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Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 7-Nov-2020 19:18:55

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,
Another time sensitive piece, Please Publish ASAP.

All of us, both Americans and the others around the world that love liberty have been called to the same choice point Donald Trump has at this moment.

We speak this way to our President because it appears no one else will.

We believe we operate in true partnership with our honest public servants.
The People and our public servants will choose together our common future.

Or, not!!!

The White House piece, Fraudulent Elections was sent, 11/6/2020, 3:10 pm, pacific.


Dear Mr. President, my President.
Fraudulent Election = Fraudulent Public Servant = Illegitimate Government.

Mr. Trump, the current circumstances exposing election fraud is real easy to understand. Once a fraud, always a fraud. Any one benefiting from a fraud becomes part of the fraud whether they know of the fraud or not.

You, Mr. Trump, know of the fraud, you have the iron clad proof in hand. You have informed the People of the Fraud. No escape clause or exit strategy is available no matter what your advisors and attorneys say.

This is the moment the whole world finds out if you, Donald John Trump, are an honest man and standup American.

This is the moment the whole world finds out if the President of the United States is an honest public servant or just another political hack selling hopium.

There are only two choices given the current circumstances. Be a real standup President, exercise the full powers of the Office of President, or, create the legacy of the man that issues the Death Certificate for the American Dream of individual Liberty through the Rule of Law.

Save the United States of America, or, ???
Trigger a civil war perhaps? It’s your choice President Trump.

I am not surprised that the direct, simple and ultimately powerful positions and fundamental authorities of the People’s Office of President are nowhere presented in the current hoopla of a corrupted election.

The simple inescapable fact is, every one of the Peoples Presidential advisors and attorneys, have been throughly trained in a completely corrupted system. The long standing, multi generational, incremental, perversion of the Principles, Facts, Laws and Procedures set out in the People’s construction of governments, Constitution as amended and controlled by the Bill of Rights, has been watered down by public servants in a DIVIDED LOYALTY operations. The result of this long standing down hill slide to third world Banana Republic status is the 2020 election fraud.

Mr. Trump, you presented your self to the People as the outsider promising to return the control over government to the People. You promised you understood that the People are the owners of our Country. You promised you understood and would serve the People and our Laws, first, last and always.

Now is the moment We the People and the whole world finds out whether your promises were a political sales job, or, the declarations of fact by a real American claiming the status of greatness.

What President Trump did yesterday no longer matters. What matters today is what Donald Trump does in this moment to apply full powers of the office of President to restore some level of confidence in the system of government the People created beginning 4 July, 1776.

The Office of President is the Chief Magistrate position serving the People’s Constitutional Republic.

When the Chief Magistrate fails or refuses to act in the full capacity of that office the office is abandoned and there is no faithful law enforcement required by Constitution.

The failure of the Chief Magistrate to act as required by law of the People’s Constitution is a BREACH OF CONTRACT, the highest form of National Security Breach.

When the People are not secure in the transfer of personal political power, OUR VOTES, there is no National Security !

Mr. Trump, act like the President you promised to be. Issue the Presidents Executive Order from the powers of the Office of Chief Magistrate, DECLARING THE 2020 FEDERAL ELECTION A FRAUD.

The evidence proving the theft, tampering with individual Votes, submitting fraudulent ballots, corruption of counting systems, secretive ballot processing, are a set of facts before the whole of the American People and the world.

The Presidents finding of fact conclusion of law declaring FRAUD, CANCELS THE ELECTION. That cancellation calls every other public servant, both state and federal, from top to bottom, to either support honest elections and honest government, or define them selves as DIVIDED LOYALTY actors joined in a RICO based in subversion and rebellion.

When the Office of President, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States Government Declares the 2020 Election a FRAUD, the ultimate controversy between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the federal government is set in motion.

The charge of FRAUD must be addressed by both Legislative and Judicial officers. If not then those refusing to deal forthrightly with a FRAUD, or the Declaration of FRAUD, ratify that FRAUD is authorized to operate the control over the People’s governments, and the People once again become subjects to King like powers.

Yesterday, 11/5/2020, a duly filed controlling inescapable public record was served to the White House, addressed to President Trump. That duly delivered document titled, Only One Court Holds Jurisdiction, is published on the World Wide Web. Proper service from one of the People accomplished via the public property web portal of the White House web site, inviting and accepting email, is formal actual notice reporting high crimes against the People and our governments.

The path to true resolution is available to President Trump.

When Donald John Trump, in capacity of President acts under the law of the People’s Constitutions as amended and controlled by the Bill of Rights, solutions to public corruption become possible. Your Beneficiaries President Trump, believe the simple direct action applying the tools available to our Chief Magistrate have a high probability of resolving the FRAUDULENT ELECTION ATTEMPTED THEFT OF THE PEOPLES GOVERNMENTS !

Further Mr. President, your Beneficiaries, Miller and Provost Jr., know if you as a man and the President fail in your duties, the Death Certificate for our country, the United States of America, while probably premature, is a certainty !

This certainty is because no government can survive its own fraudulent practices.

Now, will even one public servant show us where and how we have this wrong?

Oh my, won’t that be fun. The shot heard round the world comes to mind.

President Trump, in the event you have finally recognized that the DEEP STATE SWAMP operations over generations controls the training and schooling systems, and seek the proper understanding of our laws, from the owners of governments, the People’s perspective, your Beneficiaries are available for assistance. We, Miller and Provost Jr. are confident there are many other Americans having the requisite knowledge and positions to be of assistance to our President, are available in the event you choose the true power of our government to be recognized.

We are convinced that no systemite, one trained in the corrupt operations, will ever understand their lack of knowledge and understanding is a major cause of the current events.

Self executed grace, admit the error and take corrective measures is available to any systemite right now !

Mr. President, our President, you have worked diligently to create this moment choice point. Declare the FRAUD, invite the Governors to declare the FRAUD with you !!!

The whole world and all its People win.

These choice points are recognized through out history. True greatness is the recognition of that point and seizing the moment.


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