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Misc. Comments On The Possibility Of Nuclear War Over Ukraine

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Thursday, 8-Apr-2021 01:04:11

Misc. Comments On The Possibility Of Nuclear War Over Ukraine
(From GLP blogger site)

As a kid growing up I wasn't too concerned about the Cuban Missile Crisis even though they were calling up at least all the Air Force people and our town was getting crowded with them ... UNTIL .... a military car showed up to pick up my dad, who was a Civilian, gave him 10 minutes to pack and say goodby and said he was to be part of the Continuity of Government in case things went south.

Orders from Washington they said, and we didn't live anywhere close to DC and he was NOT a Federal Employee of any sort and hadn't worked for the government for 40 years.

He later told me that they took him to some underground bunker somewhere, NOT at our local AFB, but somewhat distant, and kept him underground for the next two weeks or so.

When the military car showed up UNANNOUNCED to pick up my dad and take him away even I, a kid, knew things were SERIOUS!! My mom about lost it.

Since an AFB was on one side of town, and a Nike base with nuclear tipped missiles was on the other side of town, as a kid I figured that if things went bad it would be all over for us, we just wouldn't exist any more. In my mind there was NO running away from fate, which was actually a bit of a relief for me. It was out of my hands. Time to go outside and play ... and ignore all that under desk climbing (even my teacher stopped having us do that when the drills came - they were also resigned to us being a First Strike location if things happened)

Hopefully things don't go South with Ukraine ... but so far the US Government has NOT shown any sophistication on how threatened Russia feels with the potential of nuclear weapons being right on its borders just 500 miles from Moscow. (which would be like nuclear missiles being put into Toronto Canada, just miles from the US border, aimed at Washington DC just 500 miles away)

Ukraine brings terror: France and Russia put nuclear strike forces on standby - In the air50 Rafale-Mirage
and in dispersal areas Russian ICBM missiles While American strategic bombers B-1 Lancer were flying over the Aegean sea aimed at Russia

[link to warnews247.gr (secure)]
Yeah, Russia is not f**king around this time.
Nope... this is either going to end badly, or end badly.

without stating the obvious who those ICBMs are for. Just two weeks ago Russian subs surfaced in the arctic sea and opened their nuke hatches.

You can guess who benefits from a major conflict between Russia and the West. Hillary wanted to go to war with Russia if she won the election and now Biden is picking right up where she left off. They are pieces of fucking shit doing China's bidding for their 30 pieces of silver. These people have and are getting away with treason.

Zbigniew Brzezinski has a lot to answer for.

He literally wrote today US aggressive foreign policy.

I think after the failure of both Napoleon,and Hitler in war with Russia.

US became obsessed with being first country to take out and conquer Russia in a hot war. Succeeding where all others have failed.

Create Zbigniew Brzezinski much talked about pivot in to Asia.And China backyard.

Thus gaining full control of all the World trade routes.Including Silk Road.

And gaining by proxy full control of all Russia vast resources.

I think that is why right now, there are so many eager players in this game.Many countries have been promised a nice big piece of Russian Cake.

As they say follow the Money.

I dont believe this is just about a few thousand ethnic Russians in Donbass,and the Russian holiday resort equivalent of the French Riviera.

The more i think about it.The more i am inclined to believe that the West overthrow of Yanukavich in the Ukraine armed coup, was actually to create the narrative to make Russia look like the guilty party when US/NATO eventually pull the trigger and attack Russia.

I think everything is actually correlating.EVERYTHING.

It should have been Hillary leading Operation Barbarossa 2.0.

Trump forced a 4 year delay to the start of WW3.

Remember Trump message going out the Door " I was trying to stop the World from Killing it self ".

He really was.

They knew Trump was going to win the election,and a second term as President by a landslide.They had to do something.

Desperate situation requiring desperate measures.

So US Deep State with their Commie partners in Wuhan decided on Covid pandemic.

It was released to create a full global lock-down.

Thus the Lock down brought us postal voting in United States.

The only sure way to make sure a President with 70,000 000 guaranteed votes does not win is Fake postal voting and a compromised counting System.

We all watched in real time as Trump went from winning in a Landslide to losing in just a couple of hours.

They got the Senile dementia patient put in to the Oval Office.He has not been POTUS for more than a few weeks and already has US on the verge of a full blown hot war with Russia.

This is not all coincidental.

This has been decades in the planning.

We are all hoping for deescalation,and sanity.It isn't going to happen.

They are going to kill us all.

They spent 4 years brainwashing the left into believing Russia is the enemy and now they are going to war against them...

At this point I side with Russia...

I see right through that political BS

Threats to retake Crimea are what have driven Russia to this buildup. 14,000 lives and billions of dollars is what it's cost Ukraine to pursue this vendetta against Donbass.

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