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Reader: "Is there a heaven, if no one dies to go there?"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Wednesday, 2-Jun-2021 05:39:57

(Thanks, M. :)

Reader MA writes (at considerable length):


Is there a heaven, if no one dies to go there?

Hi Hobie

Reader MA shares these thoughts, pondering, and statements that can be fact or fiction or both depending on whether someone lives or dies.

In Christianity there are a few facts that are thoughts or beliefs that I call "knowings".

"I", I call them knowings because it is what every Christian is taught to know in their core.

1. God created everything.
2. There are no other Gods.

3. Accept Jesus as his son.
4. When you die, you go to heaven to be with God.

This is as basic as I can get.
Whether God is real or really exists or is not the true God, etc are arguments that Christians do not have to consider.

Christians are supposed to "know" at a minimum those 4 things listed above, 1 through 4.

God created everything, including the Devil, angels of which the Devil was one, fallen angels who were created as angels.
God created all the animal and trees, plant live, and microscopic and unseen or difficult to see things like cells, DNA, viruses, chromosomes, bacteria, protozoa, yeast, mold, fungi, amoeba.

Christians "know" they are saved if they accept Jesus.
I won't get into being saved.

I'm discussing what Christians know as part of their religion, just like someone in a different on Christian religion knows if they die a certain way they will be surrounded by virgins. It's something they know and it is based on "their" knowledge that the live their life by what they know.

Christians know they will die.
They don't know how they will die.

They know ashes to ashes..
It's certain their number will be up, and they know there should be no attachment to the gift of life, because that is one of many gifts. Just like there are heavens of heaven, and many mansions in Jesus's Father's house.

Life is the only gift Christians know now, because it's the only gift they have been shown.

If God can create angels and it is believed those created have wings and are with life, then God can gift life without wings,, a life with wings.

We don't experience that, just as a caterpillar doesn't experience that life. A caterpillar has to give up one life it knows about; for another life it doesn't know of, yet.

Emerging as a butterfly from my point of view is a great gift of life from the previous life as caterpillar.

The God that created the caterpillar that crawled on its belly and ate green leaves, mostly from one plant its entire life; into a butterfly that flew from one location to another, to see the world on a grander scale of existence and to taste the sweet nectar of a variety of flowers.

The caterpillar in its experience died, it had to give up the meat shell it existed in, so it could emerge as the butterfly. If it had family as a caterpillar, it had 5o leave them to go into its state of death to get rid of one vessel of body that would no longer serve it, and emerge in a different vessel of body that served it in a greater capacity.

If a caterpillar could be vaccinated to prevent it from experiencing that change, would it?
Especially if the caterpillar knows it will change into a butterfly; would it try to stop that change?

The angels were supposed to be jealous of man. That jealousy stemmed from our strength to live our life with the shadow of death for any reason and any cause at any unknown time, and still with the faith as small as a mustard seed, believe in things we do not see like, life in heaven, and the existence of a God who will welcome us when we arrive.

There are no Christians because the calling of a pandemic is as close as man can make a calling for a rapture. A time where two men would be in a field and one would be left behind.
A rapture is not described as, flash of light, leaving folded clothes behind, or a zap of energy and people disappear.in a puff of smoke and their clothes scatter with the wind, or some massive magnet grabbing people up into the air to be taken away by some planet made of iron oxide, or laying in some bed gasping for their breath of life until they can't hold that breath any longer and it leaves the body.

There are many billions and billions more of people who were born, that left that way, whether from dying in a war, or at home, or in a hospital, or somewhere.

The bible is quoted as having words that he who saves his life will lose it.

The grand deception is that the people taking the vack will die.

We do not know everything in the vacuum, but it does trigger a response with the body's platelets.

There is a certain number of platelets, and each day 10% are replaced. It takes 10 days to fully replace all the platelets that were in the body 11 days ago.

The spike protein in the virus is causing the platelets to generate clotting. This manifest as headaches, nausea, pain at the injection site, hair loss if the clotting is at the follicle, cover toes when the clotting is in the toes, teeth loss without blood or bleeding when it's in the mouth, the heart conditions of the young when the clotting occurs in the heart, explaining that swelling which is discussed as inflammation, etc.

Remember the doctor in Florida who died had no platelets.

That means the platelets clotted faster than 10% a day.

When there is an injury that needs the clotting and there are no platelets, then a hemorrhaging will occur.

Hemorrhaging like ebola where the bleeding is seen externally only if it's at those locations of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and other open areas.

People will die and every cause of death will be different and the vaccine will never be the cause because there are an infinite number of places the blood can clot and the person die of the clot, or the blood can clot and the person dies of hemorrhaging because there were no more platelets.

Some people will live.

If nanobots are inserted and people eat the foods the nanotechnology needs to recreate itself inside, then there will be no need to worry about people dying.

If given enough time, the people will have everlasting life, here.

They will seek death and it will flee from them.

They took the vack to live, an so they shall.

They took the vack so they would not die, and if they live long enough, they won't die.

The passport is to track where they go.
At some point, they will not be ",of the people". We don't know anything about what they are. The people that made the vack wanted to put their email address in the people that got their version of the vaccine.

Can One be Christian if they can't die and go to heaven to be with their God? Maybe there is no timeline to die.

If they are stuck here, they won't have a constitution because their genes cannot be tracked to anyone who was alive who wrote the constitution or fought for their rights.

If they did an ancestry.com analysis before the vack and one after the vack, they have no family tree.

The test looks for DNA match, and modified DNA won't match non-modified DNA.

They'd be like a new species of man who skipped a stage of evolution and show up as spontaneously existing without any way of showing what created them.

Sort of like there is a genetic difference between a mouse and a humanized mouse, and neither will ever be considered an ancestor of the other, but they are in the same species.

If you commit a crime or are accused of committing a crime, life sentence is 99 years, before being allowed back into society.

They say, the new normal,

You who are vack'd will learn what that is.

What you see on t.v. like automatons.

Like from when you go to Disneyland or Disneyworld.
They make them "look" robotic, but they are not fake looking like Sophia the speaking robot.

The movie, Tomorrowland, shows what they look like.

They can appear to breath but would not fog a mirror.
You won't see the fog of breath on a cold day outside.

People will be part machine, if given enough time to eat and consume the foods and drinks that will help what is in the vack, recreate itself.

A man that injects another man with a substance and "keeps him alive" so he doesn't die, is a God.

This is a freewill planet.

You have to agree to the things that happen to you.

There is a consent form to agree to be injected so you don't die, that's why they called it a pandemic to make it clear the agreement you were making when you made it.

The Bible said many people will be deceived a d everyone thought someone around them would know what the deception would be and help them avoid it.

Now you know.

Given enough time people will try to kill their selves and won't die.

The hospitals will take them in, their blood is clotted so they won't bleed out.

With med beds that folks beg for all the darn time, they'll patch that person back together and send them to work.

There is no need to retire if you won't die.

They don't need farms if you don't need to eat to exist.

Cloud Atlas and The Island and Soylent Green are movies take on new disclosures at these times.

This will be a true prison planet and Alex Jones would have been that broke clock that was right two times a day, on multiple days.

Take the vack and you are a rich man, rich with life. Rich with a abundance of life; an abundance that you are immortal.

Immortals can never spend all their life credits to die. You may be immortal at the age you are injected, like that movie "Nick of Time".

If you don't die, you don't ever see your God.
If you don't die, you don't go.

Man is now your God.
Man makes decisions for you, if you vote for leaders.

The Constitution will be "just a piece of paper".

Of the people, by the people, for the people, means nothing if there are no people.

People have rights.
Persons have privileges.

Rights are unalienable- you can't sign them away.
Privileges can be taken away.

That passport to travel can keep you from leaving your state to visit family in another.

A blood test won't prove you are related if you have spike proteins in every cell o your body and nanotechnology that will uniquely identify you and not match you with anyone else that exists.

Life is protected by the constitution.

Existence is not protected.

The treaty for the indigenous people or Wmerican indians can be voided if their blood no longer tests to the existence of their tribe.

Reparations for blacks and black lives won't matter if you can't test to a race.

Notice the non specific gender and non specific race questions are already part of documents and lying o. The documents mean you commit fraud.

How do you prove you are the same you, that a vack has altered?

You can't.

You are not the same you.

I want my wings.

Be well.


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