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Anna Von Reitz: "To All Assemblies Concerning Our Words and Our Powers"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Friday, 4-Jun-2021 00:35:03

Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:



Thursday, June 3, 2021

To All Assemblies Concerning Our Words and Our Powers

By Anna Von Reitz

The only ones who can truly own land are living people, the sons and daughters of Adam, who came from the Earth and who return to the Earth and who are the Earth. We are land and soil assets in Law, and the land and soil are our assets in return.

Read that sentence over as often as necessary.

Both the soil (national jurisdiction) and the land (international jurisdiction) belong to living people as possessions. When operating on the land and soil, we operate as Lawful Persons. This is the realm of Public Law. Lawful Persons are alive and presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.

What seems to confuse so many people is that the sea is a separate international jurisdiction, so that there are two (2) international jurisdictions that butt up against each other and communicate with each other: land and sea. However, the corporations and "persons" operating on the sea are doing so as Legal Persons. This is the realm of Private Law. Legal Persons are considered "dead at Law" and presumed to be guilty until proven innocent.

Lawful Persons in America are Parties to the Constitutions and owed every jot of their guarantees, but Legal Persons are in a foreign status and the Constitutions do not apply to them.

It is, therefore, of supreme importance that you draw a clean line between who you are (an American) versus who the Corporate Persons are (U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States) --- both, because they have no constitutional guarantees and because they cannot own land or soil in our country.

At most, they can have a "custodial interest" or tenancy that allows them to act as caretakers of land and soil in this country.

Drawing this sharp line isn't always easy, and neither is learning all the ropes of legal language. Add to that, we are all more familiar with corporate language than common law language and most Americans don't even understand what a constitution is, nor how our constitution has been evaded by our public employees.

It's important that you get this straight, so that you can explain it to others.

We, for example, don't have "by-laws". Corporations have by-laws.

We, for example, don't operate under Constitutions. We operate under declarations and set up constitutions for our employees--- who then operate under Constitutions.

They get confused, too. Look at all the Americans out there imagining that they can call for a "Continental Congress" when they are still at sea, registered as U.S. Citizens and functioning as registered voters?

A Continental Congress can only be called by living people acting in the capacity of Lawful Persons. That is, when you are ready, you can choose delegates to act as your fiduciary deputies and they can together form a Continental Congress, because you have declared and recorded your proper status and formed your Assemblies accordingly.

All the rest of this silliness that is going on with the National Assembly and Freedom Watch and numerous other efforts to create a Continental Congress is theater by default-- whether the people involved know this or not.

Their efforts lack standing, because as either U.S. Citizens or Municipal citizens of the United States, they don't have standing to do such a thing.

You can't build a brick house without bricks.

You can't have a common law assembly functioning under by-laws.
Neither can you have a common law assembly functioning under a constitution.

And one further point for everyone to remember:

Committees of Safety were formed by Colonial Legislatures as subcommittees to deal with military and militia affairs. In other words, they were a creature that grew out of the British Colonial Government, and which the patriots used in a foreign context.

This is not what we are doing now.

Each Assembly is now engaged in setting up a simple subcommittee to deal with its own Militia Affairs---- and the primary job of this subcommittee is to supply the Militia with men and materials needed to promote the general public safety within the borders of their State.

This Committee is the proper place for the Militia to bring forward projects and needs and supply requests for review and budget allocations going forward, and this, the Militia Affairs Committee, is also the group charged with working with the Militia to develop public safety plans.

Public Safety is the fundamental concern of all the Peacekeeping Forces.

State Assembly Militias are tasked with protecting the people in their State under a wide variety of conditions and possible threats. Whether it's a gang of bandits, or a flooding river, the State Assembly Militia bears the brunt and the Militia Affairs Committee acts in support to provide funding and manpower and also helps direct operations via their planning functions---but does not direct or interfere with the day to day functions of the Assembly Militia.

Let this be a guide for the Assemblies going forward with this part of the Assembly process, so that these functions are properly named and organized and appropriately limited and focused as they should be on public safety---instead of internal power-mongering and arguments.

The Assembly has the power and duty to regulate the Assembly Militia and the Assembly Militia has the power and duty to protect the Public.

These are not adverse powers; but, they are different powers, meant to work together for the good of all.


See this article and over 3100 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com


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