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Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Sunday, 16-May-2021 14:35:59

My comments on article: The unprovoked and disproportionate attack against Gaza strip has nations all over the region and the world condemning the Israeli leadership and are asking them to stop any further military actions.
There is no question that the generational animosity exists between the Zionist state and the Palestinians - and the Israelis do have a right to defend themselves, as do the Muslims. Both sides can offer ample evidence and justification to attack the other for past violence. But in this particular case when the Israelis invaded a sacred place of worship in Jerusalem, and killed worshipers, it was a line of ethics they crossed that caused the Palestinians in Gaza to shoot their primitive rockets at Israel in response.

The damage was negligible, and didn't even reach the level of lives lost at the Muslim mosque invasion. But, it was enough for the Israeli government to order a systematic destruction of one building after the other in an act of Cabalistic revenge. The death toll is well over 250, but the final numbers will not be known for months if not years to come because of the massive level of damage done, and the tons of rubble burying the bodies.
It was obvious that a failing Israeli leader, who could not form a government and spent his most recent time in court over corruption charges, provoked the attack for political gain, and then struck back at the Palestinians as their typical apartheid enslaved "whipping boy". The world sees this as a gross abuse of power over an impoverished people.

Ironically, they are like the Hebrews of old with their backs to the sea and have no retreat, and no where else to go. They are indentured servants in their own land. They are not trying to be a military match for any nation, let alone a soulless military machine that can grind its neighbors to powder as a generational game of sports. The Israeli military is built up with the most advanced, high tech killing machines known to man. Including a massive air force, tanks, bombs, missiles and submarines - and an unlimited supply of bullets.
They are equipped with missiles that have nuclear warheads on them that make Israel a global contender for power over nations. And yet, they attack the Muslims on a day of worship and drag them out like animals? This is nothing more than the cruel treatment of a cat playing with a mouse for hours at a time before he kills and eats it for lunch. And then the Israeli government has the audacity to ask for international support for their actions?
This is a travesty against justice and a blatant violation of human rights - of not only the forever dead, but the surviving families that now have to start over again and again and then consider themselves lucky to have dirty water opened to them only so many hours a day.

Take a clue "O Israel", the pretend nation of the Bible, when historical enemy nations that typically hate each other, see what you have done and join forces to protect the innocent, you are on the wrong side of history!! Open your eyes, "O Israel", with your money making factories, building war machines and controlling nations with bribes - start looking at yourself in the mirror and repent of your evil sins and start treating other human beings with the decency, equality and the respect that they deserve. And I suggest you do this before you kill the last Palestinian with your sadistic power and "have to" hunt down humans from the ends of the earth and drag them into your territory as replacement apartheid slaves.
And if you continue this path I have only these questions to ask you: Do you hear the sound of crying children and wailing women? Do you hear the sound of phone calls going out around the world asking for justice and help before they are brutally murdered? Do you hear the sound of war machines coming from around the world and arriving at your doorstep? Do you hear the roar of nuclear missiles converging on your sadistic, murdering land of death? Listen well, "O Israel", repent of your ways before it is too late or you will be destroyed and turned into a radioactive glass parking lot, and it matters not if you destroy your enemies 10 times over, you will still be destroyed yourself, and once is enough - but the hell you inherit will last forever. George Eaton

Russian media: "Erdogan ordered to hit Israel hard" - He wants an EEZ with the Gaza Strip!

Palestinians: "We want EEZ with Turkey"

By Vassilis Kapoulas
(Translated from Greek)
Russian media reveals that Erdogan has ordered his allies in the Middle East to hit Israel hard!

The Russians confirm that he wrote WarNews247 all this time. Erdogan wants the US to be displaced as an honest mediator in the Palestinian issue, the Abraham Accords and the Israel-UAE-Saudi Arabia alliance, etc. to be dissolved, and finally to send a Peace Corps to Palestine and draw up an EEZ together.

It is no coincidence that Israeli security service Shin Bet warned two weeks ago that Hamas was preparing to launch an attack.

Israeli agents had located a large quantity of weapons in Gaza. In fact, then a permit was requested for a precautionary strike against the Islamists, a permit which was not given by Netanyahu, Israeli media note.

The attack was planned by the Islamists for six months.

Russian media: Erdogan ordered Israel to be beaten!
"The Turkish president called on their political and military allies to strike at Israel together, delivering a strong blow.

For example, a few hours ago, Erdogan contacted the Kyrgyz leader and invited Sadyr Japarov to oppose Israel along with Turkey so that the Israelis could learn a hard lesson.

"President Erdogan has said he wants to see Kyrgyzstan take part in this international initiative to jointly teach a hard lesson to Israel, which is attacking the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Gaza and the Palestinians," Turkish media reported.

What exactly the Turkish leader meant when he spoke of a "strike" on Israel remains unknown, but it is clear that he certainly meant maximum pressure, including military.

However, given the statements made by Erdogan all this time, who spoke of a military response, it is clear that an attack on Israel could be considered a hostile act.

"Earlier, Turkey suggested that Russia act jointly against Israeli aggression and send a peacekeeping force to the region," Russian media reported.

However, Russia is ready to intervene in the dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians.

Turkey-Palestine EEZ
Let's look at Erdogan's game with Hamas and how he has used the religious organization TIKA to join the Islamists and draw an EEZ with them.

As is well known, according to the Oslo Accords, the Gaza Strip is part of the Palestinian Authority and its political leadership based in Ramallah. However, from June 2007 until today, the Gaza Strip is de facto governed by Hamas. Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are the two main poles of power in Gaza, both of which are in talks with Turkey - with Hamas holding a representative office in Istanbul.

Palestinians: "We want EEZ with Turkey"
With the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian territories have a coastline along the eastern Mediterranean that makes Palestine a maritime right.

It all started on June 21, 2020, with a short interview given by the ambassador of the Palestinian Authority in Ankara, Fayed Mustafa, to the newspaper Aydinlik.

Asked by the journalist if the Palestinian Authority intends to sign an agreement with Turkey on the definition of maritime zones according to the standards of the respective Turkish-Libyan pact, F. Mustafa answered verbatim:

"We are open to any idea of ​​deepening our relations with Turkey, and that includes an agreement on exclusive economic zones, " Mustafa told the Aydınlık newspaper.

"We also have rights in the Mediterranean. Palestine has oil and gas shares in the eastern Mediterranean.

We are ready to cooperate in these areas and sign an agreement ".
Mustafa said Israel was limiting Palestinian efforts to explore and drill in the Gaza Strip: "Israel did not allow us, it prevented us," he said.

"We, as Palestine, attach great importance to our relations with Turkey. We work to strengthen relationships in all areas. We are open to all ideas for developing these relationships. This also applies to the issue of the EEZ agreement with Turkey. We also have rights in the Mediterranean. Palestine also has a stake in oil and gas in the eastern Mediterranean. We are ready to agree with Turkey on gas. We are ready for cooperation with Turkey. We want to develop our relations in all areas. We are open to everything."


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