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Posted By: hobie
Date: Sunday, 22-Nov-2020 04:25:09

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,
Please publish. We at ISR.SOLUTIONS invite discussions concerning these matters.

Please find deliveries to President Trump, 11/20/2020, 2:45, pm, pacific.

Changing on set of representatives for another, neither of which identifies the real party in interest, the People, who own the Votes stolen, is a continuation of the assumptions that got us in this mess to begin with.

There is nothing stopping the attorneys litigating the fraudulent elections issues from declaring; the People of the State _________ v the Crooks.
Then We the People are properly represented.


Dear President Trump, our President,
Presidents Duty to Collect Evidence From the People.

President Trump, once again the American Voters are being disenfranchised and relegated to second class citizens. Only this time, the agents of the disenfranchisement are the minions claiming to represent you and the People. See the email to the White House duly delivered 11/11/2020, 1:05 am, pacific, providing link to 11/10/2020, 5:32 presentation to White House, titled Declaration of Fraud, by Voter.

Beneficiaries, Miller and Provost Jr., approach our President with this Letter of Advice and Letter of Wishes addressing fundamental facts concerning the 2020 election and the current contests over fraudulent results now being exposed.

Often the inconvenient facts and law being presented directly into the mix up of positions, actions and events bring clarity resulting in more effective application of resources. The People are the fundamental resource of our country. We should be, We created it!

Beneficiaries Advise our President that the People are largely being closed out of the investigations, litigations and proceedings concerning the exposed fraud in the election process of 2020. This is an insult to the People whoís Votes are the ones stolen. The Peoples Votes are our property, not the governments, itís officers nor the attorneys litigating.

The People placed our political will, private property, in trust, transferring use of our property to government structures We created to be administered by public servants. That transfer of property is effectuated by Vote.

Not one of the individuals speaking for either Donald Trump, or the Peopleís office of President has publicly recognized that they represent the People and our Vote property.

This critical error is the fatal defect that causes the courts to be put in the position to decide the fate of our nation. This fatal defect is defined by one simple declaration.

Under what authority granted by the People in the creating all government structures, are public servants authorized to determine the fate of the People?

The simple fact Mr. President is that the whole election fraud fiasco in both cause and effect is based on a stolen property issue, the Peopleís property and property rights. Our Votes are the property.

Mr. President, why are We the People being ignored when it is our property, our Votes, at the very root of all powers and authorities held by Government that have been stolen by Divided Loyalty Deep State characters attempting to steal our country?

Mr. President, not one of your investigators or attorneys have approached We the People directly requesting our statements declaring if We the People believe our Vote property has been stolen, or how we have been injured and harmed. WHY?

Every American Voter has been subjected to fraud and theft of our most valuable property.

Our Presidents duty is called now to protect our property by specific identification of the People as owners of the Vote.

We advise that more and more Americans are waking up to the fact that the attitude and actions toward the People, of both the Divided Loyalty thieves and those allegedly chasing them, is the same. Ignore the People and carry on with systemic agendas. The only real difference in these two groups is one of scale. The dividing line between these to groups is which side of systemites agenda of continuous misleading arguments they are on. Both groups operate as if the the standard practices of the past is the only relevant mechanism validating government operations. This is a survival mechanism of a dying system seeking to keep the status quo alive.

The survival mechanism is based on abuse of the trust reposed by the People in public figures, particularly judges, attorneys and public servants. The abuse of trust has worked out very well for election process fraud. Otherwise the Vote theft could never of happened.

The simple fact is that it took all of the systemites, both sides of the current arguments, serving their personal agendas for this election fraud to build up incrementally over generations to the point of the current eruption.

Mr. President, what are the chances that had real honest public servants serving the fundamental principles of the Peoples Sovereignty, the Peoples laws as written, first, last and always, this eruption of theft by fraud could have ever taken place? ZERO !

The fundamental question becomes who are all these litigators and investigators representing, the People whose property was stolen or some other interest? Where were all these now dedicated knights charging the election fraud the last four generations while the fraud was being developed in public view?

Mr. President, when all these attorneys acting for the President or a political party fail to identify the real plaintiffs, the People, the real subject matter, the Peopleís Vote, the People have no voice, no legal standing.

Assumptions always dissolve when the provable facts are presented.

All the Ďargumentsí about counts, false documents, tampered with process etc etc, fail when the real parties in interest and their properties are not present !!!

Argument over property or property rights are impossible to resolve when the real owners of the property are not present, have the opportunity to speak and have our ownership of the Vote property correctly represented fully in the public forums.

Mr. President, until our President and all those allegedly representing the People make the declaration, Donald Trump and all the attorneys Representing the People, to the whole country, We the People, are once again relegated to subject status to Divided Loyalty actors. This is because the Loyalty to the People is not being declared by defining the real parties in interest, the property at issue and the trust duties of every public servant.

President Trump, under what set of circumstances should anyone in the world believe that the United States or any state has a valid government considering the fraud thatís already exposed? What American should believe that any thing different will result from all the arguments when We the People are not present in the case and controversy?

The simple fact is every law system the world has ever known understands that fraud means anything resulting from fraud is void.

At some point the law will actually go into affect and everyone taking a benefit of his fraudulent election will be required to explain how they can be an honest public servant while doing so.

Mr. President, you are the surety, the party that is required to step in and make the law work. Thatís your highest obligation of the Office of President.

Mr. President, how do keep your promise to give the Country back to the People, when you do not openly invite the People to state our claims of theft of our Votes?

At inauguration you Donald John Trump invited the People to come and take your country back.

What was the missing was the mechanism to do so!

Mr. President, you now have the opportunity to provide that mechanism.

Your Beneficiaries formally request through this Letter of Wishes, that you, Donald John Trump, the President of the United States of America, make the statement that all of the litigation going on all of the investigation going on is done in the name and by the authority of the people. Further, that the People be invited to file our claims of theft and fraud in every case your legal team opens or has opened.

When judicial officials, crooked or honest, see and recognize the owners of the stolen Votes demand justice, the return of property, political will represented as a Vote, that has been subject of fraud resulting in theft, those public servants are then on front street in front of GOD and the world.

The People presenting our claims will put the whole of the judiciary and legal systems, both state and federal, on trial. This is the power of the People holding our public servants to account to We the People. What do We as a nation and a People have to loose?

Please Mr. Trump Issue the Executive Order that all of those claiming to represent our act for the government are now in service to the People and our property rights and our vote. Require all your legal professionals to invite and recognize the Peopleís property rights.

Mr. President, you have assembled a group of very well educated, experienced and dedicated individuals to press your issues. Your Beneficiaries believe these are honorable people and honest public servants.

However, the fundamentals of the American experiment in individual liberty is missing in their presentations. The corresponding duty of personal responsibility balances liberty. Our forum from day one is personal, not systemic.
Systemites serving a system, no matter their intent or integrity, is incomplete with out the People being present. A gathering of servants is still missing the Master when the People are not invited and provided the opportunity and tools to participate fully in the decisions affecting every American soon.

Your A Team certainly has the know how and tools to provide the People the mechanism and forms to act.

Mr. President, you have the team with the tools, you have access to the delivery systems informing the People of what is available for personal participation. All it takes to perfect the People in action is your action.

The Presidents single Executive Order will place all of the courts in the country as subject to the People, our political will, and inform all judges they are now responsible, with out escape, for their acts or omissions.

Mr. President, when the People are not recognized as the real parties in interest as the owners of the property, our Votes, then all of the posturing going on is another scam.


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