the EU stores remove and burn the flour. In Poland, farmers block roads so that companies of unknown origin do not import poisoned chemicals and untested products, the Polish sources say.

This attempt at mass poisoning seems to be a desperate reaction to military defeat. On that front, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, “is not even needed for signing an instrument of unconditional surrender” according to Dmitry Medvedev who adds “There are no options left other than the physical elimination of Zelensky and his clique.”


The West and Russia will eventually sit down to discuss their differences, but this dialogue should be held not with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky but with those using him as a stooge, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said for his part.

Maybe that is why BlackRock suddenly called for a meeting with the Avatar Zelensky?


Speaking about BlackRock. Did you know Blackrock made brain chips? Of course, they would…

Credit: HarrisonHillSmith, Info Wars

Also, check out these patents. One is for “Interfaces for syringe-injectable electronics Interfaces for syringe-injected electronics.”


The other is for “Method and apparatus for inducing desired states of consciousness.”

https://patents.google.com/patent/US5356368A/en GWEN Towers – US5356368A

So it is clear somebody or some group really is trying to turn us into remote-controlled automatons. The question is who? Many claim the ultimate control goes beyond people like the Rockefellers.

This brings us to the topic of potential alien interference in our affairs.

On that front, decorated Russian General Gen. Nikolai T. Antoshkin says more advanced civilizations are keeping an eye on planet earth to make sure we don’t completely destroy the planet. He also emphasized that UFOs are commonly observed near facilities where the situation is “unstable.” These include nuclear and chemical weapons facilities.


This brings us to truly bizarre happenings at the Kremlin last week.

First, GPS failures affected all services and devices in general, from navigation apps to fitness trackers in Moscow for reasons the Russian government could not explain. https://tass.com/economy/1613715

Then an FSB source -who we have known for years and who never once talked about UFOs or aliens- sent us the following photograph of a giant triangular object that appeared above the Kremlin.

We told them we thought it was a hologram but our secret space force sources assure us it was not.

So, with that x-files type event, we conclude with the latest visuals from the project Bluebeam people.

1. Real UFO or not, you decide

2. UFO over Seattle, Washington USA 03-03-23

3. UFOS over Atlanta, USA June 4, 2012

4. Ebani worm, an intelligent life form

5. Ancient wall paintings.

Maybe the bankruptcy of the US CORPORATION will bring all this out. We shall see.


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