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Posted By: hobie
Date: Sunday, 13-Jun-2021 06:03:21

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

As sent to President Trump via invitation found at 45.office.com, 2:37 am, pacific, 6/13/2021.

The systemites issues in the Monograph are the key elements.

How do you our public servants ever get out of the corrupt state they operate in when the only thing they know is the same corrupt system that trained them?


Dear President Trump, our President,

Exercising the People’s Original Jurisdiction.

Beneficiaries deliver this Letter of Advice as an education tool for both the Trustee and the American People, so that situational awareness of the legal relationship between the People and our public servants may be understood in simple direct terms.

The major premise here is identification of, understanding the two fundamental Jurisdictions available in our country. The first and superior jurisdiction of course being that of the People as memorialized forever in our Constitutions, State Declarations of Rights, Bill of Rights, over which no government is granted jurisdiction. Second, and the inferior jurisdiction in service to the People’s Original Jurisdiction, is the Legislative Jurisdiction controlling all public servants. All statutes attach to all public servants, at all times. There is no statute anywhere granting immunity or special privilege to any public servant ever.

The two major premise of American governments are, Consent of the Governed, and, service to the People provided by public servants through the People’s Rule of Law called Constitutions, controlled by the People’s Rights.

We use the metaphor of the TRAFFIC STOP because every American is involved or affected by this set of facts and law.

When the police, matters not what flavor they are, city, County, state,or federal, walk up to your car they have already made a legal determination for you that you are subject to their powers.

That legal determination is based on statutes. All public servants from top to bottom are bound to serve the statutes and execute them. That’s what they get paid to do. The term systemite comes into play at the present moment. SYSTEMITE:

One who serves the system that trained them with out care or understanding of the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the system served.

Systemites rule the world today. The training of our People begins very early. When the training system is corrupted or perverted, the products turned out are tainted by both corruptions and perversions to some extent. Multi generations of crooked systems training compounds and accumulates to the point of collapse. When the measures of success or failure, self identity or or imposed identity, value in our culture or shame in our culture are the subject matters of our training systems those trained have no reference point other than the system that trained them. The perfect example is BAR trained judges and attorneys who routinely apply their code procedures to supplant, cover over and ignore the People’s Original Jurisdictions. Thus, our Country and our People are screwed as is our culture, our future.

The below dialogue is how a few of us deal with our public servants during a traffic stop. The principles outlined here apply to any interface from any American with any public servant.

OFFICER: “May I see your drivers license, registration and insurance.”

Each of these items is required by statute. The statutes were created by the state legislature. The officer is paid to enforce statutes. Thus, asking to see your license registration and insurance is an execution of the statutes.

There is no authority granted by the People creating the legislative body of any state for the powers of the legislature to be exercised upon the People. We the People are simply not identified by legislative authority as either subjects nor objects to be legislated over.

Prove it to yourself by taking 15 minutes in reading the legislative section of your state constitution.

What is means in very simple direct terms is that the officer has made a legal determination that whoever the traveler in the private mode of conveyance is, subject to the legislation he is enforcing.

No public servant is ever granted power of attorney by any American to act as their legal counsel making a legal determination that could bind any American!

No public servant is allowed to create their own legal determination of any Americans political or legal standing. Making a legal determination of an Americans legal relationship to governments denies the notice and opportunity to respond mandate found at the 5th Amendment Due Process language.


TRAVELER: “ Excuse me officer, are you attempting to entice me into involuntary servitude?”

With that statement the traveler has informed the officer that they are not subject to his powers. The officer knows when he hears that statement that he’s dealing with a situation where he is immediately personally liable for each and every of his acts from the moment he heard the words involuntary servitude.

Every public servant is trained by the system.

When the traveler understands that there are only two jurisdictions in our country, one which serves the People and the other that manages our public servants, statutes, then the legal relationships between the People and all public servants change.

We the People’s Original Jurisdiction is our constitution which is the source of authority for all legislation. What this means in very simple terms is that since We the People created the constitution we are ultimately the source and authority for all legislation.

When We the People are not identified as either a subject to be ruled over by legislation, nor an object to be considered subject to legislation defined by our constitutions legislative powers, the KEY element of our whole system of government comes into fill context. CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED!

Below find a short paragraph, and order of interpretation to be applied across-the-board to and by every public servant, issued by the United States Supreme Court. This paragraph defines completely the legal relationship between every public servant and every government operation of any nature or kind whatsoever and the People granting governments authority to exist. ( Emphasis added )

YICK WO v HOPKINS. 118 U.S. 356 (1886) Never superseded nor over ruled.

When we consider the nature and the theory of our institutions of government, the principles upon which they are sup- [118 U.S. 356, 370] posed to rest, and review the history of their development, we are constrained to conclude that they do not mean to leave room for the play and action of purely personal and arbitrary power. Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law; but in our system, while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts. And the law is the definition and limitation of power. It is, indeed, quite true that there must always be lodged somewhere, and in some person or body, the authority of final decision; and in many cases of mere administration, the responsibility is purely political, no appeal lying except to the ultimate tribunal of the public judgment, exercised either in the pressure of opinion, or by means of the suffrage. But the fundamental rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, considered as individual possessions, are secured by those maxims of constitutional law which are the monuments showing the victorious progress of the race in securing to men the blessings of civilization under the reign of just and equal laws, so that, in the famous language of the Massachusetts bill of rights, the government of the commonwealth 'may be a government of laws and not of men.' For the very idea that one man may be compelled to hold his life, or the means of living, or any material right essential to the enjoyment of life, at the mere will of another, seems to be intolerable in any country where freedom prevails, as being the essence of slavery itself.

OFFICER: “ What? Let me see your drivers license, registration, and proof of


TRAVELER: “ Officer, here is my identification document. Please read it very carefully. Please note that I live in and am protected by the People’s Original Jurisdiction set by constitution that you have promised to serve. “

NOTE ( Identity document found at ISR.SOLUTIONS, document download. Add to top the PEOPLE’S ORIGINAL JURISDICTION, line below, Private Property, line below, TITLE. Only your personal information is inserted in the document. Print on both sides, laminate. We have used this since 2013 original form, now perfected, had it recognized by TSA, Trump security at a rally, numerous law enforcement, Congress Assembled. )

The officer at that point has serious choice to make. The officer recognizes the State Citizen, or, the officer can make the personal legal determination that you are not one of the People that created governments. Not a good choice because that legal act is a TORT from which there is no escape.

The officer has a choice to act honorably by recognizing his public servants employment requires service to the People in strict accord with the Constitution he promised to serve.

Or, the officer will be committing a series of compounding and accumulating TORTS, rising to Civil Rights violations which invoke both civil and criminal penalties.

The Civil TORT is; “ FAILURE to recognize one of People as the source and authority for all government powers, resulting in conversion of legal capacity from free American to that of a legislative subject, misidentification, identity theft, refusal to accept and obstruction of proper identification, trespass on the right to refuse consent, denial of Rights to having access to the Law of the Constitutions, causing Civil Rights violations, rising to criminal charges based on TORT proved by public record.

The Criminal Charges resulting from Civil TORT are conspiracy against Rights to

the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to every American by the Constitution or laws of the United States, and because of his having so exercised the same, the officer acted out under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjecting any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to be deprived of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

The willful part is is the threshold for criminal charges. A trained public servant knows and has always known that when any American mentions involuntary servitude in connection with the servants acts, they are required to stop what they are doing and review their positions. Harming a Citizen through negligence strongly indicates both incompetence and intent. Intent to injure is a crime of high order, particularly when Rights secured by law are implicated.

Proper identification through the Identity Document gift is three fold. First your personal legal determinations in writing, signed and sealed. No one is allowed to make political determinations for another because the result of that act is SLAVERY.

The Seal of the State Notary makes the Identity Document an official government record. No public servant is allowed to argue or challenge official government documents.

Third, your picture presents your face to the public servant which cannot be ignored.


The officers will define themselves as either loyal, honest public servants serving and protecting the People first, last and always, or, define them selves as systemites using color of official right to manage the Citizen as human capital subject to the legislative state. SLAVES.

Slavery or the enticement into slavery is a serious crime every American understands, particularly public servants.

What the honest public servant should do when presented with your Identity Document is thank you for properly identifying your self. The reason for the thank is that We the People just placed the public servant in our public law which protects the public servant completely when performing proper government functions.

The the officer should advise that you have constitutional rights and the officer will enforce them for you.

Last the officer should recognize and advise that all Americans may exercise of the right of informed consent is the law of the land by demanding proof of authority starting with the People’s Original Jurisdictions.

Then and only then is the officer allowed to advise that they have made a legal determination that will affect the American. Which is made from first hand knowledge, requiring you to be advised your activities are considered a danger to other Americans. At that point we Americans have a choice to make apologize for the mistake, promise to correct it, or, agree to be held to account to a statute.

The conclusions to this Monograph should be viewed as Redemption of our American fundamentals creating our system of government.

Honest, properly functioning government in our country is a partnership in the truest sense of the word. The People and our neighbors accepting the privilege to serve are the partners. In order to operate properly a partnership requires the partners to be on the same page. That page is the People’s Original Jurisdiction recognized and enforced by public servants.

Any legislative act not authorized by Legislative section of our Constitutions creates no legal duties or right of government action.

We the People own the roads because we paid for them with our fuel tax and other sundry taxes.

We the People never authorized our legislatures to create a commercial for profit licensing scheme to control and regulate the People in the use of our roads, public properties.

We the People never authorized our legislatures to regulate or limit our travel in any manner whatsoever.

We the People never authorized our legislatures to tax We the People, our private properties, nor control what We do with or how we treat our bodies.

President Trump, Beneficiaries Wish this Monograph be shared with all those you employ or work with while serving the People and our country. The reason for this request is very simple.

Until those running the operations of the People’s Country understand the fundamentals of the People’s Original Jurisdictions, they will never break out of the systems that trained them. The corruptions and perversions so prevalent country wide at the moment will continue to control too much of our culture when good, honest public servants do nothing to understand and execute the People’s Law.


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