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Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 5-Dec-2020 00:17:35

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:



Dear President Trump, our President,

LEGACY of Integrity, or ? 1 of 5

Mr. President, We the Beneficiaries to and of the Trust office you serve under the People’s Constitution of the public trust government titled, The United States of America, Advise that our President alone holds the choice determining the survival our Constitutional Republic.

Under what circumstance could any public servant claim to be duly elected by a vote procedure proved to be so deeply fraudulent and then claim the government operated by them to be legitimate?

Mr. Trump, your legacy of honorable public service or just another politician will be determined by one single choice only the President can make. In the event you accept the second term as President based on a fraudulent election, the legacy will be just another crooked politician.

At this point the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, is the single constitutional office holding specific powers to enforce the Constitution and the People’s Bill of Rights.

Mr. President, the term National Security begins and ends with the People being secure in our most precious property, our Vote, our property rights to honest vote counts. All other so-called national security issues are derivative to the right of the People and our votes.

Mr. Trump, placing your trust in attorneys advising you to play politics as an regular American is not the same as our President playing politics on the advice of attorneys. You serve the People not the attorneys or the politics. That’s what you promised every American to get our votes in 2016. Is your promise still good?

Mr. Trump, trust yourself, the People did, advisors did not earn trust, you did!

Advising the People that Senate elections in totally corrupted Georgia are more important than knowing that honest elections is the only way to get honest legitimate government is the statement of a politician who has sold his soul to maintain political life in office. This is not the man the People elected in 2016.

President Trump, the Office of President is the ultimate surety for honest elections. The surety is the position and power that steps in and performs when other public servants fail. Only the President holds the exclusive Constitutional authorities of Chief Executive, Chief Magistrate and Commander in Chief for administration all federal government powers and authorities to be applied for protecting the People and our country from enemies foreign and domestic.

The Legislative body nor the legislative Supreme Court hold these authorities and powers.

Our country is at war, undeclared formal war, yet war none the less. Our shores have been invaded by foreign parties, Chinese Wuhan Virus. The CCP is the majority owner of our election infrastructure hard and soft ware, thoroughly proven to have completely corrupted the People’s elections country wide. American county, state and federal public servants, private corporate parties, media, social media, hove provably admitted in public record to providing support for the invading CCP. Because the current war on our country, our People and our form of government is a novel and new form not contemplated by the current Laws of War, does not mean the co-conspirators acts are not intended to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Every American knows the CCP is our countries sworn enemy. The CCP has made this point clear around the world by both statement and deed for years.

Every American knows that supporting an invading enemy, no matter the form of invasion, is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. TREASON!

Allowing in any manner whatsoever these foreign and domestic enemies to affect our President in the performance of full Constitutional duties to serve and protect the People and our form of government, particularly the right to vote with honest elections counts, is supporting the conspiracy. MISPRISION OF TREASON!

Mr. Trump, you are the President. The buck stops with you!

The People’s Office of President is fully authorized by Constitution, down through all levels of federal government, to act to clean up the election fraud and deal with the domestic DIVIDED LOYALTY Americans, both public and private, and the foreign partners supporting them.

Mr. President, your Beneficiaries, Charles C. Miller and Andre Paul Provost Jr., on behalf of all Loyal Americans Demand our country be properly served by our President as follows:

  1. Declare a National Emergency VOIDING the 2020 election for fraud.

2. Declare a paper ballot and hand count for all federal offices and formally request all governors to do the same in their States.

3. Schedule the proper People’s election to be completed by the end of the first week of January, and Electoral College voting process be complete one week prior to inauguration.

4. Advise the Congress Assembled that the special circumstances of fraudulent elections require immediate modifications of Electoral College transfer of the People’s consent to governance is required and that those objecting or obstructing honest elections or execution of legitimate constitutional government process will be deemed supporting foreign invaders operating multiple fronts.

5. Advise the appropriate federal and state agencies that all foreign parties involved in Americans elections tampering assets will be forfeited to offset proper elections costs and damages. Domestic parties supporting foreign invaders assets are required to be identified and custodian parties notified of hold on assets pending clearing up of conspiracy matters.

6. Invite every public servant and all domestic or foreign private parties having information or informing on others involved in elections fraud will be extended great courtesy.

Please invite any or all public servants to explain to your Beneficiaries and all the American voters why fraudulent elections should be considered acceptable!

President Trump, no legal theories, constitutional arguments, legal actions or court reviews trump a charge of FRAUD. This is particularly true when the facts, not mere evidence to be found as facts, exposing the fraud, comes from public records. Public records are to be taken as unimpeachable fact. If not, then public records, including executive orders, statutes and court orders are mere evidence to be proved as true before they could be executed or relied on. When the public record ‘evidence’ mounts, such as now happening daily, exposing fraud in the 2020 election the full faith and credit of public documents comes into play as a constitutional standard. Article IV.

A charge of election fraud with evidence in hand by the President is insurmountable when drawn from public record.

Mr. President, our President, We Beneficiaries truly Wish, Donald Trump be our next duly and lawfully elected President.

Beneficiaries Advise fear only lives in the future and must be brought to the present by intent. The present is full of risk and danger which we all survive. The past is either an anchor to pain and suffering or a valuable lesson learned. Trust in Creator and listening carefully always provides answers no matter what attorneys or political advisors say.

Beneficiaries authorize our Public servant Donald Trump, our President, to act as reed to ensure completely honest elections. This is consent of the governed.


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