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FKTV: "LudeMedia Reveals the Biden-CCP Network around the World"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Tuesday, 27-Oct-2020 05:03:39


LudeMedia Reveals the Biden-CCP Network around the World

The following is what I've gleaned from reading several posts and watching several videos from the Chinese dissident podcaster, Lude:


The Biden hard drives is a much bigger story than just the lewd videos that everyone's been talking about. The very presence of the hard drives on US soil is the fallout of an internecine battle raging among the top CCP families in China.

The person who delivered the drives to the DOJ last year was Bo Tiantian (alias Bao Jiaqi, who has emailed with Hunter Biden). Bo is the illegitimate daughter of former CCP luminary, Bo Xilai, who had competed with Xi Jinping for the leadership of Communist China but was defeated. After Biden provided Xi with Bo's blackmail information, Bo ended up with a life sentence in prison.

According to billionaire dissident Miles Guo, Obama and Biden gave Xi Jinping all of the US bank account information of his CCP rivals, as well as a family map of those hiding in the US, including illegitimate children.

This provided Xi with the means to wipe out his opponents within the CCP and gather tremendous power and wealth for himself and his faction, leading to fiercer battles between the gangs in the Party – and the US delivery of the "Biden hard drives".

Guo claims the Obama-Biden administration sold-out 36 CIA informants to the CCP. All were in well-paid key positions in the core departments of the CCP establishment, with access to the CCP's top secrets. They saw the evil of the CCP regime and its collaborators and they took the side of justice and worked with the CIA to take the CCP down.

Because of Biden, the informants were all assassinated in cold blood. Their families have either been killed or they're under CCP surveillance and control, including no access to credit cards or air travel, forced to wear ankle monitors and barred from certain jobs.

These informants were a mere bargaining chips for Biden, who had been collaborating with the CCP for decades. When Xi came to power, Biden worried that his deals would be uncovered. So he preemptively contacted Xi and made him an ally. Biden helped Xi eliminate his opponents and Xi helped Biden cut off the sources of the evidence of his corruption and crime. Needless to say, the two are allies and Xi desperately wants Biden to win the election.

Leaders of other countries saw what Biden was doing and followed suit, leading to a disastrous collapse of the Western intelligence systems in Communist China, according to Guo, with many secret agents being sold-out and killed.

As the hub of the massive military and communications technology transfer that Biden has been facilitating between the US and China, Ukraine saw the death and disappearance of many spies and agents.

This mind-boggling video produced by LudeMedia, illustrates the money and technology and human trafficking flows and how The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and CNN have so many Chinese Corporate shareholders that they are controlled by the CCP.


Xi Jinping has been waging a Battle Royale around the 2020 US Presidential Election, betting on a Biden win to guarantee that the CCP stays in power for another century. Miles Guo's and LudeMedia's Whistleblower Movement is fighting back, starting with a two-week information war focusing on the Biden Crime Family's criminal links with the CCP.

BGY, abbreviated for Blue (Intelligence), Gold (Money) and Yellow (Sex), represents the tactic the CCP uses to control individuals and networks in the West, such as the Biden family, through information control, money and sexual blackmail.

In one of the videos, filmed in Beijing in 2013, Hunter Biden was provided crack cocaine and was sexually serviced by Liu Yifei, the lead actress of Disney's latest movie, Mulan. Liu is a CCP asset who's being paid $150 million per year to do such things, in a classic example of the "Yellow" strategy to sexually manipulate Western figures in business, politics and the media.

It was during that December 2013 visit to Beijing that Hunter signed a $1.5 billion agreement with Bohai Capital to found BHR, of which 10% equity share was reserved for the 'Big Guy', now confirmed to be Joe Biden.

As the hard drive story went viral, the CCP activated its “silent powers” to block and censor, while the majority of the mainstream media, themselves previously compromised by the CCP's BGY program have been "stuck in the basement", from blatantly censoring the Biden hard drive story to telling outright lies to the public.

Xi is fully confident that Biden will win. Biden is a hostage of the situation. In hindsight, this has been clear, all along.


I was surprised to find that THE HAMMER, the secret surveillance system, that spied on millions of Americans, including Donald Trump corroborates the Chinese dissidents' story - and that it converges with what George Webb has been talking about for the past four years.

In August 2015, CIA-contractor-turned-whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery provided the FBI and DOJ with evidence stored on 47 hard drives that implicated Hunter Biden in illegal activities. As a contractor, Montgomery worked directly for Brennan and Clapper.

Montgomery’s 600 million pages of documents show that for more than four years before the 2016 election, four contractors working for the Obama Administration’s FBI illegally surveilled American citizens. Among the 600 million pages of documents stored on those 47 hard drives he turned over to the FBI, there were 10,000 files, including videos and images that specifically incriminate Joe and Hunter Biden. Montgomery maintains that both Hunter and Joe Biden have been under continuous electronic surveillance since 2003 via THE HAMMER.

On February 2009, Brennan and Clapper moved THE HAMMER to Fort Washington, Maryland and began using the surveillance system to target Obama's political enemies for "blackmail and leverage". The information regarding Hunter and Joe was known at the highest level of the Obama administration.

Montgomery became a whistleblower upon seeing firsthand how the Obama administration had turned THE HAMMER against Americans. Montgomery received two limited immunity agreements in exchange for evidence production and testimony.

Montgomery says the Obama White House provided 1,200 preloaded Blackberry devices to trusted Obama insiders, including Hunter Biden. The 1,200 BlackBerry devices, similar to those used by Obama and Hillary communicated over a closed encrypted secure network, known as PIN-to-PIN messaging that did not traverse the Internet, operating directly off THE HAMMER.

Each of those devices could access the HAMMER VAULT, a secret database of THE HAMMER's illegally-collected data, including corporate and military intellectual property and US Defense secrets, accessible only to Obama team insiders.

Some of this sensitive data may have been passed to US adversaries, like Russia or China. The FBI and DOJ are in possession of the entire body of evidence (and likely covering it up!)

The arrival of the Chinese dissident Whistleblower Movement could be game-changing. Miles Guo is leading a campaign to end the CCP, using the hard drives to reveal their evil nature to the world. All of the major news outlets have received copies of the hard drives and some, like CBS are starting to flip on the Bidens.

Running Time: 2 minutes



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