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Reader Charles: "? SOVEREIGN CITIZEN, or, citizen subject ? THINK DIFFERENT. Part 2."

Posted By: hobie
Date: Friday, 5-Mar-2021 05:54:17

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,
Part 2

As always thank you and RMN for for being the People’s web presence where any one is allowed to speak. The agenda for RMN is true execution of FREE SPEECH.

Please publish the below as an invitation to some THINK DIFFERENT!

The second section below is my email to the questioner.

This weekend I was challenged by a very bright lady to defend the identifier of SOVEREIGN CITIZEN.
My answer while correct was not complete which caused me to ruminate. That led me to review a lifetime of acceptances of others definitions concerning not only the Sovereign Citizen term, yet many other positions I define my self by to my self.

What I found is at the same time extremely exciting and depressing all rolled into one big ball of B.S. Confusion is the result of me B.S. ing my self.

After the rumination the conclusions were not only self evident, yet more to the point self illuminating.

The essential point in my arguments with my self is very simple, direct, all encompassing and devastating to all operations seeking to define or control others.

I am the only one holding authority, right, title, interest, duty and opportunity to define my self to both my self and all those I affect or could affect.

The primary party I am responsible to for being my best self is the CREATOR. Then as the created, when I express the energy gift that makes me up as a conscious being I represent CREATION.

WOW, that’s a pretty good job to have. What else am I here on this adventure for ? What better job description could there be than representative of and to the CREATION it’s self ?

Conversely what greater disrespect could I show CREATION than to allow any one or thing to define me not only to my self and others around me, yet more to the point to the CREATION?

Sovereignty is a term bandied about by many. Yet the way back machine in my mind held only references to others definitions. I am 71, on the path of Liberty since I was 12, so the way back machine is jam packed and not that well organized.

What I found when I engaged in this search involving the concept of Sovereignty surprised me a lot more that a little bit. Simply engaging exposed the links to information and concepts. The links and information sorted themselves out automatically.


Then, in 1776, WE THE PEOPLE joined together in a contract to create governments we all could support and serve. We authorized legalized force to be applied by our agents in specific limited manners. The People’s Sovereignty is recognized world wide because the other nations ruled by Sovereign's recognized our constructed governments.

In context of my country, it’s foundation and fundamental principles, any one attempting to define my Sovereignty to me or my CREATOR, is trespassing on me and CREATION. This trespass is exercised by attempting to ENTICE me into INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE.

Public servants are just that, servants to the People. Servants are never allowed to define their Master. Any attempt by a public servant to define the People in any manner whatsoever is a high crime, the servant attacking the Master with intent to subjugate. Worse is the deceptive illusion that the public servants acts out side the Law of the People’s Constitutions are some how controlling over the People. This is the quintessential ENTICEMENT TO INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE.

Witness the current ownership position expressed in our bodies by controlling our personal health. Forced MASKS and VACCINATIONS. The FRAUDULENT ELECTION OF 2020. Only those expressing an ownership position in our bodies and minds controlling our political positions would attempt what is currently going on.

Engagement in the enticement to INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE, once accepted is a self executed act ratifying completely my agreement to be a SLAVE to something outside myself. A SLAVE in my own mind and heart.

The brilliance of the operation of the enticement to INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE is the core of the corruption of Man Kind. All discussions about who did what when and how terrible it is and what do we do now are the result of the cause of the ENTICEMENT.

We the American People have all the tools needed to clean house. What is missing is the recognition that it is our house and we are responsible for it and to it because we created it.

Our Republic is our house. We own it because we created the Republic house.

If We the People are not responsible for the Republic We created who is?

It is an impossibility to hire, a vote is the hiring, some one to clean up our own mistakes and make things right.

Allowing any public servant or any other alleged American to determine ones personal Sovereignty, in relation to government is the evidence, that not only is there no understanding of the concept of Individual Liberty, but the foundational documents creating our country are invalid and possibly void.

Current public servants in very large part rely on the People’s lack of understanding that we the People are not the Sovereigns.

Does this explain why the vote fraud issues presented to the Supreme Court are buried? The servants in control over the subject citizens ?

Is this state of affairs cause by the Sovereign People not being present in our House supervising our servants?

Discussions invited and welcome. All solutions begin with open discussion.


Identity doc download: https://gumroad.com/l/CertificateOfCitizenship
• ISR interview with Erin Scott;
• Part 1: https://rumble.com/vebbfr-pt.-1-the-pursuit-of-freedom-erin-scott-and-isr.html
• Part 2: https://rumble.com/vebbex-pt.-2-the-pursuit-of-freedom-erin-scott-and-isr.html
• Part 3: https://rumble.com/veavlh-pt.-3-the-pursuit-of-freedom-erin-scott-and-isr.html
• Erin’s original recordings (with video);
1. Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ar4H1ML1iI
2. Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_Ht2PAMROo
3. Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KxBAnCFlPI
• Due to youtube censorship, and outside of the interview, Erin's videos with similar subject matter can be found at https://www.patreon.com/ErinScottSolar

• ISR website: https://www.isr.solutions, close to 300 Articles addressing fundamental issues. Contact points there.


Dear Erin,
Thank you for the challenge.

Yesterday the discussion of the term Sovereign Citizen bothered me enough to think deep about the realities involved in the term.

1. Sovereign Citizen is the correct term for any real American.
The properties, subjects, people, freed by King George immediately became Sovereign unto themselves and as a class.
The King could not enter a Treaty with subjects. The law between Sovereigns at the time only recognized treaties between those of Sovereign capacity.
The 1783 Treaty ratified by George as the Royal Prince Elector and Arch Treasurer for the Holy See bound all Sovereignties associated to or franchised by the interlocked associations. Particularly under Their Law of Nations.
100% release of former chattel subjects recognized and ratified completely.
2. As men declared their own Liberty, 1776, and then constructed governments to hold the power of legalized force, granted by the constructors of governments, the legal relationship between the constructors and entity constructed and its servants became a political, legal and commercial fact. WORLD WIDE.
3. As Sovereigns operating their own governments the responsibilities to what was created, recognized and ratified the liability of being subject to the creation.
Terms and conditions of the contracts.
All or nothing applies.
There is no escape from either responsibility or liabilities associated to the ownership over what one creates.
4. The Sovereign American People vested personal property via exercise of political Will through agency called the vote.
The personal property vested is the right of force for self and property protection and security.
This is the only true power of government created by the People beginning 1776.
5. Those relying on mere servants determination of what the term Sovereign Citizen is or means are slaves in their own minds.
Acceptance of being defined by admitted public servants is a self executed position.
This is ultimately the position if the coward refusing to accept both the responsibilities and liabilities invited by recognizing ones own Sovereignty.
Slaves and cowards never provide substance or value to the societies they inhabit because they have a master that owns their value.

Matters not whether these points are spoken, discussed or even present.
The fundamentals represented are the bed rock underneath all relationships between masters and servants.

We, Americans, have the choice.
Be Sovereign Citizens or be citizen subjects.
First Amendment Freedom of Conscience, called Freedom of Re-Liegon, is the choice point protector.

I can find no legal, political or commercial position that would allow any American to be a True Citizen with out being Sovereign making their own choices .
Being subject to public servants whims, either physically, mentally or spiritually, acts by public servants outside the foundational contracts, certainly invalidates all claims to Sovereignty, having rights, or being owed the benefits of True Citizens.

All the discussions I have seen concerning Sovereignty or documents alleging sovereignty share the same fatal defects or more than one.

My position is the contracts between the People creating our American Adventure are valid, in full force and effect and never altered by the contracted parties from day one.
My position is there is no closing mentioned in these foundational contracts.
Therefore, they are open for my execution and full capacity Joinder Nunc Pro Tunc!

The foundational documents ARE THE INVITATION.

That’s the choice !!!


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