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Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 15-May-2021 03:57:55

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

Please find Part 3 of Civil Rights Corrections, sent to President Trump, 5/14/2021, 3:41 am, pacific.

Please Publish as our invitation for the readers to engage in some think different.
Paul and I know being in the box and thinking inside it’s limits usually stagnates till the box bio degrades.
Fresh air is all ways better.

Thank you as always.


Dear President Trump, our President,

Civil Action Correcting Civil Rights for All Americans.

Part 3.

Mr. President, the highest Civil Rights Crime and the most egregious TORT, is the misidentification of the People as subjects, causing the People to be denied access to, protection from the People’s Original Jurisdiction, set out before the world for all time by the foundational documents creating our Republic. This is the root cause of all confusion and resulting corruption destroying the fabric of Liberty promised to all men by the American Peoples Declaration of Independence.

Our countries confusions, massive as they are, all share one common denominator. The People have no place to gather and express the need for Liberty and Justice to be the Rule of Decision guiding our shared American Dream.

A Civil Action Correcting Civil Rights for All Americans is that place. The one supreme Court is the People’s place to hold to account those public servants and their cohorts to account.

Governments are never corrupt. It is a political, legal, and commercial impossibility for a man created legal person to be corrupt. Created legal persons are exactly what their construction documents say they are and nothing more. Created legal persons like the public trust identified as the United States of America are not constructed in a manner that betrays or injures in any manner whatsoever the People that granted governments existence.

Public servants operating under color of government office or employment betrayed, the People and the government offices they served.

This is the root cause of all confusions and resulting corruption destroying the fabric of Liberty promised to all men by the American People’s Declaration of Independence.

The Court of Public Opinion is the battleground for the hearts, minds and soul of our Republic. Massive numbers of Americans sharing a common goal, a single point focus, lead by trusted individuals standing on the principles that made America great, changes all systems and functions in motion in context of honest or dishonest government operations.

Political bodies, People joined in a movement with a pointed focus, control the future outcomes.

The American People believe in and trust in the law. This is why the People’s one supreme Court must be the single point focus providing release of the political body.

We know at a very deep level the law is separate from the people allegedly serving our law. More to the point, most Americans know right from wrong, crooked from honest, loyal from disloyal.

Clarity and precision is necessary in all matters of contract. Assumptions always invite argument. No one ever resolves an argument because there is never a declaration of intent to resolve a confusion. Thus, avoiding argument by defining the parties legal relationships will always produce a more balanced, fair and just outcome in our civil action contract in the People’s one supreme Court.

These points are extremely relevant in all relationships with government, particularly matters herein and herewith related to the People’s one supreme Court civil action contracts, calling the People to action.

If We the People do not define our selves, our capacity, our standing, the defendants in their capacity and standing, or the lacks thereof, it becomes the duty of the court to make assumptions as to parties capacities and standing. It is unfair and stupid to place the court in a position to assume anything. This means We as Plaintiffs define the parties from the position of the Masters, the People, the owners, as the creators of the government service provider, our one supreme Court. Let the judges and Defendants argue with how the People define ourselves and our public servants, PLEASE!

The below is a very comprehensive identification of real parties in interest and the legal relationships between the Plaintiffs and Defendants.

Defining the contracts intent also removes one place where assumptions could creep in and taint the People’s intent to resolve our countries confusions.


Purchase of Civil Action Contract for Application of Original Judicial Power is based on

Acceptance of obligation owed by the Government of the United States to provide Citizens access, to original judicial powers assigned to the Courts of the United States, for enforcement of Contract rights, Remedy and Relief on TORTS committed by public offices while acting outside enumerated powers. The contract of course being the People’s Constitution of governments, with enforcement through a Civil Action Contract administered under the Rules of Court.


Jurisdiction is adequately defined in part 1.

WAIVER OF IMMUNITY by the United States ACCEPTED. Waiver found by reference at title 28 United States Code section 2674, with individual officer attachment found by reference at section 2671. “2674; The United States shall be liable, respecting the provisions of this title relating to tort claims, in the same manner and to the same extent as a private individual under like circumstances, but shall not be liable for interest prior to judgment or for punitive damages.” Every State has the same or similar declaration inviting the People to attach our public servants.

NOTE: The difference between legitimate government and illegitimate government is resolved by one question.

Did the People, the source and authority for all government, ever authorize in any manner whatsoever the governments owned by the People to alter their operations to a licensed, regulated for profit business corporation as identified by the EIN tax identifier?

Why are not the formation parties, the management and beneficiaries for these for profit corporations disclosed by Treasury, IRS records, as required for other for profit business entities?

How does Congress or the Courts immunize the government acts or omissions from the law in any manner whatsoever?

The State of Florida is the People’s government. STATE OF FLORIDA is a separate legal identity as is proved by tax identifier regulating a for profit business.

Both are subject to the WAIVER OF IMMUNITY law. This is because no construction of a legal identity is ever granted immunity from the law, nor is any operator for either legitimate or corporate government operation recognized as being immune from the law attaching to personal acts or omissions.

CONTRACT NOTICE: Federal Rules of Civil procedure will be strictly enforced by Plaintiffs. Defendants are authorized to appear through counsel. However, counsels will be required to place on record prior to entry their boni fides consisting of the following:

a. Certificate of appointment, sealed custodian of records document verifying appointment in the event defendants counsel is employed by government.

b. Assignment or recognition document from individually identified defendants appointing counsel to not only represent, speak for, yet bind those they

allegedly represented.

c. Disclosure statement identifying pledges, oaths, obligations, contracts,

association memberships to or with any group related to or serving foreign


Plaintiffs accept the offered mandatory duty owed by this Courts officers and employees to provide honest judicial services, by properly appointed judicial officers. Other wise the People would never approach the judges sitting in any court.



The identifier the People is the aggregate of the individuals who comprise a state or a nation. In a more restricted sense, as generally used in Constitutional Law, the entire body of those citizens of a state or a nation who are invested with political power for political purposes. The Political purposes is the service to People creating the Constitutions for providing legalized force to protect the People from all trespass on individual Liberty.

The People are the sole exclusive Beneficiaries of all government powers moving our public servants through a civil action contract in the nature of a Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes to the public trusts administrative office identified as the one supreme Court.

The Preamble to the Constitution for the United States of America defines the constructors of government as do the State Constitutions. We the People, the political body, now do this for this purpose. The Preamble is the investment, deposit of the private property of political will in trust, an ownership declaration over the national government. The Preamble is in effect TITLE to the United States Government. The Preamble identifies the People as the owner Beneficiary of all powers held by governments.


CAPACITY AND STANDING, ALL INDIVIDUAL PLAINTIFFS. Context of Rule 19 Joinder of Necessary Parties covers any American.

All individual plaintiffs are of the body politic known as the People, creators of the national government, all state governments.

The Nations Constitution Preamble verifies individual plaintiffs legal right to hold all public servants to account.

The formation clause of every state constitution carries the same recognition of the People’s ownership and powers as the National Constitutions Preamble.

Individual plaintiffs claim ownership position in the contract constitution for all Constitutions, holding the political will of the People via Consent of The Governed, which is individual plaintiffs private property, now exercised by RULE 19 application.

Individual plaintiffs are the sole exclusive Beneficiaries to all governments powers or authorities.

All individual plaintiffs are State Citizens by rule of law.

Each individual plaintiff annexes CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP. EXHIBIT, …… . The personal Declaration duly verified as public record, ratifying legal relations to and with the State as originally constituted, never abolished, verifies standing to call into session the People’s one supreme Court.


Donald John Trump is an American, a Citizen, recognized by the State in which born and now living.

The standing at capacity to act as realtor for the People is two fold.

First, every American holds the absolute right to speak as and for the People because each one of us Americans are part of a whole recognized as We the People.

We the People never limited any one of the People for speaking for the Political Body. Thus, any American may speak for the People, our law, our rights as exclusive Beneficiaries of all government powers.

All Trusts serve the beneficiaries.

Second, Donald Trump standing on First Amendment law protecting right to speak and right to redress of grievance.

Donald Trump as the Beneficiary of all governments powers and the standing as the directly injured party leads to the next plaintiffs standing.


The Office of President belongs to the People. The Office holds the Trustee position, the exclusive right by law to enforce the contract which is the Constitution and Bill of Rights in particular. Neither the Legislative nor Judicial branches hold powers of a Trustee. Both Legislative and Judicial operations functions are that of Trust managers of specific and limited powers.

The People elected Donald Trump in 2016. In 2017 the Office of the Forty Fifth President was established on January 20. This 45th Office is the People’s property. We the People through proper authorization placed Donald Trump as our 45th President.

That service contract is still in operation due to FRAUD voiding all results of the 2020 elections.

The 45th President, Donald Trump, is absolutely required to act personally as an American and the President to protect and defend the Constitution.

The Civil Rights Complaint signed by Donald Trump in capacity of the Office of President is a finding of fact conclusion of law that crimes have been committed.

NOTE: The Office of President is the sole exclusive Trustee controlling from the Magistrates Office. The Chief Magistrate is of both executive law enforcement capacity and judicial function capacity. When the President signs the civil action contract civil rights complaint, from official capacity, the complaint becomes official government record which must be accepted as full faith and credit by operation of law of the Constitution. Official government records cannot be denied.

NOTE: In the event the People’s original States are represented by their governors as the Chief Magistrates of the State, the state and governor must be properly defined.

State of Florida is the Peoples government, a political body, public trust, ordained by contract between the People on the land of Florida Territory via Constitution, which identifies the People as the sole Beneficiaries of all powers or authorities delegated to State of Florida.

The State of Florida is the original political entity, created by the People, owners, by Preamble _____, as controlled by Article I, Exhibit ____ . Florida is a country, created by the good People, beginning July 4, 1776, culminating in Articles of Confederation, 1777 ratified March 1, 1781, Constitution for the United States of America fully ratified as amended by the Bill of Rights, …… . State of Florida is an equal footing State, United with all other Union States, Article V Section 3, Clause I, Union State _____ .

NOTE: Federal Rule of Civil Procedure Rule 8; (b) Defenses; Admissions and Denials.

(1) In General. In responding to a pleading, a party must:

(A) state in short and plain terms its defenses to each claim asserted against it; and

(B) admit or deny the allegations asserted against it by an opposing party.

(2) Denials—Responding to the Substance. A denial must fairly respond to the substance of the allegation;

Must be rigorously enforced by plaintiffs.

Thus each allegation, claim, definition and identification of a defendants capacities or operations alleged is required to defended.

This rigorous enforcement executes Rule 8(b) (6); (6) Effect of Failing to Deny. An allegation—other than one relating to the amount of damages—is admitted if a responsive pleading is required and the allegation is not denied. If a responsive pleading is not required, an allegation is considered denied or avoided.

The sad fact is the BAR brotherhood provides all judicial officers. What this means is the brotherhood protects is monopoly of administration of the law resulting in these rules never being fully enforced.

See Contract Note above requiring all attorneys to full identify them selves and prove their representative capacities properly.


STATE OF _______ ALL CAPS ______,

STATE OF ____________ is a corporation of unknown issuing jurisdiction, operating as a for profit business under various Tax Identifiers Issued by the United States Treasury, INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE.

STATE OF ____________ refuses to publicly disclose its issuing jurisdiction, its corporate, its formation parties identity, the identity of its beneficiaries, its owners or controllers.

STATE OF ____________ refuses to publicly disclose and or identify the portion of the People’s original Constitution authorizing the People’s Public Trust Republic form of government to alter the legal personality from one of a Trust to that of a for profit business corporation.

STATE OF ____________ provides services of color in the nature of government while usurping the People’s original governments created by original Constitution.

STATE OF ____________ is not authorized legal, or commercial existence by the People’s original Constitution.

STATE OF ____________ routinely denies the Plaintiffs, We the People recognition, that the People are sole exclusive parties to be served and protected by all government acts.

STATE OF ____________ routinely denies the Plaintiffs, We the People access protections required in and by our original jurisdiction, particularly our Declaration of Reserved Rights along with the National Bill of Rights.

STATE OF ____________ routinely identifies We the People as subjects to its powers, effectuating involuntary servitude to undisclosed powers, which seek to manage the People as human capital, profiting its business operations in conjunction with as of yet undiscovered domestic and foreign parties.

STATE OF ____________ entered into private undisclosed and secret business ventures with voting technology, tabulating and transmissions corporations of the People’s private property, our Votes, for benefits and profits of some sort as of yet undiscovered by plaintiffs.

NOTE: Identifying the STATE CORPORATION as a defendant is inviting a null tiel corporation into the civil action. The advantages and disadvantages must be weighed carefully.

Paul and I believe when you do a job you do it all full tilt boogie till the wheels fall off.

When the horse barn is full of horse hockey clean all the stalls or none. It would be unfair and cruel to treat some of the horses better than others.


First Defendant, ____________ , alleged governor, self professed public servant to the People of _________, servant to the Peoples laws of constitutions under public promise, duly accepted by electors in __________ .

____________ as the Chief Executive Officer, surety, required by constitution, “ … and shall see that the laws are faithfully executed.”

_____________ knows and has always known ____________ constitution is the Peoples law.

_____________ knows and has always known ____________ first law is its Constitution, particularly the Preamble identifying the true Authority creating , by ordination, the State of _____________ , as controlled by Article I, Declaration of Rights.

_____________ knows and has always known the Peoples Declaration of Rights reserves inviolate forever the THOU SHALL NOT TRESPASS declarations are the first laws to be faithfully executed by every public servant.

_____________ knows and has always known that every act by every public servant or employee of the State of _______________ , in order to valid, is absolutely required to be in full and complete accord with the Preamble and Article I of the Peoples constitution of The State of _______________

_____________ as alleged governor knows and has always known police powers of _____________ State may only be applied in full accord with lawful statutes.

Second Defendant, ____________ , Secretary of State, _____________ , self professed public servant to the People of _______________ , servant to the Peoples laws of constitutions under public promise, duly accepted by electors in _____________ .

_____________ is holder and exclusive custodian of the Great Seal of _____________State.

_____________ is the official record keeper for both the legislative and executive branches of _____________ government.

_____________ knows and has always known the Great Seal is to be applied to official acts authorized by Washington Constitution, and conversely no act not in complete accord with the constitution may never carry the Great Seal.

Third Defendant, _____________ , Attorney General to State of _____________ , self professed public servant to the People of _____________ , servant to the Peoples laws of constitutions under public promise, duly accepted by electors in ____________ .

_______________ is the legal advisor to all state officers, knowing and always having known, that all legal advice provided is absolutely required to be in complete accord with both the _____________ Constitution and States United Constitution as amended by the Bill of Rights.


Legislators serving plaintiff State of ______________ , ___Senators, ____ Representatives.

Senators, President Pro Tempore - _____________ , Secretary of the Senate - _____________ ; Representatives, Speaker, ____________ , Minority Leader, ____________ , Majority Leader ____________ , Republican Leader _______________ ; designated recipients for service for all CLASS 1 DEFENDANTS as the highest supervisors over legislative administration declared by _____________ Constitution, statutes and legislative procedures.


Judicial officers, ___ Justices of plaintiff State of _____________, judges, clerks and administrators of all other courts operating under or under claim to be plaintiff State of _______________ courts

Chief Justice, plaintiff State of ________________ Supreme Court designated recipient for service for all CLASS 2 DEFENDANTS as the highest supervisor over judicial administration declared by _____________ Constitution and statutes.

CLASS 3 DEFENDANTS, DOES 1502 to 5000.

General rank and file of State of ______________ junior officers and employees.

_________________ , President, _______________ , Executive Director, of _____________ Federation of State Employees, designated recipient for service under contract to represent does 1502 to 5000.


Plaintiffs recognize many public servants and state government employees are subject to superiors orders, political agendas, and outside influences. Also recognized is the fact that many times the orders of superiors or perceived superior parties, are not fully in compliance with the peoples law of our Constitutions, both state and federal.

While performing illegal acts under orders or influence is not a defense, Plaintiffs recognize any one may make a mistake.

Any and all defendant does or possible defendant does are offered the opportunity to join as plaintiffs under Court Rule 19, and report what they have witnessed while receiving a pay check requiring absolute loyalty to the People of ___________ and the Peoples laws of Constitutions.


All individual defendants know and should know the jurisdiction of the States and National governments is divided into two fundamental categories. The People’s Jurisdiction defined by the People’s Constitutions. The governments jurisdiction defined by the duties assigned by the People’s Constitution’s. Masters, the People’s unlimited jurisdiction and the public servants strictly limited jurisdiction.

Individual defendants are sued in individual capacity, individually identified or of the class of does.

No defendant qualifies for official immunity provided by public office, and each knows that such immunity claim must be substantiated, first, from constitutions, second, good standing lawful statutes, third public record memorializing of facts.

Every individual defendant of a any capacity or standing knows and has always known they individually or collectively that claiming immunity from having the law applied to them is TORT and criminal act for any public servant.

All defendants are public servants of higher knowledge and duties, professionals, knowing all Citizens, particularly plaintiffs herein and herewith are Beneficiaries, Grantors to and of the source and authority, to and for all governmental powers and operations.

All defendants are public servants of higher knowledge and duties, professionals, knowing that breach of public trust is a crime requiring resignation, impeachment, when shown on public records.

Each defendant claims to be an honest public servant holding various positions in the ___________ State government structure, serving plaintiff State off ______________

Each individually identified defendant, and all class defendants, accepted the position of public servant, accepted consideration for services, assumed public office knowing that;

A. Public service employment is a privilege, not a right;

B. Public service employment is subject to a personal loyalty pledge to the law of the People’s Constitution for the United States of America required by Article VI, and ( example ) Washington’s Constitution at Article I Sections 1, 2, 29, 30, 32. Exhibit …… .

C. Public service training, prior to assumption of public duties, informs every public servant of professional standards required for honest performance of public duties.

D. Prior to assuming public office, that in order to be a beneficiary of governmental immunity, every act in public office must be in complete accord with personal pledge, service contract terms of undivided loyalty to the highest law, United States Constitution as Amended, and ____________ State Constitution, and proved by production of official government records.

E. Prior to assuming public office, that in order to be a beneficiary of governmental immunity, every act in public office is subject to audit for compliance with all the laws, regulations, rules, particularly the Bill of a Rights and the Preamble along with Article I of ______________ State Constitution

F. Prior to assuming public office, that in order to be a beneficiary of governmental immunity, every act in public office, in order to be considered valid, must be provable from public records, to be authorized by law.

F 1. The law making body in ____________ is the Legislative Branch..

F 2. Neither the Executive Branch nor the Judicial Branch are authorized by their

constitution to make nor interpret laws for the ______________ State government.

F 3. The Legislative powers of plaintiff State of _____________ do-not identify the

People as either subjects nor objects under the powers of Legislative preview.

F 4. Legitimate government functions of plaintiff State of ___________ rely

exclusively on Consent of the Governed.

F 5. All individual defendants, named specifically or of the class of does, is strictly

limited to specific powers delegated by the Peoples Constitutions.

F 6. No defendant, individually identified or of the class of does, is assigned

discretion in context of promised performance while serving in public office,

particularly considering duties to the fidelity to the ____________ Constitution and

Constitution for the United States of America as amended and controlled by its Bill Bill of Rights.

G. Prior to assuming public office, that in order to be a beneficiary of governmental immunity, each and every act or omission committed while operating in public office, that is not supported and proved valid by operation of law, and public records, is a personal act.

H. Prior to assuming public office, that in order to be a beneficiary of governmental immunity, agreement to be subject to the criminal laws of the United States and of the State of _____________ is accepted as fundamental terms of public service.

I. Public records created by or participated in constructing are full faith and credit, official government records.

J. Public records are not deniable under any circumstance.

k. Argument with or denial of facts of public record is knowing and intentional admission and confession of fatally defective public service, a false misleading, deceptive, act known to be a breach of public trust and a felony, under both state and federal law.

L. No one, particularly government servants may claim ignorance of the law as a defense for acts shown by public record to be in violation of Constitutions, Bill of Rights or good standing, lawful statutes.

M. Refusal to provide any American, particularly plaintiffs herein and herewith, access to, benefit of, enforcement of, recognition of, the law protecting rights under the Bill of Rights, Preamble and Article I of _____________ Constitution, are always a Civil Rights Crime.

N. All attempts to deny public records exposing, or proving, deviations from, failures to perform as promised, according to law, is the conclusive evidence of intent to act in Divided Loyalty, breach of public trust, breach of oath, breach employment contract, public service standards and honest services laws, resulting in self confessed criminal intent.

O. Any or all government actors, franchises of government operating under license to do business in interstate commerce, that protect, coverup for, support defective public servants or their acts and omissions, join a conspiracy, attempting SUBVERSION, the attempt to transform the established, lawful structure, legal standards and obligations, political order, social order and the structures of power, authority, to a hierarchy, and social norms antithetical to governments created by the People beginning 1776, July 4.

P. Defendants inclusive of individuals identified as does of any class identified herein, know and have always known that to tamper with , alter, amend, in any manner, particularly from a public servants position, while in custody and control or alleged control of the People Votes, is theft of the highest order.

Q.Defendants, inclusive, individually identified or does, know and have always

known that, failures or refusals to comply with the written, specifics defining

general and specific powers or authorities for government operations, declared by Constitutions and reservations of rights controlling, is a personal act which each defendant is personally liable with out limit. Each defendant is advised of this fact

upon assumption of public trust employment.

R. Defendants, inclusive, individually identified or does, know and have always

known that, special privileges in the form of systemic protections with in the class

of public servants is a high civil rights crime.

S. Defendants, inclusive, individually identified or does, know and have always

known that, the NUREMBERG DEFENSE, I HAD ORDERS, will not protect them

individually or collectively no matter what some other public servant says or does, particularly justices, judges or their BAR brother attorneys, from day one of the life of the State of ____________ or the United States of America.

Mr. Trump, please share this with all the attorneys, legal advisors, researchers, associated with cleaning up the vote fraud and other systemic problems, and ask them if Paul and I got any of this wrong and what’s the chance the crooks will escape from being attached by these procedures?


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