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Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 2-Jan-2023 03:48:03

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie.
Please find application of common sense and logic applied to THE most important issue of the day. Election Crimes.

We the People, when understanding the fundamental issues are much more competent in creating resolutions to problems than the systemites we have allowed into our public offices.

This link to a prior publish has letters of devastating effect on the operations of those now reviewing the 2020 election issues and Trumps duties to the People and our government.

Then, the simple facts and law defining the issues in the Supreme Court.


The Attachment of Criminal Liability via Logic, Common Sense and Rule of Law.


This Monograph addresses the punditry pontificating on the BRUNSON SUPREME COURT CIVIL ACTION.

Yes, the Writ of Certiorari application by the Brunsonís is a civil action. The fees paid to all the courts are purchase contracts for the providing honest government services. This means from day one of the first case filing. Certiorari means judicial review of a lower court or government agency. The very concept of the writ of certiorari means that all of the records in lower courts and of all the parties involved are captured now under the Exclusive Supreme Court jurisdiction.

The Brunson case did some very unusual things.
First, it presented the law.
Second, it presented the facts. The allegation of facts stand as good until defeated.
Third, it said to the Court, hereís the facts and law, WILL YOU HONOR YOUR OATH.
Fourth, it was presented from the position of an American, with out attorney limiting an any manner the concepts or expressions of an individual American requesting public servants do the job they were hired and paid for.
Fifth, it declared personal injury and harm, caused by failure to follow the law, identified the law breakers, and the result of their crimes. Criminal Complaint.
Sixth, it captured the belief of a massive majority of Americans.
Seventh, it challenged the status quo of current corrupted operations by many, many public servants in a manner exposing depravity of integrity at multiple levels of government administration.
Eighth, it identified the proper consequences of the crimes by specific public servants.
Ninth, it put on trial the Supreme Court and all its Justices and employees.
Tenth, it put on trial before the world the whole of the public servants corps of the United States Government calling ALL to honor their OATHS to the Peoples Law of Our Constitution, and offered each the opportunity to show their true loyalties or convict themselves by non action.

The fact that the States United, under Confederation perpetuity, entitled the United States of America, constructed the currently operating United States Government, as a service system for administration of limited powers held in trust granted by the People, to our States from the People, means EVERY, public servant operating for the States, is bound to the OATH mandate of Article VI section 2 and 3 of the Constitution.

What this means in very clear and precise legal terms governing contractual obligations, is the Brunson case, when docketed by the Supreme Court, CAPTURED COMPLETELY, the oath obligations of EVERY public servant in the United States as the root subject matter.

The reason the above statement is true is very simple to understand.

The root substance of the Brunson complaint covers every public servant, both state and federal, because the core issue is keeping personal promises owed to the governments that serve the ultimate Beneficiaries of all government operations, the People.

The core of the promise is to provide honest service to the People and to not steal from the government or the People.

When the promises and the pay checks for honest services, proper elections, operated honestly, is the root subject matter of the Brunson complaint, and every American voter is affected by THEFT and CONVERSION of the Peoples authority over our governments, the whole of the toxic swamp is identified and called to account.

Theft=stealing anotherís property, the vote.

Conversion=using anotherís property in a manner not authorized by the owner. The Peoples ownership of personal property represented in our votes is not in question.

Conspiracy=doing something together with the same intent.

Criminal Conspiracy= doing something known to be a wrong and in the case of public servants being paid to know the wrong is a crime.

The Brunson case exposes massive numbers of public servants and others as COCONSPIRATORS.

Also exposed as accessories to the THEFT and CONVERSIONS is the media as a sub class of coconspirators both directly and through criminal negligence.

Government agencies, particularly the courts, are, ALL operated by public servants are bound by the law of Article VI , sections 2 and 3, the oath clause. That law includes ALL government employees as well.

The contract for services was perfected and obligations promised by the Court the moment the contract was received which was then ratified by the Docket, official record of the Court, recognized the Brunson complaint.

As so often happens the roots, the very beginning fundamentals causing reactions, that We the People are beginning to see across our country, are missing from the reports now beginning to jam up the alt medias concerning the Brunson case.

The cause of the missing elements in all the conversations concerning the Brunson, Rule 11, National Security issue is very simple to understand. All that is required is the application of common sense and logic to the facts in evidence.

National security begins and ends with the People. This is because the People are the owners of the governments We created. More to the point, We the People are the root source of all government powers. That means We are the CREDITORS. When viewed in the context of Master and servant, employer and employee, the ones backing the pay check to pay for honest services as promised, We are the BOSS.

When the People are not secure, particularly in this instance matter of the 2020 election fraud. The governments that We the People created could never be secure because the Creditors, the People, to all government powers are being bankrupted, politically, legally, commercially and culturally by stolen votes, under direction of both domestic and foreign entities intent on destruction of the concept of individual Liberty through the Rule of Law.
The ending paragraphs covering Full Faith and Credit, and Prerogative Writs clarify the ownership and creditors positions belong to the People and why.

There is no part of the oath, personal pledge of Fidelity, a contract, defined by the Constitution as Amended by the Bill of Rights, that recognizes sub standard or deviant behavior by public servants could ever be deemed acceptable or authorized to servants in public office.

Sovereignty resides only in flesh and blood. Artificial persons, governments, are constructed to re-present that sovereignty. The People never gave our Sovereignty to the governments We created. We assigned via our contract, called Constitutions, a use of our powers, and nothing more.

The Constitution being the obligee of the oath, the beneficiary of the pledge, the document promised to be honored. That means in very simple and direct terms that the government We created is the only party to that contract called the oath. Only the government identified as the oath holder is contractually competent to exercise enforcement powers over the oath giver. The oath giver is the public servant.

The oath contract parties are the government requiring the oath by operation of the Peopleís law, Article VI, sections 2 and 3, and the individual American pledging Fidelity to that document. The Master is the government, the servant is the individual taking the pay check rewarding performance.

The government in this instance includes the States United because Article VII defines that Perpetual Union, Confederation, introduction paragraph and at Article I named the Union States, as the parties creating the national Constitution, which is simply a management structure for the States, for specific issues defined by Article I section 8. The States as constructed by the People operating in direct agency serving the People under transferred powers and authority vested in the State Constitutions. The national government created under Constitution is the mere representative of the States created to operate with other nations and keep the peace between the independent nations identified as States.

Thus, while the People are derivative beneficiaries of the contract creating the Constitution, We the People have no direct contract with our public servants, because the oath itself defines the exclusive party holding all rights to enforce the oath contract as the Constitution.

What this paragraph really means is very simple to understand. When the Brunsons approached the Supreme Court alleging a breach of contract by public officers, the court recognized the action as a national security issue requiring them to take jurisdiction over the prosecution, because high crimes are alleged against the proper operation of government.

When the Supreme Court docketed the case they admitted the Court had no choice but to assume jurisdiction over the breaches of contract committed by public servants working in the federal government. The oath is the enforceable contract with the government as the exclusive beneficiary of the personal obligations owed by every public servant, which is required absolutely to be enforced.

Otherwise the Supreme Court destroys the Constitution and the whole concept of the Peopleís Republic.

The substantive issue exposed by the Supreme Court docketing the case is the absolute proof that the civil government and some proper operations were not completely destroyed under the 2020 election fraud.

All the false officers deceptively posing as public officers at present who were fraudulently installed in public offices are now caught in their own web of deceit.

What this means in the context of the law of the constitution in relation to all of the conjecture about the military operations allegedly going on is very simple to understand.

All military pledge their promise to the constitution to serve and protect it.

The military is always subject to civil government.

The Constitution as Amended by the Bill of rights is a whole. This is because the first national law authorizing the constitution to be in full effect was put in place by order of the People prior to accepting the constitution as a valid government document

The Constitution is a whole. None of its parts can be separated from the balance of the document, in particular the Bill of Rights, and still have a valid document creating the United States Government.

The four corners doctrine controls the oath issue and itís application to the military. In essence the doctrine is a rule holding that if a document (as a contract, deed, or will) appears on its face to be complete no outside evidence may be used to challenge it.

What this means in the context of so-called military operations is that due process, the nature of the cause against one, the right to confront your accusers, are valid against the military as they are all government officers because thatís the promised they gave under their personal Fidelity bond2, to recognize and serve completely.

Because the Supreme Court was not accessed prior in a proper manner and refused to take jurisdiction over defective procedures does not mean that the civil power of the Supreme Court was still not in affect

What this means to the military is somehow they made a choice to ignore the civil powers they were required to report to before they took any action whatsoever, in the event the rumors of activities is true.

Considering that anyone with a little common sense knows that Trump is still the President because the Peopleís office of and who fills the office could never be transferred under a fraud, testifies to the fact that Donald Trump is the Commander in Chief.

That means Trump has been the commander-in-chief since Biden took office and is the ultimate Controlling party over military operations. Trump is also bound by the oath. That means Trump is operating under civil government authorities.

Simply put, when the Supreme Court docketed the Brunson case, the Court and took jurisdiction over not only the subject matter, yet the parties involved. All of them!

The true parties in interest are the injured American People who have been injured by theft, conversion, paying for unperformed services owed by public servants to the government, and the public servants causing the injuries, which is all of those failing to address properly the fraud fully attached to the 2020 and 2022 elections.

Thus, the Supreme Court of the United holds jurisdiction, both civil and criminal, over every public servant in the country who knew or should have known that the 2020 and 2022 election procedures were rife with fraud. This is because the Brunson complaint identifies breach of the public servants oaths as the highest of national security interests affecting every American.

Thus, the Supreme Court of the United States of America, as holder of a high duty to all the American People to act for our benefit because each Justice and employee at the Court serves the only national Court created by the People and as the creators of governments, meaning We the People come first, last and always when it comes to protecting our political will represented by our votes.

Now, Justices, will you serve the People and our law or ???


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