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Anna Von Reitz: "Your Wounds and Regrets"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 16-Nov-2020 05:43:07

Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:



Sunday, November 15, 2020

Your Wounds and Regrets

By Anna Von Reitz

I want to take a break today from the relentless effort to educate, educate, educate —- about your history and the crazy external situation we are all facing — and talk about another neglected but even more important part of getting back on track: your own wounds and regrets.

We all have them.

Our body remembers and pays for every single one of these.

That scraped knee when you were six? It’s still with you. You have long ago forgotten it, but your knee remembers.

Every detail including the repair process is preserved in what we call “cell memory”. Cell memory is the reason that so-called permanent injuries remain with us.

Your body remembers that old knee injury at the cellular level and recreates its results in present time. Our cells, it turns out, are better than Memorex when it comes to biological and psychological and emotional trauma.

So now that you know that your memory capacity is not just locked inside your head, but is deployed at a cellular level and passed on from one cellular generation to another— what does that imply?

Well, for one thing, thoughts and feelings matter more and have more impact on our health and physical well-being than we ever imagined and it isn’t just some airy-fairy New Age drivel when someone “sends their love” or “sends their prayers”.

And it does matter when we take the time to think good and peaceful thoughts, and perhaps most importantly, when we consciously let go of past trauma.

We can tell our trillions of cells to let go of the past.

Release the cellular memory.

We don’t have to “remember” falling down the stairs, or being embarrassed or feeling crushed when a love affair crashed and burned.

We can let all that go and set our cells free to receive and hold brand new happy and healthy memories.

Those of you who remember cassette tapes know what I am saying. You can hit the erase button and re-record different life-giving messages right over the bad parts and sad songs.

So with that in mind, just have a little talk with yourself today. Offer up all the sad things, all the regrets, all the might-have-beens and failures, all the heartaches and injuries — and let go of them.

Let them flutter away like so many birds taking flight.

If you are struggling with a current illness or disease, do the same thing in present time. Whatever it is, tell your cells to let go of it and imagine a different condition and outcome.

Have a sore shoulder? Let go of the soreness and flood the cells of your shoulder with new “inputs” of feeling released from pain. You will not only feel better, you will be better.

You can self-generate a whole new life experience and state of health for yourself by letting go of pain and old wounds and regrets.

And then you can “rewrite” new cell memories of health and comfort and strength.

That old knee injury? That’s cleared right on outta here.

That old love affair? Gone, never to return.

The things you wish you could have done for your Mother before she died? Vanished.

And after you let go of all and whatever you are carrying, and all your wounds, regrets and sadness are released—— take a little mental vacation to your Happy Place.

Your Happy Place can be somewhere real or imagined— but it is your own special Happy Place where you feel at peace and well-rested and healthy and well, happy.

My happy place is a summer day with puffy white clouds, sitting half submerged in a small creek back in the Midwest, just letting my arms float and watching the dragon flies dart above the yellow pond lilies .... letting the cool fresh water flow on by and carry away every trouble, every anxiety. I breathe deep and slow....

Rise up with new purpose and joy and no baggage from the past. Give yourself a good stretch. Life is good. God is good. You are good.

And your cell memories are erased, ready to receive new input.


See this article and over 2800 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com


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