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Top Russian Warplanner Warns of ‘Inevitable’ War With U.S. Over Ukraine Conflict

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Wednesday, 14-Apr-2021 05:19:29

Top Kremlin Mouthpiece Warns of ‘Inevitable’ War With U.S. Over Another Ukraine Land Grab
The head of the Kremlin-funded RT and Sputnik news agencies believes Russia will invade Ukraine, sparking a conflict with the U.S. that will force entire cities into blackouts.


All-out cyberwarfare, nation-wide forced blackouts, and the targeted disruption of internet services—for one of the Kremlin’s top propagandists, all of those tactics are fair game in what she describes as a fated war-to-come against the U.S.

“War [with the U.S.] is inevitable,” declared Margarita Simonyan, editor in chief of the state-funded Russian media outlets RT and Sputnik, who believes the conflict will break out when, not if, Vladimir Putin moves to seize more territory from Ukraine.

As Russia’s military buildup on Ukraine’s doorstep mounts, Kremlin loyalists have been urging for even more overt aggression and bloodshed in the campaign to annex Ukraine’s Donbas region. The only thing standing in the way, they say, is U.S. support for their beleaguered neighbor.

NATO issued a statement on Wednesday demanding an end to Russia’s troop movements on the border with the disputed territory of Donbas in eastern Ukraine. It is the largest buildup of Russian troops since the annexation of Crimea in 2014. The U.S. underlined the statement this week by deploying two warships to the Black Sea.

On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov threatened retaliation. “We warn the United States that it will be better for them to stay far away from Crimea and our Black Sea coast. It will be for their own good,” he said.

The escalation was foreshadowed on state television’s Sunday Evening With Vladimir Soloviev over the weekend. Simonyan explained that it was time for Russia to gear up for a showdown against the U.S., and prophesized a kind of war driven by hacking, the forced disruption of internet access, the shutting down of power supplies, and an all-out offensive on U.S. infrastructure.

“I do not believe that this will be a large-scale hot war, like World War II, and I do not believe that there will be a long Cold War. It will be a war of the third type: the cyberwar,” said Simonyan.

She warned that—in this theoretical battle—the U.S. would plot to cut off the electricity of entire Russian cities. In turn, she speculated, Moscow would be able to force a blackout in Florida or New York’s Harlem at the flip of a switch.

“In conventional war, we could defeat Ukraine in two days,” Simonyan said, “but it will be another kind of war. We’ll do it, and then [the U.S.] will respond by turning off power to [the Russian city] Voronezh,” she said.

The top RT editor asserted that “[Russia] needs to be ready for this war, which is unavoidable, and of course it will start in Ukraine,” arguing that the Kremlin is “invincible where conventional war is concerned, but forget about conventional war... it will be a war of infrastructures, and here we have many vulnerabilities.”

Her solution consists of Stalin-type measures to eliminate “vulnerabilities” in the run-up to another escalation, emphasizing the need for a hack-proof, government-controlled internet. “We still don’t have a sovereign internet, but God willing, we will,” she said.

She wholeheartedly endorsed a suggestion from Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the ultranationalist leader of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party, who argued that all of Russia’s opposition must be eliminated by May 1, 2021. With imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny on a hunger strike—and suffering from severe health ailments after being denied appropriate medical treatment—the Kremlin seems to be firmly set on that course.

Simonyan argued that once Russia minimizes its vulnerabilities and renders Putin’s opposition powerless—which she argued could happen in a matter of months—the Kremlin will finally be ready to annex Ukraine’s eastern region.

“I’ve been agitating and even demanding that we take Donbas. We need to patch up our vulnerabilities as fast as we can, and then we can do whatever we want,” she boldly proclaimed. The host, Vladimir Soloviev, wholeheartedly agreed: “We only lose if we do nothing.” He argued that by absorbing parts of Ukraine—or the entire country—Russia would be able to remove the zone of American influence further away from its borders.

As one of the Kremlin’s most valued propagandists, Margarita Simonyan is notoriously close to the Russian president and has received multiple awards directly from Putin. After accepting one such award in 2019, Simonyan thanked Putin “for the most important reward in life… this honor to serve one’s Motherland.”

Her “service” has involved RT and Sputnik-driven disinformation operations aimed at influencing the 2016 U.S. presidential election, which she often boasts about by pointing to the inclusion of her name in various U.S. intelligence reports.

Russia’s recent cyberspace activities seem to serve as good practice for the “inevitable war” foreshadowed by Simonyan.

Last year, six Russian intelligence officers were criminally charged by the U.S. for using the world’s most destructive malware to force blackouts in Ukraine and damage the critical infrastructure of multiple countries, which caused nearly $1 billion in losses. On Monday, hackers operating from Russia targeted France’s homeschooling platform.

The Kremlin is prepared to intensify its offensive against the West but fears the retaliation that would follow. The idea of a bulletproof “sovereign internet”—completely under government control within Russian borders—is already on the books, with Moscow having introduced the idea as a preventive measure against retaliatory hacking attempts from other nations.

Simonyan argued that Russia will surely be able to exploit the U.S.’s “catastrophic” educational standards, and referred to American military analysts and specialists as incompetent and stupid. She heartily laughed about news that more than 200,000 U.S. service members experienced hearing loss due to defective earplugs.

“We can never come to any agreements with [Americans],” Simonyan said, arguing that instead, Russia can just as easily defeat the U.S. in a cyberspace war.

She added, mockingly, “We don’t even need the nukes.”


My comment: What struck me in this article, was the attitude of Russia advancing towards war without any regard to losses, repercussions or retaliation by the US and Nato. In other words, they have already concluded if they fight by the west's rules, they will lose. If they sit back and allow the west and Nato to incrementally take over Ukraine, that regardless of what they do in the way of nuclear response - it would not work, and the US and Nato would win.

In view of that fact they have then come up with another strategy of absolute war as soon as possible, before the west can adapt to Russia's offensive moves. In addition to that, they concluded that if they are going to lose cities and infrastructure to power outages, then go ahead and prepare for that outcome in advance. That way, when the strike happens by the US, the effect will be minimalized in Russia. But that same strategy then done by Russia against the US would have such a profound and far reaching effect on America and Europe, that the damage would be greater on them then on the Russia homeland.

What is also disturbing about this subject, is the fact that the US announced a massive cyber attack on Russia days before the situation in Ukraine became a major issue, and Ukraine officially declared war on Russia. It is obvious then, that the US war planners have focused on the electrical grid target and have already pushed the button and given the attack the green light. Seeing this strategy by the Russian leadership, has then forced them to go into an "all in for the win" attitude. That is why they have sent in hundreds of thousands of troops towards the war front to stop the entire Nato process of marching towards Moscow. Those troops are then committed to invade the ENTIRE nation of Ukraine, not for a measly border skirmish, but for all the marbles.

I was reading articles on these plans and how the experts were not seeing ANY schedules or plans to return those troops and that equipment - it is a one way trip to war for the motherland. It is do or die for them now. This is not a bluff, this is not a scare tactic to make Nato stand down - the war for the nation of Russia begins and ends right there, right now!

Consider the fact that Russia knows if they fight bomb for bomb, in increments against the US and Nato, they may indeed destroy the US and Europe, but they will also be destroyed. But if they neutralize the enemies tactics and are able to absorb the electrical grid attack, they can in return hit the US and Europe with a grid attack, and end up on top without resorting to a full nuclear exchange. The west would devolve into power outage riots, where the experts conclude that 90% of the population would die of chaos and starvation within a year. What the globalist war planners have devised to use against Christian Russia, will then be used against the infrastructure of the west.

It reminds me of the final plague during the Egyptian bondage of the Israelites. The last curse and plague came from the mouth of the Pharaoh himself, when he ordered the death of all the firstborn of the Israelites. But when it reached the ears of Moses, he knew that it was the Egyptian first born that would be targeted by a mysterious illness. Evil ends up destroying itself by its own evil devices. This seems to be an historical pattern.

I don't know what will happen regarding this showdown in Ukraine. No one has a crystal ball, we simply can't predict the future. But I do feel that Putin isn't bluffing. He has amassed hundreds of thousands of troops and a massive amount of military equipment for a reason. He has already concluded he cannot allow Nato to place missiles on the Ukrainian/Russian border, where nuclear missiles would have a flight time of 5 minutes to Moscow. He also knows the Biden regime government officially declared war on Russia with a cyber attack program initiated in the past few weeks. He also knows that the leaders of Ukraine have received the full assurances of backing them up against Russia in a war. In view of these facts, Putin, along with his Generals, and the Russians believe without any doubt that if they are to survive they must invade Ukraine and hold the line there before it is too late.

Diplomacy is over between the US and Russia. and when diplomacy is over, is when wars begin. Any gestures by the west to have a bilateral "summit" to discuss things over, is only looked at by the Russians as a stalling tactic to get Nato forces in an advantageous position. Putin won't fall for it, and has refused to meet with Biden or Nato. Why? Because he knows what they have planned and has seen the endgame. He is now determined to swiftly take over Ukraine before they can react. They will then try to employ their power grid attacks on Russia, and it won't have the effect they hoped it would.

That places Putin in the "cat bird seat", and he can make any kind of response he likes - including an electro-magnetic(EMP) wipe out of the electrical grid in specific zones of the US and Europe - and pandemonium will break out instantly. Putin isn't bluffing. The globalists are going to lose - the question is, will they take the world down with them as a final act of revenge? George Eaton

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