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Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 25-Jan-2021 03:24:33

(Thanks, C. :)

Link to PDF copy of the letter:


Reader Charles Miller writes:



Dear Hobie,

The below was served to President Trump, 4:35 pm, pacific, 1/23/2021 via email to donaldjtrump.com and The Mar-a-Lago Club contact page.

PLEASE publish ASAP. As soon as published I will send link via Trumps access points so the Seals are delivered.

No one we have seen is speaking the simple facts and law from the source, the Sovereign People.

This is the alternative method of delivery for the Seals because the sites used as identified above refused the transfer of the Seals.

- - -

Dear Mr. Trump, our legitimate President.

Congratulations on your new freedom of action position!

Your Beneficiaries, Charles C. Miller and Andre Paul Provost Jr., recognize that as a now private Citizen, in the minds of the systemites, that the opportunity to clean up the whole election fraud, and drain the septic tank of toxic government is available.
This opportunity is exclusive to Donald Trump. This is because you as the candidate for President and the unlawfully deposed President, have dual standing at capacities, which is perfected.

Mr. Trump as the only legitimately elected President you are still the Chief Executive, Commander in Chief and Chief Magistrate. Matters not what current appearances are.

Beneficiaries do-not believe ether the office of President nor the Military have the positions nor full Constitution authorization to address the current confusions concerning the Executive Branches duties at the moment. The current situation is unique and there is no precedent for guidance.

Mr. President, it is obvious to your Beneficiaries, and should be to any high school graduate with half a brain, that every thing you attempted to do concerning restoration of Rule of Law government operations is missing a critical element. That critical element is the presence of the Sovereign that created the government structures birthing our unique nation. There is no way on Gods Earth that those trained for a life time by and in a corrupted system could ever understand the Peopleís Sovereign position. This is because after generations of go along to get along those getting along only know how to argue. Servants and franchised individuals argue the issues of the servants world exclusively. There is no option for the servant or franchised individual to create any solution. Public servants serve the Sovereigns. Thus, they are limited to arguments about their own service, because servants are never allowed to argue with their master. Arguments never solve any thing because there is no intent to resolve the issue argued. Sovereigns solve problems by taking action under the intent to resolve root issues rather than engage in servant result based arguments feeding confusions. This is what the founders did, acted on their own as free men. The basic premise of the great American Adventure in Personal Liberty is the recognized Sovereignty of every man. This is the wtrue power and majesty of our country.

Mr. Trump, when the Sovereigns are not present at this critical moment, providing guidance to honorable public servants, all results of your actions will be from a servants position and understanding. This is not acceptable to the fundamental principles founding our country and fails to recognize We the American People are the only subject people ever released by their owner, King George, under the 1783 Treaty of Peace.

Mr President, your Beneficiaries Wish you inform not only us, but all the People, as to why the fundamentals of the Peopleís Law was not present and in full operation in your actions as our President?

Mr. Trump, Paul and I have nothing to loose by speaking the facts and truth. Our position as free men, Sovereigns, is the light of the world. That light will never go out.
Our public servants, past and present, you in particular, however have every thing to loose. The loss begins with failing to recognize that with out the presence of true Soverign capacity in your actions, the results are at best public servants arguments about the Sovereigns governments.

Mr. Trump, are you aware of of or have any evidence whatsoever of any one ever signing on to the orginal contracts creating all our countries governments, other than Paul or I ? Does our allonge to the foundational documents, duly served to the President in 2018, perfect our political, legal and commercial relationships to and with our governments? If not why not?

We are speaking as Maters, the Soverign to our public servants, past and present. We will soon find out how many are honest public servants truly understand the high privilege granted by the People allowing individuals to serve the Principles declared beginning 1776.

Thus, we believe the only recourse is to the Sovereigns because we are the principals, the owners of the governments our President and our Military serves. The public servants have never been authorized in any manner whatsoever by the Grantors, the Bailors nor the Beneficiaries, to dissolve our governments nor reconstruct our government from a public servants position. The fact that the Peopleís national government is operating in a suspended state is not in question.

The point here is very simple. How do we the Sovereignís assist and guide our legitimate honorable public servants for the re-constituting of legitimate lawful government operations?

We also understand that the United States Military is incapable of creating or reestablishing a civil government. Further, the Military has never been and is incapable now of assuming civil jurisdiction over any American. There is no exception to this fact out side War Powers during time of invasion, rebellion, sedition or insurrection. The documented declaration of these conditions is not in the Peopleís preview. Therefore it doesnít constitutionally or legally exist. We understand the operative facts at the moment may be and most certainly are somewhat different than what they should be. None the less every Undivided Loyalty American, particularly public servants, hold a very high obligation to return to lawful government operations no matter what the cost. The price for failing to do it right is exponentially higher than the cost to act now in accord with the Peopleís Rule of Law.

For the Military to at this point affect civil government officers, legitimate or illegitimate, sets a precedent that is dangerous in the extreme for both the Military and civil governments. Any time any country operates under Military Rule of any sort, civil government is invalidated. Being that the honor of every current and past Military officer and every current enlisted man is now called due, we as the Citizens and you as the only duly elected President, must protect our Military and all its members. We must provide the Constitutional and legal frame works for the Military to operate from while honoring their oaths.

What this means in real simple direct language is that the legitimate President from perceived private capacity in full cooperation with Beneficiaries must act to marshal the facts and law, access an accepted procedure to re-construct proper civil government, while at the same time removing permanently the root, trunk, branch and leaf serving the invasion, perversion and attempted theft of our country, and our American way of life.

In order for proper civil government to be restored in an acceptable manner the time honored and known procedures recognized by the People are the highest and best option for sustainability of healing our countries confusions. There appears to be only one mechanism that could be acceptable to reestablish the fundamental principle of Consent of the Governed.

The pattern I laid out in duly served forum, the White House web site, in December 2020, is now exponentially more powerful and effective considering the Civil Rights violations now so well documented. Any American being denied access to and protection from the law is required to have remedy and relief available. This function of government is well understood through out the country.

The public records prove conclusively that the open publicly available procedures to fully access the POWER OF THE LAW has not as of yet been accessed in the context of service to the Peoples office of President, the Peoples election process, nor the defense for the man Donald Trump. Only two choices here. Donald Trump had a deeper plan and ordered the attorneys to shy away from the law as written. Or, the advisors to our President deceived our President, and the deception was bought and paid for.

Paul and I proved our bona fide Sovereign Grantor, Bailor, Beneficiary standing in 2018 via U.S. Registered Mail to our President. As far as we know, no one else has understood the Peoples governments were created from day one by CONTRACT. The contract Constitutions are between the People, each operating through legitimate bona fide representatives who recognized and honored the Trust granted to them by the People. So says the documents. These contracts have been open for any American to sign onto since day one. We signed on as principles, now for then. The public records are available before the world.

Public servants having accepted the privilege of public service have been trained in a system corrupted incrementally over a long time. Thus the fundamental understandings of what the term Sovereign People means has been lost. Sovereigns are not subjects nor under control of their servants. Switching one set of public servants for another results in the People still being subjects to servants.

A simple fix is offered here. If the true Sovereignís are not fully involved in what ever mechanisms are in motion to drain the septic tank, the results of the draining of that swamp are not only incomplete yet leave the root corruption in place and alive.

Our web site ISR.SOLUTIONS contains our gift to the American People that establishes the opportunity for any American to memorialize personal public record testifying to contractual obligations owed by government to the People. Please review the site with particular attention to the IDENTITY document and its instructions. This site was developed under knowledge that real possibilities for solutions to our countries pains and suffering would be needed.

On the web site at the Articles Library you will find 85% of our duly served Letters of Wishes and Letters of Advice presented to our public servant, the President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump.

We believe that when the potential plaintiffs in the Civil Rights suit in an original jurisdiction Civil Action, allonge their own pledges as signatories to the foundational documents, the true power of the People and our laws will become wide spread topics of discussion. All solutions to any confusion are started with open dialogue.

We, your Beneficiaries, Miller and Provost Jr., offer our services to our legitimate President. We do this because of the record of your attorneys allegedly representing not only our President but the People and our law is so dismal. We are more than happy to educate them in the principles from the Peopleís position as Sovereign. Itís obvious to anyone who has looked at what has gone on in our country over the last two years that the attorneys do not understand the basics. Thus our offer.

This delivery is made under seal and should be accepted
as official documentation in the worldwide public record of the web.

Charley Miller; ( removed by author, sender )
Please advise time so I can go the 6 miles to a clean cell connection.
The weapon of open communications between Sovereigns and their legitimate President when monitored by the seditious systemites should not be under rated.

Ready to go to work now!
The link below is the opening.

Audio: https://rumble.com/vd5tnn-kerry-cassidy-isr-identity-solutions-continued....html?mref=91epv&mc=2hwyw

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlC2MoiKzV8&feature=emb_logo

This is the first time our Seals have been applied to a public record.

The reason for the Seals being fully incorporated is, that prior to the events causing this email, We the Grantors, Bailors, Beneficiaries and Depositing Creditors, to the whole of all government structures operating in the Peopleís United States of America, had a trusted bona fide, honorable President properly serving our law.

Now the Sovereignís are required to execute our positions in order that our country will be put back on the proper track serving the adventure of our American experience in self executed Liberty. The right to choose for all of the People is the prize! Further the invasions of our country must be addressed properly from the foundations of our country created by the People. Only the Sovereignís may speak that at this moment. No one else has!

See final note below Seals.

Mr. President, your Beneficiaries Wish our President, the only lawfully elected President, Donald Trump, recognize two very important facts.
First, your inauguration promises to give back power to the People, the People become the rulers of our nation, the People will not be forgotten, the United States of America belongs to the People, empty talk is over, direct action will show it can be done, are not complete.
Yet, the opportunity to complete every promise, honor the Oath freely given, has not been executed.
We are very aware that underneath all the current hoopla there may be deep goings on that complete your promises and vision. If that is the case then please proceed expeditiously while recognizing point two.
Second, public servants are just that, servants. Public Servants in our country are never authorized to not recognize the Sovereignty of the People. Nor are honest servants authorized to allow other servants to harm the People through acts of negligence, particularly when the tools to drain the toxic swamp are available.

This Letter of Wishes defines the choice point !


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