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Posted By: hobie
Date: Thursday, 29-Oct-2020 02:42:25

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

Once again, please publish as a public service.

The current confused circumstance seem to be boiling over a bit at the moment.
The amount of fear porn I see every where is truly amazing

I will stick with attempting to create solutions and open dialogues.
I have nothing to loose and lots to gain.
The fear porn sellers and confusion spreaders only have more fear to look for or confusion to create.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication.


Dear President Trump, our President,
Our Cause or Crooks Results.

President Trump, your Beneficiaries, Miller and Provost Jr., are simple Americans that strive to think for our selves, do not deal with B.S. well, call um as we see um, and recognize like kind people. Thank you for being our kind of American.

Thus, our communications to our President, mostly published, qualify us, all three of us ,as men standing as men should on the principles that best serve our selves and all of our neighbors, the American People. The American People may live in different houses in different places, yet we all live in the same neighborhood known as the American Adventure in individual Liberty through the Rule of the Peoples Law.

This is the house that the principles, facts, law and procedures built, known as the United States of America. The People built our house from the ground up.

The simple fact is the People’s public servants trashed our house. What’s worse is We allowed it and then paid over and over to fix it. The fixing proposals came 99% from the public servants and or those owning and controlling them.

The above two points describe both the problem and the solution.

Systemites, those that serve and support the systemic operations of politics, law and commerce as currently practiced, the broken system now being exposed, operate under a single premise. Control those they affect and keep operating the way that keeps systemites employed.

The key to understanding the Deep State Swamp, once recognized, is also the destruction of the Deep State Swamp.

Chase all of our stuff with all of your energy so you have none left to pursue your own stuff!

When We the People and our President focus the majority of our energies expended on applying the fundamental laws, morals and good faith that built our house, then and only then will our house our country be in order again.

The Deep State Swamp critters do not fear being caught. The only thing they fear, deep in their guts, is being held to account by the law and the penalties of law. Please remember the only real reason for governments to exist is to Legalize Force. The application of Legalized Force is rarely escapable.

President Trump, most Americans recognize and understand that our legal and political structures are broken. The whole world sees this and not only comments, yet acts accordingly. The current and ongoing, growing in volume and depth of exposures, corruption by the Joe and Hunter Biden team, the Clinton and Comey team, the Obama and Brennen and all of their et al team members are only the tip of the ice berg. The People know this as well.

Mr. President, it is time to face the fact that there are very very few systemites that could be placed in positions of trust or control, that first won’t screw up and cause more confusion, and more important would truly serve the People by operating specifically under and in accord with the People’s law, particularly our Bill of Rights.

Mr. President there is no good cause for the People to trust any systemite, nor believe a systemite or group of them could identify the root problems or solve them. The public record, that inconvenient inescapable record, proves this point beyond shadow of any doubt.

Witness poor Joe. 47 Years of procedural chicanery are now coming home to roost. Principles, facts, law are now bitting poor Joe very firmly. The principles, facts and law always win in the end.

President Trump you have earned the trust of all the People. Trust has nothing to do with political affiliation, race, gender, national origin, community standing, or economic circumstance. Trust is the result of performance. Trust is a partnership between those giving and those receiving. The partnership is equal across the board. We all must do our part to keep the Public Trust healthy and vibrant.

President Trump, your declaration to Joe Biden that he and his ilk were the cause driving the seeking of the Presidency is a verification of our statements herein and herewith. From day one of our sending documents to then President Elect Trump at the Trump Organization web portal, we have intimated this day was coming. The law, particularly the laws created by the People always win in the end.

Why are these statements so accurate? All systemites have been trained by the system.

This is how the systemic corruption protects, enriches, and grows the corruption. Setting the standards qualifying whether an individual could be a public servant, from the of public servants point of view and operating standards has failed. The proper standard for honorable public service is how well the individual understands the root fundamentals, the People’s laws of Constitutions, as controlled by declarations of rights and particularly our Nations Bill of Rights.

We, Miller and Provost Jr., both have extensive and very direct and personal experience with herds of systemites. Sad to say we have not found one, a single one, that does not believe, the governments purpose is to regulate and control the People. Thus, the root cause of so many confusions is exposed.

Mr. Trump, the indictment of the systemites and their whole training operation is proved by the following statement.

Joe Biden has operated his corrupt world for 47 years at the very core and roots of the system!

We must thank Mr Biden and his son Hunter for creating such a magnificent record over so many years. The current, hopefully just beginning, exposures of broken systems and broken systemites define the problem. This exposures appear to be spreading faster the the China Wuhan Virus and are much more deadly to Divided Loyalty Swamp dwellers.

Perhaps Hillary, Obama, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, poor Joe, and ALL their associates and minions could benefit from curative dose of the law?

Now, the result of training by systemic corruption becomes apparent.

Where do find and how do We vet honest public servants that will prosecute the crimes so blatantly exposed in so manny places, known by so many?

The systemites supported poor Joe for 47 years by criminal negligence. These systemites failed to take care of the people’s house. Worse yet many public servants joined Joe Biden in crapping in our house and telling us the crap was fertilizer, just wait till the next election.

The facts show, in stellar fashion, the systemites control our governments from top to bottom. Otherwise a goodly number of Divided Loyalty crooks would already be imprisoned by Undivided Loyal honest public servants.

President Trump, your beneficiaries Miller and Provost Jr. would like to leave you with a few thoughts to contemplate.

How does a deadman bind us today to his contracts?

All the people and their direct representatives speaking the People’s powers that created our country beginning July 4, 1776 are dead.

The legacy left by these founders of our American Identity is a functioning Public Trust. The grantors of the trust are identified as the People. The Bailors of the property in trust, political will ,and the right of force to protect our lives , fortunes and properties, are the People. The sole exclusive Beneficiarie to the Public Trust, are the People. The Public Trust indenture is known as the federal Constitution as amended and controlled by its Bill of Rights, to which every public servant pledges their absolute fidelity.

The public servants contractual obligations are fixed by the People’s law of Constitution and our Bill of Rights which is a known written contract.

The People’s constitution authorizes our President basically unlimited power for defining how Donald Trump administers and enforces the law of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

Neither the Legislative nor Judicial branch hold any position, power, or authority to tamper with in any manner whatsoever regulate how our President executes the office of Chief Federal Magistrate, Chief Executive Officer. Once the constitutional requirements as written are complied with, any trespass by judicial fiat or legislative posturing on the Presidents actions administering the People’s powers, becomes an act of sedition, rebellion and perhaps treason when foreign parties are involved and the People harmed. Read invasion by the China Wuhan Virus and those benefiting from China actions and operations.

Mr. Trump, you are the Chief and First Trustee to the Public Trust. The Office of President is the holder and holder in due course of the People’s contracts, our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The holder of course is authorized to execute any written provision of the People’s Constitution, not specifically delegated by written authority. Neither the legislative or judicial branches are granted the power to execute the People’s Trust Contract. Judicial and Legislative powers are authorized to provide rules for administration of Public Trust powers, or settling disputes concerning the administration of the Contracted parties to the Constitution, the States United.

All other federal public servants are derivative trustees or managers or employed servants to and for the People’s Powers

Your Beneficiaries, Charles C. Miller and Andre Paul Provost Jr., present this Letter of Wishes, in the context of signatories, contract principals to the Public Trusts.

We Wish our President to, seek, find, properly qualify and train competent Americans to receive assignment of Presidential authorities for Auditing, all federal agencies and agents for Constitutional and statutory compliance. These Americans must be party principals to the founding contracts creating our country. These Americans must be free of the impairment of ever being a public servant or beneficiary of government systems training, no systemites.

These undivided Loyalty Americans would of course have full powers of arrest held by both State Citizens and by the Chief Magistrate. These assigned powers would also be authorized to call on all federal executive officers, employees, contractors and all state law enforcement, particularly those receiving federal monies. Honor to the concept of Due Process would of course require all those attached by these subordinate Executive Magistrates to be turned over to the federal venue, Article III U.S. District Court in Washington City.

Please remember Mr. President, federal judges are not exempt from the law of the People’s Constitution, its Bill of Rights and in particular civil rights felony statutes. Denial or limitation of rights and access to law enforcing the rights secured by the Bill of Rights is not a protected judicial function authorized by either Constitution or Statute.


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