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Mito Miracle - There is no product out there that cures cancer or anything else. However, the body is capable of healing itself by giving it the proper tools it needs like more oxygen and more cellular energy from the mitochondria.

Posted By: mroxygen
Date: Wednesday, 21-Dec-2022 06:08:21

IMO This is one of the most advanced and important articles I have ever written. It's long and must be studied in depth. Please read everything thoroughly.

You would be amazed how many people contact me to ask me about what I have already told them repeatedly that they have ignored. I am very busy helping so please feel free to ask for what you need, but do not use my time because of laziness.

I am very grateful of everyone who helped us so we could do this for you! THANK YOU again!

RMN Mito Cancer Lisa

"Lisa W. – Texas – I’m a negative breast cancer survivor. During my treatment I had extreme fatigue and severe side effects. After taking Restore my energy returned, the side effects were much milder and the speed with which my tumors shrank surprised my doctors." - Mito website. (Short audio below.)

Lisa found a lump in her body and was soon diagnosed with breast cancer. She had no history of cancer in her family, none of the many women in her family ever had any cancers.

I use this fact to point out that IMO this situation proves that humans are rapidly becoming way more toxic than they have ever been, and therefore have proven to have way less active oxygen (O1) or (1O2) in them than ever before.

Lisa had the worst type of cancer, and her friend in her 60's was going through experiencing the same disease.

During her chemo sessions, the chemotherapy caused all her hair to fall out.

Her cancer was so bad she was even scheduled to have a double mastectomy!

During the pre surgery tests, and after she started taking Mito Restore, the results that came back came as a TOTAL surprise to her doctors!

The results were really a total surprise to Lisa's doctor who was about to do the surgery, because she had never seen this tumor shrinkage and disappearance happen in a patient before, ever. Lisa was and is naturally elated!

IMO HERE'S HOW IT ALL WORKS. No one has ever put this all together before and published it, so you are hearing it first:

IMO Mito Restore can be called and IS a master oxygenator that greatly facilitates the storage and release of any missing bio-photons that are not present in us and are missing from our too toxic and still undetoxified DNA.

What exactly are biophotons, and why do we need them?

Photons are part of the material world that are denser dimensional forms of Source's Light. Photons are emitted by the Sun. Nature used them to create us and all the planets.

WE are truly Spirits made of Pure Source Light. To incarnate here, WE as Spirits mix with the denser DNA from our ancestors. This allows us to power ourselves while here in this dimension.

Our DNA absorbs photonic energy and creates the mitochondria and stem cells and telomeres that keep our immune and repair systems going. Source installed these systems in us and darkness has hidden our keys to them to keep itself alive. We are capable of living a loooooong time in our original un-dense cleaned DNA state.

When our Spirits intend to have us incarnate and operate here in time and duality, WE need to absorb photons and grow and repair ourselves by also eating biophotons and storing them in our DNA.

WE are supposed to use our Natural DNA programs to absorb and generate and store and emit every biophoton needed through this biology. Some call our biology forms our "meat suit" or "physical vehicles." Most simply say "our bodies." When photons are morphed into compressed photons while being created by our bodies, we call them biophotons.

We generate biophotons via our own DNA because this spiritual form of compressed biological currency is necessary for our immune systems to repair and rebuild. This bio currency, this denser form of Source Light, is what WE are made of once we incarnate.
When referring to our less evolved aspects or expressions like a dimensional human, I use a small w on we and our immortal aspect as Spirit is indicated by my using WE. Nature helps us to grow our physical vehicles, our bodies, by combining Source Light with DNA.

WE need biophotons constantly because WE and we are Light. This biophoton storage and generation and release process is essentially how our cells communicate, and how we communicate with the world around us and with each other.

I am describing the newly emerging science of the missing links acknowledging WE truly are just Light Energy incarnate. Everything is.

Nothing dies, because energy is neither created or destroyed. Everything just changes form. This Mito formula is a step toward finally allowing all humans to access the complete healings possible that have been eluding us while temporarily residing in this form.

As I write I am almost 74. After 35+ years living through concentrated experience, it is my experienced opinion; that everyone has been using Oxygen Therapies (title of my first book) successfully and getting complete relief, BUT, after watching, I found that many are too busy and have become too programmed to be able to really oxygenate and mineralize while in this stressful and toxic place!

Ultimately, for example, humans are getting so toxic lately, I find that many can't afford the time or money needed to take advantage of all the now becoming too necessary current daily ozone doctor's visits. How many times we need treatment depends upon how toxic we are, but it has on average increased from three weeks of direct IV ozone injections - up to the now required (sometimes) three months - in order to achieve the correct level of active oxygen therapy cleansing for some people.

Mito Restore's specially chosen oxygenating and mineralizing group of nutrients are in a perfectly blended ratio that additionally features their Mito proprietary "XDS" delivery system.

Let me repeat: These proprietary formulations of Mito products that CANNOT be purchased elsewhere all feature their exclusive to Mito blending which includes their proprietary "XDS" Extended Delivery System energies. This is the secret sauce deeply providing the body with needed vital and missing nutrients (like polyphenols, oils, and other phytonutrients).

These nutrients help the body's own trillions of cellular mitochondria organelles to slow their own aging, and by repairing themselves they allow us to flourish as in our youth.

The repair part encompasses extending their resulting stem cell telomeres exactly as Source intended. We already have Source's secret instructions programmed into us through instructions already inserted into our DNA by Nature that we now call "junk" DNA.

We are made of PURE LIGHT. Since conception, Our Spirits have been growing our bodies here by radiating Light out of our hearts and having us eat and breathe the Sun's Light. We look at it a different way.

We can see this process as Nature compressing our empowering and necessary replacement and growth Light into the soil for us. Life surrounds us and comes from inside our own hearts and from Nature all at the same time.

As I explained, WE really are just Light. Our own bodies here in this educational dimensional time illusion are composed of compressed and densified Light Energy that simply changes IT’s form to experience being us here for a short (YOU decide) while. You signed a contract to play here for a specified amount of time. The contract can be amended by the choices WE humans make, individually, and as a mass.

WE all wanted to be here in this rare convergence of all these timeline energies peaking at this time. WE all signed up for it somewhere and are really ready for it. Whether or not you have decided to recognize it or not.

WE humans incarnate here and call ourselves Spirits expressing as humans incarnating and being here in these space time and dimensional worlds of this reality WE call “Life.” WE and we are a denser form of Light. Living undercover as humans morphed into Compressed Light ENERGY. What we humans also call living on the “Earth.”

We survive here by eating Light and calling it "plants" or Nature's "food." Plants and the animals that eat them and the people that eat them, need to be perfectly healthy. For over 35+ years I have taught that for health, everything must be natural and un-poisoned and created and grown with a full compliment of soil minerals. Our soils presently are empty compared to what Nature requires.

Nature partners with Source here to keep our educational illusion going. Greedy commercialization works at destroying this covenant. It must always be remembered that darkness and control are so bad they destroy themselves.

Nature feeds us Light by the EARTH as it's minerals - which are turned into compressed food by plants - and by biophotons. Biophotons are forms of the Light that WE and we are, and biophotons follow Nature's instructions which grow us out of our post zygote hearts which are our direct connection with the Father.

Everything in society is a reverse lie. As Pure Spirits WE incarnate into these meat suits and take on artificially created in dimensions denser carbon copies of Spirits that religions call our pasted on divine souls.

WE and we then grow minds with attached emotions to power them with - while we are stuck here in this local space and time duality. Be very careful about discerning and knowing the real difference between Spirit and feelings. Especially the difference between judgmental contaminated ancestral feelings and our pure Heart Inner Child peaceful communications from Spirit. Why not ask your heart and inner child to show you the difference?

Now our DNA (more Light compressed and structured by Nature and Source Light) can finally create and store and release more of the Light Source Biophotons from Itself. As Light here we must have them to live on.

Our little body selves need to keep their little messed with and programmed by visible and invisible aliens minds running at their ultimate efficiency! This process is how our DNA is supposed to repair itself and reverse our premature aging - which is coming from too many toxins collecting and building up over the course of our lives. Instead of ending our lives in disease and pain, we could have chosen to end in what is supposed to be a joyous peaceful excitement within time and duality.

Bottom line is: “How EFFICIENT is our individual DNA?” and “How TOXIC is it?” The amount of toxicity determines the efficiency of our DNA. As originally designed - as pure Spirits using biophotons, We and we can cure any disease ourselves with intention through our Smart Body Innate and our immune systems to communicate between our cells and with the world around us.

Having very efficient DNA allows our DNA to remove all toxins, including radiation, and to reverse aging and create even more efficiency. After her taking the Mito Restore, Lisa’s doctor could find no trace of the cancer. The cancer had completely disappeared because she intended and chose to do what was necessary become toxin free and normal again!

No trace or cancer could be found! No more need for toxic chemo!

Listen in: https://app.box.com/s/gd5ks00odo8b1j0wktf1j1nidfioivg2

Click here to join Mito for FREE with NO OBLIGATION: http://www.moremito.com/BOGM

Then you can sign up as a "Referring Customer" with your own FREE website and FREE back office.

Then you can do all your own due diligence and find all the info for yourself. You can hear the excitement in the live reports.

This article is for educational purposes only. We claim no cures and make no intention to claim any cures. Individual results always vary. The FDA has not reviewed this article that we know of. Somebody’s hidden AI is probably already aware of it. I know it is in the Akashic and be found there.

This article is intended to be read by the Beneficiaries of The Breath of God Ministry only. If you read this article you are declaring yourself to be a Beneficiary of our Ministry. Being a Beneficiary is also FREE and Has NO OBLIGATIONS. As a Sovereign exercising your Sovereign power to choose FREELY, you can come and go from membership as you please at any time.


Remenber: To Buy Mito you first need to join as a member FOR FREE and WITH NO OBLIGATION AT ALL as a “REFERRING CUSTOMER.” This gives you the most options. This also allows you to purchase more in the future and at a discount. Most EVERYBODY wants to buy at a discount. Some never have to buy any product themselves!

Once you have joined, Then you can study up and choose to order or not order whatever product you want, and how many of each that you want. I advise stocking up now and being on autoship to be sure you can always order ahead, and qualify monthly, and get all the healing potential product you need - just in case anything happens to your future supply line in these crazy times.

IMO it is also best to at some point call or email me and have me and my team explain how you can easily buy at a discount just by telling your friends what happened!

Because this duality world is the way it is, I am forced to use copyrights to keep this message pure.


This article is private and intergalactically and interdimensionally common and statutory law copyright 2022 by Ed McCabe, Elder for the Breath of God Ministry. All Rights Reserved.

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