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Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 12-Apr-2021 05:19:18

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,
Please find, People’s Court in Action on Call, NOW! attached.

Please publish as completion of the 3 parts.

More letters of different subject matters will be forwarded after deliver to President Trump.

- - -


Dear President Trump, our President,

People’s Court in Action on Call, NOW!
Part 3.

The leader of the free world, Donald Trump, having created the world wide context of the people of many countries expression of their own right to choose their own destinies through application of political powers, holds the absolute duty to continue to lead.

Mr. Donald Trump, our President, in our world there is only one kind of American. The stand up kind of individual making their own choices while relying on our Bill of Rights. The other inhabitants in our country are bent over, reading the orders from their masters in the dust on the top of their shoes, while blindly following stinky orifice in front of them, covered deceptive cloth.

Leadership once accepted can never be relinquished. This is because true leadership, like the kind of recognition our President Trump accepted, comes from only one place. The Trust from those recognizing true leadership. Leadership claimed is always a false premise exercised by the one making the claim. Leadership recognized and appointed by those placing Trust in the individual responsible enough to accept the position to lead, is always, always true leadership carrying the full powers of the People.

This concept in action is one of the major components of our American Adventure in personal Liberty. The concept of Consent of the Governed is the fruit from the tree rooted in true leadership.

The Deep States theft of Donald Trumps Presidency is a huge gift to not only Donald Trump, yet every American as well. Those exercising their free will choice, Consent of the Governed, choosing to be subjects to concepts, principles, acts by government out side acts authorized by our constitutions, have identified them selves. The identity established is that of a foreigner sucking their life’s blood out of the country they inhabit. This identity is based on concepts not only foreign to our American Republic system, it is an invasion of intentionally destructive forces.

The life’s blood of our country is the concept of Consent of the Governed administered through the Rule of Law requiring public servants to operate according to the People’s laws. More to the point, and more important, public servants requirement to be able to identify the authorities administered and produce the record verifying the exercise of legal force, is the minimum requirement for Consent of the Governed to be the controlling concept in action.

Now we know, because those drawing their sustenance from what they are not committed to, responsible for, are mere thieves in the night, destroying their host with out care of their own future.

When we use the term American we mean those individuals that will act personally to defend and preserve rights under our law as ensconced for all time in our countries foundational documents beginning 1776.

Those people living in our country who fail, refuse, or excuse them selves from standing up to be counted as Americans protecting them selves, their families, their country, applying personal commitments and powers provided by the Rule of Law, are not Americans. These posers are mere inhabitants living in our country as subjects in their own minds to foreign jurisdictions attacking the core identity of being an American and the people’s jurisdiction over the governments We created to benefit the People, first, last and always.

The current systemites now consider Donald Trump a mere citizen. This public citizen
position requires every public servant to recognize Donald Trumps right to speak freely and act for redress of grievance against the government.

This gift is massive in both concept and application. Donald Trump is no longer considered the President. That means when Donald Trump acts the foundation from which to act is the same as every other Americans. This is the great equalizer pushing the systemites to their own choice points. The choice is honorable service to the people and our law, or, payment from Divided Loyalty and foreign invaders operations.

The fact is Donald Trump holds the the hearts and minds of the American People. That will only change if Donald Trump begins acting like a systemite. Thus, the Deep State Swamp can not risk denying Donald Trump the right to speak, the right to grievance redress against government. The double edged sword of the Citizen and the former President is the very sharp tool to wield the death of the thousand cuts. The thousand cuts is actually millions of cuts by Americans serving DEMANDS directly to public servants.

No government entity nor public servant holds any jurisdiction whatsoever to limit the Bill of Rights in action in the public forums. No public servant is authorized or allowed by their employment contract, to deny they have been served with DEMANDS TO PERFORM.

Publicly served via fax or email delivery systems authorized and paid for by the People conclusively establishes public records which are never deniable. See Federal Rule of Civil Procedure, Rule 44, particularly the ties to treaties. See also Federal Rules of Evidence, particularly Rules 902, 901, 201, 102 and 103.

This is the key, Beneficiaries WISH our President understand the application of the principles, facts, laws through the procedures known to and binding on the systemites.

Please let the systemites come forth showing their authorities to the People, to cancel the Bill of Rights or interpret their duties thereunder in a manner disparaging the People’s Right to access to and protection from the Bill of Rights.

Please let the systemites come forth showing their authorities to Donald Trump, to cancel the Bill of Rights or interpret their duties thereunder in a manner disparaging the People’s Right to access to and protection from the Bill of Rights.

Systemite: One who serves the system that trained them with out care or understanding of the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the system served.

We, the Beneficiaries of and to the Public Trust Donal Trump serves now provide some mechanisms, divided by subject matter for the leadership to fully express the powers of the People represented, not only in our country yet world wide.

Below please find the POLITICAL AND LEGAL MECHANISM for the People of the States United to assume the control position over Divided Loyalty public servants through the Jurisdiction wielded by the Court of Public Opinion, operating in the law of the People, Consent of the Governed.


There is no political, legal or commercial system, power or operation that could force a fraudulent election on the People other than Involuntary Servitude.

The website http://45office.com is the delivery system.

Donald Trumps call to action to the People when providing a simple, easy and quick system to deliver the political, legal and commercial powers held by the People to public servants, loyal or divided loyalty, changes all equations concerning the future of our country.

The simple fact is the American People have been programmed into the electronic world wherein if most actions are not available to be accomplished on a connected device, the action will not happen.

This is a key understanding covering two key elements. Change the programming changes the outcome. Ease of use and application is the strongest invitation to act.

When Donald Trump provides the tool for easy access for the People to speak to our public servants, how many will come? What does our country have to loose by finding out? What do the People and our country have to gain by being invited to speak and act at the same time?

When Donald Trump ties the easy delivery mechanism that contains the the direct exercise of the People’s Rights as the substance, what reaction or response is likely from the Divided Loyalty Deep State systemites? What does our country have to loose by finding out? What do the People and our country have to gain by DULY SERVING DEMANDS requiring both response and reaction from self professed honest public servants?

Every American is waiting for something to happen. Why not lead the happening back to the fundamental of Consent of the Governed actually having value and effect in the operations of our governments?

One personal delivery letter from the American voter to public servants, set up in easy fill in the information format, with sending instructions and online access to recipients email and fax addresses, is the Call to Action for the People are waiting for.

45officecourtofpublicopinion.com, is a very inviting identifier.

45officejudgementofcourtofpublicopinion.com, is the invitation to publicly register judgement by individual Americans.

The website construction is relatively simple.

Invitation page.

Landing page outlining the issue and tools provided.

Document download page with instructions. Donald Trumps signed letter set up in for ease of inserting individual Americans names and information.

Multiple contact pages. Each to contain email and fax contact for specific classes of public servants. Legislators, both state and federal, Federal judges, Federal Agencies Directors, Governors, Mayors, County Elections Officials.

Registration site identifying the voter and their DEMANDS results in judgement by the Court of Public Opinion, which when based on the fundamentals of the Rule of Law, is conclusive. One master template alterable by change of County and State identifier. The site operated by the Americans in their home counties under personal bond, given word, for fully open operational records to any bonafide voter or user of the registration system.

First Letter of many.


Donald John Trump,
Registered Voter,


Served Via: email address:
Served Via: fax number:




Dear, …identified individual, and office… ,

YOU WILL: Recognize Donald John Trump as being of the People, registered voter, the well identified class of Americans to be served and protected by the class of Americans self identified as a public servants, which is a paid position requiring performance on promise to honor the People’s laws of Constitutions.

YOU WILL: Take full and complete Legal Notice of the facts and law duly served in and by this official public record execution, Demand for legal obligations between Donald John Trump and the public servants, relying on my political will transferred by vote to, … name of individual… , to be honored while in service to the governments created by the People beginning 1776. Public office is a certified fiduciary position verified by assumption of public office and receiving a paycheck!

YOU WILL: Fully recognize and act at all times as my Fiduciary. You … name … , accepted the fiduciary position when you assumed the People’s public office.

YOU WILL: Fully recognize the duties owed by every public servant holding well known and defined fiduciary obligations to the government office issuing your pay check.

YOU WILL: Recognize and honor the Bill of Rights guaranteeing by law you, … name … , promised to serve.

YOU WILL: Recognize, I am exercising my absolute right to speak freely, particularly to my public servants, and demand grievance redress. FAIR NOTICE: In the event you, … name … , fail or refuse to recognize and honor your duty to protect my political and legal right to speak to my public servants, as I do herein, and forth rightly support my grievance redress against the Government, you, … name … , will be making the public record of intentional CONSTITUTIONAL TORT and high civil rights crimes cognizable both civilly and criminally.

YOU WILL: Recognize that this duly served as delivered DEMAND attaches each and every personal asset, wherever located, however protected, when ever your name is identified as owner of said assets, or beneficiary of said assets. . This is because your promise of fidelity to the People’s governments as a servant is done under your signature. Your assumption of public servants position required you to disclose with out exception loyalties or commitments that could affect your honest services to the United States of America and or the State employing you. … Name … ,knowingly under full disclosure chose of your own free will gave the priority position over all your assets to the government you work for as your personal fidelity bond.

YOU WILL: Take notice of the now duly served proofs of fact exposing fraudulent elections practices causing unqualified, unelected individuals to assume positions of public trust known as public office. The attached links provide the certified public records causing knowledge of the facts proving fraudulent elections. No public servant, particularly you … name … can claim ignorance of either the law or the facts under excuse of no evidence when you … name … and the public office you serve are in care and custody of both the facts and law exposing felonies having been committed. Please see the finding aid to the statutes, United States Code, Title 18, § 4 - Misprision of felony, and others covering Insurrection, Rebellion, Obstruction of Government Process, Civil Rights secured by Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

( Here insert links to proofs like Mike Lindels, Sydney Powell, Lin Wood, Patrick Byrn and others under notary presentation requiring response to notary stating objections. )

YOU WILL: Fully and completely review your obligations as a public servant in context and under the principles stated in Part 5, Code of Federal Regulations, § 2635.101 - Basic obligation of public service. “ (a) Public service is a public trust. Each employee has a responsibility to the United States Government and its citizens to place loyalty to the Constitution, laws and ethical principles above private gain. To ensure that every citizen can have complete confidence in the integrity of the Federal Government, each employee shall respect and adhere to the principles of ethical conduct set forth in this section, as well as the implementing standards contained in this part and in supplemental agency regulations.” FAIR WARNING us now given that every government office of any capacity whatsoever operates under these same principles and has an administrative code implementing them, which … name… agreed to prior to entering public service.

YOU WILL: Recognize and be informed that the United States and every State United under Constitution have waived very limited sovereign immunity in TORT. You … name … can not be protected by government when TORT, particularly Constitutional TORT is alleged against you. Civil and criminal charges alleged against you … name … based on TORT are required to prosecuted by governments. Personal fidelity obligations bar you … name… from presenting any defense against TORT charges, their compounding and accumulating civil and criminal penalties, that is not based on public records testifying to absolute and complete compliance with know and agreed performance standards required of all public servants.

I, Donald John Trump, hereby WITHDRAW MY CONSENT TO BE GOVERNED, from the United States of America and the State of … name , for good and valuable cause of FRAUDULENT ELECTIONS OPERATIONS OF 2020, allowing illegitimate, illegal and void government services obligations to be usurped by both domestic and foreign parties invading the jurisdiction of the People’s governments.

FAIR NOTICE is now presented by Citizen, registered voter, Donald John Trump, that I am currently being held to INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE, presumed to be a subject to and of current governments operations based on FRAUDULENT ELECTIONS.

FAIR NOTICE is now presented, fully informing you, … name … , that OPPORTUNITY TO CORRECT any errors you … name … may have made while in government service may be considered mistakes, if or when you report wrong doing by other public servants and allege for consideration, that you … name … were coerced, threatened or intimidated to maintain silence from reporting Constitutional TORTS or crimes.

NOW, … individual name … , govern your self accordingly.



Mr. Trump, is our countries future worth the risk involved in challenging the Divided Loyalty Deep State invaders with the People’s Law?

When the People’s Law is not presented into the current confused forums of public discourse, there is no Rule of Law possible.

Every American deserves the right to choose. Even systemites were Americans before they allowed themselves to be corrupted.

Donald John Trump is the only one perfectly positioned to rally the People, to crush the Deep State Swamp by simple direct open dialogues and writings.


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