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Many People Want to Know What is Going On??? I Will Tell You Now

Posted By: Mr.Ed
Date: Monday, 8-Nov-2021 06:33:07

Many people want to know what is going on??? I will tell you now.

Based on what we can find...I think something BIG is about to manifest. A Q drop says 11/11 so we got 3 days or less.

Trump won the 2020 election hands down. So everybody on the left in DC committed Treason and many on the right.

So the military had to take over and as a result of that Trump had to step aside so the military could clean up the mess and fix the problems. That has been ongoing for about the past 4 years.

Secretly the top cabal have selectively been removed and arrested...sent to GITMO for military trials and then punished.

These cabal who were arrested and executed long ago have been replaced by a 'look a like' or clone or double or actor is a mask even solid laser holograms. (such as Project Blue Beam or the fake jets that crashed into the twin towers on 9/11)

Some websites provide this intel but many skeptics from the left try to discredit them, when the truth is right in your face and they can't see it, such as www.RealRawNews.com

Punishment for Treason is death via various means. Then the subject is replaced so the public (flock) don't panic. (riots via ANTIFA & BLM agents) Who are really CIA & FBI.

If Trump just went in and cleaned house...the left would cry "he is a dictator and he is just eliminating his enemy to dominate".

So he could not do it. (as much as I am sure he wanted to and surely could)

So what is about to happen is several things. Trump is going to return. The military is going to show and explain what happened to everybody.

This goes way back to when the CIA killed JFK in 1963. I saw it on B&W TV. So JFK Jr. will replace Trump as president and Gen. Flynn will be VP. Trump is going to be some kind of world leader over all nations. He will be joined by the galactics who will enter the stage soon for a new twist to the saga.

Under NESARA Law...new elections will be held 120 days after NESARA is announced, but they feel we will keep the same players after the votes are counted.

So we get new space based Internet Starlink. WAY Faster and coverage everywhere on the planet. (no dead zones)

Also we go to Tesla Free Energy. Rumors are the US power grid switched over to Tesla power a couple weeks ago. Later to be removed and recycled so all the ugly (wires & poles) infrastructure will be gone and the details are not clear but I hear we get a Tesla Coil in the back yard connected to your breaker panel (to replace the grid drop and meter) and one unit can power about 10 homes so not every house will have one.

But it will be free. What we are on now is said to reduce your monthly power bill by 75%. So we should see this new energy savings right away...later to be free as soon as all the infrastructure is installed.

So they cheated like hell for the past 30 years at least on all elections around the world. I discovered the election fraud in the mid 90's in my research.

This new Starlink Satellite System is a joint venture involving the galactics. This QFS technology is used on Pleiades and is being shared with us so we can go there and trade with them too.
A fool proof system tried and proven. No more dirty bankers stealing your money in the name of service charges and fees.
Out the window with SWIFT. History now.

This massive satellite system is already in place and expanding as we speak. This system will host other features we will use in the future like Quantum Banking under the New QFS. (Quantum Financial System)

And Quantum Voting. The next elections will be done using the QFS. Never again can anybody cheat on any elections.

Also your money will be safe in the new QFS.

The New Space phones will work from this same Quantum computer system in space. The QFS is sentient. They use the same thing to run motherships in space. Positive A.I. (unlike the negative A.I. we have now)

I hear a chunk of money is coming soon for everybody which will quickly stimulate the economy and bring relief under NESARA/GESARA. (which will be announced soon...maybe 3 days or less?)

The skeptics always cry...'Where is the money going to come from?' Well they found a tunnel under the satanic vatican that runs 150 miles full of gold. And now they found even more. So it was taken from all of us over time and it will be returned. This goes way back to your distant family who was shorted too.

Hospitals will be closed soon and doctors will lose their licenses. Same goes for London Bar lawyers. (offshore traitors for the satanic queen) That story comes soon too. (freakin' royal reptile shape shifters) David Icke was right all along. He has been the target of skeptics and trolls forever. He was 1st to call the queen a lizard shapeshifter.

So the MATRIX goes down for 10 days. During this time the military & White Hats will make the mass arrests of the cabal.

Also at this same time many will cash out for the RV/GCR. Under the distraction of the black out and mass arrests.

You didn't really think they would get away with all this crap did you??? Like Juan O Savin (107) says...HELL NO !!! :)

We are getting our country back. Soon all the bad guys will be gone and what a nice place it will be then. All that negative energy gone. Then we get Disclosure and the boys upstairs will have plenty to tell us and lots of new off world technology that will blow your mind.

There is more to tell...but this is a general outline and it will unfold as we go. Stay tuned for me soon. And stock up with food and needed supplies for a while.

Do not fear anything. This is all good and it will be so much better soon. They say you won't recognize anything in a year from now.

They use fear to control you and keep you disconnected from source. Now they are in fear...of us. :)

So now when it all goes dark...you will have lots to ponder from what I just told.

All the best Mr.Ed Agent for Truth @ RMN

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