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Reader M Vents

Posted By: oldmaninthedesert
Date: Tuesday, 2-Feb-2021 23:28:50

In Response To: Part 2: One World Order- Socialist Dictatorship...What Socialism Is: Why it Leads to Slavery (oldmaninthedesert)

Reader M not too happy with Americans

Re: Part 2: One World Order- Socialist Dictato....

"This is typical of the gross hypocrisy of a true Socialist."

The whole system is built on hypocrisy which is why it cannot be sustained.

“Small lies lead to bigger lies until the whole house of cards collapses on them.”

No longer are the inhabitants of these United States of America able to deny the truth of the violent, unjust and unholy beginnings and foundation of their existence, for they doo so at their peril.

Every failure can be explained away because determining who is entitled to Justice under this system is defined as:

"Justice involves fairness among equals. Justice takes its most obvious form in the laws that govern a society. Our laws are a formalized ethical system that is designed to ensure that people are treated equally and fairly. Similarly, corporate policies are the rules that ensure fairness within a company."

Johnson-Sheehan, R. (2017). Technical Communication Today (Subscription). [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9780134433479/

What has changed is simply the beast that created this unjust system has taken off its mask only to surprise many who THOUGHT they fell within the definition of those worthy of justice, only to find that they do not.

This is now the price Americans will pay for their centuries long denial of the injustices committed in their names against others.

"He who rides the tiger is often afraid to dismount." The Majority of Americans have ridden the tiger of materialism and favouritism at the barrel of guns pointed at those who stood in the way of the resources they've lusted after. And now the same unjust hypocritical "laws" used against those unfortunate souls who stood in the way, are now being used against the majority of Americans; who could dish out pretty well, but can't take it when it's aimed at them

: This is a very sobering read to say the very least,it borders
: on overload with regard to the Truth it confronts us
: with.It behooves us to examine just what viable options we
: have to counteract this insidious disease that threatens
: our very existence as a nation. Some telling snips...

: ..."Where the ends they seek are concerned, Socialism and
: Communism are virtually interchangeable terms. Indeed,
: Lenin's party continued to call itself, 'Social Democrat'
: until the Seventh Party Congress of March, 1918, when it
: substituted the term, 'Bolshevik' as a protest against the
: non-revolutionary attitude of the Socialist parties of the
: West."...Ezra Taft Benson— A Race Against Time, Dec.
: 10, 1963.

: ...The Fabian Socialists closely followed the Communist
: Manifesto of 1848, but in a more genteel, less abrasive
: manner. Their aims however, were the same: A world
: revolution which would end in a One World Government — New
: World Order in which capitalism would be replaced by
: Socialism in a welfare state, in which every individual
: would be beholden to a dictatorial Socialist hierarchy for
: everything in life.

: There would be no private property, no constitutional
: government, only authoritarian rule. Every individual would
: be beholden to the Socialist state for his sustenance.
: Outwardly, this would in theory be of great benefit to the
: ordinary people, but an examination of the Socialist
: experiments in England, reveals the system as a complete,
: unworkable failure. As we show elsewhere, Great Britain of
: 1994 has totally collapsed because of the Socialists and
: their welfare state....

: ... "It is therefore the aims at the establishment of a
: society in which the economic power of individuals and
: classes shall be abolished through the collective ownership
: and democratic control of the economic resources of the
: community. It seeks to secure these ends by the methods of
: political democracy. The Fabian Society shall be affiliated
: with the Labour Party. Its activities shall be in
: furtherance of Socialism and the education of the public
: along Socialist lines by the holding of meetings, lectures,
: discussion groups, conferences and summer schools; the
: promotion of research into political, economic and social
: problems and periodicals; and by any other appropriate
: means."...

: .... In pages 9962-9977, Congressional Record, Senate, May 31,
: 1924, we find the Socialists and Communists aims spelled
: out even more plainly: "In short, American Communists
: themselves admit that it is impossible to promote
: revolution in this country unless the rights of the States
: are destroyed, and a centralized bureaucracy, under an
: entrenched cast of bureaucrats similar to those in Europe,
: for Communists (and Socialists) the basic conditions for
: revolution." While this is slanted toward the
: Communist goals, let us not forget that it is also the
: Socialist's goal, differing only by method and in degree.
: ....

: ...If we want an example of tyranny, we need look no further
: than the assault on a Christian church at Waco by the
: Federal Government in total violation of the United States
: Constitution. There were 87 people murdered at Waco. The
: Tiananmen Square "massacre" (a Socialist media
: description of the event) killed 74 Chinese. Yet Clinton
: was prepared to cross swords with China over its
: "human rights" violations occasioned by the
: Tiananmen Square uprising against the Beijing government,
: but thus far has done nothing to bring the perpetrators of
: Waco to justice. This is typical of the gross hypocrisy of
: a true Socialist.

: Where in the United States Constitution does it say that the
: Federal Government has the right to rush into the States
: and persecute a religious group? It is not there! The
: Federal Government has no business meddling in the States,
: especially when it comes to police powers. The 10th
: Amendment is perfectly clear on this: police powers in
: health, education and police protection, belong exclusively
: to the States. If the Branch Davidians had perchance
: committed any crime that warranted police action against
: them, that action should have been take by the local police
: and no one else. The Sheriff's Department at Waco failed
: lamentably in its duty to protect the Davidians inside
: their church properly.

: The Federal Government once again displayed its arrogant
: attitude toward the United States Constitution by violating
: Article 1 of the Bill of Rights of the United States
: Constitution which states: "Congress shall make no law
: respecting the establishment of religion or prohibit the
: free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,
: or of the press, or the right of people to peacefully
: assemble, and to petition the government for redress of
: grievance." What happened at Waco was that the Federal
: Government took powers it does not have and went to Waco
: with the express intention of prohibiting the free exercise
: of religious beliefs and freedom of expression. This is
: secular humanism in action which has no place in our
: Constitution. The Socialists are very hot on
: "separation of church and state" — when it suits
: their book. What happened to "separation of church and
: state" at Waco? It was not there! ...

: so much more truth here...
: https://exploringrealhistory.blogspot.com/2021/02/part-2-one-world-order-socialist.html

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