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Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 19-Dec-2020 00:35:19

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,
Please Publish as invitation to readers of RMN to spread wide.

Sent to the White House 12:29, am, pacific, 12/18/2020

Received confirmation of receipt from White House, delivery, beginning 12:34, am, pacific, 12/18/2020. 7 receipts for 8 sent. ?

If the People do not speak, no one will hear.

- - -


Dear President Trump, our President,
Fundamental Law, or Failed Systems.
1 of 8

Beneficiaries Advise, in the strongest terms possible, that systems of operation, particularly in judicial functions, have been incrementally corrupted for generations. The result is that the current practitioners in our judicial systems have very little understanding of the fundamentals and direct application of the People’s powers over government operations. The key element overshadowed by custom and practice is the fact that judicial power belongs to the People. The People merely assigned administration of legalized force to governments. The People never authorized judges to interpret the law nor apply their personal judicial philosophies to the the powers of the People. The use of ‘case law’ in the People’s Civil Action Complaint, filed by our President, admits the People are subject to a public servants positions. The People and our President speak our own powers and authorities. When we act in this manner we supervise our public servants. When We provide the Supreme Court the Civil Action Complaint, the Justices and the Clerk are required to act. Then We, all of the People and our President will know if We and our country have a valid and properly functioning Supreme Court.

Mr. Trump, if the People do not speak, no one will hear.

The People nor our President need nor requires any ‘Case Law’ citation to state a claim and demand judicial process due and owed!

No federal judge holds authority to manipulate the Rules of Evidence in any manner that limits the relevance of public record documents covered under the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution.

Beneficiaries believe this is a very, very important point. We also believe that only the President can establish this point. The People and every honest public servant not only deserves yet needs to know if the United States Supreme Court is trustworthy, is capable of complying with the People’s Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the rules of not only the Supreme Court yet the Civil Rules of Procedure.

Beneficiaries believe that the circumstance of incremental corruption requires directed instructions from the People’s perspective to avoid confusions, the misconstrued inversion of public servants actions superseding the Will of the People. Thus, below ,
Beneficiaries Letter of Instruction, in order to assist our public servants.


The Office of President calls the Supreme Court to make appointment at the Clerks Office to file a Rule 17 Original Jurisdiction Civil Action in person by authorized agent.
At the Clerks Office the authorized agent requests assistance in accessing the electronic filing system and assistance in setting up the account while at the Court.

Praecipe to Clerk.
File the presented Civil Action Complaint on the Courts civil action docket, in Original Jurisdiction, Rule 17.2, assign

Case No.
Review the Summons, affix the Seal of the Court to each and return each to the authorized agent.
Immediately place before each Justice the full and complete file, point out the Emergency Motion for Injunction/Temporary Restraining Order, request scheduling orders for hearings on the Emergency Motion.

Civil Action Complaint.
Signed by the President, and Sealed by the Office of President,
Presidents signature verified by Senator Cruz, Civil Rule 11.
File stamped conformed copy of Complaint required.
Civil rules require two copies. Beneficiaries believe the 40 copy requirements mentioned under Rule 17.3 do not apply to Complaint under Rule 17.2. We also believe this is a point that must beheld because the rule is written and clear.

Defendant State with Governor and Attorney General named in separate summons.
Does, one to ?, may be added to complaint if claims against other public servants are believed to be needed.
The Secretary of State and Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court should be considered for defendant status.

Motion for Leave to File.
Language placing the Court with no option other than acceptance of the Civil Action Complaint as sent prior is all that is needed.

Brief in Support of Motion for Leave to File.
These short statements carrying the authority of the Law of the Constitution, controlling Bill of Rights, is all that is needed. We are not arguing. The President is enforcing the Law. The Law of the Constitution supersedes, controls all public servants, particularly Justices at the People’s Supreme Court.

The President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump approaches the Original Judicial Power of the United States, executing duties required by Constitution to execute the laws.
This Courts duties require compliance with the original jurisdiction mandate set out by Constitution creating this Court. Original jurisdiction maters concerning States is exclusive.
Congress holds no powers to alter, amend, supersede or circumvent the original and exclusive duties owed by this Court to the Constitution.
The one supreme Court is the exclusive judicial power exercised by the United States Government that is authorized to provide remedy and or relief under the Civil Action Complaint as filed according to this Courts Rule 17.
In the event that this Court in any manner whatsoever shirks its Constitutional duties in executing its original exclusive jurisdiction over defendant States, the President, under duty to enforce the United States Constitution as written, will act to impeach and charge any or all Justices with; Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Official Malfeasance, Misfeasance, Nonfeasance, Breach of Public Duty, Breach of Contract, Receiving Federal Monies Under False Pretenses, Conspiracy and other appropriate charges.

This Fair Notice to the Court is mandatory under the current Exigent National Security issues raised by Fraudulent Elections Practices, defective judicial practices by lower courts and this Courts failure to recognize prior served evidence of Fraud on the People this court is created to serve, first, last and always.
This Fair Notice is considered by the Chief Magistrate of the United States Government to be providing adequate Process Due as owed to all honest public servants.
Notice and Opportunity to Respond is duly served.
Plaintiffs annex every Election Fraud case filed in any state as evidence and place each case under this Civil Action Complaints jurisdiction as a matter of common cause.

Submission of Related Cases; Submission of Evidence, Full Faith and Credit pursuant to Federal Rules of Evidence, 201 Mandatory Judicial Notice, 301, 501, and others as necessary.
Indexed Cover Sheet
List every other case from any other court challenging Election Fraud. Identified by Case and jurisdiction.
Submit docket sheet for each case.
Annex to identified the cases the full files, every jot, tittle and scintilla of evidence.

This is where the rubber meets the road, where the Executive Branch exercises its duty enforce the law, report crimes and call due the duties of the co-equal branches of government and those franchised to use the People’s Air Waves.

Motion for Injunction and Immediate Temporary Restraining Order Barring Congress from Accepting Potentially Fraudulent Electors Records.

This is a standard by the book form referencing the documented case files Submitted as Related Cases and Evidence.
Cross index relevant information from the various law suits filed as evidence.

Press Release
Once the filed documents are back at the White House, the President holds an impromptu meeting with the jackals.
Advises that an aid is handing out hard copies of the Civil Action Complaint with a jump drive containing the complete file.
The President asks if every one has a copy.
Witness’s view the assent of receipt.

The President then advises they have all been served and may be called to testify what they witnessed concerning the election.
Small note that any one having evidence of crimes against the government is required to report them and that 18 USC section 4 might be of assistance.
Thank you for being loyal Americans.

There is no bad press!

Inviting attacks from the incompetent draws them into the world of the competent because they have no substance of their own to sustain themselves. Association with commence is infectious.

Mr. President, Beneficiaries declare any high school graduate prior to the year 1995, that uses a dictionary and thesaurus will understand our presentations outlining application of governmental powers.

Essentially the controversy at the Supreme Court, US DOJ, Congress is one between government and legal experts serving their own constructions of the people’s granted authorities without reference to the People’s statement of our powers, Constitution.

The Office of President, in this moment of National Securities Imperatives require bold acts. The Constitutional Crisis of Election Fraud, the Negligence of the security and intelligence agencies share one common result. The lack of trust of the People in government is not only well deserved, it is now being exposed.

Right now Mr. Trump, you as our President are the most trusted public servant and man in the country. Arguably ever in our countries history.

At this point in the context of severe confusions and perturbations in the fabric of our country from inside out, top to bottom, the People need hard core in your face straight talk and hard core action.

Please Mr. Trump, consider delivering the 150 mph fast ball into the gut of the Supreme Court and establish one place that the People can speak and be heard on official public record. The Rule 19 Joinder of Necessary Parties filed by the People in the Civil Action Complaint you file is a place to begin the powers of the People being exercised in support of our President, our law and our authorities, inside the systems.

At this point what do We the People and our country have to loose by telling it the way it is?

We, all of us Americans have every thing to gain by trusting our own law over those that administer our powers.

The cases around the country concerning Elections Fraud fail for two reasons. The practitioners have been trained in a fraudulent system and that’s all they know. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, statutes, rules as written are circumvented through interpretation instead of enforcement, philosophies are more important than duties. The cases have no complaint to hang their pleadings on which means there is no case or controversy over which the courts could exercise jurisdiction. The best that could be said is crimes were reported. Yet even these reports of criminal acts so well documented had no criminal complaint to move the courts.

Mr. President, the question all patriotic Americans should be asking, not only ourselves but every one we meet leaves, very little wiggle room.

If the election fraud is real, which it is, why should any American be nice about our votes being stolen, our political will being diminished by fraud, and our country being attacked by foreign and domestic enemies attempting to steal our country or destroy it, or both?

Mr. President, our country is at war, a new kind of war. There only two positions available at the end of a war. Winner or looser.

Our county has a law system that actually works when applied, even when not perfect in application. The application of the laws as written places those administering the law in the dangerous position to be personally liable for acts out side that written form.


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