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Posted By: hobie
Date: Wednesday, 3-Feb-2021 00:07:56

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

As always thank you.

Please Publish the below Article
My intent is to inform and hopefully open dialogues between the People and our public servants.

When public servants step out of their well defined powers and authorities, there is no defense against damage claims for doing so. This is because each public servant promised to know the law governing their job as a servant.

Trump has a perfected damage claim as a private citizen being attacked from public office by servants operating with no authority of government.

The United States government is not in any manner responsible for these Congressional critters behaviors.

The United States is responsible for protecting itself from damages caused by its employees like the Members of Congress. The U.S. government is also responsible for protecting Trumps right to rely on and receive protection from the law controlling these Congressional crooks serving under deceptive practices.

Oh! What a concept, the government cleaning its own house.

Trump is in perfect position to start the cleaning.
Thus the piece below to send a message.

- - -


Dear President Trump, our President

The Congress Assembled has no jurisdiction to charge Donald Trump for any thing because the penalty for the charge is loss of an office Trump which is not currently being served by Donald Trump.

We address Donald Trump as our President as a matter of fact and law. Trump is the only duly elected President. Trump nor any President ever, could peacefully transfer the People’s power vested in our office of President, under a cloud of FRAUD. Thus, no concession to the FRAUD from the duly elected President results in continuation of duly constituted office and the particular public servant ratified by law of the People’s votes in 2016!

More to the point is the People and our law of the Constitution for the United States of America. The People have been robbed of an honest election. The facts proving the charge, claim = civil, charge = criminal, are available before the world. No valid position for any thing can be established on a theft or when a fraud is associated to the position. Once a fraud always a fraud.

The last properly certifiable President holding the power of the People is President Trump. Biden is certifiable but not as President.

The People are the law. This is so because We created governments by constituting them. Governments are mere agents, servants to the People. This is the fundamental that every public servant swore an oath too and accepts a pay check to honor.

Public servants have no escape from this position. The only escape from the People’s law is other co-conspirators protections executed by refusal to perform their sworn duties. This is what is known as criminal activity.

As direct Beneficiaries to the Office of President we offer a critical observation that if heard and understood by Trump, will guarantee the phony Impeachment is utterly crushed.

Trumps failure to apply the law in open public forum, direct Executive Orders, to specific public servants, defining specifically the tasks to be carried out under what law, is the fatal defect that birthed the fraudulent election.

Now in this critical moment of our Republic. Donald Trump holds the power of the law, waiting to be applied, which provides every public servant, particularly Congress Members, to exercise their own grace or convict themselves of sedition, rebellion and insurrection in cooperation with foreign powers and other domestic partners.

The following statements settle all issues surrounding Impeachment of a non office holder and expose before the world, admission and confession by words and actions, of every supporter of NON CONSTITUTIONAL proceedings.

  1. I, Donald John Trump, American Citizen, 45th President of the United States now make my record before the American People and the world. This is my right.

  2. I, Donald John Trump do-not and will-not recognize the jurisdiction of this Impeachment Proceeding as holding any authority over me as a private American.

  3. As a duly sworn public servant I am barred by honor from recognizing sham proceedings and I cannot be forced to submit to NON- CONSTITUTIONAL acts by anyone, particularly this charade disguised as an application lawful government powers.

  4. I have not conceded to a fraudulent election and am thereby still bound by my oath of Office as duly given and accepted 20 January, 2017, by the People and their legitimate government.

  5. In order for this Impeachment hearing to be lawful and exercise authority over me, in any capacity whatsoever, the authority establishing jurisdiction over me, must be on the record of these proceedings. IT IS NOT !

  6. Failure to produce verified documentation of the authority for this Impeachment Proceeding will result in a Bill of Attainder barred explicitly by the United States tConstitution ratifying that I, Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States, am being held to involuntary servitude, slavery in fact and deed, by the Congress Assembled

  7. I demand the documented authority granting any public servant, particularly this Assembly of Congress, identifying the portion of the United States Constitution authorizing any public servant to interpret the People’s law, to be placed in the record immediately.

  8. Being that there is no authority identified by the United States Constitution to:

A. Impeach any one that is not a public office holder;
B. Recognize any act of Congress as valid that is not provably authorized by the Constitution in its strict delegating of powers of the People;
C. I have not been provided with proper authorities defined by Constitution ;

This hearing is CLOSED by operation of Law. LACK OF JURISDICTION.

I advise every Member of Congress Assembled that this charade is before the world and each of you is passing judgement upon yourselves. From self judgement issued in these current circumstances there is no escape.

When I am duly served the requisite elements, documented authorities, not some mish mash of servants conjecture and a clear statement of facts constituting a crime, I will gladly return and address the matter fully.

Until then proceed and your own peril.

Thank you, have a good day, and goodbye.

If Trump will only speak for himself, Daniel in the lion den, there is nothing the charade party givers can do.

Why would a man as smart as Trump, as committed to the American dream as Trump clearly is, as ballsy as Trump is , not take the God given gift of being put in the position to call the toxic swamp to full account in their own house by simply applying the law in the open forum?

Why would Trump put another attorney in his place to speak for him when the evidence shows how well he has been screwed by so many of them?

After reading the submissions to record in Congress it is clear that for the first time I can find, Trump or those speaking for him, are applying the law the way it is written with out re-construction by public servants. This is the critical point concerning the Constitutional crisis our country is smothered by. The fuse for clarity of duties owed by public servants to the government they work for has been lit by Congress critters operating from the position of breach of public duty.

FACT. There is NO JURISDICTION granted by the States United Constitution for any public servant to interpret, re-construct, or assume jurisdiction over the contract between the People creating the federal government Titled, the Constitution for the United States of America. I use the word Titled specifically as the complete identification of the ownership position over the federal government. The preamble perfectly identifies the owners as the creators of the property, the entity providing services to We the People. This means the Assembled Congress as a SERVANT TO THE PEOPLE, Trump in this instant matter, cannot create a power to act against one man.

What a chance for Trump to take the biggest stage the world has ever seen and be the main attraction in person !


Second thought. Both Joe Biden, every federal employee or officer, along with the U.S. Military have the absolute duty to execute the Constitution as written.

Every citizen and public servant has the absolute duty to report crimes against the government.

Is uncle Joe committing a high crime and a herd of felonies by allowing the Congress to abuse public trust and pervert the law of the People’s Constitution?


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