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CGI's Gryphon: Our Republic

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Sunday, 6-Dec-2020 13:34:05

A post submitted by CGI member, Gryphon.

Bravo, Gryphon.


By Gryphon

What if the allegations about the election are true?

What happens next?

What are the ramifications of the theft of our election?
It shakes the foundation of our constitutional Republic and frankly, scares the hell out of me.

It also sheds a terrible light on We the People of that Republic. Regardless of the nefarious intent and planning of the forces arrayed against us, we are still responsible for allowing them to grow to this extent. Some would argue that this control structure started in Dallas in 1963. Yet, there was evidence that the 1960 election too was won due to the Chicago vote, but thatís what happens in Chicago, right? Only one city, wink and nod, itís been fixed since Capone, nothing to see here. We the People accepted it. We know politicians lie, we accepted it. The Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Liberty, the USS Pueblo, the USS Forrestal, The Pentagon Papers, Watergate, Air America in the Golden Triangle and itís stepchildren Iran Contra and Mena. What if the war on drugs was really consolidation of a cash cow? Iím only to the end of the 80ís. After Mena, the White House. Savings and Loan scandal, our first bailout! Get used to it, weíre gonna swindle you again in 19 years after we give you all kinds of credit, take it away and never get prosecuted! Are you starting to get the picture? We ate it all, hook, line and sinker. After every one of these we were promised reform. We bought it, and we didnít even bother to see if what they said was true. WE held no one accountable. Our side won this time so that made sure the other side wasnít cheating us but they were always playing us. As it stands right now, our trust in each other is suspect, because of the opinions of talking heads spouting diametric opposition.

Think about that. Why do you think that is?

We trust each other implicitly every day on the highway but because we think something different about an election weíre an enemy? Toro caca.

I believe better of us.

There is only one way that this election can be resolved. I want a do over. I want a purple thumb.

I donít care if election officials walk door to door as long as there are witnesses. In that, we should trust each other.

WE the PEOPLE can demand this.

Do we really want four more years of turmoil with one side thinking the other side won?

Do we truly as citizens want to choose divisiveness or unity? Do we really want to divide and fight over something that may or may not be able to be proven one way or the other?

The world is watching.

How can we as citizens as a nation that holds itself as an example to the world not be indignant over even the question of the integrity of our elections?

How could WE, be so blind and ignorant as to not ensure the very basis of our democratic process?

By abdicating our responsibility to others we are all guilty. We are the only country in the history of the world to send our soldiers to other countries to ensure the integrity of their elections, yet we allow ours to be tainted?

In Afghanistan and Iraq people died to vote, to proudly display their purple thumb to the world. Our soldiers were there to ensure that. Can we not ask the same of ourselves? How can we not if we call ourselves a free people?

Enough haggling, enough posturing. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. I donít want blood in the streets over this election and I donít think any of us does. Enough blood has been sacrificed in our history. Enough blood has been sacrificed the world over. Perhaps it is time we decide we can stop that. Perhaps it is time that we have learned we have bled enough; it is not the way of life. Our lives. Christ spilled his blood for ours, could we at least try not to spill each otherís for the rest of this soul searching year?

Our Secretary of State stated as he announced the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq ďNo more warsĒ. It went unnoticed.

In years past we would have been rejoicing in the streets, was that not our end game? No more War?

I suggest we all call a truce. It doesnít matter if itís called Christmas, or any other mid-winter or summer gathering, depending on which way youíre spinning on the hemisphere, letís take a break. A break in time to allow ourselves to recoup. Stop. Reflect. Rejoice. Because I donít care who you are, good will towards each other is espoused by every religion.

Can the election.

Continue government as is in place.

Have a second election in March.

No campaign ads. Every representative is required to appear before the public as often as is necessary to ensure contact with any citizen who wishes to speak with them.

Every Senator is required to appear at town councils throughout his state during the election period at regular internals not less than three per week.

All must explain how this will never occur again.

Representatives term's shall be changed to every 3 years.
Senators shall remain at 6 years.

Gerrymanding in any form or shape shall be abolished.
Citizens shall determine their districts responsibly.

The electoral college shall be expanded as an independent body of the citizenry.

Electors shall not be beholden to the state but to their constituents.

Every precinct shall vote for their local elector.

Those electors shall choose one for the congressional district.

Senatorial electors shall be named by the senator elect.

Obviously, not all of these can be implemented at this late date.

Some are but objectives that I feel we can strive to aspire.

But it would sure make me proud to be able to show the world my purple thumb.

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