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Reader: "The Moderna & Pfizer Covid jabs are legally NOT Vaccines!!!"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 1-Feb-2021 05:38:38

(Thanks, G. :)

Reader G. writes and sends us:


Hi Hobie,

I just thought this email and video was very well stated and that everyone
at Rumor Mill News would appreciate seeing it.



The Moderna & Pfizer Covid jabs are legally NOT Vaccines!!!

Major facts of the video are:

David E. Martin https:www.davidmartin.world https://www.davidmartin.world

Video recorded on January 11, 2021
First published at 19:14 UTC on January 16th, 2021.

SARS-COV-2 is a SARS CORONA VIRUS and was subsequently relabeled/renamed

Moderna & Pfizer are not vaccines, but are actually "Experimental Gene
Therapy Technology".

The 1986 Liability Exclusion under touted Emergency Powers allows these so
called vaccine companies to make billions in profit with no liability.

If this was not a vaccine then this liability shield would vanish because
there is no clause under the 1986 act allowing medical counter-measure that
is gene therapy.

Which means that there are most probably "Governors and Health & Human
Services & CDC & others" maintaining the illusion of a "State of Emergency"
not because there is a "State of Emergency", they're maintaining it because
it maintains the illusion of the liability shield.

Blockbuster Revelations!! It's true! All of our different levels of Federal
& State governments have kept us in perpetual "States of Emergency" which is
obviously a sham and a ruse for their criminal behavior to continue

Read on..... lots of great info here to de-program ( red-pill ) people with
a healthy dose of truth !!!

Background & Introduction:

In the early 1990's David Martin was doing clinical trials at University of
Virginia Medical School. He worked in at the time, controversial (EMF)
electro-magnetics field therapy for a Japanese company when he became aware
of 15 US Code section 41 of the (FTC) Federal Trade Commission Act that
shuts practitioners down and seizes their assets for deceptive labeling
practices. It's when you use terms or phrases or words where you know that
you are using them with an intent to deceive.

Somebody who is watching this video:
1. Knows an elected official.
2. Knows a Prosecutor, whether that's a US Attorney, a US Attorney
General in a State.
3. Somebody in the viewing of this video knows Somebody who needs to
listen to this video.

If this Law can be used to shut down people of good will who are trying to
help other people, it certainly should be equally applied when we know
deceptive medical practices are being done in the name of Public Health.

Both Pfizer and Moderna have been promoting what they call a "Vaccine".

When the public thinks of a "Vaccine" one of at least two things has
1. Whatever you're getting is going to keep you from getting infected
by some sort of pathogen, that's assumption number 1.
2. Assumption number 2 is that if you somehow or another that you get
that vaccine, you're doing your public health bit to make sure you don't
transmit it to other people.

Let's go back in history to 1905, to the very famous Jacobsen case in
Massachusetts, where the Supreme Court (of the United States). And I'm going
to read the quote because I think it's important:

"This court has more than once recognized as a fundamental
principle, that persons and property are subject to all kinds of restraints
and burdens in order to secure the general comfort, health, and prosperity
of a State."

So what the Supreme Court in Jacobsen said, was that the police powers, the
public health powers, were legitimate, if they secured, secure the general
comfort, health, and prosperity of the State.

That implies that the individual benefit is superseded by a collective
benefit. That somehow or another, the individual is not the point, when it
comes to public health laws, it's about the community.

Which would then suggest, that to meet a "Vaccine Public Health Standard",
and quite frankly a "Vaccine Public Health Definition" something about
either you are immune from getting a pathogen, or and potentially and, you
are not going to transmit the pathogen must be part of what lies within that
definition. That couldn't be more straight forward than the Supreme Court of
the United States in 1905.

Here's where it gets more interesting, when Moderna was started (2010)
according to SEC filings, they make a point of saying that their technology
is a "Gene Therapy Technology". You'll notice that they don't say
"Vaccination". They actually say, "Gene Therapy Technology".

And it was set up to be a cancer treatment. This is "Gene Therapy

Let's just stop for a minute and ask the question, If Anthony Fauci got up
and said to everybody, "Hey, we want you to take Chemo-Therapy for a disease
that you may or may never have".

There wouldn't be a single person raising their hands. It would be
Prophylactic Chemo-Therapy. You wouldn't be doing it. You know why you
wouldn't be doing it, because it's a dumb idea, that's why you wouldn't be
doing it.

And States wouldn't be able to mandate it and employers wouldn't be able to
mandate it. No employer would be able to mandate Chemo-Therapy for a disease
that you don't have. That would not be a "Legal" thing to do.

But they called they're technology, "Gene Therapy Technology". They made a
BIG POINT of saying this is NOT an investigation in a new drug, this was
"Gene Therapy Technology".

What they are doing is putting together a synthetic fragment of nucleic
acids. It's not mRNA. It's not natural. It's not even a natural component of
a fragment. It's a synthetic fragment, it's a technology embedded within a
fat carrier, a PEG carrier, and that is being introduced into the cell, not
to induce immunity from an infection with a SARS-COV-2 virus and it's not to
block transmission of it, it's actually to lessen symptoms associated with
the "S1 Spike Protein" not even the virus itself.

The fact of the matter is that this thing is actually NOT a Vaccination. Now
why would I say it's not a vaccination?

Let's look at the Legal standard for what a vaccination is. And let's start
with the CDC Center for Disease Control own definition. Why not start with
the people who run the racket.

Two important operative definitions:
1. Immunity is protection from an infectious disease; If you are immune
to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected.
2. A vaccine is a product that stimulates a person's immune system to
produce immunity (see the definition above) to a specific disease,
protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered
through needle injections but also administered by mouth sprays and nose.

1. Vaccine is a defined term
2. Immunity is a defined term

Now, by definition, neither Pfizer nor Moderna even claims that to be the
case. In their clinical trials, they specifically state they are not going
to test that.

The CDC definition and what Pfizer and Moderna are doing, do not match.

If this isn't a "Vaccine", why are they calling it a "Vaccine"? That's a
question you should be thinking in your head.

CDC is not the Law, they are an expression of an agency (actually a
privately owned corporation by Deep State players) empowered by the law but
not actually the law.

Let's look at the Laws where "Vaccines" have been defined. It turns out that
this is a much harder exercise than you would think.

Because "Vaccine" the term, is actually not a legally defined term in an
enormous number of statutes that govern vaccines.

Let's look at a couple of examples:
1. From the Iowa Code; "Vaccine means a specially prepared antigen
administered to a person for the purpose of providing immunity".
2. Washington State, the state that has been absolutely tyrannical and
all it's interventions around Corona virus; "Vaccine ~ A preparation of a
killed or attenuated living micro-organism or fraction thereof."

Stop right there. mRNA synthetically developed by Moderna and Pfizer do NOT
meet this definition. mRNA is not a fraction of a living thing or a killed
thing because it's neither living or killed. mRNA are explicitly synthetic
gene therapy. They are NOT vaccines as defined by the statutes.

So here comes the really BIG PROBLEM. The BIG Problem is that if we look at
the clinical trials that were approved, for what is called the SARS/COV-2
COVID-19 vaccine program under the "Operation Warp Speed".

Listen very carefully to what the Primary Endpoint is:
1. The Primary Endpoint is the prevention of symptomatic COVID-19

Now let's pause and unpack that. Starting with COVID-19 disease. As you all
know... in February (2020) the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) and the
CDC and the Dept. of Health & Human Services made a very clear distinction,
they wanted to make sure that COVID-19, which was a series of clinical
symptoms, which included things like fever, muscle pain, aches, loss of
smell, certain radiologic findings in the lungs, a whole host of things, a
laundry list of things that got put within this thing called COVID-19, which
by the way has been re-defined as the PIC (Pneumonia, Influenza, COVID) as a
combined set of things so that we can catch more people allegedly dying of
this thing.

COVID-19 disease is not actually a disease. It is a set of symptoms. And
they were very clear on this by the way.

They tried to make a causal statement. They tried to say that SARS-COV-2
causes COVID-19, but then there was a tiny problem.

Most of the people tested positive using the RT-PCR method, had no clinical
presentation, which means that you can't make a causal statement.

You can't say the virus causes the disease, because unfortunately most
people with a Positive RT-PCR Test for a fragment of what was called
SARS-COV-2 didn't have any problem. In fact well over 80% had no problem.

Which leads us to the question that we can't say it's causal, it's more
problematic than this. The Primary Endpoint for the vaccine trial was not a
Vaccine endpoint. A Vaccine Endpoint has to do with immunity. And a Vaccine
Endpoint has to do with transmissibility and neither of those were measured.

And it gets worse. And I'm quoting right now, straight out of Moderna's own

"Key Secondary Endpoints include prevention of severe COVID-19
disease and prevention of infection by SARS-COV-2."

But here comes a tiny little problem... by their own admission in their
clinical study, it was, and I'm quoting; "Impractical to measure infection".

That's right you heard me correctly, it's impractical to measure infections
so there is no evidence in the Phase 3 clinical trials.

Not Any of the gene therapy had anything to do with the infection or not of

You cannot have a vaccination, it's not under the legal definition of

You cannot have a vaccination, that is in fact not meeting either an immune
or a transmission standard and their clinical trial was set up specifically
so that it could not measure either of those things.

And then let's quote shall we from the "New England Journal of Medicine" and
from "The Lancet", and this is October and December (2020) respectively and
I'm just going to go ahead and read this quote;

"At the time of this writing, no correlate of protection from
SARS-COV-2 has been established."

In other words, not a shred of evidence from the clinical trials said
anything about protection from infection with SARS-COV-2, which means that
every single person who has value signaled their vaccination, because
they're doing their part not to be infected with SARS-COV-2, and not to get

NEWSFLASH ~ You have been violating the FTC Federal Trade Commission Act by
deceptive practices. You've been telling people that there is a protection
that the data itself does not afford.

Why don't I read from the second report... and I quote, and this is "The
Lancet" and the "New England Journal of Medicine";

"No existing vaccine has been shown to be effective against
infection with any beta-Corona virus, the family that includes SARS-COV-2
which causes COVID-19."

People this isn't my opinion... This is in fact, fact.

When then begs the question... What would motivate Pfizer and Moderna and
more importantly. Felonius Fauci, the unsavoury, what would motivate them
and the CDC and others to lie to the American people about this being a
vaccine, because a vaccine in the ordinary course of the use of that term,
invokes within the listener a presumption of protection against infection
and protection against transmission, neither of which have been established
at all. Why would they use the term vaccine?


David E. Martin's Opinion:

And here's where we have to depart from the facts, and we have to go into
conjecture, because that's the only thing we have available to us.

As recently as 2018, MODERNA insisted that they were not making vaccines,
they were insisting that this is "Gene Therapy Technology" and it was
cutting edge and this kind of nonsense.

And suddenly because of SARS-COV-2, it suddenly became a vaccine company. It
wasn't a vaccine company before, it's not a vaccine company now, it's a gene
therapy company with an unproven gene therapy (re: experimental). That's
what it is.

So why do we keep hearing about vaccines? Well here's the reason I think we
keep hearing about vaccines, once again, my opinion here people. This is not
based on information I have readily available, but it is my opinion.

I think that if Anthony Fauci, if Moderna, Pfizer and others like Public
Health Authorities around the country and around the world actually called
gene therapy, chemo-therapy, number 1, people wouldn't want to take it.

And they wouldn't want to take it for a good reason. Because experimental
Gene Therapy is a bad idea no matter who it is, no matter when it is, no
matter where it is.

Experimental Gene Therapy should not be relentlessly and recklessly
distributed to a population, that shouldn't happen.

Number 2 is the 1986 Liability Exclusion. And this is what I really think it
really is.

See as long as Mr. Alex M. Azar, the Secretary of the Dept of Health & Human
Services, as long as Alex Azar keeps the "State of Emergency" going, as long
as every Governor and every Mayor and every unelected official keeps the
"State of Emergency" going under "Emergency Authorization Rules", liability
is a shield that's afforded to people like Pfizer and Moderna and others.

So they're making Billions of Dollars on the backs of something that they
have no liability. But if this was not a vaccine, then all of a sudden, the
liability shield would vanish because there is not a liability shield under
the 1986 Act for a medical counter-measure that is Gene Therapy.

Which means we're probably having Governors, and Health & Human Services,
and the CDC, and others maintaining the illusion of the "State of
Emergency", not because there is a "State of Emergency", because it
maintains the illusion of the liability shield.

Remember that if you suspended the "State of Emergency" today, like, I don't
know, if you're the Governor of South Dakota, and you have anybody ever
remotely cares about this matter listening to this video, lift the "State of
Emergency" because on the day you do it, RT-PCR can't be used because RT-PCR
is not a diagnostic, it has never been approved. It does not and cannot
diagnose and treat a disease.

This is why the so-called "State of Emergency" needs to be suspended because
the day it is lifted:
1. RT-PCR Test is not a diagnostic, it has never been approved and it
does not and cannot diagnose and treat a disease.
2. It means that every time Bloomberg, Gates Foundation, Zuckerberg
Foundation, COVID-19 Dashboard report there is another case of COVID-19
because of a RT-PCR Test they would be violating 15 US Federal Codes FTC
Federal Trade Commission Act.
3. You cannot diagnose a thing that cannot diagnose a thing, as that
would be a mis-representation and deceptive practice under FTC Act and they
are then liable for deceptive practices and there is no waiver of liability
under deceptive practices.

The reason the government and media are calling it a "Vaccine" is they can
count on the fact that you or I will ever have this video.

You and I will never have an independent inquiry.

You and I will never ask the question:

"Is it possible that the entirety of "Operation Warp Speed"
was, was nothing but propaganda?"

Some of you know this and some of you don't. Operation Warp Speed has a
"Middle-Man" and the Middle-Man is a company called ATI, a defence
contractor out of North Carolina, which is the Defence Contractor that
clears the "Billions of Dollars" of orders for vaccine and then they control
the rollout of the vaccine.

ATI is also has another contract with the Department of Defence and other
government agencies, and that contract is for "Propaganda & Mis-Information"

Wait a minute, you mean the company that actually got the contract to
officially manipulate public media to officially convey the propaganda of
the United States government, you mean that ATI? That company is the same
company that is in charge of "Operation Warp Speed". That's exactly what I'm
saying. It stinks like rotten fish because it is rotten fish, that's why it
smells of rotten fish.

This is a straight forward situation:
1. You're being lied to by your own government.
2. Your government is violating its own laws, FTC 15 US Code.
3. The government has thrown this 15 US Code at more people than he can
count and shutdown practitioners for deceptive practices.
4. The government is doing this exact thing, violation its own laws 15
US Code.

You need to do something right now:
1. Send this video to your US Attorney in your State
2. Send this video to your US Attorney General in your State
3. You need to actually do something with this video. Don't just share
it among your friends. Don't preach to the converted.
4. This is a violation of Federal Statutes perpetrated by Defence
Contractors, by Gene Therapy Companies not vaccine manufacturers who are
doing "Experimental Trials" and doing them under "Deceptive Medical
5. Real people ar being harmed. Real people are having significant side
effects. Some people may in fact be dying.
6. Don't just like this video or share it, send it to Law Enforcement
in your state because somebody, somewhere out there in the 50 States, is
going to care about actually following the law.

*Share this video and share this email, to educate your fellow man, woman
and children.


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