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Posted By: hobie
Date: Sunday, 13-Dec-2020 00:38:47

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

Thank you and RMN for your hard work and dedication.
Thank you for your comment concerning treating RMN as a blog spot.

Please Publish ASAP.

Please find duly served Monograph, official public record, as duly served to President Trump, via the Peopleís White House web portal inviting any American to communicate with our President.

SENT: 12/11/2020, 3:05 pm, pacific, in 7 parts due to 250 word limits.

Right after sending I checked the web news and found the Texas Motion along with all the other Motions were dismissed.

The Court is 100% correct in the dismissal. There is no case or controversy when there is no Civil Action Complaint identifying Constitutional or and statutory law to be at issue.
A motion is required to have a case or controversy to attach too or move the Court.

The Court now has evidence of fraud. What a box that is!
Appears to me that the Court is inviting some one to understand the rules and federal jurisdiction, do the job of cleaning up the fraud properly and get the Court out of the political sewer they are being dragged into.
This is a big statement from me considering my extensive back ground with the legal swamp including the Supreme Court.

Reference to prior articles lays the issues out in clear simple language.

I will be forwarding next public record service to the White House soon.

- - -


Dear President Trump, our President
Executing Duties, or, Asking Permission?

Beneficiaries reviewed very carefully the recent filing by our Office of President seeking intervention in the Texas Motion for Leave to File at the Supreme Court.

Frankly, We were shocked that our President would seek permission, Intervention, from the Supreme Court to execute what is a clear duty for the Peopleís Office of President to ENFORCE THE CONTRACT, known as the Constitution. Enforcement of the proper Constitutional standards governing election of federal officers is incumbent on every federal official, particularly that of the President.

Intervention, as a right, is not the same as Joinder of Necessary Party. Intervention limits the Executive to the claims stated by party intervened upon. A Joined party is entitled to bring its own claims and complaints.

The Office of President should never be in affected or limited by a States actions when it comes to enforcement of the Constitution.

Intervention limits the Office of President from placing the United States Constitutions Chief Law Enforcement Officer in full control of the destiny of the federal government. The Presidents job is that of the leader of the federal government. There is no power assigned to the President to place the execution of the Constitution in a subservient position to either the Supreme Court or a State.

Civil Rule 19 provides the legal mechanism for the President to act with full powers, Chief Law Enforcement duties, unfiltered by any other branch of government or any state. Rule 19 requires NECESSARY PARTIES TO BE PRESENT. The United States as a whole, every American, is affected by the current proceedings in the Supreme Court.
Of course we are all necessary parties and you Mr. President are our spokesman.

When our President does not bring the full unlimited powers of the Executive, the Constitution Enforcement branch, to establish the case and controversy, the Constitution has no champion, the People have no champion, the federal government has no champion.

What concerns us is that the Executive branch approached the co-equal Judicial branch from a limited or subservient position seeking permission to enforce the Law of the Peopleís Constitution. The permission sought was from the State of Texas and the Court. Even though neither the Court nor Texas can ignore Intervention of Right, the Office of President limited in the full Executive powers by not acting as the completely independent Executive branch defined by Constitution.

The President of the United States of America is not required to seek permission from any one, any where, any time, for any reason, when the Office is fulfilling Constitutional duties, particularly while enforcing the contract Constitution with or on other parties to the Constitution, Texas and the Court.

The Courts duty to execute the provisions of the Constitution are no less and no more required than those of the President.

When the President, independently, formally requests the Court to execute its Constitutional duties there is no possibility of refusal, particularly in an Original Jurisdiction Civil Action as presently docketed at the Court.

When the President presents the evidence, the facts the law, from position of President, offering the opportunity to the Court, to do its bounden duty to ensure honest elections, enforce the Constitution as written, the contract terms binding the States will be enforced.

There are no arguments possible between the Executive and Judicial, when both branches are acting under their specific Constitutional Powers.

The fact is that the Executive is required to provide the tools, the legal mechanisms to the Court. The Court is barred from acting when no case or controversy is before the bench. The Court can not chase down or create cases or controversyís. A Motion requires a case or controversy to be duly filed, with summons served. Thatís how a court establishes in personam jurisdiction. Both subject matter, the constitution and personal jurisdiction through summons must be perfected before a case or controversy may be judicially recognized.

Mr. President, there is no case or controversy before the court when there is no Civil Action Complaint filed and Summons served. Thatís what the law says. Thatís what the court rules say, both the Civil and Supreme Court rules, statutes and large numbers of court decisions, many by the Supreme Court.

No case and controversy = no jurisdiction !

Mr. President, any attorney, advisor, or other government officer telling you something different from the above statements of fact and law, is misleading you, the President and the United States government. Simple reading of the rules proves this statement true.

The intentional confusions surrounding the Rule 19 or Rule 24 positions is exactly like the reported peaceful protests with full scale rioting in the background of the video MSM news reports. Believe what we tell you, not your own eyes.

The intervention is placing the Supreme Court in a position to step outside of its limited and specific judicial powers. The Intervention is placing the Supreme Court in position to make political decisions. It is absolutely unfair and illegal to put the Supreme Court in the position that causes trespass on the Political, Congressional, and Executive branches. This point is especially well taken considering that a Civil Action Complaint and Summons will ensure all three branches of the federal government will then be in their lanes of authority, performing their lawful functions.

In short, the political process and the People as the political body and soul of our county are now being presented in a manner that makes the People, our governments both state and federal, subject to the control and rule of nine Judges.

Mr. President, intervention by the Peopleís Office President, leaves the people absolutely naked of federal protection of our Rights, without representation of the Peopleís vote power, the Peopleís access to and protection from our Constitution.

Arguments between states will fall moot when the President, clothed in full executive authority defined by Constitution steps in and files a proper Civil Action Complaint, serves the Summons, and sets the case and controversy as the Constitution, the contract to be enforced as written. This simple direct action not only protects the People and our Constitution, the Court, our President, it invites recognition that our law and procedures actually work. Imagine a place where the People could actually repose confidence in the federal government and see that trust executed benefiting the People and our country.

Only the President can remedy the situation of the Constitutional Crises concerning the Peopleís power of the Vote , transfer of consent of the governed to the government, by applying a full powers of the executive branch representing the whole of the American experiment in personal Liberty through the rule of law.

Mr. President, if you do not verify for yourself by reading the rules, the statutes, and apply them on your own why should the American People trust you?

Beneficiaries Wish, that our President do the People and your Beneficiaries herein, the courtesy of presenting the last few weeks of your Beneficiaries duly served Trust administration public records to; Sydney Powell, L. Lin Wood, Senator Ted Cruz, Congressman Jim Jordan. Please request each review your Beneficiaries positions as served and answer four questions.

Under what circumstance or legal mechanism does the Supreme Court in the present circumstance of Motions for Leave to File and Interventions have a justiciable case or controversy before the Court over which judicial power could exercise jurisdiction? If so how?

Does the current circumstance of Motions for Leave to File and Intervention place the Supreme Court in position to trespass on both the Political and Executive branches, operating outside known and well established lawful and legal standards, specified by
Supreme Court and Federal Civil Rules, long standing judicial determinations requiring case or controversy to be present for jurisdiction to be exercised? If not, why?

When the President, in full Constitutional authorities taking care that the laws, Constitution and Bill of Rights perfecting equal treatment under the law be faithfully executed, files a proper Civil Action Complaint, will the Supreme Court be placed in the position to void the 2020 elections, order proper elections, proper and complete ballot tabulations and transfers of same to Congress? If not, why?

Placing the Court in these positions requires each Justice to check their own personal integrity, personal moral caliber, compliance with promised performance, and gage very carefully their futures.

Might be fun to share these works with the Court in the time honored Swamp operation of leaks. All is fair in war.

If the Supreme Court fails to recognize the Presidents proper complaint and apply judicial power to the massive collections of fraudulent elections practices, as presented by the President, will the Supreme Court destroy the Peopleís Constitutional Republic, requiring the President to take all necessary actions to maintain the States United Union under the Constitution of the United States of America? If not, why?

President Trump, Mr Trump, your Beneficiaries, your brother Americans, share the American Dream of Individual Liberty through the Rule of Law.

Our obligation is to speak straight, the principles, facts, law and procedures to our Public Servants.

When the Office of President under seal of the Presidents signature, files the Rule 19 in the open action at the Supreme Court, files a Civil Complaint as required, Enforcement of Contract, Civil Rights Violations, submit evidence of the fraud with the filings, the Court has only one option. Void the election, order a proper election, or ratify the fraud.

Trust your self Mr. Trump. We trust you. The People trusted you in 2016.

Then we will know !


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