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The Latest From Sophia - "Don't Fall Back To Sleep" (MAJOR NEGATIVE FEEDBACK ON VACCINES)

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Tuesday, 15-Dec-2020 22:53:32

Received via email - Lymerick

December 14, 2020
4:24 AM

It is the One.

Things have come to pass that permanently alter the reality you have come to call your own. Things of a medical nature.

These would be, actions intended to alter the genetics of the species.

These would be by injection.

It will be important, in a vital way, to deny these vaccines recently produced and released. They are not for the benefit of the species, are untested on a long-term effect basis, and unnecessary as antidote.

They are more of a weapon than a cure, and one need only recognize the expression of joy on Mr. Gates face*, to see his satisfaction with its success and distribution.

They are not meant to help you, but to harm.

They are not meant to help you, but to harm.

One need only review historical data, to discover the aims and beliefs of this man, who for reasons of wealth and influence, leads the charge. An awake populace will need to define its own treatment and care**.

An awake populace will need to voice its knowledge and concerns, so that a sleeping component of that populace is aroused and then also becomes aware.

It is money that drove the success of this effort, rather than health guardianship. True concern for the welfare and health of a people is not driven by money or influence or peddled around by networks who consistently prevent truth from being displayed. Actual concern for the well-being of the race is discovered in the doctors quietly prescribing an efficient and innocuous method of treatment for those who come under their care.

It is important to reconcile now the difference between those in “service” industries whose aim it is to help, versus those who seem to wield control and influence in the form of that help. This vaccine, currently produced and with the help of Mr. Gates, has particles of genetic altering fabric included in its ingredients that are life-altering and unnecessary.

Their inclusion in the subsequent release is a bold step. It is unclear that the facts around this specific release, the potential species-altering effects, have been fully disclosed to those doing the releasing. It is unclear the course chosen. Much is illusion.

Mankind, now awakened, will need to hold continued vigilance with regard to its governments, medical establishments, military, and financial institutions. When connected in any way, as is so often the case through formal education***, it is suspect.

There is an expression “Do not bite the hand that feeds you”, and this gives evidence to the atmosphere of these many deals and partnerships running the world. Not just a country, but a world.

Your world.

Your race has been genetically designed at its earliest moments. This, to achieve a slave race that holds warlike tendencies. This, to be easily manipulated.

The efforts now to alter the species are aimed at reduction of feeling, a decrease in connection to one another in favor of, instead, what the program demands. The term “artificial” can be used here, because these are not “natural”, but rather blockages to natural tendencies. These things would break the chain of connection that reinforces Oneness. These things, inserted into the body, will attempt to replace what is currently emerging in humanity – physical Oneness.

Let me say this again.

The medical explanation for the inclusion of genetic material glosses over and is not fully understood by most who research its ingredients. It does not, therefore, raise alarms. The mention of genetic material and any sort of “herd immunity” needs to be recognized for what it actually is saying.

Those who use the term “herd”, mean to do so, and think of the race as such. A group of animals under their control, whom they are charged with keeping in prime shape for very specific reasons. These reasons are not being disclosed to you.

Instead, you are told that they will give you freedom and allow your world to open. All questions about the ingredients here are necessary to be honestly and clearly asked.

They mean to control you, manage you, and keep you just healthy enough to operate necessary systems for them.

Be very aware of any required or strongly suggested injection into your body – of anything you don’t know the ingredients of.

Your body, while human, is your responsibility. It is a part of who you are. There are methods of belief and intent that help form and design its look, feel and performance here. There are also poisons that, if ingested without knowing, bring harm.

Remain aware of everything that impacts your life here. An injection that includes genetic altering material has more things going on than a cure for a virus.

You will all know, and quickly now, the dark agenda for your race.
You will all know the players set on orchestrating that agenda.

It becomes necessary to apply critical thinking in every situation.
The race has become lazy in this way, and has not asked questions of “authority”. It has relinquished control and in doing so, allowed the controllers free reign.

The race is considered a herd. A herd kept alive, fed and controlled for peak performance. Not for growth or personal benefit. Not for self-awareness or improvement or knowledge.

Performance to benefit, instead, the owners of the herd. What benefits? You may well wonder? Wealth. Longevity. Power. Control.
All of these in spite of you, not for you.

Now that you are awakened, the next effort is to remain so. Now that you’ve seen your chains, the next effort involves keeping them in sight, to be sure that they are not slipped back on in some new fashion.

Methods to continue ownership and control and to limit your movements will continue as long as they are allowed.

Your best antidote to all of these is Oneness; is unity. This you are now realizing and it is for that reason efforts have been put forth, through injection, to halt your realization. It is your greatest power.

Change erupts from such a force. It is this change that is now witnessed globally.

It is this that has led you, together as One, to your liberation.

The “ending” guaranteed here and now, is freedom. The steps taken to get there can be many or few, and this, my dear human, is decided by your awareness and your response.

Take action to insist it continue. Keep your eyes on the destination and your arrival is quickened. Every step taken must be done in the light. Clarity is necessary.

Do not fall back to sleep.
Do not fall back to sleep.

You will see, dear human, you will see. From a wakened state the answers are clear, and the path to them easily followed. You will not stumble onto this path, but walk upright and fully conscious with deliberate intent.

In this way, you’ll know when you arrive. This will be a joyous moment indeed.

That is all.

Thank you.

*Here I saw an image of Bill Gates with a huge smile on his face, talking to a CNN announcer, about the vaccine. He was talking about how more than one would be necessary and that this would go on for years. I saw “2022”.

**Today a news announcement from suburban Cook County, in Illinois, said that the vaccine would be given to health care workers as early as this week, and that it was voluntary. 70% of the health care workers who were given the option, took it. They will receive this vaccine before Christmas.

***This is the lynch-pin and was seen as driving everything. Education institutions funded by various foundations and students funded by grants from societies and corporations – all of this the driving force beneath a web of corruption in science, technology, and government. It’s all connected. It is all structured to continue generationally. Indoctrinate the youth, the “well-bred” and “educated” youth who tend to form the pool from which government leaders are selected.

Main web site: https://www.sophialove.org/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

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