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Beware of Politicians Bearing $2000 Gifts - They Are Playing With Us

Posted By: Lion
Date: Tuesday, 29-Dec-2020 09:50:23


Beware of Politicians Bearing $2000 Gifts - They Are Playing With Us


It's so exciting to see the House vote for a $2000 per person virus relief package, right?

Suddenly, everyone forgets about how evil the politicians in DC truly are, and see them as 'truly concerned' for the plight of the US population, and the hardships being endured under CovID restrictions imposed by federal, and state authorities.

Suddenly, everyone forgets about the pork laden monstrosity of a bill designed to enrich those same politicians, writ large.

So how does THAT work?

The Joe Biden/Hunter Biden Ukraine slush fund is a good example:

Joe Biden offers Ukraine government BILLIONS in a foreign aid package, if the Ukraine government will back off the corruption investigation of his son, Hunter Biden, and Hunters' sketchy connection to Burisma Holding Company in the Ukraine.

Joe Biden the elder, appointed by Obama, and acting in his official capacity as US liaison to Ukraine, demands the Ukraine govt fire the prosecutor looking into nefarious dealings between Hunter Biden and Burisma holdings.

Ukraine govt then fires the prosecutor, and "son-of-a-bitch" - Ukraine gets the aid package.

But that is not the end of the money trail, by any means:

When the 'aid' funds are actually transferred from the UST to Ukraine, US puppet point man, and then Ukraine President, Petro Poroshenko, RE-ROUTES a PREVIOUSLY AGREED UPON PERCENTAGE AMOUNT OF THE US AID BACK TO JOE AND HUNTER BIDEN IN THE US.


Recording of calls between Joe Biden and ex-Ukraine President Poroshenko leaked:


This is known as 'money laundering', or another way politicians in DC get filthy rich on the backs of producing debt slaves in the private sector economy.

Look at the 'CovID Relief Bill just passed in the house by a high margin.

Added to the bill are BILLIONS in foreign aid 'pork' being freely passed out to DOZENS of foreign countries, for the most absurd causes.



Every one of these countries have a DC crony point person who will officially 'receive' the 'foreign aid' from the UST.


How many politicians in the US will get the re-routed, 'skimming' kick-backs from the 'foreign aid' packages sent to them by the US?

There will always plenty of money available to the federal government, and plenty of money to fund innumerable 'skimming operations' for political parasites in DC.

It's just a question of; "How much do you want to print"?

How many zeros do you want to enter on the keyboard?

It's simply a question of, "how much debt do you want to add" to the total amount of DC debt owed to the FED?

There can be ENOUGH MONEY made available, to send 2,000, 20,000, or even 200,000 to every man woman and child in America, but that is not the aim of the DC parasites.

The aim of the DC parasites is to maintain power, and control over, the day to day activities of every man woman and child in America.

The aim of the DC parasites is to further the 'Great Globalist Reset Agenda' by maintaining fear porn policy of the CovID scamdemic, while implementing draconian lock down procedures under the guise of junk science, from charlatans like the AMA, Bill Gates and the hapless Anthony Fauci, all the while promoting and implementing a deadly for-profit, mandatory vaccination policy of genocide on a massive scale.

Do not look at DC parasites as 'public servants'.

These creatures are Life destroying monsters of the worst ilk.


"Be careful what you ask for. You might get it".

Should the US Senate 'approve' of delivering the $2000 carrot payment to Americans which the DC parasites have already robbed, raped, and pillaged for countless decades, do not think for a moment that even the act of transferring this minuscule amount of funding to Americans will come without a price.

One of the platforms of the 'Great Reset', or the complete globalist takeover of every economy on the Earth, is Universal Basic Income, or UBI.

Under the globalist plan, you will NOT be permitted to choose, or practice an occupation which determines your lifestyle to a degree which you choose.

You will not be permitted to own a business, or to produce enough revenue in the private sector, from which you can expand your interests, because you will not be allowed to own anything.

That is where government steps in, to provide a basic monthly income for you to survive, and to provide enough food for you to eat in order to sustain your life.

This is called Universal Basic Income (UBI).

In order for you to qualify for a life sustaining UBI the government will require:

(1) You must be vaccinated to 'guard against the spread of CovID'

(2) Your 'social credit score' must be on par with the official narrative put forth by globalist government talking heads.

(3) If you think, act, or speak independently - or even think nationally, as opposed to the Globalist Farm of Collective Thought - your monthly UBI stipend will be in jeopardy, and you will be prosecuted for crimes against the state.

There is a meme currently being floated in the globalist owned press of $2000 payments paid to every American, every month through the 2021 calender year - and beyond.

The Forbes article below was first published in APRIL of 2020.

Do you think this globalist set-up has NOT been in the works for years?


Apr 22, 2020,08:00pm EDT|14,948,907 views

Stimulus Proposal: $2,000 Monthly Payment Plus $1,000 Per Month Until 1 Year After Crisis Ends



In 2018, tax receipts showed that 40% of Americans earned less than 20,000 per year.

How much would ANY private sector activity or private sector entrepreneurship be destroyed if that 40% suddenly was handed a monthly income which amounted to 36,000 per calender year?

Why would a person 'work' for 20,000 when they can get 36,000 from the government for "free"?

The only problem is, nothing is free.

There is ALWAYS a price to pay.

You will have a nation of brain dead, non-productive, unmotivated, cell phone addicted, DNA altered, obese zombie blobs of couch potato protoplasm - which is the standard for a 'good citizen' in the post Nation State economy, after the Great Reset.



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