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Reader Charles: "TRUMP; Duly Served Demand to Queen of England, Execution on Treaty Contract."

Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 21-May-2022 16:12:42

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie.

Now we enter into current history in motion at this present moment. That means actions taken in the past are still having effect in the present.

What you will find below is the CRUSHING of the BAR hegemony ruling over our country and attachment of full unlimited liabilities for damages to the Queen of England, as the owner over the chattel properties of English Common Law and Equity jurisdictions, and the British Subjects the Queen owns who administer her BAR business’s world wide.

We the Beneficiaries acted on behalf of the People and the governments We the People created beginning 1776. We acted because no one else, particularly the supposed leadership operating as the People’s public servants could not act, ignorance and their systemite character, nor would act ever, because they are paid not to. More to the point many to many public servants act in contempt creating insurrection against the People’s Original Political Jurisdictions, recognized world wide as our Constitutions.

Please find below Official Public Record duly served on the People’s President, Donald John Trump, at the People’s White House in 2018. Registered U.S. Post proof incorporated into the documented public record.

Readers, please go back in the way back machine and review the events surrounding the them concerning the British Ambassador, The Honorable Sir Kim Dorrach. Follow the events for about eight months in order to see the tracks in the snow leading to a house on fire. Good detective adventure that really happened.

This monograph is presented to all the so called gurus inviting engagement in feeding at the trough of the deep state sewer rather than recognizing their own powers under our American law system and focusing on solutions.

Talking about problems or corruption never addresses the issue, it merely feeds the the corruption the energy it needs to survive.
Focusing on solutions and acting on the focus actually creates solutions or at worst a reaction exposing weakness’s.

Another effect of simple common sense, logic, application of law to facts, link below, that caused huge perturbations in the Queens commercial world when tracked will show that straight forward, hard core applications of law to the facts creates reactions causing change. Follow the news till the Queen sells BP to Dutch cousin to shift liability and attempt to escape responsibilities. Fun detective story!

Who will join we Beneficiaries on the Adventure in creating some get right and do right.


Charles C. Miller
1310 NW State Ave. # 79
Ph: 253-329-4413, 253-326-1010
Email: ccmtrusted@icloud.com

Donald Glen Westover,
P.O. Box 169,
Ph: 949-690-2042
Email: sovereign7@mac.com

Andre Paul Provost Jr.
c/o 8839 N. Cedar, #105,
Ph: 559-970-3507
Email: pildig123@gmail.com

DATE: July 4, 2018
SEALED; September 11, 2018. (911)

United States Post Office,
Registered Mail Number; RE 635 957 867 US

Execution of Contract, 1783 Treaty of Peace;
Treaty Beneficiary Letter of Wishes;
Recognition and Enforcement of Treaty of Paris 1783, nunc pro tunc.

Treaty of Paris 1783


Charles C: Miller, Duly Sworn Declaration of Annex

Execution for Political and Legal Obligations
File no. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

REFERENCE: Doc xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx Allonge

File xxxxxxxxx

Donald Glen Westover, Duly Sworn Declaration of Annex

Execution for Political and Legal Obligations
File: xxxxxxxx

Andre Paul Provost Jr., Actual and Constructive

Duly Sworn Declaration of Annex
Execution for Political and Legal Obligations
File: xxxxxxx

Her Majesty's Ambassador to The United States of America.
The Honorable Sir Kim Dorrach,
Her Britannic Majesty's Ambassador Extraordinary and
Plenipotentiary to the United States of America,
British Embassy Washington,
3100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW,
Washington DC 20008. USA.

Dear Mr. Ambassador, Sir Kim Dorrach,

We write to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second in care of you as Plenipotentiary
formally invoking the Queens obligations to supervise and control Her Majesties agents operating in The United States of America.

YOU WILL; Find Annexed hereto, fully incorporated, Identification Documents ratifying by Full Faith and Credit Public Record our standing and capacities as Principles to the 1783 Treaty of Paris, the operating contract between Sovereigns and their Nations.

The position of Plenipotentiary is simply a trustees position in service to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second.

We are direct beneficiaries of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second obligations fully recognized world wide under the binding Treaty of Paris 1783. You will find annexed, duly filed public record ratifying our capacity and standing to require execution of Treaty conditions and terms as we formally request.

This formal international presentment is a conversation between recognized Sovereigns operating in good faith pursuant to International Law as Her Majesty is trustee, guarantor and surety to and for all her subjects acts or omissions world wide.

Thus, this communication in the form and function of Letter of Wishes. The 1783 Treaty in operation being the Public Trust document between recognized Sovereigns requires action by Her Majesty as formally requested herein. Her Majesty, of course, being the owner, surety, trustee and guarantor over all the activities of Her subjects. Yet more to the point, the Queens obligations to us personally as direct beneficiary to the Treaty as direct parties thereto are called due.

The 1783 Treaty of Paris was executed by agents to the American People as the recognized Sovereigns parties to the Peace Treaty. This is because our Countries foundational documents, creating all of our governments, are contracts duly executed between the People. All acts carried out from the July 4 1776 Declaration to the September 3, 1783 Paris Treaty meeting are done “ in the Name, and by Authority of the good People “.

Thus, as boni fide signatories, nunc pro tunc, to our Nations foundation documents, we are Principles, Sovereigns, duly recognized by the English Crown beginning 1783, September 3, pursuant to Article 1 Of the definitive, under seal, legal, political and commercial relations Treaty between separate Peoples.

We are presenting formal notice with opportunity for corrective actions to be engaged immediately on cause that Her Majesty’s subjects, agents, licensees and operations in our country caused numerous and varied illegal acts to become public record. We, Andre Paul Provost, Donald Glen Westover and Charles C. Miller have been damaged by the Queens actors. Every American Citizen or citizen has been injured, suffered damage under the facts exposed herein. The facts out lined herein below are proved conclusively by the public records available to any one as Before the World.

This formal Letter of Wishes is intended for three purposes. First, for Her Majesty to have the opportunity to exhibit good faith, make good on Treaty obligations and it’s corresponding duties and liabilities. Two, establishing the record in order that the public order, peace and dignity between Sovereigns is reestablished and maintained. Third, provide Her Majesty the opportunity to address her agents acts and omissions and take corrective actions.

We act as Sovereigns to present our findings of fact conclusions of law to the Sovereignty of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, in particular to the plenipotentiary office and Man exerciseing the office.

Below, the recitation of facts, formal requests for action, and of course actual performance, on the part of the office and subject officer Plenipotentiary acting for the Queen exposes liabilities having extreme international consequences.

The Queen in various capacities and franchise grantor positions is both a direct and indirect beneficiary of the operations of the Federal Reserve Central Bank operating the private money, a private property, distribution and control system in the United States.

a. The Queen as Sovereign is the franchiser to and for all corporations operating
in Britain or registered or chartered under the Crown as fully liable principal.
b. The Queen as Sovereign is the master, owner, of all British subjects fully liable
for the subjects actions.
c. The Queen as Sovereign ultimately controls completely all corporations,
subjects, visitors to the realm as Sovereign and principal guarantor for all
franchised, licensed or chartered acts by all regulated actors.
d. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second is a direct and indirect beneficiary of
the Federal Reserve operations World Wide, currency of reserve ownership

The Queen in various capacities and franchise grantor positions is both a direct and indirect beneficiary of the operations of the controlling BAR Associations operating the law administration distribution and control systems in the United State and individual States, a private exclusive association, having ties and obligations to the Queen directly through the Queens Inns of Court.

a. This position apparently gained through secret operations culminating in the
1803 United States Act taking in British Common Law and Equity Law as the
foundation for federal United States law operations.
b. The Queens ownership over British Common Law and Equity jurisdictions as
private Crown property is not in question.
c. The use of Crown properties requires quid pro quo terms. Said terms are not
public record thereby setting up a stealth invasion by British agents usurping
Sovereign powers of the United States in direct intentional violation of Treaty
obligations under the 1783 Treaty.

The Queens direct and indirect franchised agents, individual subjects all, under personal acceptance, both BAR actors and all corporate bank actors, operate under surety of the Queen as guarantor for their individual and collective acts, both individually and systemically.

The Queens agents and entities operate on the soil, with in the jurisdictions set out by the People recognized as Sovereign under the 1783 Treaty.

The Queens agents and entities nor the Crown itself ever sought in any manner to obtain the Peoples nor the United States permission for operations benefiting the English Crown, as carried out by the Queens agents.

The Queens agents, BAR and Federal Reserve actors, operating in the United States never openly disclosed their ties or loyalties to the English Crown Royalty, the Queen.

The English Crown gave no notice that its agents and entities intentions, or instructions, for their operations in the United States was to usurp legitimate authorities and powers in a deceptive manner causing massive confusion, confusion at the very least, for the Crowns benefit.

As the English Crown well knows trespass, of any nature or kind, into or on to another Sovereigns jurisdiction or land is a BREACH OF THE PEACE, the highest crime internationally, as a prelude to open warlike hostilities.

Trespass through direct or indirect means, ownership in private money, operating private law administrations, spreading confusion and deceptively influencing legitimate United States government officers and operations is a classic trespass under the Queens own Common Law and Equity jurisdictions. It matters not how many layers of cover are in place, the facts expose the trespass.

The public records available in The United States Of America exhibit conclusive proof of fact attaching responsibility to the Crown for BREACH of the 1783 Treaty of Peace.

The BREACH takes the form of one Sovereignty, the English Crown, attempting through deception, as appears to be intended—(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or ( iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States, a Crown recognized foreign SOVEREIGN authority. ( see international World Wide Web Notice Concerning the BRITISH PETROLEUM invasion of the Union States bordering the Gulf Of Mexico.)

King George in the 1783 Treaty of Peace recognizes the good People as Sovereign in the release of proprietary chattel properties stated as International Law at Article 1 of said Treaty. This recognition is from one Sovereign to former subjects accepting the subjects ascension to Sovereignty, now binding on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. This recognition is under the Seal of the British Crown, good today as it was then.

The Crowns beneficial interest in lands, corporate entities, trust entities, governments, owners of the private money Currency of Reserve operation and individual actors employed therein, along with BAR controls in context of the Crowns close associations to the NEW WORLD ORDER, all testify to the necessity of this Letter of Wishes for Recognition and enforcement of Treaty obligations.

The Queens beneficiary position, asset and leverage accruals, from positions in both the BAR and Federal Reserve operations exposes the intent to subjugate the American People to Crown Rule once again, in direct violation of the forever binding obligations under the 1783 Treaty of Peace.

a. The United States as currently operating is managed by a corporate structure.
Situs of the corporation is in question as is the identity of stakeholders and
management. This alteration from the Peoples original intent is never authorized
by the Grantors of all government powers, the People.
b. The original structure set up by the People, a Public Service Trust, has never
been abandoned nor invalidated in any manner whatsoever. The Public Trust
documents still control the operations of both the Union States and the United
c. However, the current, and past, administrations of government services is
controlled by BAR agents owing direct allegiance or divided allegiance to the
d. The United States some how, under direction of BAR members, altered the
Public Trust forum administering government services to the form of corporate
government structure.
e. United States laws require ALL corporations to be managed, guided and
supervised by BAR Attorneys.
f. This structure sets up divided loyalty to a foreign Sovereign owning the BAR, and
breach of contracted duties publicly proclaimed by government actors to serve
the People and their original form of government exclusively. LOYAL
g. The duties pledged and contracted for are execution of the law governing
public officers and employees, which, the Queen is required to recognize and
respect according to her own Treaty obligations from 1783 to the present.
h. The breach of duty to the People, the source and authority for ALL government
operating in or on the Union States, rises to TREASON when the government
agents have divided loyalty to another Sovereign.
NOTE: Our Constitution for the United States Of America defines TREASON as, “ Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.” ( underline added )
i. The Queens positions and activities related to BAR and Federal Reserve
operations causing divided loyalty denies the People honest government, while
giving aid and comfort to a foreign Sovereign.
j. Dishonest government operations, deception, in the form of lack of disclosure of
loyalties, administered through corporations, have operated in a manner
circumventing our fundamental laws, while giving aid and comfort, benefits
accrued, to a foreign Sovereign.
k. This fact is particularly evident in public record exposed by actions at the
Supreme Court of the United States, allegedly, direct undivided loyalty agents of
the People, in their interpreting our Bill of Rights.
I. Sovereign agents or actors in both the United States of America and the
Common Wealth under the Queens Sovereignty, are not authorized to:
1. Operate under divided loyalty;
2. Interpret the Sovereigns Laws when not openly delegated that privilege
3. Circumvent Sovereign intent, particularly when the intent is stated in a
writing, by the Sovereign;
4. Deny any one of the American People, nor any other people, access to their
fundamental laws;
5. Deny any one of the American People, nor any other people, access to the
choice of political forum within which to live;
6. Deceive or mislead the American People, nor any other People, in to
involuntary servitude, the management of human capital, for the benefit of
their Sovereign.

Divided loyalty acted out by the Queens subjects or contracted agents, operating for the Federal Reserve and the BAR, particularly when the Crown reaps profit and benefits from the ownership or franchisor position, is giving aid and comfort to a Sovereign other than the one American officials and employees pledged loyalty to.

In the event any of our statements herein are not accurate, not verifiable from public records in our country, The United States of America, misleading, deceptive or in any other manner whatsoever, not the subject matter of open good faith dialogue between Sovereigns, we the American Sovereigns call upon our Sister Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth the Second, to formally advise us in writing of positions and statements that are in need good faith open dialogue for correcting of mistakes.

THUS: Provost, Westover and Miller approach the Plenipotentiary, Sir Kim Dorrach, with a single request from one Sovereign to another Sovereign.

YOU WILL; Please advise all agents, actors, representatives and associates, close or far, that the Queen now demands complete respect and complete compliance with the fundamental Laws of the American People as recorded in our foundational documents. This notice is to delivered particularly to the BAR agents informing them that their ties and obligations to the Crown void all of their statements concerning the application and enforcement of our Declaration of Independence, States Constitutions, Articles of Confederation and United States Constitution. Further particular notice is to be presented to each and every ownership position in the United States Federal Reserve system with which the Crown associates or receives benefit from.

It may also be of use to the Queen to recall that the Treaty between Sovereigns is a contract requiring recognition and enforcement by all Nations, the highest form of mans law of course being personal contract, particularly between Sovereigns.

What is to be decided, given the current circumstance now being exposed world wide, is whether the English Crown, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, is an enemy of the Sovereign People, and our governments, of The United States Of America.

Be advised that His Holiness, Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the State of Vatican City, Servant of the Servants of God, was duly served Charles C. Miller’s documents in July of 2013. Verification of my standing and capacity by the Vatican State is requested in order that known administrators of Her Majesty and certain enterprise operations in the United States have fair notice. This letter will be forwarded to the Pope personally for supervisory controls over franchised agents to be exercised.

Be advised that we are exercising our positions at the Peoples office of President of The United States of America in personal letter to the honorable Donald John Trump. We inform our President of these matters for multiple reasons. In the event the office of Plenipotentiary requests information concerning our communications with our President, a simple written request will be responded to. We also request our President to notify other heads of state of these matters at his discretion, particularly Mr. Putin. A written request for information concerning these notices will be responded to immediately.

Be advised that establishing open public record of these matters is reserved by us at this point. To this point the only parties involved at present are identified herein. We have made secure arrangements to release world wide the records founding these matters in the event of bad faith being exhibited.

The beneficiary positions held by Her Majesty in the United States Federal Reserve and the BAR controlling attorneys managing the law and corporate structures attaches supervisory duties to the Queen, over Her agents publicly and privately. More to the point, Her Majesty is the ultimate surety and guarantor for all subjects, agents and agencies operating Her Majesty’s enterprises. The multi layered protective mechanisms employed by the British Sovereignty are penetrated by this direct act calling for recognition and honor under the 1783 Treaty.

We are simply demanding Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, and you as Plenipotentiary, honor your commitments to us specifically, and generally to the governments we created, beginning with the 1783 Treaty nunc pro tunc, and receipt of our Declaration of Independence in 1776.

As boni fide original Grantors, placing our political will in Bailment, particularly as Beneficiaries of all governmental acts since 1776, we exercise our authorities as Sovereigns ratified by King George and his principal the Vatican.


WE; Charles C. Miller, Donald Glen Westover, Andre Paul Provost Jr. , from our principle standing and capacity as direct Beneficiaries to the contract Treaty of Peace 1783, between the People inhabiting the Union States, a nation titled The United States Of America, 1778, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, now issue our formal findings of fact conclusions of law, relating possible breach of Treaty by actors representing the British Crowns presence within our jurisdictions and on our venues.
1. The 1783 Treaty of Peace is valid, in full force and effect from September 3, 1783 to present.
2. We the American Sovereigns are perfectly within our Treaty Rights to act for the protection of our republic form of government duly recognized and ratified by the English Crown, 1783.
3. We the American Sovereigns are perfectly within our Treaty Rights to advise Queen Elizabeth of events and activities known to be under control and supervision by the Crown.
4. We the American Sovereigns are perfectly within our Treaty Rights to demand that Queen Elizabeth take corrective measures for the trespass, deceptive practices, rising to malversation carried out by Crown subjects, franchised entities, from which Queen Elizabeth receives massive benefits commercially, politically and legally.
5. Agents and entities owing allegiance to, providing benefits for, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, have with forethought, establishing intent, invaded our form and forums of the Peoples created governments, Public Trusts.
6. Agents and entities owing allegiance to, providing benefits for, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, have with forethought, establishing intent, usurped legitimate government operations in the Union States and United States by substituting divided loyalty individuals for those holding a single loyalty to the original form of government created and ordained by the newly free People beginning 1776.
7. This substitution has altered the form and function of our governments operating for the Union States and the United States from one that serves and protects the People, first, last and always, to the illegitimate form serving a foreign principle, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, at the expense of the People of the States United.
8. The intent exposed by these actions is for the reestablishing of the English Crowns control over subjects, the free American people, returning them to the status of subjects, property, slaves, released under the Treaty of 1783.
9. The deceptive practices, hidden connections, covered up secret agreements, misleading and misdirecting investigations by alleged servants of the people, while actually serving the English Crown, DENIES every American alive today the benefits of the 1783 Treaty of Peace obligations, wherein Queen Elizabeth and her progenitors promised the American people their individual liberty and freedom from English Crown Rule, for ever!
11. In the event the English Crown under direction of Queen Elizabeth fails or refuses, in any manner whatsoever, to immediately act to with draw Queens agents, entities, actors all, posing as loyal free Americans, from effecting or affecting operations of the Free Peoples governments in the States United, SELF EXECUTED CONFESSION OF JUDGEMENT BY ACTION ON OPEN PUBLIC RECORD WILL BE BEFORE THE WORLD.

The indicated judgement at this moment, appears to be that the English Crown, and its subjects, both real men and constructed entities, under control and supervision of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, have under deception INVADED the United States Of America, supported TREASON by controlling and supporting divided loyalty public officers and employees, committing war like activities of political, legal and commercial nature, commercia belli, in direct BREACH OF 1783 TREATY OF PEACE and high International Crime of Slavery.

Govern your selves accordingly.

Seeking Honor, concerning the Treaty of Paris, 1783.


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